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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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barbara: we are tracking showers, breaking news one on the roads live for you right now to show you what you can expect. john: beyonce' backlash. the vote by the raleigh police union. how it could impact her concert in the triangle. barbara: escalator disaster. dozens much people go down. john: good morning, carolina, welcome on tuesday february 23, 44 degrees at 6:00. barbara: thank you for joining us. we will have more but first meteorologist don schwenneker is in the first alert storm center tracking rain. anchor: good morning to you. we are seeing showers. first alert doppler xp, the most powerful radar in the carolinas, showing rain mainly over the northwestern half of the area from south hill, the line for the heavier rain is i-85. north of that that is where you are seeing rainfall in person and southern mecklinburg counties.
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melville that is lifting north through orange county the next half hour. showers around siler city, eastern lee county a sprinkle or two. some places it is too light to be detected by radar. that is light drizzle. 41 roxboro, 46 southern pines, 46 goldsboro. looking at the day ahead temperatures not changing much. we will warm near 50 by lunchtime, cloudy skies and stay there in afternoon. warmer tomorrow. 15 to 20 degrees warmer and thunderstorms. now let's talk traffic with amber rupinta. amber: it is nice an quiet but as we say dealing with showers and fog. so it may get busier approaching 7:00. give yourself some extra time. this is fayetteville and this is a little hazy checking some camp rails in cumberland county. keep your eyes peeled for foggy conditions.
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tracking rain and not causing a huge slowdown on the main interstates but you can see there traveling through 40 and 440 that construction zone there. we always say it is a little interesting any time you have any precipitation that slows down the commute. as don said, to the west around i-85 is where we are seeing the heaviest rain and back west and there is some fog south of the raleigh-durham area. we are accident free so we are off to a good start. barbara: you can check the rain on the first alert weather app and check live doppler radar and get watches, warnings and closings. you can get it in the app store and google play. beyonce' is bringing her tour to raleigh may 3 but will raleigh police officers be there to provide security? law enforcement agencies are upset with her salute to the black panthers during the super
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the miami police union amoved a boycott there and members of the raleigh police union could do the seam. gloria rodriguez is live with more on this. gloria: the raleigh police union will vote on whether to boycott working security for beyonce's concert. they will decide what to do about mrs. carter at carter funnily. this is the performance everybody is talking about. beyonce's super bowl performance impressed some but enraged others. she saluted the black panthers in a military inspeared leather jacket with a fleet of backup dancers with boots and berries. some call it antipolice and pro violence. unions in miami, tampa and nashville are either boycotting the tour or urging officers not to volunteer to work at her shows. raleigh is strongly considering
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the president of the police association board tells us officers of all races and walks of life found the stafps demother believe. >> i agree. i came from a law enforcement family and i agree. i really hope that happens. they get it boycotted. i'm trying to spread that on facebook. >> she is set it roll in raleigh may 3. many hope to get tickets. loyal fans are standing by her. >> she is able to express her culture. >> i think she made a political statement. i don't know if it was the place but i agree with what she said. gloria: this involves off-duty police. beyonce' has not commented on the backlash. we want to know what you think about this. so chime in on our twitter poll on abc11 and on my twitter page
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on my facebook gloria rodriguez wtvd. today the wake county justice center jury selection continues in the trial of a n.c. state student cues . he was charged with the murder of lecoy mcqueen in 1996. police believe he wanted her to have an abortion and she refused. the charges were alert dropped. will youing was arrested again in 2014 after the results of new tests of old evidence in the case. convicted killer travion smith will spend the rest of his layoff behind bars. a jury sentenced him for the murder of melissa huggins-jones. he could have gotten death. huggins huggins-jones was beaten and stabbed to death in 2013. her eight-year-old daughter
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the next half hour here what injury. the plane was bound four southern japan. john: trash and dash. teenagers accused of causing at least $20,000 of damage in fayetteville. barbara: eric mcclish is charged with vandalism and they are looking for a second teenager. one of the vandals busted a window to get in and let the others in. nearly every room has damage. john: today the youth and college division of the naacp taking on the system president. they will deliver a public records request to the u.n.c. board of governors about the hiring of margaret spellings. she claim she was secretly recruited whichby a caucus.
