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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 430 AM  ABC  February 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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news, crash shuts down a raleigh road. good morning, carolina, welcome on monday february 29, leap day. 4:30 and 50 degrees. i'm barbara gibbs john: i'm john clark. all the overnight developments but here is meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. don: good morning. we start monday with dry conditions and gorgeous day shaping up. let's show what you is going on as far as the day ahead. we see the temperatures jump quickly. 40's this morning but by the lunch 60's and around 70's. current numbers 51 roxboro, 51 chapel hill, 52 sanford, 48 southern pines, 50 fayettelle and smithfield. 49 goldsboro and 48 clinton. 50 now, mainly clear. lunchtime mostly sunny. gorgeous day. we don't have to worry about rain until midweek.
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complete forecast in a couple of minutes. john: we begin with breaking news. an overnight crash in raleigh. on north new hope road at daily road where gloria rodriguez joins with the latest. good morning, gloria:gloria. gloria: we are in breaking news one and this is a section that was closed this morning. this whole stretch north new hope between marsh creek road and east hampton in both directions. the accident was reported at about 2:00 this morning and we have video of that. an s.u.v. hit a utility pole bringing the lines down. the raleigh police department said the vehicle went off the road down a small embankment, hit a wooden fence and went into somebody's yard. the male driver was taken to the hospital to be checked but no injuries were reported.
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investigation at this time. back live you can see the road is open. they just reopened it recently. it was closed for a couple of hours this morning. so, the commander says it should be going smoothly for the rush hour and shouldn't affect the morning commute. back to you. barbara: tank thank. one was taken to the hospital after a fair. one suffered smoke inhalation. the cause is called accidental. john: an american college student is being detained in north korea is apologizing for trying to steal a political banner.
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i made the worst mistake of my life. john: he is in tears as he affidavit his apology. north korean officials say the university of virginia undergrad asked to make the public apology but it is unclear if he was acting on his own accord or was forced to do so. this is the first time the world has seen him since his arrest in january. barbara: another homecoming scheduled today at fort bragg more than 160 paratroopers are expected to return home after a nine month deployment in support of operation inherent resolve. we plan to be through to bring the reunion. wake county public school system is having a forum to talk about statistics on academic achievement, drop out and suspensions. specifically the forum will focus on how to eliminate gaps between students at southeast raleigh high school.
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still going on in hollywood. oscars wrapped up after midnight.
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lack of diversity but it became graved. here is amber with what people are saying. amber: if you would like to tweet anything out or put anything out on social media hash tag oscars. in that story leonardo dicaprio was a big winner last night and so many congratulation ss hash tag oscars no one deserves it more and that was his first. and he said none of it was possible without his parents and he brought his mom as his date. more on him. from the beautiful destination where people were watching the oscars that is always exciting to see. a lot of folks tweeting their pictures with the oscars and lady gaga a lot of talk about her performance.
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president joe biden and sapg a song -- sang a song dealing with domestic violence and it is called until it happens to you. and of course brie larson who won best actress for the movie room and she was blown away by that. we would love to see what you have to say about the oscars. all the fashion and there's lots of fashion. #oscars going this morning. john: 4:37 and race for the white house continues to ramp up. barbara: the latest candidate to open appear office here. john: what the front runners are doing ahead of super tuesday. don: good morning to you. as you head out the door we have got dry conditions on the first alert doppler network and we
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we will talk about that and don: welcome back. let's talk about the drive in this morning. it should be easy for you weatherwise. temperatures running -- that should be 56. by 10:0058. current numbers this morning, 48 south hill. 51 roxboro, 50 hillsborough. 49 louisburg. 48 raleigh, 49 in cary. 49 in sanford. 47 in lillington and 50 in fayetteville. looking at the day ahead. lunchtime 65, mostly sunny. going home this afternoon 6. just gorgeous day shying up. we will see rain in the accept-day forecast. we will tell you when that arrives in the complete forecast in a bit. >> as long as we are able to talk to the voters of north
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barbara: bernie sanders's campaign is trying to regain momentum after a crushing defeat in the south carolina primary. it opened the first election office in the triangle. it is on north church street. campaign offices are popping up. clinton has one in raleigh and saturday within opened for donald trump in fayetteville. john: it is the countdown to
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grabs competitors. barbara: a virginia police officer is killed on her first day on the job. how she's being remembered this morning and what is next for the suspected gunman. barbara: a pastor shot inside his own church.
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john: more on the oscars. barbara: welcome back. 4:46 and 50 degrees. an overnight crash in raleigh is under investigation. that is one story making headlines. north new hope road was closed several hours at daly after a
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the car then went through a fence and into someone's yard. no word if the driver faces charges. two suspects arrested in a shooting on capital boulevard friday are due in court. two much wounded in a robbery. they are both charmed with robbery -- charged with robbery. one victim was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. wig night at the oscars. leonardo dicaprio got his statue after multiple nominations. in an upset spot loot won best -- spot lot won best picture. john: an army staff sergeant was arrested for the murder of a virginia police officer. ronald hamilton is accused of shooting ashley guindon and another person as they answered a call at his home saturday. last night hundreds of mourners remembered officer guindon.
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day on the job. a community in kansas remembers the victims of last week's shooting rampage at a lawn equipment factory. hundreds packed a gym in hesston. four died including the gunman. more than a dozen others were hurt. police say the shooter was upset by a restraining order from a former girlfriend he received that day. barbara: the suspect in a shooting of a pastor is expected in court. william schooler was gunned down in his own church sunday. the suspect is his younger brother. daniel schooler was arrested faces murder charges. officials say the younger schooler has a history of violence. police say favor ku klux klan members were arrested in anaheim were released because it shows they acteded in self-defense.
