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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 4PM  ABC  March 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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do>> abc 11 eyewitness news starts right now. joel: anger, confusion and called for calm in the wake of the fatal police shooting. anna: new reaction to the death of the mash-up by a police officer yesterday. jon camp is following the story since it broke. he kicks off team coverage live from the scene with the latest on the investigation. >> the fbi confirmed the
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was dinkins. nomarnot much more in an official context. that is fueling skepticism about the investigation. the police have promised the transparent promise. the police chief said she put out an initial report by the end of the week. even that delay has some talking about a cover-up already. city leaders trying to calm nerves to urge patience during the investigation. the mayor did the talking. she did not take questions. >> we understand the desire to understand information to make sense of the event. we are committed to ensuring information is shared as it becomes available. please join us in our call for
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reporter: the mayor saying more information will be shared as it becomes available. so far nothing new short of the confirmation on who was shot. folks looking for more tonight. you might think police would already know the answer. joel: you saw the street side memorial behind john. it's a growing this afternoon. close to where dinkins was shot and killed, residents and activists rallying around his mother. a community meeting took place a few hours ago. you were there. what was said? reporter: this is the second
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dinkins mother was emotional. pastors made it clear they want a transparent investigation. darnell dickson is the head pastor of by the way temple. he has reached out to raleigh's police chief to get the personal file on officer twitty. >> i met in my office with the mother and her daughter. she said to me it doesn't matter which way this points or who it points to. i just want the truth.
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my son and why. anchor: we also learned the family's attorney will be meeting here thursday at 3:00 to discuss next steps. anchor: thank you for that. there is more coverage online. you can watch the news conference from this afternoon and video from the vigil held last night at the scene. you will find reaction to the shooting from other local leaders on the homepage. anna: a high-speed police chase. the scene of capitol boulevard, that is where andrea blanford is live with the details. reporter: the entrance to this food lion is where state trooper
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take a look. you can see the orange spray paint. chopper 11 hd was over the scene. 20 patrol cars were surrounding the suspect a trooper spotted white driving down i-85 going 82 miles per hour. he pulled him over and had a brief conversation. eventually pulling into the shopping center in wake forest. the grocery store manager says customers were outside but they
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we talked with one eyewitness at the time. >> he was coming towards me. he must have been going a hundred miles per hour. when he saw me he swerved and straightened back up. i thought he was going to be killed. >> no one was hurt during the chase or when it ended. the highway patrol has not filed charges yet but the driver was going down the road with a suspended license. andrea blanford abc 11. anna: he could have killed someone. forcefully that did not happen. when then flames don't mixed. we saw that today in cumberland county.
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firefighters worked to keep the flames from spreading. at one point the fire threatened and started jumping over the roads. 40 acres burned and several structures were damaged. they are currently battling the brushfires. let's bring in chris hohmann. how is the wind out there now? >> downtown is breezy with buildings acting as a final. not as windy as it was a few days ago but it is very dry. several days of rain. this time of year, before things green, on a dry windy day we can have problems with brush fire. when will continue this evening. check it out here.
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we will start to see showers rolling in from the west. they should drop a 10th to a quarter inch of rain. that should help out because if it doesn't tomorrow is going to be a windy dry day. we talk about that and another shot of rain later this week coming up in a few minutes. anna: wendy dry and cooler. got it. a student walkout across the state to protest margaret spelling. today was her first day on the job. students wanted to make her feel quite unwelcome. >> after the start of the protests it was over. by then they had unleashed a torrent of criticism. they accused her of homophobia
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who have amassed debt tried to get education. in the crowd, faculty members and students. some did not agree with the position of those on the steps of the wilson library. quite she hasn't really been in a position quite like this. we don't know how she is going to act. i think she is going to be here whether we like it or not we need to give her a fair chance. >> i don't know if it is going to change anything. i hope it does and that she listens to the feedback of the university. reporter: there was similar protest today in wilmington and greensboro. anna: firstly on the job and already protesting. things got shaky in part of the state.
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joel: apple encryption. we have the latest on where the battle stands today. first, let's go back outside. the wind is not too bad 72 degrees. get outside and enjoy it.
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officers are gathering to member the police officers shot and killed on her first day on the job. backpacks -- bagpipes played. she was ll for the other officers are expected to survive. a suspect is in jail facing capital murder charges anna:. the family of antonin scalia a held a memorial in his honor in washington. he died february 15 in texas.