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accountability in the haorg process. others say she has a poor record with historically blockack colleges. her first day on the job is march 1. barbara: the naacp is blasting the district maps drawn by state republicans asking a federal court to reject them and draw new districts. president william barber says they are skeptical of any maps by republican state lawmakers. they are under review. the knew primary date is june 7. the republicans are in nevada
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john:hum. john: the democratic contenders are on opposite sides of the country monday. hillary clinton has a comfortable lead against bernie sanders in south carolina and the two work to court the block vote there. actor morgan freeman is using his voice in a clinton tv ad. sanders got an endorsement from spike lee who will have radio spots today. barbara: it is 6:09 and east carolina university on alert. john: details ahead. and falling like dominos. the stunning video as annika escalator goes haywire. barbara: a crane collapses. where this happened. john: kidnapped on the way to school.
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was able to escape. barbara: first, we are watching the roads. don is tracking it. don: even where it is not raining we are seeing drizzle. so watch out for that. as we go to break we check the first alert doppler network and you see the bulk of the heavier rain to the north and wellsst. you have a wet drive toward charlotte.
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don: this morning you may see light rain and i-85 and north it is around. temperatures this morning in the 40's. current numbers from across the region everybody in the 40's. 41 roxboro and south hill. cold rain up there. 43 roanoke rapids and 43 chapel hill. 43 sanford and 46 southern pines. 48 fayetteville and clinton and goldsboro 46. looking at the day ahead just rain right now.
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chance of rain east of i-95. through the afternoon i left a shower chance. most people won't see rain but some will see. tomorrow 15 to 20 degrees warmer tomorrow afternoon. we will talk about that in the complete forecast up next. john: an alert on the east carolina university campus after a student was assaulted. the male student was attacked by four last night. he was hurt but the extent of injuries is not known. the assault was in the mall area near cotton hall. barbara: time for the must-see videos beginning with this packed mall in china and escalator. all of it sudden it speeds up but in the wrong directionp. at least five were injured. an investigation is under way to determine what happened. now to intense video in
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topples and sends the arm and flaming debris to the ground. this was in melbourne. fire crews were called there when the crane burst into flames. they think an electrical fault triggered it. huge swells in hawaii with giant waves on camera washing over roads and cars. this was in a 12-mile stretch of honolulu. some of the wavers washed big -- waves washed big rocks on the roads. john: 6:13 and new dev highway on camera. more of this ahead. barbara: no, you didn't.
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john: 6:16 and here is a look at the headlines. overnight rain beginning to move out. drizzle falling in some areas and roads still wet. breaking news one monitoring the roads this morning and right now the beltline and brentwood road. meteorologist don schwenneker will be up in two to three minutes with the forecast including the threat of severe weather tomorrow. charlotte city council passing a law allowing transgender people to use public bathrooms that correspond to gender identity. governor manage career calls it a threat to public safety and warns the general assembly may step in. members of the raleigh police union preparing for an important vote on whether to boycott working security for the
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she will pearl at carter philiply in may. she's taking heat from critics upset with her salute to the black panthers. barbara: charlotte mecklinburg police are searching for a man who allegedly kidnapped a 16-year-old on the way to east mecklinburg high thursday when police say someone drove,and pointed a gun at him. he said the driver tried to attacorner as the plane slams into a car. an airplane. here is another look.
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speeds up and the system engine plane crashes. this was yesterday on a city street north of los angeles. the aircraft hit self vehicles on -- several vehicles before the final collision. the pilot survived and was not seriously hurt. amazingly, no one on the ground was seriously injured. there's no word on why it made the crash-landing. bill cobsbycosby's wife was forced to answer accusers say she
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barbara: we look at saint west. kim kardashian posted this of their son yesterday on the website saying today is my dad's birthday. there is nothing more in the world he would have wanted to meet his grand children. >> what is that? >> a zebra? >> what? >> a zebra. barbara: he said zebra. the mother videotapes the 3-year-old after the toddler drew black stripes offense her sister's body. she wanted to make her in a zebra. john: makes sense. barbara: no word how long it took mom to get the stripes off. obviously she was disrobed there in the kitchen or wherever they are. don: that is all that little kid did. barbara: she kind of knows. don: the mom said it was a minute.
