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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 530 AM  ABC  March 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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is a video you will talk about elly back on earth after almost a year in space. what does someone like that do now. good morning, carolina, welcome on this wednesday march 2, 54 degrees and 5:30. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. we are glad you are with us. you may need the umbrella. meteorologist don schwenneker is talking about that. and also the falling temperatures. don: good morning to you. it will be cooler this afternoon. this morning it is warmer than yesterday. yesterday we had folks in the 30's. today everybody is in the 40's and 50's. it is just the afternoon we will notice cooler air. a look at radar and you notice rain right now heaviest showers in smithfield and goldsboro sliding east through wayne county. all this lifting east. i think the rain is pretty much done in wake and durham and orange counties and triangle is dry. it is responsibilities south and east seeing showers. temperatures across the region 50 roxboro, 53 chapel hill and r.d.u. 52 sanford.
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you were at 59 last hour in goldsboro. 57 now. that cooler air will settle in and we will go to the 40's and back up to 51 by lunchtime with breezy conditions. this afternoon mostly sunny and temps in the low 50's. some spots 20 degrees colder than yesterday. we stick in the cool air a couple of days. we will talk about that and the warm-ups to the 70's. but now we have weather and traffic with amber rupinta. amber: when you are dealing with rain give yourself extra time as the case this morning. we did have an earlier issue on 440 at wade avenue. you can see the pedestrian bridge over wake county. it was 440 and police activity but that has been cleared both corrections now moving well through the beltline there. to the mapping system we go and we are seeing some of those showers. all the green is our road weather index. the radar picking up
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so you can see it is definitely soggy but we're accident free. 40 and south saunders looking nice there. no problems or delays. we will check the drive times in a few minutes. john: this morning we are getting you up to the minute on the results of the super tuesday showdown. barbara: hillary clinton and donald trump the big winners each taking seven states. ted cruz three. the latest county donald trump leading the republican presidential candidates with 279 and hillary clinton ahead of
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here is convention. john: people in raleigh making their voices heard after ann officer-involved shooting and some demanding answers and justice. also praying for peace. barbara: a prayer vigil will be held in raleigh in the wake of akiel denkins's death. john: gloria rodriguez is looking into that and brings us up to speed on the investigation. gloria: good morning to you. the prayer vigil is 7:00 here at vintage church. it is meant to pray for the communities and families impacted by this shooting. meanwhile, the investigation continues. >> shot gloria: the raleigh paofpt released 911 calls shedding
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officer shot drug suspect akiel denkins to death. >> one of your officers shot him. if there is anything out of the ordinary with nothing on him i'm suing the city of raleigh. gloria: it leaves many unanswered questions. did police see him with a gun? was he running away when he was shot shot? many taking their frustration to the streets. [chanting black lives matter] gloria: they marched from the seen of the shooting to the wake county courthouse demanding justice. >> stop shooting us. gloria: demonstrateersors were there and the raleigh police department gave them space to march. that was to not escalate the tense situation. the prisoner of war gathering is
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is 7:00 here in downtown raleigh. barbara: the national weather service sending a crew not clear how badly the people were hurt. two of them were taken to the hospital. caitlin: while many of you were sleeping astronaut scott kelly completed his nearly year-long mission on the spwpl space station. we have new video. this is him emerging from a russian space capsule in kazakhstan. this is the first time on earth in 340 days. scientists now will look at how the long time in space affected his body. without gravity you can lose phrufrl strength and balance. they hope the research and kelly and his twin brother will bring
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john: thank you, caitlin. an arrest made in a year old murder case. glenwood johnson is charged in the death of walter johnson. the two are not related. last february walter johnson was found lying on the sidewalk on north miami boulevard stabbed. barbara: in fayetteville police are investigating a shooting just after 5:00 last night when eric davis was driving on shaw road from murchison to bragg boulevard and he said he heard shots and felt something on his neck. he drove it a security gate at fort bragg and m.p.'s called for an ambulance. he was not seriously hurt. also in fayetteville police are looking for the car involved in a hit-and-run. authorities say a moped had stopped and a car hit it from behind and kept going.