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arrived a the a park for an anti anti-immigration rally was started by a larger group of counter profiters. police say they had the right to defend themselves. john: a missing nash county more than and twin girls are safe. the sheriff office says heather lanfair and twin girls are doing fine. they disappeared 3:00 saturday afternoon. deputies believe they were heading to wal-mart in wilson. barbara: erin andrews is expected to take the trial today. she and 50 other names are on the witness list for the defense. more than 40 had not testified for the first four days of the trial. she's suing nashville marriott and othersor $75 million. she says their negligence let her stalker find her and film her through a peep hole when
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it appears peyton manning is getting closer to deciding whether to retire. the broncos quarterback has reportedly been mulling it since getting his secretary super bowl title -- second title this month the if he plans to play he must undergo a team physical by friday. >> why this oscar? it is the 88th academy awards. the 88th. which means this whole no black nominee thing has happened at least 71 other times. john: a lot more to the oscars than the winners. barbara: chris rock getting positive reviews for how he dealt with the lack of diversity. the moment getting the most buzz lady gaga's emotional performance.
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nominated song see co-wrote "till it happens to you" and that got a standing ovation and many were moved to tears and vice president biden introduced her performance. john: much more on the oscars includes hits and misses on the red carpet. anchor: we had a gorgeous day yesterday. so much sunshine, low humidity. everybody was out. today it will be like yesterday. maybe more win. we are heading toward cooler temps temps. today we warm up and continues into wednesday. by thursday into friday we could see highs back into the 40's. we will talk about that in a moment. we will show you what is going on now with a live look into joined raleigh. temperature right now running at 50, dew point 33. that is 62% humidity. southwest wind 12 miles an hour.
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right now is 51, 4% humidity and southwest weekend at nine. from across the region 51 roxboro, 48 roanoke rapids, 46 louisburg, 51 chapel hill. 52 sanford and 48 smimifield and 50 fayetteville. clear skies and nothing in the way of even cloud cover. we have a weak frontal boundary that will drop through later and could kick a few clouds our way. all the rain will be north of us and it is rain, not snow. there is rain up into upstate new york. we have rain here the midweek. today dry, lunchtime 64. by 6:00 tonight gorgeous evening evening. as we go through tuesday into tuesday afternoon 65 and we will see showers tomorrow into wednesday morning and when that presses out of here we dry out by late day on wednesday. surface map shows the weak front today will kick a few clouds our
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sunshine and mild terms. next 24 hours the low approaches and we are in the warm sector before it works through wednesday bringing us rain. today nothing but sunshine. temperatures in the 50's. lunchtime 65 degrees and mostly sunny. through the evening temperatures chiming into the 60's. 68 at 2:00, 67 by 5:00. mostly sunny. lots of sunshine and 67 chapel hill today. 68 wendell, 70 smithfield. 68 siler city. 70 pine hurricanes 71 fayetteville. 69 lillington, 71 clinton. 63 south hill and 67 roanoke rapids and 70 tarboro and 64 roxboro. tonight the temperatures back into the 40's. 43 raleigh, 45 fayetteville and 42 durham. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow back into
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nice day though more cloud cover. some showers tomorrow evening into wednesday morning. late day wednesday we clear and 60. thursday cooler, typical 53 degrees. fly a little colder, 49 with rain chances. and the weekend looks dry and cooler with temperatures in the 50's. today and tomorrow the warmest of the next seven. john: looking good. 4:53 and imagine a nightclub where you can talk to the people you are with. barbara: music is still there when want it. we will show you how did you know there's a cough liquid that lasts for twelve hours? try delsym twelve hour cough liquid.
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while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours.
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did you know there's a cough liquid that lasts for twelve hours? try delsym twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced formula releases powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours. try delsym . t barbara: welcome back. 50 degrees and how about this.
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rethinking the usual nightclub atmosphere. barbara: instead of ear popping music the sound of silence fills the dance nor. we see how it works and why partygoers are latching on. reporter: normally when you go to a club you expect this. pulsating music. but a new party is growing in popularity and it has you hearing this. this is a silent party. our sister station got exclusive access in philadelphia in a recent event. >> it was fun. reporter: when you attend the silent party you get a pair of head phones at the door. each has three channels that are color coded and each represents a different type of music. green plays top 40. red plays 1980's, 1990's and 2000 and blue is hip-hop. the expanded play list is what
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>> if you come out with a diverse group of friend much can hear what they want. reporter: as far as socializeing simply remove the head phones. >> when you take them off there is no pounding music. you can hear someone. reporter: partygoers say it is easy to get immersed in the music and sometimes they forget they are singing out loud. >> you are singing at the top of your lungs. >> i was singing and i don't care. john: got to be a little strange if you are not warring head phones. it is kind of neat. barbara: coming up a favorite crash in fayetteville, where the
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john: more (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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john: three linked to a shooting in raleigh expected in court today. why one alleged victim is charged. barbara: a look at the big winners of that statue and winners on the red carpet. good morning, carolina. welcome on monday february 29. leap day. it is 5:00 and 50 degrees. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. we will have more on the big stores but first meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. good morning. don: good morning to you. as you head out we have temperatures that will jump quickly. we are above average for this


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