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barbara: the baby didn't do anything about it. don: all right. that is something the big sister will hold over the kid the rest of her life. remember that? i will do it. barbara: or the hreullittle one will hold it over her. remember when you marked all over me. john: permanent marker? i hope not. don: today it is damp in spots and we are seeing heavier rain to the north. tomorrow everybody will see rain for sure. looking at the chances the next couple of days, 70% today and been 90% tomorrow. after that we go down to zero. that means a dry weekend. until away get to the weekend it will be a bumpy ride. look at first alert doppler xp and the most powerful radar in the carolinas right now showing showers. the buck of the heaviest rain in northern arrange drifting to person, granville and vance counties.
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areas seeing the heavier rain. hit-or-miss shower and within in goldsboro. some of it is too light to be detected. it is almost a drizzle. 44 right now, dew point 42, 93% humidity. in durham you see the raindrops but .1 inch since midnight. 43 degrees, north weekend eight miles an hour. numbers from across the region everybody in the 40's from 41 in roxboro and objectionxford to 48 clinton. 46 goldsboro. cover. showers for the most part around this morning and by lunchtime that chance shifts to i-95. into the afternoon pockets of green, hit-or-miss shower. the better chance of rain and thunderstorms is tomorrow. we look at tomorrow afternoon. this is lunchtime starting to see showers and push of warm air.
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do not look like everyone but between 4:00 and 7:00 tomorrow night is the best chance of severe weather so well watch that. for the rest of today cloudy and rain ending, 46 at lunchtime, we will go to 49 degrees. tonight temperatures hold about where they are. 48 raleigh. 50 fayetteville. and 48 in durham. seven first alert seven-day forecast forecast, after seeing temperatures today going only to 50, tomorrow we will be 17 degrees warmer, some places 20 degrees warmer. i would not be surprised in the sand hills make 70 some wilks very above norm for february. that is thunderstorm activity, thursday 55 and breezy. drying out for the weekend. barbara: roller coaster continues. don: tomorrow it will be messy. amber: yea! happy hump day. what is this with the rain. it will be back. we are excited for the weekend.
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through the rain we are going to have leading up to that. this morning here is the worth how it is impacting the roads. this is all the rain wells of the i-85 line as don told you and to the south there's definitely some fog. that is the orange on the mapping system. lumberton, 95, south of fayetteville. laurinburg will see a little fog. we are seeing raindrops and quarry and it is not slowing you down. heading into raleigh 440 and wade on time. 540 eastbound moving well. 11 minutes from u.s. 70 to u.s. 1. barbara: amazon raising its free
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john: how much nonpromise when your cold makes you wish... could stay... bed all day...
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new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel better. jane likes to mix things up. that's why she loves new light & fit greek non-fat yogurt mousse. so fluffy and airy it's her new 80 calorie obsession. light & fit feel free to enjoy. john: welcome back. 44 degrees and 6:26. barbara: amazon making the prime membership more appealing. facebook making birthdays me personal. kendis gibson and reena ninan have the morning tech news. >> in "tech bytes" cost of free shipping on amazon went up. the minimum purchase to qualify is $49 and $14 increase. it is seen to promote amazon prime. a $99 a year service including free shipping with no minimum
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sony unveiled the x series of phones with an auto focus promising blur free shots and battery that can go two days on a single charge. barbara: wireless ear piece that can respond to verbal commands. facebook wants to help you wish your friends a happy birthday. >> they launch the cam which allows you to record 15-second messages. it is available for i.o.s. devices. you could send a card snail mail. >> those are your "tech bytes." barbara: it sis 6:27. helpless puppy shot multiple times. who police say is responsible. john: reaction after charlotte
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allow transgend barbara: a chilly and damp start to the morning and could be just the start to a rough couple days. we have breaking news one live on the roads. meteorologist don schwenneker also tracking the possibility of severe weather. john: vote in charlotte that could have implications across the state. why the governor threats action. good morning, carolina, welcome on tuesday february 23, 44 degrees and 6:31. i'm barbara gibbs. john: swropb john. glad you are with us. we will get to the news but first weather and traffic
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meteorologist don schwenneker. that rain is moving out? don: we are seeing the showers pressing out of the region in the southern areas. in the north you will be dealing with it a while. the dividing line is i-85. live look at first alert doppler xp and on the most powerful radar in the carolinas you can see it is fallen almost exactly i-85. not much south in the way of heavy rain. heaviest rain is from roxboro into northern orange county and even durham getting ready, downtown durham ready to see heheier showers the next 15 minutes. temperatures across the region, 41 roxboro and oxford. 43 chapel hill. 46 smithfield. 48 fayetteville and looking at the day ahead temperatures this morning in the mid 40's. by lunchtime cloudy and 49. this afternoon a few showers and 50 degrees. i think or better chance for showers and even thunderstorms will be tomorrow afternoon.