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the f.b.i. taking center stage. the arguments you will hear. barbara: one governor vetoes a transgender bathroom bill. what that means and what made him reconsider. and the incredible survival story emerging from the deadly shootings in kalamazoo, michigan. don: we have temperatures in the 50's and it will feel cooler
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geico for your boat.
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don: let's look out the weather window. you may see some rain. most of it is ending now though from west to east. we have cooler temperatures as we go through the day feeling 20 degrees cold are this afternoon. it will be 20 degrees colder. 48 roxboro, 49 hillsborough.
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53 louisburg and 54 downtown raleigh and 54 cary. 50 in sanford and pinehurst at 55. hope mills 58. 56 goldsboro and clayton 56 and lillington good morning to you, 56 degrees. we look at the day ahead. still some spotty showers right now and 53. by lunchtime 51 and breezy. then through the afternoon 50 degrees under mostly sunny skies. a lot of sunshine today even though we have cooler temperatures. we will be cool a couple days but a big warm-up in the seven day forecast. john: the case of apple against the f.b.i. is taking center that one phone compromises the security of millions of others. barbara: an oval office meeting
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minds of senate republicans. they are not budging on the decision to delay a vote on the supreme court nominee. they insist it should be made by the next president. the constitution gives the president the power to appoint the nominee. john: a veto from south dakota's governor on a bill surrounding transgender bathrooms. it would have made it the first to approve a law requiring transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms that match their sexed a birth. governor dennis dauggard said he needs to do more research. a positive m.ichigan. barbara: out of control crashes
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what the son of a civil rights attorney josh stein learned early about justice, equality and doing what's right. senior deputy attorney general, one of the "most effective" state senators, josh stein fought to make schools safer, cracked down on domestic violence, and stein took on scam artists who prey on seniors. stein: we need an attorney general with the independence to stand up to the special interests and who will always put the people of north carolina first.
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barbara: welcome back. it is 5:46 and 54 degrees. new results after a busy super tuesday. that is one story making headlines this morning. ted cruz won the republican presidential caucuses in alaska, it was close with a slight edge over donald trump. but trump locked down seven states. hillary clinton also won seven super tuesday states widening her substantial lead over bernie sanders. after more than 144 million
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kelly and a russian cosmonaut are back on earth. it parachuted to central asia. they were met by freezing temperatures like when they launched from kazakhstan last march. and a prayer vigil today in joined raleigh after an officer officer-involved shooting. akiel denkins was killed on monday. the officer involved is on administrative duty. raleigh mayor nancy macfarlane is call for calm. areas girl whose heart stopped after being shot in the the suspected shooter has been charged with the murders. california man wanted for kidnapping his girl friend and
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he led authorities on a going to be recorded for a documentary. they are the biggest act to play in cuba since the revolution in 1959. barbara: have unever seen them live? john: i haven't. barbara: have you? don: no. barbara: twice. don: i'm surprised they are being allowed to play. for years rock 'n roll wasn't allowed at all. barbara: things are changing. don: i guess so. and it is free. big concert. john: they are all 80 years old. not quite. don: they are playing at 4:30 in the afternoon then they have to get to dinner. i'm kidding. don't send any e-mails. i was just joking. let's see what is going on weather wise. we have a look at first alert doppler xp and on the most powerful radar in the carolinas right now showing the rain moving out of the triangle and continuing to slide east. we throw that in motion and
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smithwood and goldsboro. goldsboro almost done with the heaviest rain. wayne county. goldsboro is done. still still it wilson and nash around rocky mount and then halifax and northampton and i-95. it should be done by 7:00. live look into joined raleigh and 53 and dew point 51. winds calm. sunrise at 6:43. live look into downtown fayetteville and temperature right now of 58 degrees. not fpmuch precipitation. .03 since midnight. 48 roxboro, 53 chapel hill. 55 in smithfield and 58 fayetteville. 51 sanford, 56 goldsboro. rain moving out. you see the shower activity now mainly east of i-95 that will continue to slide out and behind it lots of dry air back into the midwest.