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her great friendship with him. joel: three hours into the first close on the super tuesday, it's the biggest day in the primary season. multiple states casting ballots. the contenders are making stops across the country. >> there is a reason why it is called super tuesday. if the biggest voting day of the year. voters in 12 states and u.s. territories are at the polls today with 1600 and 10 delegates at stake. >> i believe it's important we stay unified and i don't like the negativity. >> all-time is a bully. marco rubio is a fighter. rubio making stops today in minnesota and his home state of
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ted cruz trying to win support on his home turf. >> today is the day for the great state of texas to express its voice. >> hillary clinton could easily beat trump if against each other but loses to review and crews. >> they are not going to get the nomination. the one person in a hillary clinton doesn't want is me. i have that knowledge. >> bernie sanders also making the scene. >> bernie sanders, i have one vote. i can count on my wife. >> donald trump and hillary clinton could win big at the end of the primary today especially in virginia. stephanie rommel's, alexandria virginia. anchor: the last release of e-mails from hillary clinton's
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the state department examined 55,000 pages of e-mails and says 2100 messages contained information that is now classified. >> a small earthquake rattles western north carolina. at magnitude 2.5 quake was felt around 9:30 last night. there were no reports of damage. small quakes hit the carolinas every year. two larger ones hit. we don't need to worry too much about the mountains with a higher chance of a tremor than we do. anna: thank you. good. outside we wish you could stay
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chris: it's going to get cooler. it is not long before we are locked into warmer temperatures. a little bit of a setback. a gorgeous day to be out and about. kids enjoying all of the fun things to enjoy with the sunshine, temperatures into the 70's. you're going to need a jacket tomorrow. temperatures through the evening hours are going to be mild. we drop into the 60's through nine or 10:00. showers come our way but temperatures stay fairly mild. 72 at our first alert weather station. gusts up to 20, 25 through the course of the day. 68 roanoke rapids. right now, 72 chapel hill. fayetteville, 74 degrees.
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chicago, 24. the air mass is coming our way and you will feel it with a gusty wind as well. temperatures kicked up into the 70's. the closest rain, showers, i slated thunderstorms moving across middle and east tennessee. risk of severe weather, notice this will be over us by midnight . we are not in a marginal risk. maybe a clap of thunder. this should be weakening. mainly some showers later on tonight. we are looking at the snow falling. 10 inches could fall across michigan. here is our first alert predictor. at least 11:00, midnight to 2:00 a.m..
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a line of showers here. maybe a clap of thunder. it moves out quickly. anyone spotted, it rains for a couple of hours. moving along east of 95. by sunrise it's pretty much over. of us are sleeping. overnight lows, near 50. low 40's around roxboro. then we're back to mostly sunny skies. look at the temperatures. low and mid 50's for highs. a breezy cooler day tomorrow. there is your seven-day. 30 tomorrow night. another shot of rain thursday evening. temperatures stay chilly.
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anna: that 20 degree drop, we are going to feel it. joel: turning around for a second time. see what force the anthem of the first, elaina athans. >> the new plans for medicaid. you may your buddy ron once said he could install your ceiling fan. he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't.
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t >> find us on facebook. like our page. get notifications for the latest eyewitness news updates. anchor: the boy accused in yesterday shooting at an ohio high school faced a judge. james hancock opened fire in the cafeteria. for students suffered injuries and they are expected to survive. they have an idea of why he did it. they are not making that public
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joel:osama bin laden has $29 million in personalsupport the islamic
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>>the ship will be back in port sometime tomorrow. can you imagine running into a storm when you're seasick? joel: still ahead, what is the secret to a prize-winning puppy? a dog reader has a answer. anna: i had a chance to see how
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>> the man shot and killed by a raleigh police officer had an extensive arrest record. what do document show about his conviction record? reporter: a man exposes himself to an 18-year-old near unc's
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joel: as police and the fbi review evidence conducting interviews and re-create the chain of events that led up to the deadly police shooting, the district attorney says it stumped her. anna: ed crump is live in the justice center for us. you spent the day looking into this man shot and killed by the raleigh police officer. what did you find? >> i found a lot of arrests.
4:29 pm
arrest record and criminal record. the arrest record was long. he was arrested 16 times on 26 charges. among the charges were assaults on females, and possession with intent to sell and distribute. many are felonies. he was convicted only nine times and all of those were misdemeanors. it was a warrant for that failure to appear the officer was attempting to serve when he shot and killed dinkins. some say it is just another level of law enforcement. >> i was put here by the people
4:30 pm
part of my job is to make sure everyone is held accountable under the law. the law should be applied equally whether you are a police officer or someone else. >> you will hear more from the da you can read more about this and more about the story at abc anna: this afternoon we have a budget update on the state medicaid program. state has officials estimate it will come in at $300 million under budget. joel: that comes down to how many people they expected to be referred to the program. elaina athans is on this for us. she joins is outside the state legislature. elaina athans: they revealed the
4:31 pm
what they're looking to do is chock chop the state into six different reasons special regions. you have to stay within your region to receive care. here's a look at the map. the state contract with local doctors and hospitals for each specific region. they need at legislative approval to turn this into a reality. the state is in the process of overhauling the medical process. the changes will take place over the next few years. one woman is up in arms. her daughter would not be able to see one of her doctors. >> her primary care physician is in mecklenburg. herne rolla just is in concord. it's hard enough to find and a rolla just that will accept medicaid. the idea that they are going to create these regions that will
4:32 pm
-- beyond scary to me. reporter: the state is planning on a series of public hearings on these proposed changes. there will be 12 in total. i'm told the first one will be here in raleigh and will likely be at the end of this month. >> march came in with mild temperatures above 59 and below 70's. a lot of sunshine to start the day. it's going to be dry this evening. temperatures will fall but stay in the 60's and then fall to 59 or 60 by midnight. 70 in cary. 70 and raleigh. 72 at rdu airport.