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but now we talk weather and traffic and amber rupinta. amber: looking good as far as volume and incidents. we have raindrops coming down. live pictures coming back on broad band and breaking news one and they have been traveling on the interstates on 40 near harrison avenue where volume is picking up and you see raindrops on the windshield. it is a good rule to leave extra time when it is raining as this morning. it could slow down a little bit. the accidents shpbt slow you down. we are accident free and fayetteville nice start with a little fog the orange is the fog cover. north of raleigh if you are traveling into south boston watch for bridge maintenance on john randolph boulevard southbound that has one lin closed. -- one lane closed. john: in charlotte a story that could have implications.
6:33 am
expansion of nondiscrimination ordinance. that sets up a possible showdown with the governor. gloria rodriguez is live in the raleigh "eyewitness news center" with details. gloria: the around protects members of the lgbt community if rights are denying including the right to choose what bathroom to use. that is what is drawing controversy. >> do you want a man my size 6'1", 250 pounds in the bathroom with a wig on with your 4-year-old girl that looks like this? gloria: the around drawing these types of comments last night at the city council meeting. after 2 1/2 hours of comment the around passed with the 7-4 vote. raleigh residents support it. >> if you take a transgender bottom woman and forms her national men's room what you will do is
6:34 am
assaulted and harassed. gloria: in members members of the lgbt community will not be denied the right to use certain facilities due it sexual orientation and gender identity or gender expression. in addition to bathrooms, public showers apbdnd locker room it includes businesses. governor mccrory said it could threaten the safety of everyone who passes through charlotte. he says he will take legislative action if it passes. we are waiting to see if that happens. >> the only portion that i think the state needs to be involved in is the issue regarding locker rooms and restrooms. gloria: this will take effect april 1. here in north carolina the state does have the authority to weigh in on issues that are passed by cities. live in the raleigh "eyewitness news center," gloria rodriguez. back to you. >> should suffer and die in the same manner melissa did.
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a wake county courtroom to the man who kld killed her daughter. it took a wake county less than an hour to sentence travion smith to life for murder of melissa huggins-jones. his attorney shed tears as the jury said they spared his live. they were swayed by the attorney who argued that his upbringing with a abusive crack smoking mother led him on the wrong path. >> i'm thankful his life is spared. all i can ask is those that love him will continue to moat vitamin to be the best that he -- moattivate him. barbara: prosecutors say the circumstances of the beating and murder outweighed his unfortunate childhood. this is the sixth death penalty case in a row in wake county to spare the defendant's life.
6:36 am
handed down in wake county since 2007. john: members of. raleigh police union are preparing to vote whether to boycott working security for the beyonce' concert. she will perform at carter-finley in may. she is taking heat with people upset with her shraut to the black panthers in the super bowl and video accompanying it. last week the miami police union approved a boycott for the concert there. to the polls. where hillary clinton's lead is. give mccrory makes good on a losing super bowl bet and why that is a win for local charities. barbara: we look at our d.o.t. cams in fayetteville. it was messy there. don: not seeing any rain in the sand hills but fog am spots and it is thick. you want to watch for that.
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running in the 40's this morning and those temps will not change much today. tomorrow look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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don: welcome back. won't remember looking at the bus stop forecast. as the kids head out send umbrella with them even if it is not raining. i know it is in the fortune counties. in the southern counties it is a drizzle. it won't rain all day but it could rain any time. temperatures in the 40's. 40 south hill. 44 roxboro and oxford. 43 roanoke rapids and 43 chapel hill. 41 louisburg and 45 wilson. my sanford, 46 southern pines. looking at the day ahead. temperatures right now in the mid 40's. by lunchtime near 50 and cloudy. this afternoon we see a few
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most of the widespread rain is tomorrow. tomorrow late day we have the possibility of severe weather. we will talk about that and we have a seven-day forecast that includes a pretty nice weekend. that is next. hillary clinton and donald trump barreling toward next week's crucial super tuesday contest with solid on his hotel. john: the battle 2010 marco rubio and ted cruz is intensifying. monday cruz dismissed his communications directoroff a false game that rubio had disparaged the beisbol. rubio called it a fall guy who executed a cul dishonesty.