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across parts of alabama, mississippi, arc. that will slide across today, tonight and tomorrow and bring more dry air but we have more rain in the first alert predictor forecast model. 6:00 tonight dry and into tomorrow clouds build in. by 6:00 tomorrow aware dry and tomorrow night into friday same. showers work through in the overnight. out friday morning and dry weather moves in as high pressure makes for a nice day on saturday and sunday looking good, too. for the rest of today in the capital city temperature by lunchtime of 51. rain ending and it will be breezy all day with temperatures low 50's in wake county and across the region highest temperatures afternoon 52 garner, 51 siler city. 54 smithfield and 52 durham and 52 sanford and 55 fayetteville and 54 goldsboro. 49 henderson, 52 rocky mount. 48 roxboro. tonight temperatures across the area back into the 0's for
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30 raleigh and 33 fayetteville. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, tomorrow temperatures back into the 50's. 53. clouds build in. thursday night into friday overnight rain and friday clear out and 51. saturday, sunday climbing and 70's by next week. i don't mooned the rain when it is overnight and that will be again tomorrow night into friday. barbara: just drive safely. don: wet roads in spots. amber: yes, that is the case this morning that we are seeing and good wednesday morning. barbara: pretty color on you. hump day. amber: yes, it is hump day. we have police activity to show you. you can see it a little bit with the d.o.t. camera. if you look closely they have been standing around but there is rock quarry road the overpass over 40 and you have to look at the raleigh you can see the
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it is a little bit out of view but they have that overpass closed due to the police activity going on there. you can see some cloud cover overhead as we look down that stretch of i-40. we are seeing scattered showers don was talking about. all the green is precipitation so it is again just scattered around the area. you may see a drop or two. you may want to give yourself five or 10 extra minutes it can be a little slower but we don't have any maim accidents. durham freeway under alston avenue looking nice this. a little reflex off the lights do you remember to some of the raindrops heading into the bull city. cheek road here fine and 40 rock quarry that is fine but the overpass is closed. durham freeway seven minutes on time i-40 to u.s. 15. 540 westbound moving fine both directions four minutes capital
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barbara: 54 degrees and 5:4. dr. seuss still encouraging us to pick up a good book. john: the nationwide event today to coincide with his birthday. with so many of us on facebook mark zuckererberg is bound to be raking in i hope we have a buyer for the house. me too! what are the neighbors doing here? bill! hey! i didn't know your home wifi could stream so many devices at the same time. dad, it's time warner cable. 300 megs. crazy-fast. dad! you can get wifi all over this place. cool! make your home as connected as possible. get 50 meg internet with unlimited data for $39.99 per month. and ask about free installation.
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john: there's nothing like being lost in a good book. it is national read across america celebrated every year on march 2 the birthday of dr. seuss. it was created bier the national education association. the goal is to encourage children and teens to read.
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biggest mover on the forbes 2016 list of world's richest people moving up 10 spots as his net worth is estimated at $44.6 billion from an estimated $33.4 billion last year. he was the sixth richest person in the world. bill gates continues to hold the number one spot with an estimated net worth of $75 billion. a horse rider from norway is the world's youngest billionaire at age of 19. she has a fortune of $1.2 billion. she and her older sister both inherited big stakes in their family investment company. still she spends most of the team riding horses and is training for the 2020 himself. john: 19. ok. 5:58 and dress code battle in
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why some this is connor like so many kids, be was missing things in school - distracted - disengaged - just not getting it. we tried tutors but they didn't connect. then we heard about sylvan's new teaching system, sylvansync. personal lessons, taught by sylvan certified instructors, using technology kids love. i've never seen him more engaged. and the results are kids like connor typically
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barbara: big changes to the weather. say goodbye to the 70's. john: breaking results from vote 2016 the winners from such tuesday and what it could mean for our primary just two weeks away. caitlin: a train derailment in new york forces as many as 45 families from their homes. john: good morning, carolina, welcome on wednesday march 2. barbara: thank you for joining us.


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