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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  March 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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some spots or 20 degrees colder compared to yesterday. we will see the cool air sticking around. that's talk about the day ahead. in the 30's by 8:00, 40's by 10:00. we will touch 50's by 2:00. we will stay on the cool side. 27 right now in roanoke rapids. 25 in roxboro. 31 in fayetteville. 28 in wilson and rocky mount. we will look at the day ahead. by lunchtime, 40 eight with a partly sunny sky. we can see the clouds building in through the day and into the afternoon. nice weather moving in today. warmer weather moving in in that 7-day. let's talk traffic. >> not a lot in the world of traffic for the time being. it is a very slow start.
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looking over wake county and raleigh. this is-40, zooming along as we look at that clear picture. a beautiful sunrise. this morning, we are a clear and accident-free on all of the majors. you can see no fog or pursue petition to deal with, just a lot of green on our live return. drive times look good on the majors. u.s. 64 and u.s. 70, the beltline, looking good in both directions. no problems on the durham freeway. john: primary election season in north carolina. early voting begins in a few hours. lori a rodriguez -- gloria rodriguez is in downtown fayetteville. gloria: you will need your idea few vote early. this is one of the locations were you can vote early.
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they already have one voter in line. what is your name? >> chris. gloria: fire you here so early? >> to be the first in line. gloria: we will let you know more about the voting and what you need to know. thank you for talking to us. early voting accounted for more than 23% of all votes cast in the 2012 primaries, a majority in the 2012 general election. the primary election day is march 15. to vote on election day, you need to have registered by the deadline last month. if you missed it, same-day registration is allowed during early voting. this year, you will need a photo id to vote. election officials say those who are not able to get a photo id
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due to redistricting, we will have a separate primary based on new maps on june 7. until then, voters will see the u.s. representative candidates listed on the ballot. the maps are still under review. >> vote the entire ballot. gloria: there are 9 early voting locations. there are also 3 in raleigh, including the county board of elections office downtown. this is one of the other flyers they have been circulating. early voting continues until march 12. hopefully, you got all of the information you needed. if you need more, you can go to our website barbara: donald trump reuniting
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barbara: the new coach was let go in december after 4 seasons with the bears. he had a one and nine record. today, state health officials will update us on the flu in north carolina. the model for people have died so far this year. health officials only report 1 death from february until now. the vaccine is working better this season than in years past.
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from north carolina to cuba. john: how long a nonstop flight to the nation will take. >> maybe you have seen this surveillance video, but it is worth seeing again. ransacking a gun shop in texas. the break in the case, coming up. we check back in with don. don: we have dry conditions. snow on the western part of the state.
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john: we have a drive in. it should be easy. partly sunny, cooler temperatures. 30's through 8:00 or 9:00. 24 right now in roxboro. 26 in henderson. 30 in downtown raleigh.
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32 in wilmington. 31 in fayetteville. 30, partly cloudy by lunchtime, 48 degrees. partly cloudy skies. 49 and mostly cloudy, the clouds building in this afternoon bringing a chance of showers. we will talk about when the rain arrives and your weekend forecast, next. barbara: it is time for the must-see video. this unwelcome houseguest. that is a nine foot alligator making himself at home at the bottom of a florida family's swimming full. the alligator was discovered when the man went to let his cats out on the patio. the wife was taking care of their six-month-old son. they used a trapper to evict their guest. >> used a lasso.
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in the cool. he tired him out, then pulled him out the door. barbara: smoke. it is not causing problems for the nearby town and road. it is 40-miles west of mexico city. john: cuba could have a flight nonstop from north carolina. permission has been applied for to fly from charlotte to havana. the trip would take 2.5 hours. right now all flights operating between the u.s. and cuba are chartered. commercial flights could begin this fall. caitlin: if you're not near your screen, come check this out.
