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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 530 AM  ABC  February 25, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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creek middle and high schools in wayne county a three-hour delay because of a power outage. that means staff and students will both report three hours later than normal. look at trevor circle in durham. you can see -- not in this shot but the storms are not something to be forgotten with trees down, cars crushed and debris everywhere. it is cleanup thursday. barbara: "eyewitness news" is in the hardest hit areas of granville and durham. caitlin knute and gloria rodriguez leading the coverage. first, let's check in with meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. don: good morning to you. though the weather has moved away the stormy werbgts we have windy weather and advisory as we check it out. you can see the wind advisory for about the entire viewing area until 2:00 this afternoon. gusts up to 40 miles an hour are possible. 35 to 40-mile-per-hour gusts will be remember regular into
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41 right now in roxboro, 43 chapel hill. 43 southern pines. oxford and sanford we lost your sensors yesterday. hopefully they will be back online soon. we can guess you are about 42 degrees in oxford. 45 roanoke rapids. 44 in goldsboro. temperatures across the region in the 40's. by lunchtime partly sunny and low 50's. through the afternoon about 15 degrees cooler in spots under mostly sunny skies. we have cooler temperatures and we will talk about that but now weather and traffic with amber rupinta. amber: happy thursday to you. this morning what a difference a day makes. we are dried out on the roads and you can see the road weather index not returning any fog or precipitation. that is good news for you. a couple of incidents to watch for. on spring forest at glen road an accident and smithfield red house at stevens chap.
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light volume. main interstates phregt as we start thursday. we will check the drive times in a couple much minutes. barbara: a few hours experts from the national weather service will be leaving raleigh and heading to oxford the mission it look at what used to be these homes on huntsboro road. a tornado destroyed those homes. it will now be up to the national weather service to determine the strength of the tornado. wind speed aside a tornado is a frightening experience. gloria rodriguez is live on the scene with the latest and what people are going to expect to see. gloria: good morning, barbara. we have seen residents driving up here this morning. a lot of them waiting for the national weather service to survey the damage. you can see how much damage there is. look at this home. the siding is battalionlown off. you see debris as a result of
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we have video of the damages from yesterday. trees falling on homes, broken tree trunks and pwrafrplgts. this shows the effect of the powerful tornado. seven homes here were madrid. a cattle farm and dairy farm ripped apart. many residents going to basements or hallwayless. no one was injured. we have some interviews with residents who experienced this horrifying tornado. >> very scary. it was feeling like the whole house was shaking. it sounded like a great big train. >> you look at this, it is not real. gloria: back here live you can see the tape up here. this area has been roped off to keep the homes secured. they have put spot lights to make sure they are secured. a deputy is standing guard here in the area.
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the latest. live in granville county, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. >> scientists will be looking to see if there is any damage from the same tornado as it moved into henderson. this video sent in from an abc11 eyewitness is capturing the funnel cloud churning long highway 39 near will jefferson road. we have reports in vance county of baseball sized hail. expect chainsaws around durham today. crews will be clearing trees like there one responsible for smash being the roof of a house. caitlin knute picks up the coverage from trevor circle. we saw the clean-up beginning last night. how does it look now? caitlin: it looks like they still have much more work to do and it hasn't even gotten light so from what we have been able to see driving in trees have been uprooted, limbs down in the road and this scene behind me.
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neighborhood is amazing no one was seriously injured including the woman had lived here. you see the tree that fell on her car. we understand from talking to her husband because we were here yesterday, that the woman living here in just gotten home and run into her house about 10 minutes before the tree fell on her car. she was ok, she took shelter under the stairs in the closet and her husband said she was fine just understandably shaken. we talked to other neighbors in this neighborhood who said basically the same thing. they reported loud winds, being scared and running for shelter as soon as it hit. >> i immediately ran to the hallway closet and grabbed pillows and i was there like a baby pray inging hoping the house wouldn't go like the wizard of oz. that is how i was hoping. caitlin: you can laugh at that a little bit because in one was hurt but it was not funny
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didn't know. as you can see, that cover well landed on her home. thankfully it was her car and she was not in it. it could have been much worse. residents were without power here for a time but it was restored at 9:00. so, as we said earlier the focus today will be on clean-up and this home has a lot of work to do. live in durham, caitlin knute, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: right now about 45,000 duke energy customers are kealing dealing with power outages. 900 in durham, wake that is now 400 and orange county about 550 in the dark. most of the power problems are in the triad. duke energy reports 9,000 in forsythe county. john: most of the power is on in fayetteville. the same couldn't be said yesterday. p.w.c. said about 1,000 lost
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roof blew on to an electrical substation. power was restored by 6:00. barbara: virginia state police are confirming the death of a man missing since a funnel cloud destroyed his home in appomattox countyinside. i didn't see nothing the way that trailer is again. barbara: about an hour northeast of richmond 25 were trapped. rescues played out with many recovering in the hospital. schools in essex county, virginia, are closed. >> a dramatic dive giving passengers a white knuckle ride. the problems that force a flight to land.
