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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 AM  ABC  February 23, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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yc john: roadways wet and anthony wilson is monitoring conditions as the commute gets under way. don will tell us if we will see more rain. barbara: the vote by the raleigh police union how it kocould affect beyonce's concert. john: dozens go down. welcome on tuesday february 23, 5:01 and 44 degrees. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. thank you for joining us. meteorologist don schwenneker is in the first alert storm center with a look at weather. don: good morning to you. good news is most of the ran is shifting north and west of the triangle now. we could see an isolated shower
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are not seeing any rainfall. may see light drizzle. to the north is where we have the heavier rain moving north of durham through person and granville, vance and warner. then roanoke rapids a spotty shower and south hill, virginia, mecklinburg county, all sliding north and east. temperatures across the region in the 40's this morning. from 41 roxboro to 48 fayetteville. 46 goldsboro, 46 smithfield. 43 chapel hill, 44 sanford, 42 oxford and 41 louisburg. looking at the day ahead, 43 with light rain and drizzle. lunchtime cloudy skies and could see a few showers around 5:00. i think many places will be rain free. most of the day is rain free. better chance of rain tomorrow and we could see severe weather. we will talk about that in a complete forecast in a couple much minutes. barbara: the good news as don said the rain is moving out
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this is one of our d.o.t. cameras reflecting off wet asphalt. anthony anthony has a look at -- anthony wilson has a look at conditions. where are you? anthony: we have road mist on the wind chilled, enough to make the wieners worked. the heavy rain seems to have conditions. just before you came to us there was a guy in a truck going by who seemed not to have any taillights on. that was about the biggest risk. he's peeled off on to another exit. looking ahead, not much traffic. we are approaching airport boulevard exit on i-40 and so far so good. if we get heavy rain or slippery conditions we know about we will show you from breaking news one where we're live driving through wake county, anthony wilson, abc
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barbara: you can track the rain on the first alert weather prepare and check out live doppler radar and watches and warnings and choses and delays -- closings and delays. >> today at wake county justice center jury selection continues in the trial of a former n.c. state student accused of killing his girlfriend nearly 20 years ago. he was originally charged with murder of lecoy mcqueen in 1996. police believe he wanted her to haven abortion and she refused. those charges were dropped. he was arrested in 2014 again after the results of new tests of old evidence. convicted murder erred travion smith will spend the rest of his life behind bars. a jury sentenced him yesterday for the murder of melissa huggins-jones huggins-jones. smith could have gotten the death penalty. huggins-jones was beaten and
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coming up in the next half hour hear what huggins-jones's mother said to her daughter's killer. barbara: beyonce' is bringing her tour to raleigh may 3 but will raleigh police officers provide security? law enforcement agencies are upset with her salute to the black opinion they are during the super bowl halftime show. the miami police union approved a boycott there and members of the raleigh police union could do the same. gloria rodriguez has the latest on the story. good morning. gloria: good morning. the raleigh police union will take up the issue. they will vote on whether to boycott working security for beyonce's upcoming concert at carter-finley stadium. look at the performance that has so many people talking. her super bowl performance many premised some but enraged others. she saluted the black panthers
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jacket with backup dancers. some called it anti police apbdpolice and pro violence. unions in miami, tampa and nashville are either boycotting the tour or urging officers not to volunteer to work the show. raleigh is strongly considering a similar move. the president of the police association board tells "eyewitness news" officers of all races an walks of -- and walks of life found it demother believe. >> i came from a law enforcement family and i agree. i hope that happens that they get it boycotted. i'm trying to spread that on facebook. gloria: beyonce' will be here may 3. many hope to get tickets. loyal fans are standing by her. >> she is expressing herself. >> i think she made a political statement. i'm with her.
