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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News Extra  ABC  February 20, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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triangle acc teams withannouncer: now, abc 11's eyewitness news sports, sponsored by your locals where the dealers -- local toyota dealers. joe: the tar heels had a one-game lead in their losses from days ago. today they took it back. well documented was the fact that brice johnson did not get enough shots down the stretch in
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off. 16 points, 15 rebounds. by 12. six players hit double fingers -- figures, including the. the hurricanes were busy turning the ball over. joel berry takes advantage. jackson then, three of his 15 points, unc does not shoot a lot of threes. they made six in the second half alone today. kennedy with the defense. 38. unc crushing miami, 90 6-71 to take over first place in the acc. quickly started off well. -- >> we started off well. they shut it down in a second half of little bit.
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>> we want to build a forget the game and move on to the next. we came out here today. we wanted to show them what we had. >> the tied for third -- first place in the conference. i told them i didn't want to hear. joe: before today's game, cbs analyst speculated that williams would retire and davis would take over the end of the season he cited williams health is the reason. -- as the reason. williams has been dealing with vertigo. he was criticized for not handling the end of game situation well. he came back to comment. >> sinful. you have no freaking idea what you are talking about. the guy that said that cannot
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stilljoe: cat barber going bananas didn't translate into wins. he contributed plenty. really jumpstarted the offense at 16 points off of the bench. the best offense was0 off of this. they pack, down by one of the half. -- the pack down by one at the half. garbageman, packs of my four -- packs up by four. 17 points and 16 rebounds. need for rebound. almost overcame this entire effort.
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clicks -- >> we struggled. we found a way to continue to score. big shots by a lot of different guys. clicks he cannot do everything like he usually does. clicks i tell him all the time, if you miss a shot -- i tell him to keep shooting. the ball will keep coming, whether you like it or not. don't put your head down. you are too good for that. joe: n.c. central made half of their shot attempts this afternoon. the eagles got 18 points. they have won three out of the last four. now they take a week off. we have some other sports coming up later. heather: thank you. that is all for eyewitness news at 11:00. coming up at 11:30, four cyclist out for a weekend ride find themselves on a crash course
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how the writers are doing -- riders are doing.
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sheriff after twoannouncer: see what is happening this instant, abc 11 eyewitness
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heather: a saturday ride takes a serious turn for four bicyclists. this video -- in this video you can see the highway patrol investigating. we have a report. clicks the victims are here two tonight, are in critical condition. the highway patrol saying they had head injuries. earlier i spoke with a driver who was crying uncontrollably on the side of the road and had this to say about the accident. >> i stopped -- alina girl -- reporter: she says she's only cyclist, there was another car in the other lane, and there was not enough room. joel lawrence, lynn ashley, christopher graham, and mike dayton are all injured. tonight we spoke with one of their friends.
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why did she try to pass when it was not safe? the two seconds she would have saved passing them was not worth it. it absolutely is not worth it. reporter: charges are pending. abc 11 eyewitness news. heather: when it comes to shootings and violence interim county, the sheriff says he has had enough. sheriff mike andrews released an open letter on facebook today. he mentioned to recent investigations, including a drive-by shooting that injured a 72-year-old grandmother. the sheriff rights, as i sat next to her hospital bed and held her hand, i was haunted by the question of why. he goes on to say these senseless acts of violence must stop and only a united front can make a difference. three murdered college students made it a point to serve their community while they were alive. now, a year after their death, their commitment to helping
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-- food drive. jeremy baker shows us the impressive outpouring of support in the drive's second-year. >> we are out here trying to collect canned food for the food bank. are three friends passed away about a year ago. >> a lot of people have heard the story, and have seen what these three people have done. >> we felt like it was important to pick up the torch and do the same stuff they were doing. quickly want to continue the legacy of theirs. -- >> we want to continue the legacy. >> keep everyone strong and motivated. >> i am doing it for him. i knew the boy for a long time, i knew the family. >> i think it was important for us to fight any hatred or darkness with light and goodness. you can see all kinds of colors and races and religions, everyone is working together for a good cause.
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clicks it is good to see -- >> hopefully next year we will exceed this year. >> it needs to continue. i'm getting emotional. clicks come out here, i would love to meet you and give you a hug -- >> come out here, i would love to meet you and you a hug. heather: eyewitness news at 11:30 just eating started -- getting started. coming up, we will show you the race where clothing is optional. first a live look outside of the news center. considering last week we were repairing for temperatures in the teens, i think we are doing well. steve: you are right, last sunday we started the day at 15. tomorrow morning, closer to 50. clouds around, but broken cloud cover in places.
