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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 AM  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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john: breaking news deadly rampage in kansas. what we are debate before surgeon tuesday. the verbal jabs. caitlin: breaking news about a plane crash. how many victims there are and why getting to them will be a challenge. john: good morning, carolina. it is 5:00, 35 degrees, i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. thank you for joining us. we will have more but first meteorologist meteorologist don schwenneker in the storm storm. it is cooler this morning. don: we are seeing temperatures
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the next couple of hours. tomorrow morning will be colder. we will talk about that in a moment. looking at the day, we will see a nice climb from the low 30's to the 40's. we will be 41 by 10:00 and into the upper 40's. current numbers from across the region, in the 30's. 33 roxboro, 33 chapel hill. 34 sanford. 36 smithwood and 38 in fayetteville. looking at the day ahead mainly 30's. lunchtime 44 mostly sunny. through the late day we get near 50. we will talk more about the warm-up and sunshine for the weekend. seven-day forecast is next. >> never in a million years you would imagine it would happen. people you work with every day just in a panic. john: employees of a kansas company in shock after a
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three are dead plus the gunman killed by police. everyone were employees at excel industries that makes lawn mower products in wichita. 14 others were hurt in a series of shootings that started before the rampage at the factory. the all clear is not given yet. a home where the suspect's roommate may be inside is surrounded. it is unclear what his role may be. we will have updates on the abc11 mobile app. caitlin: i have that breaking news about another plane crash in nepal. this one was in a mountainous area in the western part of that country. the small plane was carrying 11 people on board at the time. government officials say at least one has died and that could go up. it appears it was having technical problems and tried to
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a mountain kuwait the rest citizens of nepal including two children. area. the hike getting there takes four hours. we will keep you post on -- post the on developments. barbara: we are learning the power of the tornado that tore through virginia. it carved a path with winds up to 165 miles an hour. the ef-3 was 400 yards wide and on the ground 13 miles. more than 100 homes were damaged or destroyed. the same storm spawned tornados in waverly, virginia that killed three. john: governor mccrory issuing a state of emergency following the storms that tore through our area yesterday. that storm system spawned several tornadoes including one with a lot of damage in granville county. gloria rodriguez is in oxford
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long one and just beginning. gloria: the focus is on the clean-up that could take months because look at the damage hear. you can see that home the siding has been blown off. we had chopper 11 h.d. footage of the wreckage. at least a dozen homes here are damaged after wednesday's twister touched down in granville county. some homes here on huntsboro road completely destroyed. a dairy farm and cattle farm hit. governor mccrory has declared a state of emergency. the national weather service now saying the tornado was an ef-2. the storm had maximum winds of 125 miles an hour. its path covered five miles and was 150 yards wide. three persons died but -- these two people are counting their
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rick went out to get dog food. >> we both stopped and looked at what could have been. if he had been home he would not have lived through t. he would not have known to go get in the bathroom or -- he would never have known there was a tornado coming. he wouldn't be alive. knowing that, i can't cry over this stuff. there is no point. gloria: today residents will be cleaning up. it is a very tightknit community. they say they will be helping each other. we saw many coming by yesterday to see what they can do to help. one resident told us that is what neighbors are for. live in granville county, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. >> gloria, thank you. barbara: the five republican presidential candidates have wrapped up their final debate before super tuesday and it was
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donald trump was the we head in super tuesday. john: 5:07 and north carolina school will stay closed today. barbara: coming up, the illnes springlike storms winter returns to parts of the state and colder start. don: we don't have to worry
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colder temperatures heading don: welcome back. let's talk about the rash of tornadoes we had. there were three in north carolina. one in mecklinburg, the granville vance was ef-2. there was one in durham ef-1 that lasted for about a 10th of a mile. and we had one in southeast wayne county ef-0 with 75-mile-an-hour winds. the one in mecklinburg was ef-1. the damage in robinson, cumberland county was checked. that showed up to be straight line wind damage.
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seeing for the bus stop forecast. temperatures will be chilly. 34 degrees at 6:00. by 8:00 mid 30's. we have a nice warm-up by sunday. we will talk about that in the complete forecast in a couple of minutes. john: a charlotte school closed to clean up from a nasty norovirus. 63 students were absent and seven went home yesterday with symptoms of the stomach bug. that is 70 out of a population of 250. the county's health director says the outbreak is a specific concern because the metro school serves students with developmental disabilities and others with other health issues. it likely spread after a sick student came to school. >> probably one of the students had it and once you get the virus into an institution it is notorious for spreading. john: workers are not only scrubbing down the classrooms
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barbara: time for the must-see videos and we start in the mountains where went weather advisories are in effect because of snow. a couple of inches fell in madison county. you see the wind blowing. there was a light coating as the roads were hit yesterday. d.o. they person one by hanging 10 on four waves. to this baby sea lion that couldn't handle the big waves on the san diego coastline. employees rescued it thursday morning.
