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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 530 AM  ABC  February 17, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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in the storm center tracking that. good morning, don. don: good morning to you, john and barbara. we are seeing heaviest of the rain north and east of the triangle. we have spotty showers through chapter. three lee and harnett. from wake forest to north and then louisburg is the heaviest rain lifting to the north and east. temperatures in the 30's. 37 roxboro. 41 charl. 38 sanford, 41 smithfield, fayetteville. clinton. 39 goldsboro. we have spotty showers right now and 40. by lunchtime we're partly sunny and 49. through the afternoon, 55 degrees under mostly sunny skies. nice day today and better weather heading. now we check the roads with amber rupinta. amber: good wednesday morning. it is refreshing this morning not to be talking about ice or
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we are seeing sprinkles as don said. we can issue you them with the -- show uyou d.o.t. cameras. that is 85 and 70. the good news is that it is early and volume is light and we are just dealing with a shower or two. nothing major to slow down. we are picking up with the road weather index. the green is the scattered showers showers. we are accident free and durham freeway and alston off to a good start. a few. barbara: hundreds of you watched travion smith become a convicted killer on now that same jury that fondund him guilty has another decision to make. gloria: good morning. that decision is whether to send smith to death row. court resumes today at 9:30. yesterday the jury deliberated
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the verdict. take a look. >> we the jury by unanimous vote find travion smith to be guilty of first agree murder. gloria: a guilty verdict for traveon smith convicted of the murder of raleigh mother melissa huggins-jones. jones's family erupts in tears of relief. the defense blames ronald anthony. >> everyone in this case is involved because of ronald anthony. he's the one with the dynamic personality and the one everybody is convicted to. gloria: anthony pleaded guilty to avoid death. the prosecutor said smith was also involved in the 2013 murder murder. >> ronald anthony is a murder erer. that is what they wanted you to believe this entire trial.
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but they can't get away from that either. travion smith is a murderer also. gloria: the death penalty phase is expected to take two to three days. if the jury decides to send smith to death row it would be wake county's first death sentence in nearly a decade. live in raleigh, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. don: right barbara: right now durham police are looking for the personal responsible for shooting a 1 1/2-year-old boy. was caught in a cross fire. in the next half hour we will see where the search stands and how the boy is doing. >> a maim twist in the christmas day shooting of a girl in chapel hill. one of the men accused is no longer charged in maleah williams's death. davis is not a free man though he is serving a out-day sentence
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prosecutors say the investigation is open and more charges could be filed. caitlin: we are following developments about the terror attacks it san bernardino. apple announces it plans to fight a judge's order to help tpb acts hack into an iphone that belonged to one of the shooters. tim cook says it undermines encryption by creating a back door that could be used on future device. yesterday's ruling is the first decision of its kind. it forces apple to give the f.b.i. software so it kcan bypass a sever -- self-destruct feared in the phone. it erases data if you try to unlock the password too many times. federal prosecutors said they can't access the phone because at the don't know his pass code. you will recall 14 died in the december 2 shooting. senator richard burr is now working on bipartisan legislation that with push tech
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data it law enforcement in the future. barbara: details of a deadly parenthood clinic may not be released to the public. the skwrupbluphill overseeing the case argues that unsealing the records could jeopardize the it has information about the arrest and search of the home after media out letslets petitioned the order sealing them. he used to live in north carolina. he is charged with killing three people at that clinic last november. john: we are working to find out the name of a man pulled from his wrecked s.u.v. by two n.c. state students. it was on clark avenue near cameron village in raleigh. our crew said the s.u.v. slammed into several trees after crossing the center lane last night. the students who live nearby yanked him out. we are waiting to find out his condition. barbara: it is 5:36 and 40 degrees. donald trump fires back after
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>> he has done such a lousy job as president. up the city of lights. don: as you head out the door temperatures a little cooler than yesterday. we have rain but it is not as heavy as it was yesterday. we will talk more about the rain that is there and it moves out and nice weather moves in. that is in the complete forecast. barbara: the tobacco road showdown is tonight. duke taking on u.n.c. you can watch it at 9:00 on our
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flip back here to abc11 don: welcome back. we are looking at what is