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gloria: her super bowl performance impressed a lot but that controversy continues. it involves off-duty police officers. beyonce' by the way has not commented on all of this backlash. john: other news, trash and dash. a group of teenagers accused of causing at least $20,000 of damage to a new home in fayetteville. barbara: eric mcclish is charged with breaking and entering and vandalism. they are looking for a second teenager. one of them busted a window to get in and went downstairs and let the other in. nearly every room in this brand-new house has damage. john: today the youth and college division of the ncaa taking object the new system president. they will deliver a public records request for the u.n.c. board of governors by the hiring of margaret spelling. it claims she was secretly
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of the board of governors. they demand transparency and accountability in the hiring process. other opponents of spellings' hiring says she has a poor record with historically black colleges and shows insensitivity to lgbt issues. her first day is march 1. barbara: meantime, the naacp is blasting the new district map. it is asking a federal court to reject the map and draw new congressional districts for the state. president barber says they are skeptical of any maps drawn inby republican lawmakers. the new primary date is june 7 fplt. the republicans are in nevada for today's caucuses. john: the battle between marco rubio and ted cruz has intensified. amber: overnight g.o.p. frontrunner donald trump rallied
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he is banking on a hot streak of massachusetts amherst bernie sanders hit hillary clinton on her wall street connection. she has a comfortable lead in south carolina against him as they work the black vote after morgan freeman's voice is used in a clinton ad sanders answered with an endorsement with spike lee. barbara: it is 5:09 and 44
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east carolina university goes on alert. details ahead and falling like comedominos dominos. this is where an escalator goes haywire. barbara: the animal one girl tried to turn -- oh, no! can you guess what animal that might be. john: kidnapped on the way to school. how a north carolina teenager was able to escape. barbara: we are watching the wet roads and hopefully gets out of here soon. "big weather" is tracking it. don: the heaviest rain is shifting north and west. we are seeing light drizzle and you will see some pockets much
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we will talk more don: welcome back. let's talk bus stop forecast. as you head out you want to send the rain gear. they may need it in spots. hit-or-miss drizzle and same this afternoon. many places will be rain free but there will be an isolated shower. much better chance tomorrow. 41 south hill. 41 roxboro, 43 chapel hill. 44 sanford, 46 southern pines, 48 fayetteville. 46 goldsboro. looking at the day ahead 43 and rain around. by lunchtime cloudy skies and 9. knew the late day 50 -- through the late day 50 and showers. better chance of ran tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon we could see severe weather. we will we will talk about that in the
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john: an alert on the east carolina university campus after a student was assaulted. the male was attacked by four men just before 10:00 last night. the student was hurt but the extent of injuries is unknown. the assault was in the mall area near cotton hall. barbara: it is time for the must must-see videos and we begin at a mall in china and this escalator. it goes in the wrong direction causing a pile-up. at least five were injured. threatening. an investigation is under way to figure out what happened. now to this intense video in australia as a burning crane collapses send being the arm of -- sending the arm and debris to the ground all in melbourne. crews were called to the site when it burst into flames. it is believed an shell fault trigger -- electrical fault
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no reports of injuries. barbara: zebra. she said zebra. mother in australia videotapes her 3-year-old after the toddler uses a marker to draw black stripes over her body because she wanted to turn her in a zebra. makes sense. she seemed unconcerned with the new look. no word on how it took mom to get the stripes off. look at the look on her face. like i guess that is all right. zebra. john: if you have ever wanted to work in an amusement park now is the chance. carowinds will have a job fair this weekend to fill more than 4,000 vacancies from entry-level to supervisory in multiple departments including rides, entertainment, games, security and lifeguards. it offers wage increases in
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between $8 and $9 an hour. it is saturday in charlotte from 1:00 to 5:00 at the park. barbara: they have that new roller coaster. i want to ride it. >> i will let you try it and
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more of this extreme video. john: 5:17 and 44 degrees. here are the headlines. overnight rain beginning to move out but roads still wet and breaking news one monitoring road conditions bringing us live conditions. this is i-40 near aviation parkway.
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some areas but for the most part gone. meteorologist don schwenneker will be here in about three machines with a forecast including -- minutes with the forecast. charlotte city council passing a law allowing transgender people to choose public bathrooms that correspond to gender identity. governor pat mccrory calls it in policy a threat to public safety an warns the general assembly may step in. members of the raleigh police union preparing for an important vote today. they will vote on whether to boycott working security for the upcoming beyonce' concert. she will perform at carter-finley stadium in may. she took heat from critics who are upset with her salute to the black panthers. barbara: police are searching for the man who allegedly kidnapped a 16-year-old walking it school. the teenager was on the way to east mecklinburg high when someone drove up and pointed a gun and forced him to get in the car.