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brazen heist at a houston gunshot. they have caught three of the suspects, that leaves seven on the run. unbelievable. you can see a pickup truck lock the door off the hinges, then the man run into the store. you can see them jumping the counter, smashing and grabbing everything they could get their hands on, including weapons off of the wall. on tuesday, some of the guns have been recovered, but they have more suspects to roundup. -- round up. john: new developments on the missing malaysia airlines flight. barbara: pieces of metal washing up off of the african coast. the clues for investigators. john: the damage caused by this joy run through the big apple. amber: coming
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linda coleman, our next lt. governor. i'm linda coleman, and i'm running for lt. governor because it's time to fight back, so our children don't have to do it all over again. i've fought to improve schools all my life. and now, i'm going to fight against the republicans in raleigh ... because we're in a fight
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john: -- don: good morning. making headlines on multiple fronts. early voting begins at 8:30 in north carolina. it is your chance to have a say in the presidential race. you will find 9 early voting locations in wake county. all of the information is on our website, mitt romney is speaking at 11:30 at the university of utah. donald trump is already reacting on twitter, calling it a desperate move. local clergy will meet with the naacp at 3:00 to discuss our killed tinkering' -- to discuss
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akiel denkins'death in raleigh. tara: the highway safety program is spending three quarters of a million dollars to add a left turn lane on fayetteville road at cook's road in durham county. in cumberland county, $1 million will widen johnson farm road to elliott farm road to prevent crashes. in wake county, 6 million dollars is being spent on 16 projects, including $95,000 to install a light at blue ridge road and crabtree valley avenue. $85,000 in wake forest to replace the intersection at main street with a super street between main street and the shopping center. these will ensure the security and safety of north carolinians. barbara: the missing asia
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coast as africa. it is possible that wreckage in mozambique may be from missing flight 370. experts say that it could be from a part of the aircraft near the tail. john: highlighting a good deed happening later today. enough bottles of water to sell three tractor-trailers are being loaded to help the folks i flint, michigan. it will be packed at 2:30 at liberty praise church. donation drives are held over the last several weeks. the supply should reach flint by saturday morning. barbara: police say that allowed noise spooked gunny who knocked off the mounted officer who was writing him, and he hightailed it through times square.
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garage. the officer is in the hospital, but expected to recover. gunny also damaged three cars during his escape. john: i wonder about that, dealing with the traffic, the horns, and the crazy people. so many of them are so well. everyone wants a picture. we saw one in times square, and everyone was waiting in line to get a picture with the horse. it had a look on its face like "whatever." don: it is colder this morning. it is a downward trend. after that, we climb into the 50's. 70's i tuesday. let's look into downtown raleigh. the sunrise is getting earlier and earlier. this morning, it is at 6:42. 18, with a 61% humidity.
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numbers from across the region, 24 in roxboro. 29 in chapel hill. 31 in fayetteville. you are looking at the latest satellite radar composite. a couple of high clouds. snow flying to the west, north of charlotte and into the mountains of the building. this is the rain that will work in here tonight into tomorrow, bringing in shower activity. 6:00 tonight, we are clear of rainfall, but we will have clouds up above. by midnight, the showers are here with heavier rain with us until tomorrow. 7:00 tomorrow morning, most of the showers pullout, but the
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we will warm back up into saturday. the rest of today, in raleigh, partly sunny with temperatures from the 30's into the 40's. 50 degrees by 2:00. 5:00, 48. you will see temperatures in the 50's from chapel hill to carry. 51 in durham with this out these land at five miles brouwer to 10 miles per hour. 61 in stanford. roanoke rapids, 49. 51 in rocky mount. wilson, 52.
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the most part, but roxboro and henderson, you could see snow. tomorrow, colder with highs in the upper 40's after a morning rain shower. a couple of clouds working in, a couple of stray showers saturday night into sunday. upper 50's on sunday. tuesday, 71. wednesday, 73. a good warm-up for the next several days. a quarter to a half-inch of rain across the region. john: i like the 71-73. barbara: it is friday eve. happy thursday. a nice start to your thursday. weather and traffic together. looking out the window with our dot cameras, a lot of volume building. very nice through durham county. no problems on miami boulevard. i-40 looks good for the entire stretch.
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with a little break tapping around the bend. taillights are headed westbound. that is the usual spot when we see volume building with folks going into the downtown raleigh area. missing this morning is the road weather index. no issues of fog or precipitation falling. you will notice we are accident free with a lot of green on the live for returns. a little volume building. this is 401 toward u.s. 70, a little slow down. that is around the bend approaching u.s. 70. we had an earlier issue with construction around for 40. that is clear at 6:00. south london looks very nice. john: a new service from google. barbara: with 20 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies.
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what about this guy? this guy's... been through a lot.
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pedigree brings out the good in them. feed the good. barbara: welcome back. john: the new google apple allows users to pay for objects without using their hands. >> and today's tech bytes, google is changing the mobile payment game with its hands free app. >> it allows users by to purchase by saying "i will pay with google." barbara: it is being tested in
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>> the pentagon is looking for hackers. the government has announced it will pay a bounty to qualified hackers who can detect vulnerabilities in the government's system. the future of vehicle tires imagined by goodyear. >> they are unveiling a spear akiel tire -- aspherical tire. it connects using magnetic levitation. it stops and starts using them in a -- using a magnetic field. those are your tech bytes. john: 29 degrees. still to come, new hot air in
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barbara: in after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside.
