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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 530 AM  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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[bark barbara: we are in first alert mode again this morning with heavy rain moving through causes power outages throughout the stranger what caused hillary clinton to bark like a dog. barbara: why adele is offering an apology after last night's
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good morning, carolina, welcome on tuesday february 16. 59 degrees. john: thanks for tuning in. get ready for another possible rough khraout. not ice but rain. don and amber have weather and traffic. barbara: first we have closings and delays. durham, franklin, granville, halifax, northampton, orange, person, roanoke rapids, vance county and warren county schools on a two-hour delay. john: wake county schools are norm but schools in mecklinburg are closed. you can check the closings and delays on barbara: it is time for weather and traffic with meteorologist don schwenneker. think this is causing the power outages? don: i do. we are seeing wind gusts up to 40. over 8,000 without power and that is climbing. a live look at first alert doppler xp and on the most powerful radar in the carolinas we've got this heavy line of showers.
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thunderstorms with this. we have had one or two rumbles of thunder. the big story is wind. we are seeing gusts over 40 miles an hour. we have seen them reported in a couple spots. then this heavy line of rain extends from roxboro moving into durham county now and working through chapel hill. it will be in joined durham the next 15 minutes. then this will work into raleigh by 6:15 to 6:30. as you go south into harnett county and cumberland county this has a very heavy line of rain and anticipate that being in the fayetteville area the next 20 minutes or so. temperatures ahead of the system really surging. 57 chapel hill. 59 r.d.u. 61 fayetteville. roxboro you have had a heck of a ride. it was 38 at 4:30 and you are in the 50's with the rain and now back in the 40's. you have had over a 20-degree spread.
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will go down. we are 59 now. we will go low 50's and by lunchtime we recovered to mid 50's. we will get back to 60. that. we will talk about that but now we talk traffic with amber rupinta. amber: give yourself a little extra time dealing with rain showers on this tuesday morning. we are just starting off with a couple of issues to watch for. look at the road weather index. area. the blue is where you could see ponding and green are showers. anywhere you see pink to the north is out of our viewing area a little bit of ice you may be dealing with. watch for an accident on hammond and eubgs 40 and stalled vehicle on glenwood at i-40. otherwise here is another peek. a little north just another stalled vehicle around south hill. right-hand shoulder is blocked there at antlers road.
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can see dealing with showers there on this tuesday. give yourself a few extra minutes. we know how it goes. john: the strong winds may be what is behind a number of power outages across the viewing area. barbara: duke energy reports thousands without power. this is the outage map and wake, durham and granville and harnett counties all involved. more than 1,000 are without power in durham. john: we will go to anthony wilson in breaking news one. you saw some streetlights out. anthony: we were out and some of them are back on near the northgate mall area. right now we are near the durham police department. earlier we were talking about no lights on broad and leon, murray avenue. those lights apparently back on but they are apparently still
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who still have no lights. we are heading in that direction. we have rain still falling here, potentially slippery. we had fog earlier and that may have cleared but the bottom line is that there are hazardous conditions. if you are going to be an early commuter bear in mind that anything could be in front of you so take your time and enjoy the scenery. do not rush. we will show you what may be waiting for you. hopefully no more outages. we will keep reporting to you on abc11 "eyewitness news" and the mobile app. we are live in breaking news one in the streets of durham, anthony wilson, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: the weather certainly very strange. from winter to spring overnight. barbara: after navigating through ice and snow yesterday today drivers face another challenging commute. gloria rodriguez is in breaking news one in wake county.
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gloria: it is raining out there. and we are seeing weekend and experiencing a power outage here in the cameron village area. we are at the intersection of clark avenue and daniel street. this traffic light is out. if you look around you will see darkness and the traffic light here we are coming to is also out at woodburn. so, know there are a few traffic lights out. almost 900 people without power in the cameron village area. duke energy says it was reported out before 5:00 this morning. it is expected to be restored about 7:00. you just saw the lights there, that was a police vehicle. people here responding to the situation here. we will drive around so you can see what is going on. you can see how dark many of the businesses are at this time. we drove around several
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road and many of those homes are without power at this time. we will continue to monitor the situation here for you. if you live in the cameron village area or driver around here it -- drive around here it hrwill be until about 7:00 this morning that power is restored. back to you in the studio. john: thank you very much, gloria. barbara: with the weather capable of changing the best tool to stay up to date is the first alert weather app. you can get live doppler radar and school closings and delays. you can justin load videos to us. john: a teenager is shot after someone fired into a home in cumberland county. this was around 1:00 on snapper court off gillespie street just south of fayetteville. authorities say more than a dozen shots were fired into the home and a teenager was shot twice, once in the neck and once in the knee. barbara: it is 5:38 and 59 degrees.