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always set a place at the dinner table for good manners. stay seated, napkin on your lap and elbows at your sides. and remember, mealtime is for nourishment, nothing more. let the music play, he won't get away just keep the groove, and then he'll come back to you again let it play let the music play toannouncer: the big stories happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news continues. >> north carolina. heather: that is country star, jason all dean taking over fayetteville's coliseum tonight. thousands watched him perform his greatest hits. the concert is part of the stars, we were their tour. check out these brave runners,
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it is called the cupid's undie run. hundreds of people stripped down and ran. the money raised goes to benefit the children's tumor foundation. these people were lucky it was not so cold. the same race in washington dc one week ago had temperatures in the teens. if this was last week in, it would be called. -- cold. steve: think about how cold that was. a lot of clouds. temperatures in the mid-60's. look at the highs. chapel hill -- that since her stopped working today when it was 54. it thinks that was the high, it was in the new 60's -- mid 60's like everywhere else. let's talk active weather days, it looks like tuesday could be the most active. potentially wednesday as well. id deep trough and a lot of
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the snow appear to the north. not worried much about anything other than rainfall. this upper low getting strong back here. some sign that means more rain could come our way. tuesday, wednesday, the most active days. we could have rain even tomorrow, a tiny bit and monday as well. you can see the models -- the long-term model is suggesting upwards of an inch, maybe 1.5 inches over that monday, tuesday, wednesday time period. unsettled, the key term for monday, tuesday, and into wednesday we will -- wednesday. say goodbye to the 60's and 70's for a while. tomorrow we start to cool down. if this jet stream buckles, wednesday we could get a surge
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air takes over quickly thursday and especially friday where high temperatures could be in the 40's. already years seeing the clouds around 54. uniform temperatures, and the lower to middle 50's. when you start the day tomorrow, close to where we are now -- we should be in the upper 40's to near 50 to start the day. by 11:00 in the morning, already to 60. good jogging whether. --weather. i expect more clouds coming overnight and moisture. that moisture makes a beeline for us in the in-house model. speeding up the timing -- this is not a guarantee, but if you have plans tomorrow in the afternoon, you might see a shower. in the meantime, between 3:00 and 6:00 that is a possibility. generally fairly light. below stays to the north. -- the low stays to the north.
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-- stag to the south and stall here. it is more likely tuesday morning, this moisture overrides the front. we will watch where this area of low pressure goes. if this stays along the frontal boundary, tuesday could be wet. another low behind that, even a higher probability for rain on wednesday. midweek, your rainiest two days of the week. no rain in florida. weather will be fine for the daytona 500. temperatures in the 70's for the race. just fine. if you're lucky enough to have friends or family down there, they will be happy. 49 in raleigh. 50 in fayetteville. mild tonight, and a slight chance of a shower tomorrow. upper 60's to near 70. monday, a slight chance of showers during the day, more likely monday night.
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wednesday, that low -- there could be a good rain on wednesday. a cooler friday with sunshine. heather: thank you. a father's loss turns into a crusade for sports safety. what he is doing to protect high school football players.
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teheather: developing tonight, a busy gas station, the scene of a shooting inderal. -- in duurham. no arrests so far. in a new movie, "concussion," will smith plays a doctor who uncovers a link between concussions and a brain disease. tonight the i-team investigates
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in high school football players across the country, seven players died last year from a concussion. i north carolina debt who lost his son, is doing something about it. here is steve daniels. steve: friday night football brings together families, for intense rivalries across the heart of carolina. >> he loved football. he loved to have fun. he was a great kid. he had a lot going for them. steve: he lost his son matt, a high school linebacker. >> his brain blood. steve: bob is making football safer. >> after they called a play, i turned to his t mason said i will not let you down. steve: he launched a center at unc chapel hill to study sports
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the center is working to reduce the concussions in high school players. the concussion is so bad it is classified as a traumatic brain injury, like a battlefield injury. your brain moves around in your head and literally changes the way your brain functions. repeated concussions can cause cte or chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a brain disease found in some nfl players. now there is even concern about high school football players after a cta -- cte was found in a young man who played high school and college football. >> when you see this disease and a person -- in a person that young it is shocking. steve: dr. lewis margulies is a pediatrician and professor who says high school students should
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he also demonstrates outside of football games. >> the risks could be greater than we currently think they are. >> -- steve: dr. josh bloom is concerned about blows to the head that are left serious than a concussion, and do not have symptoms. >> those are potentially worse. there might be some key will it affect. -- some cumulative effect. steve: will is a senior at cary high school, where he played on the offense of line. he played bass he had a concussion that benched him for nearly four weeks. he followed protocol and went to the trainer. >> i went up and they performed the basic test on the sideline. he said there was something wrong.
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steve: will has advice for his teammates who want to stay in the game after a severe hit. quite some guys -- >> some guys do not know it, or if it is mild, they ignore it. i look at these guys and i am like, you need to see a trainer. >> one of the things that football teaches you is how not to quit. steve: his dad says despite the risk, he does not think the ball is a dangerous sport. >> we cannot wrap our sons in bubblewrap and worry about them in every moment. steve: high school coaches like raymond wilson tackle concussion safety all season. >> every day it is safety and all of the drills that you do, in the practice, you are always teaching safety. steve: at the center dedicated in chapel hill, they work with high school players -- to
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>> is the first point of contact is with his hand, his helmet is not in the other opponent's helmet, it is important that the helmet is not the first point of contact. steve: players are monitored by putting sensors and their helmet, measuring the timing and force of the impact. >> it transmits in real time. steve: out of his tragedy, bob worked to pass a law he hopes is making high school football safer. >> and child might think he has a concussion, or a parent thinks a child has one, when in doubt, check it out. heather: that was steve daniels reporting. the law sets protocol for coaches, students, and trainers, when a player has a head injury, keep them off of the field until they are cleared by a doctor or trainer. if you want to know how many


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