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>> the only station with three newsrooms in downtown raleigh, downtown durham, and downtown fayetteville. abc 11 "eyewitness news" continues. barbara: the search for answers continues after an officer involved shooting in fayetteville. planning for another meeting today. john: north carolina, get out and vote. early voting starts today. all you need to know. barbara: north korea firing back.
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being slapped with new sanctions. 29 degrees at 6:30. i am barbara gibbs. john: i am john clark. don: good morning as you head out the door. temperatures in the 20's. it will take a while for them to climb. after freezing at 8:00. you will not see the 40's until 10:00. 50's this afternoon. 25 in roxboro. 27 in southern pines and louisburg. oxford and roanoke rapids, 28. 31 in fayetteville. 30 and partly cloudy right now. at lunch time, partly cloudy with temperatures climbing into the upper 40's. the clouds will get thicker this afternoon. the clouds moving in, bringing showers late in the day. we will talk about the rain chances, coming up. we have weather and traffic
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amber: an accident on atlantic avenue into raleigh. that is it as far as any accidents. we have clear road conditions. nothing from our radar this morning. we are seeing a lot of green on our live returns. 40 westbound, that is one of them for the johnson county commuters. we see that every morning toward wake county. 540, no problems or delays. you can see that the sun is coming up and it is dry. moving about with no problems, 7 minutes from i-42 u.s. 15 with no delays. john: the naacp and local pastors are meeting today to discuss a man killed by raleigh police. barbara: the man's family will also be there, discussing their next steps.
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church leaders supporting the family. they say they will launch their own investigation. the fbi is looking into what happened into the shooting death of akiel denkins. the police released a statement saying they are standing beside officer twiddy. they say that officer twiddy tried to arrest dinkins on a federal drug charge. his mother says that her son was shot in the back while running away from police. that is what the fbi is trying to determine, what happened. denkins' body was finally turned over to his family. funeral services are set up for tomorrow. we be waiting to hear what the police reveal. john: today is the first day you can cast your ballot for early voting.
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polling sites at the wake county board of elections in downtown raleigh. the polls do not open until 8:30 . you can choose whichever site is more convenient for you for early voting. if you have not registered, you can knock that out on the same day, early voting continues until saturday, march 12. we will follow this throughout the day. when it comes to redistricting and the voter id law, there are change in the debate in detroit even though megyn kelly will be a moderator. trump skipped the last debate told his own event.
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votes in the iowa caucuses. donald trump has laid out his health care reform plan, explaining how he will replace the affordable care act. the seven-point plan includes breaking down barriers into the sale of health care coverage across state lines and making health care coverage to adaptable. john: dr. ben carson said he does not see a political path forward for his campaign. he has fared poorly in the primaries. the retired neurosurgeon will offer details when he speaks tomorrow. barbara: the supreme court is divided as it considers its first abortion case since the death of antonin scalia of. they're considering texas regulations that will cut the number of abortion clinics
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critics say they're unnecessary and limit the right to abortion. the state says they are trying to protect women's health. john: officials in south korea say that the north ireton 6 short-range projectiles. the launch comes after the un security council approved the toughest sanctions on p on yang in decades because of long-range rocket launchers. the ultimate gift from a wake county woman to her husband. i'm going to run with it. barbara: after this break, a heartwarming update about the couple that is a perfect match in more ways than one. john: a new chapter in the deflategate saga. the pitch expected in a new york court room. don: good morning. temperatures in the 20's and 30's. it is cold.
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>> do you want to be in the audience for dancing with the stars? we want to send you to the live premier. dancing with the stars on abc 11. story. minutes. forecast. as you head out the door, you will want to bundle up the kids. temperatures below freezing. 8:00, barely above freezing. 24 in roxboro. 26 in henderson.
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32 in pinehurst. 30 wind in fayetteville. looking at your day ahead, partly cloudy. lunchtime, temperatures in the upper 40's. the clouds will really stacked. as the clouds moved in, they will bring rain. plus, your weekend forecast, coming up. john: a ray county couple is recovering from successful surgery after the wife donated her kidney to her husband. we told you about this story last month. barbara: jason had both of his kidneys removed. they were the size of footballs and wave 30 pounds -- and wade 30 pounds. -- and weighed 30 pounds.
6:40 am
being a match were less than 1%. he says that his wife not only rate him healthy, but a better person. >> i got a second chance at life. i will run with it. i will try to be the best husband i can come and remember when times get tough -- don't want to take the trash out -- she gave me life. and really honor her for doing that. barbara: his wife is out of the hospital and recovering at home. she is in a lot of pain, but will recover. john: keeping you connected to stories online. amber: good morning. this is a story, the top trending story on abc news. google searches on how to move to canada spike after google tuesday -- after super tuesday results came out.