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their holesmes. barbara: where people are keeningkeen keening -- cleaning up after a tornado. we look out at favorite and you see the wet roads. this is with heavy rain. don: a lot of spray on that truck. we are seeing high winds in the fayetteville area, too. injuries -- on hay street we saw a reading of 44 miles an hour for a wind gust.
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will talk about that don: we are looking at radar and we have a strong line of showers working through. it is through hoke and moore and
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moving into fayetteville. about a half hour in raleigh and just approaching durham. ahead of it we see strong wind gusts 30 to 40 miles an hour in spots. look at some of them. fayetteville 48 miles an hour. that is at the airport of fayetteville regional. we had one in downtown fayetteville of 44. 24 miles an hour in smithfield. 25 r.d.u. and roxboro. 28 goldsboro and 20 miles an hour in clinton. ahead of this front it is warm. 54 oxford. 59 r.d.u. 57 chapel hill. 54 sanford, 57 lumberton. 61 clinton. we are seeing the warm temperatures with the rain. once the rain works through they will drop a bit. i think we will go lower 50's. by lunchtime back to 55. into the afternoon lots of sunshine and we will approach 60. we have cooler weather heading in and dry weather for a while. we will have that if the forecast next. john: several states are
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weather in the middle of winter. this tornado was caught on video in florida where about 10 to 20 homes were damaged in century. a few people suffered minor injuries but officials say it could have been worse. twisters were reported in alabama and louisiana. barbara: a fort bragg soldier is called a hero after running into a burning apartment to save a family. heavy flames were pouring from the apartments off cliffdale when firefighters arrived. some residents were afraid to leave their homes when a fort bragg soldier rushed to action. >> i went in to see if they were ok and there were two kids and a lady by herself. she had no fire extinguisher. barbara: luckily no one was hurt. it started on a balcony. john: 5:43. battle lines being drawn. barbara: coming up, the fight to name a successor for antonin
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john: a north carolina woman selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. most are made in a large factory, and shipped hundreds of miles to a retailers warehouse, where they're marked up and up before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach. we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you.
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barbara: welcome back, 5:46 and 59 degrees on tuesday morning. the winter weather is giving way to springlike storms. these are live pictures from cameron village where hundreds are without power and thousands are pout -- without power across the viewing area. meteorologist don schwenneker will have the story. closing arguments are set to begin in the traveon smith trial in wake county. it was delayed yesterday because of the winter weather. he is accuse of killing melissa
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her 8-year-old daughter found her. you can watch the closing argument arguments on lawmakers are meeting today to try to redraw the first around 12th districts. they are due by friday if the supreme court chief justice be roberts decides not to delay the federal court ruling. john: we have heard pretty much strange things on the campaign trail it with sound like. republican presidential candidate jeb bush calling on his big brother to give him a boos. lying low since leaving office
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in south carolina for jeb. jeb bush hopes to continue the winning streak in south carolina saturday. barbara: rhetoric is focusing object a successor for antonin scalia. ted cruz said he's willing to filibuster any nominee by president obama. scalia died over the wind at a west texas ranch hunting resort creating a vacancy. his body has been returned to less home in virginia. so far no funeral plans have been announced. john: a charlotte area woman falling to the ground in shock when she finds out she won $1 million from the north carolina lottery. she's battling breast cancer and won the prize in the first alternate million second chance drawing. she close the lump sum payment
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$400,000. barbara: we are in first alert mode this morning. john: meteorologist don schwenneker, i can hear the rain on the roof of the studio right now. don: it is pounding. it is very heavy. you can get a quick half inch like that. it is an intense line moving through. we have talked about this yesterday how we could see it working in. we will start north and head south. we go to the northern part of the viewing area where it extends into roxboro, south boston, south hill not there yet. in durham it is over joined durham, very heavy rain. that extends to holly springs. very heavy rainfall. i have a high schooler just getting ready to walk to the bus stop and you may want to drive him, mom. very windy. that line is updating and you see it advancing east of holly springs to angier and fuquay-varina.
