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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  March 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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jon camp is following the story from the beginning live with the latest. jon camp: let's start with the funeral arrangements. this will be at bible way temple not far from where the shooting happened. there will be a viewing at noon and the funeral at 1:00. there has been a tremendous amount of court for the man killed and his family. his mother getting to see the body for the first time. it is now at a funeral home. we don't know what the medical examiner found. we learned results are in but the interview phase of the investigation isn't over. the district attorney tells us that has to wrap up before the autopsy results are released. within the last hour abc 11 found search warrants showing
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monday suspected gang members were getting involved. police finding an e-mail chain with gang slaying encouraging others and threatening to commit violence against the lies of law enforcement officers onside. as police work that the investigation continues. there is one thing district attorney says she would love to have that could make a material difference that she doesn't have now. we let you know what that is at 6:00. steve: today a prayer vigil for the community and the family of denkins. raleigh. anthony: they gathered for a solemn service area >> the pain and the hurt, to pray for his family, his parents.
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man killed monday. his family attended the service. organizers asked us to stop recording during quiet prayer. our cameras were outside out of respect to the family. but inside it was extraordinary. several members rose and physically embraced this man's and love. >> they said some kind words i needed to hear today. i will be receiving my son's body today. that is my reason to be here this morning. >> there is nothing like touch. there is nothing like saying you matter. reporter: she wonders what's going to happen. >> what is going to happen with
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who is going to be with them? >> it's about our city, the police force, it's about the officer. there are so many people who have been wounded as result of this. we cannot forget the young man who lost his life. reporter: she still has not heard updates about the investigation a for son's death. tisha: new developments in a multimillion dollar gold heist. the fbi arresting a florida man in connection with the theft of $5 million of gold bars. tim now in wilson. reporter: the suspect's name -- so far detectives and the fbi are not saying much on how the person was arrested. it was a roadside robbery of an
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investigators say the guards driving the truck pulled over after smelling gasoline. the guards were approached by two hispanic men, tied up and duct taped. this morning the fbi announcing they arrested perez for his involvement in the robbery. investigators are not saying much on how they found them. previously another florida man was arrested and charged with extortion. the first court appearance is tomorrow in miami. joel: we have our hands on this chilling surveillance video showing a thief going through a car inside the garage of a home. you only see this here. ed crump has the details. ed: as residence slept in their
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their cars ripping them off. he asked the came inside this garage equipped with a surveillance camera. the homeowner says he was struck by how casually the men rocked around and took his time going through a car all while the lights were on. the thief came to the door leading to the house but it was locked. several neighbors on the same not reported car break-ins. police released still pictures of the fee but have not made an arrest. though still pictures are posted with this story now on abc please ask you call them if you recognize the man. >> early voting begins across north carolina tomorrow. we are breaking down what you need to know before you head to the polls. andrea blanford in raleigh.
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during early voting you can take whichever side is most convenient for you. you can knock that out same day. unaffiliated voters can vote, select a party ballot of your choice. it will not affect your affiliation. a valid photo id is required but the state is making exceptions for certain voters who don't have one. you can cast a provisional ballot. lawmakers did comply with a court order and drew congressional maps, our state will hold a separate primary for races based on those maps. but for now officials are urging you to vote your entire ballot when you come. we have made it easy to get all the information you need. i'm andrea blanford now in
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steve: now to super tuesday excitement. both winning several states. trump is preparing for the debate tomorrow on fox news. he's expected to take part even though megyn kelly will be one of the moderators. >> one day after super tuesday dr. ben carson announcing he is suspending his campaign. he said in a statement he doesn't see a political path forward. he didn't say his campaign is over but noted he will not take part in the foxnews debate. >> meanwhile chris christie is out on the presidential campaign trail with donald trump. back in his home state he is coming under fire.
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calling for him to step down. he spent part of 261 days outside new jersey and left the state to endorse trump and campaign. anchor: four consecutive life sentences handed down for the murder of college students. matthew avoided a death sentence for pleading guilty. the man will spend the rest of his life behind bars for killing hannah graham and morgan harrington. he is serving three life terms for sexual assault. anchor: children returning to school after authorities say a 13-year-old boy shot students inside of a cafeteria. staff members joined them on
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police were inside the school near cincinnati. the 14-year-old shooter remains in custody. >> special operations forces capturing a terrorist. the elite delta force capturing the isis leader as part of the mission. it has been on the ground for several weeks developing intelligence. joel: there's a new general command in afghanistan. he is a former commander. he has inherited america's longest war. anna: tornado cleanup is now underway. it was an ef 2 that touchdown
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people were injured. all are expected to be ok. ahead at 5:30 and new update from the scene of a tornado. this community was the hardest hit. they are still picking up the pieces that are getting some help. that is coming up at 5:30. now to the weather happening now. chris hohmann in the first alert storm center. it is sunny and clear. >> the same storm system came through here with some rain. it did usher in some much cooler air. a gusty northwest wind. 49 raleigh. 48 in durham.