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with the spreading zika virus. don: good morning to you. we have temperatures across the
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for $89.99 a month. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card. call now. don: this morning you may see clouds drifting through and blue skies. it will be partly sunny. i haven't picked out how to make the trees go back and forth but it hrwill be tproeuz -- breezy. 41 roxboro and hillsborough. 43 south hill. 42 siler city and cary. 34 sanford, 43 pinehurst. 44 lillington and 45 fayetteville and clinton. looking at the day ahead windy and 43 now. by lunchtime temperatures up to 53 and partly sunny skies.
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and mostly sunny skies. cooler temps today and tomorrow. we will talk about that in the seven-day forecast in a couple of minutes. john: the same storm system that hit us leaving a path of damage up and down the east contest. this is florida where at least three tornadoes ripped through the de soto and charlotte counties yesterday knocking down power lines and tearing down trees. that is after severe weather moved through pensacola and the florida panhandle tuesday. no major injuries or deaths reported there. barbara: further up the coast strong storms moved through pennsylvania causing multiple building collapses, tearing roofs off homes and towning trees and power lines. lancaster county reported most of the damage. no tornado has been confirmed. no injuries were report the but you can see residents will have plenty to clean up today. john: different weather issue in the midwest. snow causing massive flight
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airports and closing schools in several winds off lake michigan could bury areas in up to 18 inches. barbara: a united investigate flight diverted after losing cabin pressure going from washington dulles it san antonio when it had to make an emergency descent. it landed safely. the f.a.a. is investigating. john: fire damages a house in fayetteville. emergency crews responding to the 100 block of quincy street off ramsey just after 10:00 last night. investigators believe it started it in kitchen. they were able to stop flames and limit damage to the house. no one was home at the time of fire. barbara: it is 46 degrees and 5:43. former presidential candidate mitt romney taking a jab at donald trump. how the current republican front-runner front-runner responds. john: tack in a durham parking
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how the victim is doing barbara: welcome back. 5:46 and 46 degrees. a tornado touches down in granville county. experts from the national weather service will go to oxford to take a closer look at the damage where it ripped through and determine the strength. "big weather" is looking into reported tornado touchdowns in fayetteville as well. we will have that coming up in his full forecast in a few minutes. in virginia four deaths reported in the wake of severe weather. a phapbman is found dead and 2-year-old also killed. the storm system knocked out
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customers in the region. tim cook of apple said it would be bad for america if they were to comply with the demand it unlock an encrypted iphone. he says he is prepared it take it to the supreme court and he will try to make the case to the rez. two vote 2016 and donald trump hitting back at mitt romney. the 2012 republican nominee suggesting a bombshell is in the tax return donald trump has refused to trump's rivals will get within more chance it challenge him on the debate stage before the super tuesday contest. ted cruz is in after three consecutive third place finishes. marco rubio is looking to avoid the repeat of the disappointing debate performance in new hampshire. barbara: president obama
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supreme court justice nominee saying it is considering nevada's republican governor brian sandoval. would be seen as an attempt to please the republican led senate. sandoval is a former federal judge who supports abortion rights. cause for concern in florida. three pregnant women have tested positive for zika. all cases are believed to be travel related. it is rapidly spreading in latino,america and scientists are studying the possible connection to babies born with unusually small heads. a total of 32 cases of zika have been reported in that. . >> a vigil for a shiver corporal shot and killed in colorado. condition.
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barbara: a man is in custody after a botched bank robbery in apex. he tried to rob this bank during the storms yesterday and no one was hurt. john: a 15-year-old is kaoultszed of attacking a man in a parking garage. the man was found in a pool of blood yesterday morning in a fourth level in the corcoran street parking deck. the city owns the garage and says police do regular patrols there. the victim is expected to survive. barbara: a dinner out leaves a woman in washington state a little richer. john: she was eating clams and bit into something hard in the entree. it was purple pearl. worth about $600. she says she may have it made into a necklace. i didn't know pearls come in purple. barbara: i didn't either. prince would like that. don: she sell it for $600 and pay for the tooth damage. barbara: the restaurant may have
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don: busy day with the tornadoes up north apbdnd "fayetteville observer" reporting tornadoes in moore county, cumberland county and sampson county. then we had a report in wayne cut. i'm waiting to hear back to see if they send teams to those areas. we will keep you updated. this is a graphic we do throughout the week for rain chances. barbara: let's see the sun chances. don: that would be like 100, 90, 100. we will talk about that. live look into downtown raleigh. 43 right now, dew point 32, 65% humidity. west wind nine miles an hour. looking into downtown fayetteville. temperature right now 45, 59% humidity. west wind nine miles an hour.