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window forecast. it looks worst this morning than this afternoon. the showers are not as bad as yesterday but you may see a few showers. temperatures in the 40's. by lunch 50 and sun wins out. hill. 37 roxboro and louisburg. cool spots there. 41 chapel hill and 38 sanford, goldsboro. 39 southern pines. 41 fayetteville and lumberton 44. looking at the day ahead. 40 now and spotty showers. lunchtime partly sunny and 49. by 5:00, 54 and mostly sunny skies. nice temperatures moving in and we will dry out. we will have that and complete seven-day forecast up next. barbara: the war of words between president obama and donald trump. the president said he has confidence in americans that the republican front-runner will not be elected president. president obama: i continue to
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the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people. i think they recognize that being president is a serious job. barbara: donald trump calls president obama's criticism a compliment. he said that obama has done such a lousy job as president that he is happy not to have his approval. president obama digging in for the fight over antonin scalia's replacement. with a year remaining in the presidency they will have plenty of time for a fair hearing. charles grassley is suggesting he might be open to considering the president's yet to be nailed nominee. john: france is on alert this morning three months after the deadly terror attack there. a state of emergency is extended. the interior phrr says the threat of new violence is high. it expands police power to carry
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some rights undermines fundamental freedom. the group returned to paris to resume the concert that was cut off by the view bataclan has been closed. several survivors of the attack attended the show. barbara: this is quite the story. a flor-old was caught practicing medicine
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barbara: the express hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon... then quickly fell back to earth landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily geico recently helped the residents
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they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save
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barbara: welcome back, 5:45 and 40 degrees. wake county murder trial moves to the sentencing phase today. that is is one story making head labels. the same jury that convicted travion smith of murdering a raleigh mom will decide whether gets life or death. melissa huggins-jones was found beaten to death and stab edbed by her own daughter in her apartment nearly three years ago. apple says it will fight a judge's order to help the f.b.i. access information stored in an iphone this belonged to one of the san bernardino terrorists. it ruled apple must supply the software that will help hack syed farook's phone. pope francis wraps up his trip to mexico with some of his most anticipated events. he will visit a prison, stop at the texas border and hold a large outdoor mass in the sun
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that caps often sends planes to south korea in times of tension with the north. the white house sends a message to russia put up or shut up when it comes to the syrian cease-fire. they agreed last week on a cease-fire to begin by friday but even washington appears to be discounting chances of a truce to take hold. u.s. leaders call on russia to do its part to stop bombing targets in northern syria.
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on hospitals aous district attorney that he would never be khrafrpblged over the encounter. john: a florida teenager trade in his lap coater handcuffs. he is accused of practicing medicine without a license. malichi love robinson was so convincing he had a medical clinic going in west palm beach. a female under covercover officer busted him after he allegedly gave her a physical. he denies the accusations. back in october he was cited by
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of the head and stole his wallet. marquez hopes that it will help police catch the suspects. barbara: f.d.a. is taking action to protect blood donations from the zika virus recommending banks refuse donations from people who traveled to affected countries within four weeks. the f.d.a. is recommending they turn away donors who may have had sexual contact with somebody who traveled to the country in the last three months. this could cramp the commute. a rock slide in a colorado canyon closed a major highway forcing drivers on a 140-mile detour. the closure went into effect after a second slide in glenwood canyon. john: a valentine's day get away could be legal trouble for vanessa hudgens. she and her boyfriend are being investigated for vandalism. she posted a photo on her
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into one of sedona's rare red rocks. that is against the law. they could face a fine of up to others. the fan favorite earlier was this dog that kept gnawing at his handler's pocket. that is a big dog. those dogs are groomed for hours. they are groomed better than a lot of humans. john: you can see c.j. on "good morning america" today. barbara: i love it. don: when they announced that
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it is like whatever. congratulations. beautiful dog. barbara: absolutely. don: today a little wet, not as much as yesterday. we are going to see some dry weather the next couple of days. let's show you the next 12 hours. temperature-wise, in the triangle we will see temperatures climbing into the 50's this afternoon. you will still need the jacket. these are pretty typical for this time of year. sand hills mid to upper 50's. flirting with 60 in lumberton. live look at radar. first alert doppler xp and the heaviest band of rain working through louisburg to the north and east. you can see the motion, it is dieing a bit on the back side. you could see heavier showers in louisburg. you have one area west of you. looking west, light rain in durham and northern orange county. sliding south.
