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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 1100 PM  ABC  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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an announcer: abc 11 eyewitness news at 11:00 starts right now. anchor: a deadly storm, some people killed. good evening, i am steve. tisha: authorities say the violent weather killed at least two people in louisiana, and dozens of trailers were damaged, several people seriously injured, and multiple rescue workers on the scene. the line of severe weather is also believed to have spawned a tornado that hit mississippi, and this same system is expected to move through our state tomorrow. let's get the latest romp what we can't expect with chris hohmann. -- the latest of what we can expect from chris hohmann. chris: it does not mean we will get through it completely unscathed. you can see it is a dynamic store. northwest arkansas, severe
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this is an area of thunderstorms, intense storms, across alabama, and the good news is there is no tornado warning in effect. there are some severe thunderstorm warnings, but no tornado warnings are in effect. this system is heading to the north and northeast, and this is late tomorrow morning and into the afternoon. here is our first alert predictor. no worries while you are trying to sleep. watch out. and then 9:00, 10:00, some scattered showers, but then as we go towards the late morning and afternoon, showers and storms start to move in from the west, and any of these could have some damaging wind. that area of rain and storms move to the coastal plain, and there is a break around the triangle, and then by 3:00 or
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line of showers that could have some damaging wind, not so much a tornado threats, and that raises off to the east, and by 7:00, it is all over. this will not be the entire time, but that is the attentional timeframe. still in that enhanced risk, raleigh, durham, fayetteville, and that is the third level of a five-level scale of severe weather, so not nothing to take lightly. if anything happens tomorrow night or afternoon, k now what to do, whether you are at work or school. keep in touch with your family, and a look at some quieter weather coming up. steve? steve: they are warning people to be on alert, and when school district is already announcing they are closing schools four hours early, and wayne county schools would beginning at 11:00 tomorrow.
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out that the regional response teams will be on standby. joel brown is joining us from our downtown raleigh storm system -- center. joel: they are being told to be on guard. the risk goes up substantially tuesday, dozens injured, at least three dead. the line of storms is now headed our way, so governor mccrory isarch and rescue teams ready to rescue passengers from stranded cars and those with water in their homes. be on standby. search and rescue teams assigned to raleigh-durham and chapel hill.
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battalion spoke to me by phone about the tornado threat and what we need to do to stay safe. >> be in an interior room, and that is certainly the best option. joel: remember, it is never a good idea to try to out run a tornado in your car. if you are outdoors with no shelter available, take shelter in a low-lying, flat area, and watch out for debris. >> we need to be in to help when needed. joel: so the warning from governor mccrory tonight, do not get hurt. be aware during school and office hours, and the governor is encouraging schools and universities to review their emergency plans and tornado
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steve: we will have more from noon until 6:00 tomorrow night. x, joel brown -- thanks, joel brown. and we will be sending out updates on our website and on our new zap during the day, and you can track it at any time using our first alert weather app. tisha: beyonce show will go on, and we are live at the teamsters building with reaction. reporter: there are over 500 officers associated with this, most on patrol and working, but a small group here have voiced their concerns. the raleigh police protective association will not be joining unions in other cities, like
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to boycott the upcoming aon say -- beyonce concert tour. they are concerned about the pro-violence and anti-police stance. instead, they are asking officers to make a personal decision on whether or not to work the event. >> to determine the course of action. reporter: some took offense to the beyonce performance when she saluted the black panthers, and according to a poll, the majority were not in favor of a boycott. >> paying h hage to a group that protected our rights in the past. reporter: there are already some officers who have refused to
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they are not saying how many people will be volunteering. abc 11 eyewitness news. steve: elaina, thanks. donald trump is expected to do well in nevada, hoping to build on victories in new hampshire and south carolina, and the real battle they be forced to can race between ted cruz and marco rubio. they are focusing on the super tuesday. tomorrow morning. clinton picking up a key endorsement, the legislature endorsing clinton. they say she has a record of fighting for the middle class and that she would protect
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the primary is scheduled foraction pertaining to bathrooms for transgendered people, general assembly when they convene again on april 25, and governor mccrory says, "as governor, i will address his legislation and will remain committed to protecting the privacy and safety of all men, women, and children of all ages in north carolina." new tonight, a man from apex crashes a plate in florida. he was flying from raleigh to sarasota when he reported engine trouble. he was treated at a local hospital for minor injuries, and the florida highway patrol says he deployed a parachute to help in that landing.
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tisha: a drive-by shooting that hurt a child at a daycare, one man says he was nowhere near the shooting, but he is behind bars, facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. it's brave two bullets in the hom, two of them hitting a tyler -- it's brave two bullets in the home, two of them hitting the toddler. >> [indiscernible] i am not the one. i do not know how to get to the house.
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still an active and ongoing investigation, and the next court appearance is next month. steve: a warning on social media about a man taking pictures of children. authorities telling us tonight it turns out the guy works at all of the food lion stores in the area and that he was just doing his job by taking the photographs. a mom taught to the manager, the manager checked out the video, and they confirmed the story -- a mom talked to the manager. and we have more on supreme court justice antonin scalia and what it means about his health. is ok to whine. the person behind this viral sensation. steve: first, a look outside our
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the real focus for us is that threat of severe weather right now. chris has the latest and the quiet weather coming for the
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tisha: and here is this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free,
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are enjoying their first bowl today. steve: new tonight, supreme court justice antonin scalia was dealing with several health issues. they were conditions that they said made autopsy unnecessary, with obesity and diabetes all likely contributing. tisha: an explosion in southern england killed one person and injured others. it was about 60 miles west of london.