6:41 am
contest is saturday in south carolina and hillary clinton has a nearly 30-point lead there. but meantime she pulled ahead of bernie sanders slightly in the race for delegates awarded in primaries and caucuses. after last week's contest in nevada she has 52 delegates and sanders 51. it takes 2,383 delegates to win the democratic nomination for president. john: carolina panthers super bowl loss is a durham rescue mission begin. butterball delivers 25 cases of smoked turkey sausages and turkey burgers yesterday. governor mccrory donated 50 cases of north carolina turkey burgers and sausages to a colorado food bank as part of a super bowl bet with that state's governor. he also agreed to send food to shelters here in north carolina. the durham rescue mission is planning a big brunch. we are keeping you connected to big stories online. barbara: amber is tracking it.
6:42 am
this is a sad one. former miss america contestant dies a week after a car crash one of the top trending stories on abc. this is the former miss new jersey. she had a car accident last week and it spun on a wet road and she passed away yesterday with her family at her side. the organs were donated. a lot of people talking about that. a lot of people talking about the big apple debate and now the new york d.a. has a trending story because he is saying he can't access 175 iphones from criminal cases due to encryption so that adds more to whether apple should give the information out. ending on a sweet trending story here, everybody loves their starbucks and how about this on employee's act for deaf patron. this in leesburg, virginia. a patron comes in three took
6:43 am
and the barista gave him a note saying i'm learning american sign language so you can have the same experience as everybody else. he usually uses his phone to text his order but he was blown away and it has gone viral and he said that he wants everyone to share it and the hearing peopleness that hearing community should support the deaf community. very sweet story out of the phorpbgmorning starbucks. barbara: it is 6:43. apple john: who is joining the debate and calling for apple to
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barbara: more john: 6:46 and 44 degrees. barbara: there may be another 70 to 90 million recalls of takata air bags nearly quadrupleing the number in the u.s. they can explode and send shrapnel at people. shares of lumber liquidators could be under pressure again after warnings c.d.c. saying the rick of laminate flooring is three times greater than original estimates. it believes the c.d.c. is overstating the risk. john: the families of. people killed and wondered in san bernardino are preparing to enter the legal fight to force apple to help the f.b.i. open a killer's iphone. an attorney plans to file a brief for several families of victims and other employees. james comey says the syed farook phone might have critical
6:47 am
investigation including whether others were involved. apple resists the push citing privacy concerns. barbara: the death toll from a cyclone which hit fiji is now 29. more than 8,000 are in evacuation centers where some communities are cut off. winds from the cyclone tore through saturday and sunday reached 177 miles an hour makin heavy rain and thunderstorms. you see some hail there. high wind and hail reported throughout much of the state. barbara: we will go to meteorologist don schwenneker. not bad today but we are looking at the potential of severe weather tomorrow, right? don: yes. that storm system in texas is going to cause problems along the gulf coast. if you have travel plans call ahead because today will be
6:48 am
we will talk about our weather over the next couple of days. i think the most active weather day will be tomorrow. we look at tomorrow and you can see the storm prediction center has us under an enhanced risk including raleigh down to favorite and points south and east and this is for tomorrow late day. i think tomorrow afternoon. we will talk about what risks are headed our way in a minute. but right now a live look at first alert doppler xp and on the most powerful radar in the carolinas that rain line is just running right along i-85 this morning. so, if are north of i-85 you are seeing the heaviest rain. if you are south of i-85 like downtown raleigh you have villages to late rain. -- sprinkles to light rain. in the sand hills it s tphotis not raining but it is foggy. as far as temperatures 44 in joined raleigh. dew point 42, 93% humidity, northeast weekend six.