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attack a plane slams into a car. a plane. here is another look. you can see the car slows down an speeds up and the single engine plane crashed into it. this was on a city street north of los angeles. here is a closer look. the aircraft actually hit several vehicles on the ground before a final collision. the final survived and wasn't seriously hurt. amazingly, no one on the ground was seriously injured.
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the crash-landing. bill cosby's wife will continue to give a deposition next month. she was forced to answer questions under oat in accusers say she may have information. barbara: labrador retrievers hit the 25th year as the top dog breed in the u.s. but bulldogs and lesser breeds are climbing in popularity. the american kennel club released the breed. labs have will the longest time in the breed.
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terriers, poodles, rot whilers and boxers. after i king charles cavalier spaniel and maltese. most dogs knew are being bred with padoodles. they say pure breed drugs are not as healthy as mixed. barbara: my last mixed breed was 13. she was so healthy. you want to walk the dog this morning. this afternoon you may see showers. if it is not raining. if it is raining you have chance of zero showers this afternoon. everybody has a chance to see precipitation tomorrow, 90% plus. it will rehn. it is a matter of where and how hard.
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starts to dry out. we will look at radar and live look on first alert doppler xp and the showers cutting right through the northern half of the viewing area. everything is north of here and moving north. you will see it drifting north-northeast. you may see a shower in raleigh. but other than the light drizzle out there i think most of that rain stays well out to the north and west. we will show you what is going on with a live look into joined raleigh. tops of the buildings in the low cloud deck and drizzle reported. 47, 97% humidity. north hills temperature 44 and wind northeast three. 42 in oxford to 46 tkpwoldzboro, 48 clinton. satellite and radar composite shows the cluck -- bulk of the activity to the north. by lunchtime it shifts east and 5:00 one or two pockets of green.
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it is tomorrow as the system is rolling we will see showers in the morning and between 1:00 and 7:00 tomorrow we see this lane work through. it is not much now but this will intensify as the models get a better handle on this. as far as the type of severe weather, the threat risk tomorrow flooding, you may see isolated flooding. ing we elevate the chance for hail and tornadoes. unfortunately we could see an isolated tornado tomorrow afternoon and certainly straight line damaging winds would be problematic. something to watch through wednesday. today you don't have to worry about any of that. cloudy skies and rain ending this morning. by lunchtime 49 degrees in the capital city. we will hover in the 50's in raleigh all afternoon. across the region temperatures in the 50's from holly springs to chapel hill. 50 durham, 52 smithfield. 52 in pinehurst, 55 raeford. 54 fayetteville. 54 tarboro and 49 in roanoke rapids. tonight the showers spotty and
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50 fayetteville. 48 durham. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, tomorrow temperatures back in the 50's and 60's. 17 degrees warmer tomorrow. it clears out thursday and tri, saturday, sunday temperatures climbing through the 50's. >> all right. watch out tomorrow. don: tomorrow afternoon will be a bumpy ride. barbara: thank you, don. it is 5:24 and 44 degrees.
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john: new government safety warnings could impact millions of consumers. we have those details. john: reason to worry at tax time. >> topping america's money shares of lumber liquidators could be under pressure after new warnings. c.d.c. the cancer risk from certain types of lamb night flooring is -- laminate flooring is higher than estimated. they believe it is overstated threats. there could be another 70 million to 90 million recalls of takata bags. they can explode and send shrapnel at people. there is a down side to being a millionaire. it boosts your chance of being audited.
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10% of people making more than $1 million a significant increase from the year before and 10 times more than the average for all returns. >> i'm willing to take my chances. that is america's money. barbara: it is 5:28 and 44 degrees. helpless puppy shot and you won't believe who police say is responsible. john: plus reaction after charlotte leaders pass an ordinance allowing transgender my school reunion's coming fast. could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair?
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barbara: a chilly and damp start to the morning and could be just the start to a rough couple days. we have breaking news one on the roads and meteorologist don schwenneker tracking the possibility of severe weather. john: a vote in charlotte that cover many complications across the state.


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