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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News Extra  ABC  February 7, 2016 11:35pm-12:00am EST

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and created a direct line from our factory to you. saving you hundreds of dollars. >> see what is happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news news at 11:30 starts right now. joel: the showdown in santa clara not so golden for our carolina panthers. good sunday evening everyone. heather: the carolina panthers
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eyewitness news is covering it from both coasts. denver 24, carolina 10. we want you to listen to cam
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talking aboutheather: that was one seriously disappointed cam newton. didn't really have many words for reporters. joel: he saw that moment at the end literally eating up and walking out.
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will bring in mark armstrong to join us in the field of levi stadium. mark, you heard that. he walked out on the media. give us your thoughts. mark: people are always going to have opinions about cam. out -- not outspoken as he normally is. by wednesday and thursday he was already, literally, dragging himself to the podium like it was a death march of sorts. they come out here and i was stunned watching this game unfold the way it did. i'm sure the guys more stunned in the near the panthers locker room. cam is one of those guys. i don't think overconfidence played anything. they just got beat. there was no disputing the denver broncos for the far superior team. carolina's defense played well.
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even close to anything that we season. cam obviously feeling a great deal of frustration. i will not tell him what he needs to say after the game. he doesn't need to get along, lengthy answers from walking out will be now a subject for discussion about cam newton. it will be folks saying bad things, folks defending him. they didn't come close to winning it. he is not a happy camper right now. heather: nobody really saw that one coming. especially cam newton. nellis get a tisha powell and joe mazur. they are both standing by live outside levi stadium. tisha: fans are still trickling out of stadium. most of them being broncos fans.
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for panthers fans, it was a tough blow for them. many of them came from across the country really wanting to see a win, and that is not what they got. we talked to some way people about them being hopeful for winning the super bowl. they wanted to see some a different than what they saw the first time but it did not work out that way. luckily still seeing fans optimistic that the team will come back strong next year. joe: you really had a hard time finding people who thought the broncos were going to win. we talked to terrel davis a long time ago. he was saying the same way as either the broncos would have to score to defense of touchdowns to win the game. probably did not need two. they set themselves up handsomely with four turnovers. like mark said, this is not a game we saw coming because the
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they had been in saint offensively, averaging over 30 points a game. this time they could not get it going. you have to give the denver broncos a lot of credit. they have the number one defense in the league. von miller was all over the place. even ryan kalil, he cannot stop williams it was making great moves in the backfield. and then corey brown, one of the panthers best receivers, he caught a couple of bowls. --balls. left with a possible concussion and did not return to the field. even the field goal. tisha: it was a hard game for fans to watch. they have been watching some pretty fantastic games throughout the season. this record was unbelievable. and then to be able to secure your spot in the super bowl, that's a pretty big deal. tonight was not quite what they were used to watching.
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everybody wanted, coming here and winning the super bowl and then have a turn out this way was a pretty tough below. i talked to a fan i interviewed earlier. i called her and she said i did cry. i think it was probably some tears shed in the rice stadium tonight. it's a tough game and they are a tough team and is a difficult night for them. hopefully they come back strong in here. joe: fans i spoke with said they were a game away from being undefeated. they already saw that as a championship and there had. their zeal that is that defense wins championships. tisha: we will try to take a positive note and look forward to next year and keep our heads up. back to you guys. joel: we will keep pounding. the panthers giving us all something to be proud of. thank you guys for that. after the break we will get
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super bowl 50. heather: angelica alvarez is standing by.
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those two ladiesheather: panthers facebook crowded bars to cheer on the hometown team but it was not meant to be. elaina athans is live in uptown charlotte.
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we would be seeing tonight. reporter: not at all. i was in a party earlier that was about 300 yards outside of the bank of america stadium. is completely empty out. there are a few fans hanging out of the bar but mostly everyone is gone. the area cleared out. we saw a lot of people started the file out during the fourth quarter. getting ready to close up for the night, bringing on the monitors they had set up earlier. this area was packed earlier this evening. we can roll the video and you can see hundreds of people gathering in uptown to watch this game. yes, fans are disappointed and upset. one says listen, we had a pretty good season. a lot of people discounted the panthers the entire season and they made it to the super bowl. and that is a major a compliment.
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the super bowl, they want to win and be awarded the trophy. on tuesday they would be this parade to the queen city and everybody would be of the come out and celebrate the team, but that is not to be after this loss this evening. elaina athans, abc 11 eyewitness news. joel: a picture is worth 1000 words. your photographer caught that in space tonight. a lot of disappointment on the spaces. charlotte is with the panthers play their home games. we had a strong following. angelica alvarez continuing our team covers from the carolina alehouse. i'm sure a similar disappointing scene there as well. reporter: the new definitely changed the route the night as the game came to a close.
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the decorations of already been taken down. the staff has been cleaning up and people are heading home definitely heartbroken tonight. but not everyone was sad and this crowd. there were several broncos fans who were cheering their team on. they were out of their seats as the clocks ran out, watching them when super bowl 50 -- win super bowl 50. we did see panthers and broncos fans walking out hand-in-hand. it was a good, fun, night at the carolina alehouse. we were hoping to studies -- to show you some celebrations of this hour that the not happen. there were a lot of bummed out people going home tonight. joel: i don't think we can put it any better than angelica did. a bunch of bombed out people tonight. heather: pretty empty a lot of
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joel: our live coverage continues after the break with reaction to the loss coming up. heather: there is a live look at denver. the mile high city celebrating tonight. the broncos stunning the
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joel: panthersay from them. they did with a needed to do and able to make enough plays. heather: put we'll be right back with final analysis of the night from mark armstrong, joe mazur and tisha powell standing by
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stadiumjoel: super bowl 50 in the history books. heather: tisha powell and joe mazur outside in california and mark armstrong on the field. your final thoughts tonight? tisha: it was a tough night for some of the fans. we will try to come back strong.
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home, reflecting on what a great year we had. with all the great games. he came down to the final game and they were not able to pull it off. people are trying to be positive about it. joe: two years ago the broncos were in this situation and they got the doors blown off of them. the panthers had a great season. 17 wins. maybe they can figure out how to take that next step in quebec a little bit more mature and tonight they learned. mark, what do you think? mark: they are disappointed of course that they were not able to win the super bowl. you should be happy for peyton manning. he has one previously but 70 times he was brilliant, but the
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this year he had a defense that could lift him up and he was not the same. we look ahead for the panthers now. who is going to be back next year? short, the out standing -- outstanding defensive lineman will want a payday. there will be some issues financially for the panthers to navigate. my final thoughts are for the guys that might not be back with the team, or won't be back for another super bowl. they get a chance up for me is jerricho cotchery. he's at the end of his career. he has some key drops tonight. he is not going to want to ever -- remember super bowl 50 and it would be a shame of these are member for his performance in this game. a lot of disappointment for the panthers but i think reasons to be proud and optimistic in the years ahead. joel: mark armstrong and joe mays or have been in california all week long it done an outstanding job. thank you gentlemen.
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join us tomorrow morning on abc 11 beginning at 4:30 for the
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