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41 roxboro, 45 in roanoke rapids. 45 wilson. 45 smithfield, fayetteville. clinton. 44 goldsboro and 43 southern pines. we are drying out. that is good. we will continue to see that dry weather. we will show what you is going on as far as the region. the system that brought us the storms pulling northeast out of here. as it moves out we will see the dry conditions moving in. also we see a lot of snow in the great lakes. if you are flying today heading into o'hare or midway or cincinnati call ahead. you may run into some nasty weather there. you may run into flight delays. surface map shows the low pulling out. we are between that and a high pressure some so these are lanes of equal pressure, air pressure, how much pressure is pushing down on us. when we see them packed close together that means a windy day.
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effect until 2:00 this afternoon. they spread apart, not as packed through tonight into tomorrow. that means the wind has died down. the high west of i was will work over us the next several dis. high are blue because high pressure usually means blue scientist. skies. today the skies will clear and terms in raleigh running in the 40 agencies 40's by 9:00. by lunchtime 53. mostly sunny and cooler. 50's. we will see the temperatures in the mid 50's from cary to siler city. 54 chapel hill. 55 durham. 56 smithfield. 58 fayetteville today and 57 pinehurst and 57 goldsboro. you will go to 503 south hill, 54 roanoke rapids and 55 louisburg. tonight temperatures back into the 30's for overnight lows. 33 raleigh. 35 fayetteville and 33 durham. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing
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the 40's. 49 degrees and mostly sunny sun of. saturday 51 and sunday 60 and sunny. 63 monday and 64 tuesday. wednesday 67. next chance of rain. not until midweek. why warmer springtime temperatures heading into march. john: beat that, amber. amber: yesterday we were at the gym and the entire gym had to go to the locker rooms for over an hour. my kids are excited. don: our crew in the downtown studio yesterday had to go hide. amber: i saw on twitter the legislative building they had to go down into the basement. a lot of people -- this was an interesting day. we made it through and we are on to thursday and what a defend scene with the weather -- what a different scene, sun coming back
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so happy about that. our road weather index not showing any colors at the top. we are happy to bring that to you on thursday. no rain or fog to deal with but we have a couple of issues. an accident into raleigh at lynn an area partially blocked due to downed power lanes year kildare and ten ten road. so if you are heading out of holly springs keep that in mind. durham freeway at alston avenue nice start to the day. it is nice and quiet. no problems. no delays. light volume. a lot of green on the live returns through the city of medicine. i-40 and rock quarry same. we are drying out and looking very nice. 40 eastbound five minutes 64 to 70. belt align good four minutes capital to 70 and into durham on the freeway no delays, eight
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barbara: 5:54 and 46 agrees. mcdonald's going for a lighter fare. john: the new breakfast items on the menu and where they are being sold. barbara: last but not least the lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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john: it is 5:57 and 46 degrees. barbara: mcdonald is testing new low-calorie break as it items starting this week people in los angeles and san diego will be able to buy two different low carb break as it bowls one with egg white, toerbg sausage, spinach and kale and others
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they will begin using lower calorie yogurt in the par fayces. john: a musical night at the white house with a tribute to ray charles. president obama hosting the event celebrating the iconic music man from g. it was the 16th and final tribute program it take place at the white house during the obama administration. it presented by the smithsonian featured premiseses by usher, leon bridges and a list of others. barbara: 5:58 and 46 degrees. still to come we are on damage patrol. >> we are giving you a fresh look at granville and durham counties where strong storms came through. how the weekend will factor into -- wind will factor in. barbara: at 6:00 see what it is
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we will show you >> i opened the front door and saw the house in front of us i could not believe it. i started shaking and thanking god i'm safe. john: survival stories emerging from the severe weather outbreak. with the powerful storms gone we can see what kind of mess we are dealing with. barbara: caitlin knute and gloria rodriguez and rest of the "eyewitness news" team in the heart of the storm zone. john: good morning, carolina, welcome on thursday february 25, 6:00 and 46 degrees. i'm john clark.


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