6:49 am
see the fog down this and down hay street 48, north wind eight miles an hour. numbers from across the region in the 40's from 41 roxboro to 54 wilson. 43 sanford, 48 clinton. satellite and radar composite shows the bulk of the rain this morning up to the north and really today it will be a day where it won't rain all day but it could rain any time. at lunchtime the best chance is east of i-95. tomorrow morning same thing. hit-or-miss shower but a push of warm air in the morning going into the 60's tomorrow. and tomorrow between noon and 7:00 we will see the chance of showers increase. this is the line. it is not showing up as much now on the model. but i think that tomorrow between 4:00 and 7:00 is the best chance of severe weather. our threat tomorrow maybe a little localized flooding. large hail a possibility tomorrow.
6:50 am
i elevated the tornado risk, too. i don't think we will see a wide spread tornado outbreak but certainly potential is there to spin one up with the atmosphere. the biggest threat will be this. damaging winds. we have to watch for that through the afternoon tomorrow. straight line winds could be in excess of 60 miles an hour. today cloudy and rain ending. by lunchtime 50. we have a few showers moving through. across the region it is around 50 degrees. cloudy skies and northeast wind five to 10 miles an hour. tonight we will see the temps back that the 40's for overnight lows. 48 raleigh. 50 fayetteville. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow back into the 60's. going to be 15 degrees warmer. 67 tomorrow with strong thunderstorms.
6:51 am
check out this "big weather" pic. that is hef from the patio. this was sunday morning. low level fog. john: i thought that was a beach or something but i see the red hat tower. don: he used the first alert weather app to upload that. barbara: there is fog in some areas. don: it will burn off through the day. amber: we are seeing that on the road weather index and we have an accident now coming back in on jones sapblg road at i-40 eastbound. you can see the mental -- emergency crews this. is on jones sausage blocking one lane it looks like to get on 40. this morning as we have been saying you are dealing with a little bit of rain and any time we have that you need to give yourself extra time. it is not quite as stressful of a commute and you can take your time.
6:52 am
dividing line with the showers back to the west of 85 where they are heaviest and then fog with the orange. traveling looping 95 there is a lane blocked southbound exit 8 so well north of the raleigh-durham area but skippers road an accident blocking the lane. durham freeway got alston no major problems. durham freeway northbound seven minutes i-40 to u.s. 15. beltline moving westbound four minutes capital to 70 and 40 eastbound five minutes u.s. 64 to u.s. 70. barbara: 6:53 and 44 degrees. controversial vote in charlotte with implications for entire state. >> why governor mccrory could intervene. barbara: why local police are talking about a beyonce' this is connor like so many kids, he was missing things in school -
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john: all the news weather and traffic you need before you head out. barbara: you can see some stories behind us including a controversy vote in charlotte. talks about a beyonce' boycott in raleigh and we are watching for the arrival of severe weather tomorrow. we are waiting to see if governor mccrory follows through on a threat to take legal action against charlotte. last night the council approved
6:56 am
among the provisions it allows transgenders to choose public bathrooms to correspond to gender identity. john: members of the raleigh police union preparing for a vote on whether to boycott working security for the upcoming beyonce' concert. she will perform at carter-finley carter-finley stadium in may. contradicts are upset with her marco rubio hope to again momentum. barbara: sloppy morning. don: we have fog and showers. anticipate a shower chance any time throughout the day and temperatures in the 40's. amber: a little wet on the roads, jones sausage an accident at 40 eastbound. barbara: "good morning america" is next.
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make it a great day. good morning, america. donald trump's vegas-size rally last night. his harshest words yet for ted cruz. >> this guy is sick. there's something wrong with this guy. >> and a protester. >> i'd like to pump him in the face, i'll tell you. >> as cruz is forced to fire a key staffer after new allegations of a dirty trick.
7:00 am
a large tornado outbreak expected to hit the gulf coast. damaging winds up to 70 miles an hour and golf ball-sized hail. 21 million people in the threat zone. flooding rain and storms from texas to maine. snow hole emergency. this 10-year-old girl falls ten feet below the surface. her father desperately tries to pull her free and we have the rescuers who got there just in time. and are you ready for this? "gma" on safari. an epic event never before attempted on live television. plungeing you into africa's garden of eden. an expedition into one of the wonders of the world. millions of majestic animals on the move as part of the great migration. we're with them from the air to the ground. our drones and trackers following their steps, and you're part of it all with groundbreaking virtual technology at your fingertips.


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