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the old coal and oil fueled plant had been closed and was slated for demolition, and they also have a gas powered plant. steve: we have an update on a story the i-team has been tracking. in the automotive industry, they know why some of the to kind airbags -- some of the takata airbags exploded. a combination of factors, including moisture and high humidity, could cause explosions. the system does not adequately prevent moisture from moving in. those airbags have killed people around the world. tisha: stranded 65 floors up, crews worked to save the in two window washers this afternoon as they were working outside the 65th floor.
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stable, but they could not get it moving again. instead, firefighters had to remove a pane of glass and bring the workers inside the building. no one was hurt. steve: it is time to show you the must-see video, video of a plane crash plane, talking to be firefighters. the lapd said he was alone and was not injured. all right, check out this human pilot, the moment and escalator changes direction.
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that has since been closed, and canada's first baby pandas are getting ready for their public debut. they were spending some time with their mom. the two unnamed cubs were born in october, spending alternating time with their mom so neither is it ignored. -- neither is ignored. spending some time together. tisha: it does not look like mom wants to be bothered. chris: a cute, little cub. steve: and one school system is letting kids go at 11:30 this morning, in addition to wayne county and another letting the kids go earlier. chris: having a plan. do not worry if you have not gone over the safety rules.
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school, they have administrators to keep them safe. and a good idea to review the plans, know where family is, and keep it here. the one we are worried about, during the day tomorrow, a threat of severe weather wrapping up in the afternoon, and then out of here in the evening. the storm prediction center will update this around 2:00 a.m., and we will have the latest in the morning. that is what the golf coast is in right now, but still, that enhanced risk is something to take fairly seriously, and no severe weather right at sunrise, storms moving in around midday, and there could be a few isolated tornadoes across the region, and also maybe some hail in some spots, not a huge threat, but improving rapidly. not much going on the first
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fog may begin to be a bit of an issue as the weather rolls in. we are stuck in the 40's, kind of misty at the airport. officially, 45, 97% humidity. we happen stuck in the 40's all day. it would be great if we could be in the 40's tomorrow. not going to happen as warmer air surges in through the region. the temperature is begin to march upward as we head toward sunrise, and by the time you head out in the morning, getting warmer, into the 70's tomorrow, and that will fuel some instability in the atmosphere. ingredients coming to together
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look at what is coming our way. severe weather rolling into georgia and florida and alabama. louisiana, and they were hammered today by that severe weather. it is not really a line or two, more like clusters. 50 to 55, and that could be the case here also, storms moving rapidly. if there is a warning, you have to move quickly. they are moving so fast. there is a new tornado warning for southern alabama and a couple of counties there. that would be story through the overnight hours. i do not think we will see much severe weather, but as we get towards 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, some of the showers and storms roll in quickly. anyone could have an isolated gust or tornado, and that moves
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could be one final narrow line of showers and storms that developed just to the west of the triangle late afternoon or early evening, and maybe an isolated damaging wind gusts. flooding, not deal much of an issue. things will be moving along so quickly, -- not too bad of an issue. we could see some gusts to 40 to 45, so that wind advisory is in effect for all of the region, as well. the highs tomorrow, 70, 75, windy, and then it is out of here. tomorrow, clearing out, still windy, 57 was sunshine and a client that is quiet but cool
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-- 57 with sunshine and a quiet
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steve: the "dancing with the stars" host is suing marriott, saying they made it easy for a peeping tom to video her, where he got a room next to her. he is serving 30 months in prison. tisha: a model in california may just have found a way to get you motive i -- motivated to exercise. it shows an arm workout and triceps presses using wine bottles instead of hand weights. she posted it on social media, and it almost immediately went of viral. steve: and for the kings tonight? anchor: and we also introduce
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players in north carolina history. first, check this out in the vanderbilt game. josh anderson. 80 feet for a bucket. unbelievable.
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announcer: now, abc 11 eyewitness news sports. anchor: not entirely a happy man following the win over miami. his team played fantastically, but there was news that a national hoops commentator has suggested his retirement was imminent. he called it sinful. he expounded more on his future, and the takeaway is he is not going anywhere just yet. >> there is only one source, and he has never stated anything about that. >> i get to do what i want to do. with the negative recruiting because of the stuff. all over the place. the first day, i knew i was not involved. it is pretty simple for me.
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very hard time, but i'm going to get old one of these days. anchor: you cannot blame him for that. making their move, on the rush tonight. somehow, getting past, 1-0. and behind the net. nordstrom says thanks very much. and then watch this upcoming. a crazy ricochet. he sins and scores. 2-1 in the third. -- he spins and scores. the last 15 games. it was determined to be a legitimate goal.
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there had been doubtless spectacular basketball players in north carolina at the ball history, but none of them though has been prolific as magee has been. >> he is quite with the microphone in his face. given a basketball, and he is one of the nation's leading scorers, making noise game in and game out. was looking at the existed coaches.
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darius mcghee. >> i had my first when i was in eighth grade. and then this kind of shows them a little bit. >> they were in some sort of a level, and that is darius. anchor:: this 16-year-old is far from a me first player. he was more upset about the outcome. >> he was more upset about the loss and could care less about the points. anchor: we had to cut out a little bit early, and you can
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tisha: that is it for us. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ellen pompeo, from "the walking dead", norman reedus, and music from yo gotti
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with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thanks for joining us. i'm glad i'm here. this may sound a little bit odd but i'm starting to think my house is trying to get rid of me. i mentioned last night on the show on, monday night i accidentally ate a handful of sea sick medication because i thought they were breath mints. i have no idea where they came from.


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