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mid 40's south hill to roxboro with wind up to 16-20. wind chill in the 20's. heavy jacket on hand if you're heading out this evening. temperatures will tumble. early tomorrow morning we are in the 20's and low 30's. what it looks like for the weekend coming up in a little bit. >> also the unc system president margaret spelling making her rounds. she as it fayetteville state talking about an idea to change the name of the university. reporter: good afternoon. the unc president seemed to have an enlightening and enjoyable day. she spent her second day on the
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different buildings. she called a good investment for the community and for the legislative idea to change the name from fayetteville state. she says that needs to be a local decision. >> this institution, it is good for them and their future. i don't think a mandate would be a good approach. reporter: president spelling will be here on campus through friday when she will attend the board of governors meeting. no caps on if there will be protests. we would hear from her about
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who says she doesn't fit the job. live in fayetteville, greg barnes eyewitness news. >> she is just beginning her to her of the campus. new pictures of a teacher gets sent to her students and other people. anna: find out how the pictures got into the wrong hands. >> the fbi is out with new figures on gun background checks . we have the details on that. >> a man will forever be indebted to his wife. quite she keeps telling me to stop thinking her but it's hard. it is tremendous.
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reporter: right now at papa john's, get one of our best deals ever.... ....for just $9.99 you can get any large pizza with up to five toppings pile on your favorites with up to five toppings for just $9.99
5:16 pm joel: we have staggering figures on gun background checks. gun sales shot through the roof last month. february was the third-biggest on record for background checks. the record was set in 2015.
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shootings because gun buyers fear for their safety and because they are worried about crime resulting in more gun control. one at the lawnmower factory in wichita. could be split 4-4. steve: there is president obama honoring alabama on their 16th national championship. the players and coaches arrived at 11:00.
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white house in the past seven years. we want to show you breaking news from wake county. chopper 11 arriving on the scene. take a look. this is just south of highway 98. it is really backing up traffic on creedmoor road. that one vehicle is flipped. it may have been a head on collision. it is difficult to tell. creedmoor road is shutdown. we are working to get more details. a lot of people are going to be late getting home. tisha: a look at the window with the beautiful sunshine. then the wind hit me. steve: especially later tonight it's going to be chilly.
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today. the sunshine is so bright. it is going to be cold and clear tonight. temperatures near 30. clouds increase tomorrow. below normal temperatures through the weekend. it does warm up. in the 70's through next week. temperatures fall into the 30's through midnight. you need the heavy jacket again. the wind will be diminishing as we head through the evening and overnight. 49 degrees but it is much cooler than 70's we had yesterday. blustery wind made it feel cooler. 45 at south hill. 45 at roxboro.
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warmer to the south. temperatures below average in the 50's. chilly air through the midwest. 70 and dallas. it is when you take a while for it to get here. we are not going to see temperatures that close to 60 until sunday or monday. mostly clear. a beautiful day. out of here around sunrise. our next rainmaker gathering steam. not that impressive. it will get more impressive as it comes our way. overnight clear and cold. mid 20's north to 30 in the triangle. upper 20's around suburban areas. at the bus stop, 40 by 10:00. a lot of sunshine to start.
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they will stay dry tomorrow afternoon. around 50 near the virginia border. mid 50's in fayetteville. here comes our next system. drive through five or 6:00. during the evening hours the rain begins to spread. this is going to last a little longer. 10:00, notice the rain and snow line. a cold rain for us overnight. there is still some rain beginning to move out. it's out of here mid day at the latest. most areas before that. clouds remain, rainfall amounts ramp up late tomorrow in the evening. they move out by friday.
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inch of rain possible as it comes through. first alert seven day, 36 tomorrow night. rain in the morning. weekend is cool. a lot of sunshine. it does warm up. we're back into the low and mid 70's. it's going to take a while. joel: a south carolina teacher is forced to resign. tisha: a student sends out nude pictures of her. while the teacher thinks she is not getting fair treatment. steve: and a toddler takes a frightening tumble out of the
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the son of a civil rights attorney josh stein learned early about justice, equality and doing what's right. senior deputy attorney general, one of the "most effective" state senators, josh stein fought to make schools safer, cracked down on domestic violence, and stein took on scam artists who prey on seniors. stein: we need an attorney general with the independence to stand up to the special interests and who will always put the people of north carolina first.
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tisha: a south carolina high school teacher fired after a student leaked a risk a photo of her. she was a teacher at union county high school. a student removed her phone from her desk while she was patrolling the halls and it contained valentine day photos for her husband. officials say the school was concerned the teacher could be contributed to the delinquency of a minor. she claims the student should have been expelled. >> he is still attending school.
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>> the school district is holding her responsible thing she left her phone unlocked making the photo available to students. parents are signing a petition to get her back in the classroom. steve: we are not able to go into the mind of the boston marathon bomber. court records reveal what he told investigators. he called his older brother before the explosion to synchronize the detonations. there were no other attacks planned and only he and tamerlan were involved. he was sentenced to death in june. >> a toddler literally falling out of the back of a minivan and the driver had no idea. take a look. that two-year-old fell out when the back catch popped open. he started wondering down the road. the car recording the vehicle
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he then's driver came running back into the intersection. the van was rear-ended and the hatch is loose. it must have popped open when the boy leaned against it. steve: the jackpot is $292 million. no one matched all the numbers so if someone wins tonight the lump sum would be $192 million. you can see the winning numbers tonight at 11:00. we may be playing along with you. tisha: always good to play. always fun. we never win. steve: you can't win if you don't play that's what they say. tisha: there is more happening at 5:30. reporter: after a tornado touched down in this community complete strangers are stepping in to help. how they are helping residents put their lives back together.
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they say holes like this are>> see what is happening this instant from the raleigh eyewitness news center. abc 11 eyewitness news at 5:30 starts right now. steve: we begin with breaking


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