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one pocket southeastern chatham county could clip holly springs the next hour. lillington the showers are dying out. raleigh temperature right now running at 40, dew point 36, light rain being reported. humidity 86%. wind calm. fayetteville you are not seeing any rain there. 42. 81% humidity. northeast wind at five. 37 in roxboro, 41 chapel hill. 38 sanford, 39 southern pines, 41 fayetteville. 43 clinton, 41 smithfield, 39 in goldsboro. looking at the 24-hour change we are cooler than yesterday. some spots 20 degrees cooler like smithfield and goldsboro. 16 cooler in roanoke rapids and 15 degrees cooler in sanford. satellite and radar composite shows rain moving through, very light. once it clears the region we will see the showers clear. by lunchtime partly sunny and
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5:00 this afternoon see the clear skies. a lot of sunshine through the afternoon. we will see clear skies tonight into tomorrow. this is a quick hitter and it pulls the showers out and high pressure out west building in giving us sunshine and temperatures back into the 50's. for this morning you will see cloudy skies, spotty showers in the capital city. raleigh expect temperatures around 50 by lunch. into the afternoon mostly sunny and mid 50's. across the area today we will see the temperatures in the 50's. 54 chapel hill. 55 garner, 57 pinehurst today. 58 goldsboro, 56 lillington. 58 fayetteville. south hill 51. 52 roxboro. 55 rocky mount and 567 tarboro. tonight colder under clear skies. 28 henderson, 31 raleigh, 34 fayetteville and 31 in durham. first alert seven-day forecast
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temperatures in the lower 50's mostly sunny, friday mostly sunny and 53. saturday 65 degrees and 60's sunday and showers monday into tuesday but after the morning rain like lunchtime on get the car washed today you have about five days of sunshine. barbara: don't tell everybody. don: if you go this morning you might have a shot. amber: with our hours you could probably squeeze it in. barbara: go early. amber: before it gets busy. we are not busy on the road either. looking nice on this, what day is it? barbara: hump day. stphaeufplt it is wednesday, people. we are not dealing with the weather we saw to start the week. you can see it is moving fine this morning. 40 and gorman is the live picture. no problems there. we are seeing showers around the area, nothing like monday or tuesday. monday it was ice and snow and yesterday just a lot of heavy
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this morning just scattered showers. we can deal with that to get through wednesday. as don said, it will move out and we will have a couple days of sunshine. on 95 there's a lane blocked due to a stalled vehicle southbound exit 13 otter dam road. meantime, we are accident free. 40 and south saunders into downtown raleigh a report of a car fire on u.s. 64 at new bern avenue, or new hope. we are working to get more information. 540 eastbound is in good shape. 11 minutes no problems 70 to 1. same story on 85 northbound four minutes 70 to n.c. 55 fplt. barbara: thank you. 5:54. if you are a coffee drinker crafting the perfect cup of coffee has turned into an art form. john: coming up on "eyewitness news" meet the triangle woman who is brewing up some of the best coffee in the country. see what makes her formula second to none.
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who is claiming their share of hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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barbara: welcome back. it is 5:57. john: lucky winner about to step forward. remember the record breaking power ball drawing with the jackpot worth more than $1.35 billion? one ticket was sold at this publix grocery in melbourne beach, florida. that winner will reveal himself or herself today. a tennessee couple was the first to come forward. a third ticket was sold it california but that person is a mystery. barbara: a woman in raleigh is brewing up some of the best coffee in the country. jenny bonchak has turned it into
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to sifting and measuring the grinds. she took first place in a national brewers cup competition eastern division and will meet the best of the west at the national competition in april. you cannot buy her winning coffee yet but slingshot coffee company may one day sell it in a limited edition. john: all right. as you said, an art form. barbara: it is almost like wine 24 hours to get home on a flight that should have taken four.
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lo hard john: rain moving through but nothing like yesterday. meteorologist don schwenneker will let you know how long you will need the umbrella. barbara:ed toer in a drive-by shooting at a day care. what we know about the baby's conditio my feet are on the ground. john: nightmare flight is over. hardware more of what passengers -- hear more of what passengers say about the journey. good morning, carolina, welcome on wednesday february 17. 40 degrees and 6:01. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. we will have more on the big stories but first it is time for weather and traffic together. here is meteorologist don schwenneker. good morning. don: good morning to uyou. we are looking at radar and you can see we have rain around, nothing like we saw yesterday. not seeing heavy intense bands


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