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he became quite a sight for tourists while hanging out. john: meredith college continues its 125th birthday celebration. at 10:00 this morning the school will reveal this year's meredith college woman of achievement award. the forgaveund-raising campaign begins where anyone can donate. more than $52 million has been raised. barbara: a development in cary getting the green light. john: that is the purpose of a vote last night and why the fight is far from over. barbara: shocking refuse legislation from sea world. how it has been keeping tabs on
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john: good news for s john: authorities are trying to determine the motive behind a workplace shooting in kansas. the gunman killed three at a lawn mower parts plant where he worked before he was shot by police. 14 others wounded. donald trump takes the brunt of the attacks in the g.o.p. debate in houston. the republican front-runner was a frequent target of attacks from ted cruz and marco rubio. hours before a court deadline to hack an iphone apple has filed a motion asking the government to drop the demands. other technology companies microsoft, gag, twitter, facebook, yahoo are siding with apple. barbara: plans to stop a develop are from developing a grocery store in cary hit a snag. the council gave the green light for the development on the northwest corner of green level church and carpenter fire station road. some residents have been fighting the project. officials say the vote was only
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commercial use and any specific development will have to be approved at a alert date. north carolina's house speaker gaining support for a legislative session to discuss a vote in charlotte. the council there a ordinance some republican leaders including governor mccrory are unhappy with the part that allows transgender people to choose a bathroom because fof identity. they will need at least 72 of the members to support the session. john: charges against the driver who injured four on bicycles over the weekend in johnston county. the highway patrol says donny williams approached them from behind and hit them throwing the riders off the bikes. some much them are still in the hospital. barbara: surgeons in cleveland
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transplant on a 26-year-old woman using a uterus from a deceased donor. it gives women a chance at pregnancy. other countries have done that with five healthy babies so far. john: a promise from sea world's chief executive to stop spying on animal rights activists. he admitted that sea world employees posed as animal rights activists to spy on peta. he says it was to ensure the safety of sea world employees after threats. barbara: we have a happy follow-up to a story. a south carolina puppy shot with a bee bee gun multiple times has a new whom. this puppy was shot 18 times earlier this week. calls from people wanting to adopt it came from around the world. it was given to a 10-year-old girl who lost her therapy dog.
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big reunion in which it was seized in an animal cruelty investigation. a deputy saw more than a dozen dogs. marty and the deputy will meet again and he will be the newest member of her family. the husky club nursed it back to health and it is making the 12-hour trip to durham for the reunion. barbara: i love it. don: that is awesome. barbara: people who would shoot a people 18 times what is wrong with you? john: that is sick. barbara: i'm glad that puppy found home. don: don: it is cold. we have dry weather coming in. the next six days chance of precipitation zero. real chance not for rain until next wednesday. we will talk more about that in a moment. a look into downtown raleigh and temperature right now is 34, dew
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that is 70% humidity. west weekend three miles an hour. looking into joined fayetteville. temperature right now in fayetteville, cumberland county, 38. we have west wind at eight. numbers from across the region, 33 roxboro. 36 roanoke rapids, 34 sanford, 36 smithfield. 37 goldsboro and 38 fayetteville. clear skies across the region. we've got lots of clear air in the carolinas. lots of snow and that is mainly staying north in the mountains of west virginia and up into pennsylvania and upstate new york. sunny weekend ahead. first alert protector forecast model by lunch 43 and we will be in the upper 40's today. if you have plans tonight. 38 degrees and it will be cold. you will need the jacket if you are heading out the tomorrow lunchtime 47. but by sunday watch the temperature there. 4:00 in the afternoon a very
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low pulling out and snow will shut off today. high pressure building in from the south will keep us clear and dry. it will be a little warmer saturday and eventually that high slides east and that will pull the warm air up and we will have warmer temperatures sunday. the rest of today in raleigh expect temperatures running in the upper 30's by 9:00. 40's, blue skies and mostly sunny, breezy, 482:00 and 47 at 5:00. from across the region, 48 today in chapel hill. 50 holly springs. 50 wendell. 49 up north. 50 sanford, 52 fayetteville. 53 clinton. 44 in south hill. 46 henderson today. 51 tarboro. tonight the temperatures back into the 20's. 27 raleigh. 29 fayetteville. 30 lumberton. first alert seven-day forecast
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temperatures start off in the 20's and will end in the 50's. we will end the month of february in the 60's sunday and we stay in the 60's starting march. monday 65, tuesday 66. could see showers wednesday night into thursday. john: february is going out like a lamb. a lamb. but that might mean it goes out like a lion. barbara: 5:22 and 35 degrees the popular retail are falling on tough times. john: the drastic steps kohles kohl's is taking. barbara: no doubt grayson allen
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give extra. get extra. john: good morning on friday, 5:25 and 34 degrees. barbara: another dominant game for grayson allen with 18 points in a 80-65 rout over florida state. but a play he appears to intentionally trip a florida state player in the final seconds. he was not called for a foul. it is the second time that he has been accused of tripping an opponent. john: charlotte native steph continues. he scored 51 points last tphaoeutnight
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beater and set the record for most consecutive games with three-pointers. he and the warriors are on pace to break the chicago bulls' league record of 72 wins in a season. amazing. barbara: it is. retail favorite closing doors across the country. john: ar we have the financial news. >> topping america's money more trouble for major retailer. kohl's the latest to announce closures of 18 stores that sales are down 20%. they will be revealed next month. employees will be offered work in other stores. volkswagen faces a march 24 deadline to say whether it has found an emissions fix. that is acceptable to u.s. regulators. a judge said time was running out for the auto maker to resolve emissions scandal effecting 600,000 diesel
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arby's is going vegetablerianvegetarian. it will offer the first vegetable taken menu next monday. >> the usual menu is available as well so rest assured. that is america's money. barbara: i like it. john: 5:27. man attacked in a durham parking garage. >> the next thing i remember is a co-worker was with me holding a wonder on my head.
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barbara: horror in hesston, a
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three lives and 14 others wounded. why the shooter's neighbors and co-workers say they never saw it coming. >> boom, bam boom. john: making sense of the crime two weeks after a great grandmother lost her leg in a drive-by shooting no answers. we hear from her this morning. barbara: it is a chilly morning as temperatures flirt with freezing but meteorologist don schwenneker tracking a warm-up you will like. good morning, carolina, welcome on friday february 26, 34 degrees at 5:30. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. thank you for tuning in. let's check in with meteorologist don schwenneker with weather and traffic together. don: today will be the coolest of the next seven and tonight the coldest night of the next seven but then we have a warm-up and the end of the weekend is great. the next 12 hours temperatures


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