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finishing up but i-95 very wet drive for you. live look into downtown raleigh and temperature right now running at 59. dew point is 55. that is 88% humidity. south wind 14. we have seen gusts up to 30. a look into fayetteville where it put down almost .7 inch. got a half inch in 15 minutes. winds backed off down to 21 miles an hour. we saw a gust of 44 on that sensor. we will look into durham where the heavy rain is. 56. you have gone up .3 inch in the past 15 minutes with the west wind at 11. now check being temperatures, 54 roxboro, 54 chapel hill. 54 sanford. 56 fayetteville. notice the temperature dropping with the rain. we are almost 60 at r.d.u. but it will go down as the rain works through. look at the 24-hour temperature change. 25 to 30 to 35 degrees warmer
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ice not a problem this morning. radar showing the line of showers working through, heavy rain back to the north and west. we will see the line working through the next couple of hours. by 7:00 it is really advancing into the eastern counties. it is gone by lunchtime. we have a mixture of clouds and sunshine then. through the afternoon we will be clear and see a nice evening. watch what happens overnight. a second system pushes through and we have a few spotty showers. it will be rain overnight and then clear skies work in and stay with us the next couple of days. the rest of today in raleigh you have rain now and ends through the morning. temperatures fall back into the lower 50's. by lunchtime 55. this afternoon the terms climb near 60 under partly sunny skies, breezy conditions. tonight we will see rain work back in. temperatures this afternoon across the area up to 60 cary,
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low 60's this afternoon in fayetteville under partly sunny skies with the rain ending. north, 54 south hill, 55 roxboro and 62 tarboro. tonight spotty showers working through and mostly cloudy skies, 37 raleigh. 40 fayetteville. 37 durham. first alert seven-day forecast seven, tomorrow temperatures back into the mid 50's. partly sunny skies and back to that that. on thursday 51 and friday 53. saturday and sunday we see the 60's returning for the weekend. i think that rain will hold off sunday night into monday. i had someone at the grocery store say 60's by the weekend, does that mean winter is over. not yet but it is looking better. amber: we have a couple of issues and it is raining so give yourself extra time as you step out on to this tuesday.
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interesting weather. we have our first alert storm chasers and breaking news one vehicles watching things. this is a little darker than usual. this is morehead street in durham. we are having power outages due to some strong wind gusts. this is one area dealing with power outages. i think it is over 2,000 people here here. 540 and glenwood a d.o.t. camera moving well. it is glistening. it is raining. give yourself a little extra time so you don't have to stress out getting to your destination. into fayetteville this is a peek peek. a wet start there. raeford road and all american freeway aheading into fort bragg. road weather index lit up with the precipitation. all of the blue is where you me encounter ponding and green is
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west dealing with some of the icier conditions. watch nor an accident on -- for apbn accident on hammond road. john: good things sometimes come in small packages. barbara: how had smaller dog came up big.
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john: 5:56 and 59 degrees. barbara: a durham family credits their dog with saving their lives. john: this dog may look cute but she is fiercely protective of her family.
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apartment when allie started growling. when they game out of the bedroom and the dog got to the stop of the stairs amy said she could see a man with a night cap on the landing. >> somebody was standing at the bottom of our stairs. i grabbed on to allie because i didn't want her to get hurt or go down there. >> she started barking and i told them i don't know what you are going to do, get out of my house. john: he did. the family said even if the burglar is never caught allie will always be their hero. barbara: absolutely. it was a big night for music with a lot of performances but this morning only one performer is apologizing. barbara: adele returned to the stage performing "all i asked r" but she sounded flat on tv.
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sound issues. adele cleared up the mystery tweeting that the piano's mic fell into the strings and made it sound of tune. we will have more in the next half hour on the winners and what would it be without the fashion fashion? john: some of it was interesting. barbara: warmer temperatures this morning but with that comes heavy rain and wind.
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john: we are in first alert mode as heavy rain moves in. our vehicles on the roads. power outages cropping up. barbara: shots fired into a home overnight. a teenager shot. the investigation under way. john: music's biggest night. a look at the memorable moments at the grammys. good morning, carolina, welcome on tuesday february 16. 6:00 and 59 degrees. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. potentially dangerous road conditions are leading to school delays and a closing. mecklinburg county, virginia, schools closed. john: durham public schools. franklin, granville. halifax, northampton. person, roanoke rapids and others on a two-hour delay. wake county schools operating on schedule. barbara: it may not be ice but the morning commute could be


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