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after 11:00 and 12:00. low and mid 50's. it starts out cool. temperatures warm up at 9:00. anna: students have their eyes open for a man linked to two reports of indecent exposure near campus. you heard about a man driving without any pants. stephanie lopez spoke to students to get their reaction will be suspect is still in the streets. like so many students say they were shocked when they received
4:34 pm
>> this man tried to grab a students arm before she was able to get away. the victim, an 18-year-old female walking back to her dorm. police are on the search for a 30-40-year-old hispanic man with short hair. police are not calling this an attempt to kidnap because they man's intentions are unknown but for many it is frightening. home alone. >> i live down this way. even at night when i am walking home sometimes i get antsy. i always thought maybe there should be more call buttons. stuff like this, someone was almost abducted.
4:35 pm
campus. >> it is an active investigation and they are still on the lookout for the suspect. >> dress code discrimination. three students are suing a charter school. the suit says the dress code causes girls to suffer a burden boys do not. they have to wear skirts or jumper dresses while boys are allowed to wear pants or shorts. the girls have to be colder in winter and some went on to say children were distracted in the classroom because of the dress code. anna: at fort bragg, 150 parents . families crowded in with posters
4:36 pm
heroes marched in. the soldiers helped to train ground forces in their fight against islamic terrorists. you can see the relief from the worries and fears can end for now. joel: a raleigh barbecue restaurant damage after a car slammed into it is now ready to reopen. this is what old-time barbecue looks like after a car hit the building. the owners of the hillsboro street location want to thank the community for their support. this is an abc 11 together moment. the doors were closed. customer set of a gofundme page to make sure workers were paid. there will be special dishes prepared for the grand reopening
4:37 pm
old-time barbecue back at it. anna: the best way to support a business like that, patronize it. auto sales are seeing a spike. joel: and proof that you need to wait until time runs out before celebrating what you think is a win. anna: she puts on a different had literally, using this as her persona to spread a message of good health. joel: you have peaked my interest. let's take a look outside the eyewitness news center looking down fayetteville street on this terrific tuesday.
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super weather toanna: the next time you shop at kroger grab a piece of fruit for free for your little one. they started a new initiative aimed at promoting healthy eating. stocking a basket of fresh fruit like bananas, apples and all kinds of goodies. children 12 and under can take a piece of fruit every time they visit a kroger. that is a great way to encourage
4:41 pm
a raleigh doctor is using rap to send messages to patients and families. joel: she is hoping the parodies can help promote good health. >> when she's here walking the halls of the pediatric intensive care unit she's dr. poynter. >> i don't konw if you've heard of young iv. >> it started as a fun hobby. i did fun videos with the hospitals to promote morale. reporter: she tried her talents at rapping about health. >> i see it as a tool for educating families and patients.
4:42 pm
the importance of car seats. reporter: two warning against the overuse of antibiotics. [wrapsraps] reporter: while the id and persona are her own the message behind her music is not. >> the videos are in line with what the american academy of pediatrics recommends. reporter: she says it's more of a fun hobby then second career. while her kids get a kick out of the videos it did take longer to get her husband on board. >> my husband thought i was wacko with it. reporter: now he helps with videotaping and her colleagues have been supportive serving as
4:43 pm
[laughter] joel: thank you. to see a special wrap she just did for us or watch more click on the health section of abc you don't need no antibiotics. rolls off the tongue. anna: kids at one north carolina school are forced to stay home for another day. the illness is striking kids and teachers. joel: plus nasa is seeking space travel again. anna: winning dogs being trained right here in wake county.
4:44 pm
big award at the westminster dog show. first let's head outside. watch abc now. you can watch us any time on our app when the weather is nice.
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>> the only station with three newsrooms. abc 11 eyewitness news continues joel:. joel:google is admitting at least partial responsibility for a crash of one of the self driving cars. a minor collision took place in california. a city bus hit the car. the car predicted the bus would yield when it tried to avoid sandbags. no one was hurt. google has updated the software. anna: americans are scooping up new vehicles. u.s. sales figures for february numbers are up for the most
4:48 pm
nissan had sales rose 11%. gm was an exception. shares fell 2% due to a 39% drop in sales to rental car companies. joel: scott kelly is mission onboard the international space station. it allows scientists to focus on physical effects of long-term spaceflight. the hope is that will help figure out what challenges astronauts may experience on long-term trips. they are expected to touchdown around 11:30. nasa is investing in the revival
4:49 pm
the plan is intended to make flying safer and quieter. the concorde plane was high maintenance and required a lot of fuel. anna: a top dog at the westminster dog show lives here in the triangle. this is annabelle. her owner, this woman has bred 100 champion bulldogs. how do she do it? i found out how it feels when the judge points at you for best in show. >> they look for the square face that is supposed to be flat. dark eyes. wrinkles. anna: this is the face of the champion.
4:50 pm
>> they like the applause. they like it. anna: she has trotted out her bulldogs for decades and wins. she has bred 100 champion bulldogs. >> we were lucky. we bred to a nice dog in connecticut. anna: there is a standard for every breed. the judges judge to that standard. >> the judge looks in the mouth. anna: this year she took her bulldog to westminster. quite she is so special. she is nice all over. she moves beautifully. anna: annabelle has one 57 specialty bulldog shows. the judge pointed her to go to
4:51 pm
>> the way she walked and looked up, some people were yelling. she was looking around. anna: what is it like when she points at you? [laughter] anna: annabelle is not home right now. she's on the road going to other shows. she will be back in town for the north carolina dog show. coming up, details on what it is like to show a dog and what dog owners and handlers are like backstage. steve: live in the breaking news center, coming up at the top of the hour, new details about the police shooting. a 24-year-old man was shot and killed by a police officer.
4:52 pm
driver caught in the mass. and a major cool down on a windy afternoon. chris: it is breezy. still very mild. we are in the 60's and 70's. much cooler air. we tell you about chilly temperatures. joel: happy tuesday. big news from the stones. the rock band will play a free concert in havana march 25. the biggest act to play there since the 1959 revolution. the concert is expected to draw a massive audience in a country where the government wants persecuted young people for listening to rock music.
4:53 pm
team finds out the hard way there is something to celebrating a win too early. a player for the broncos threw the ball into the air to run down the clock. the team celebrated but there was still one second left. the other team called a timeout. they had a quick layup and won the game in a wild finish. joel: wow. you live and learn. anna: don't do that. joel: north carolina has a turkey problem. we will explain. anna: the new clue in the face of a female jogger chased with a
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anna: across the state, a woman is charged with murdering her husband and two other people. investigators charge gambino after the bodies were found in their home northeast of stanley. our sister station reports the couple has one child together. gambino has an adult daughter away at college. police have not released the identity of the other vick comes. joel: police are releasing a surveillance photo of a man wanted for chasing a woman with a knife when she was jogging. police say the 20-year-old woman was running dairy cemetery last thursday when she passed the stranger. she said she heard footsteps behind her. the woman ran into a credit union, called police. anna: police are trying to identify three men wanted in
4:57 pm
student in january. the victim told police a man asked for a lighter on campus. the victim was tackle from behind by two men. her cell phone and wallet were stolen. joel: dozens of teachers and staff members are out sick. they say 70 staff men members ate a meal together. they are trying to determine if there was an actual cause. anna: officials are encouraging people to go hunting for turkeys. the turkey population has reached an all-time high. 265,000. they are offering 24 free turkey hunting seminars across the
4:58 pm
they are free. that's a wrap on the news at 4:00. joel: here on the big headlines at the top of the hour. >> we know there are some things . if one is running way that is not a license to kill. reporter: the mayor calling for calm. new reaction and the growing memorial at the scene. plus new details. joel: high-speed drama. a police chase through two counties. what started it, who police having custody. anna: super tuesday. a dozen states going to the polls. hundreds of delegates up for grabs. >> we begin with a new development in the police shooting where we are awaiting
4:59 pm
nancy mcfarlane is urging calm and patience. good evening. steve: we have eyewitness news live team coverage. let's begin with tim in the southeast raleigh neighborhood where the shooting happened. >> that are people in this neighborhood who have made up their mind about this investigation. they believe the officer was in the wrong. we have been in this neighborhood all afternoon. the memorial is growing. you can see posters, balloons and flowers. >> why would they want them to serve? why don't you pull up and say i know where a program is for you
5:00 pm
i know this place where you can go and get a job. this is an issue in our city where we live. now it has hit home. this is what has brought everyone together. we should always be together. >> the naacp and local pastors say they will be meeting on thursday with attorneys to investigate the case with scrutiny. joel: now let's get the latest on the investigation. jon camp is covering that part of the story where the shooting happened. >> a few hours ago we got confirmation the person shot was dinkins but that is the only information we have today. for many that is not sitting well. yesterday the police chief promised a fair and transparent


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