6:41 am
a lot of people speculate it is because people are unhappy with the results and what might be their future options for candidates. this is a story, if you are into acting or want to be an actor, the disney channel has announced a nationwide casting call for high school musical 4. we have the information on and will be sending it out on our social media. super lights are trending because there are states with cases of super lice. it is lice and me under common treatments, so you do have to see a doctor or a specialist. it is especially around the triad area. john: super lice -- ok.
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drug lord el chapo looking to come to the u.s. what he is offering in return. barbara: the search for an escaped inmate and suspected killer.
6:44 am
un>> welcome back. lawyers for tom brady try to put deflategate behind him once and for all. his union lawyers will go
6:45 am
the nfl wants the second u.s. circuit court of appeals to reinstate his full game suspension. they claim a lower court was wrong to roll the league had bungled the investigation. if the nfl wins, brady would set up a start of next season. if the union wins, he will play. we'll be watching to see what happens, but do not expect to see video of the new england sports star in court. he will not be attending the hearing. the final ruling is weeks away. john: an alabama police officer charged with murder. officer aaron smith is charged with shooting and killing a 58-year-old outside of the neighbors' home. the neighbor says he the -- came a stock
6:46 am
the u.s. if he will get to spend his time in a minimum security prison. joaquin guzman said that guards in to spend mexico will not let him sleep. the manhunt continues for the escaped murder suspect in mississippi. he disguised himself in the guard's pants and jacket and walked out of the jail unnoticed. he has been booked on the warren county jail on a number of charges including capital murder and rape. he is accused of killing a 69-year-old woman. john: new details of a south florida teenager posing as a doctor. he called himself dr. love after making a house call to an 80 six-year-old woman. the teenager stole the woman's
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ordered that robinson undergo a mental evaluation. barbara: a report is out with raleigh durham made the topless. denver took the first spot. 2 was austin, texas. they will, arkansas was third. colorado springs rounds out the top five. new york was 96th. john: 4 for us. barbara: we don't want people to know that. they will all move here. don: today, it is a the be right with showers. after that, we will have a great week next week. rain chances -- this is
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i have a 20% chance of showers during the daylight hours. if we had the overnight, we would have a 90% chance. a 20% chance through the day, a 40% chance through tomorrow morning. then it will go to 0% and stay there throughout the weekend. it is 61. the northland at five miles per hour. a live look right now, at the stadium, a nice sunrise. it is a most time for baseball. they started spring training. we cannot wait. a northeast wind at 7 and a nice look. 24 in roxboro. 32 in smithville. 31 in fayetteville. lots of cloud cover to the west. you can see the system with heavy showers that will arrive tonight and bring rain overnight into tomorrow. today, in raleigh, partly sunny with a cooler morning.
6:49 am
will climb. 50's with more clouds, eventually bringing showers. across the region, 51 in holly springs. 50 in chapel hill and silent city. 52 in wilmington. 53 in pinehurst. in goldsboro, 40's. temperatures in the 30's. 36 in raleigh. 39 in fayetteville. freezing and roxboro. you could see snowflakes as the rain pulls out, i do not think you will see anything accumulate . tomorrow, 49-degrees. sunday, 58. 70's i midweek. her daughter -- she and her daughter have the same birthday. she is also expecting her first grandchild. happy birth day to both of those ladies.
6:50 am
barbara: looking more like sisters. amber: headed out on this thursday, you will like this. clear conditions this morning. camera look outside. it is dry with the rain moving in overnight. your commute should be fine. looking good with volume building on 40 at wade westbound. into raleigh, a couple of secondary roadways have accidents, atlantic avenue at millbrook road. and old lead mine. a lot of green on the returns. moving without any problems or delays into durham.
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the durham freeway, northbound, moving without delay at
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>> now, the morning rush from abc 11 "eyewitness news." barbara: you can see the mornings big stories, including a meeting with an end up -- with the naacp after an officer-involved shooting. and home sweet home for an astronaut. dinkins was shot on monday. officers were trying to arrest him on a felony drug charge. the meeting will be at 5:00. the naacp has called for a transparent investigation. john: early voting starts today until march 12. you can cast your ballot at whatever site is most convenient carry it if you have not
6:55 am
that at the pollingomney is expected to weigh in on the race to the white house. he has been critical of donald trump. john: clinton hosting a star-studded fundraiser at radio city music hall. andrew day performed. jamie foxx in julianne moore eight appearances, along with bill clinton and chelsea clinton. barbara: margaret spellings is at fayetteville state tomorrow she will attend a governors meeting. yesterday, she tore the campus and discussed a possible name
6:56 am
returning from the international space station. scott kelly spent 340 days in space, a record for an american. president obama called kelly to thank him for his service. john: it is a heavy coat morning. don: you'll need it as you step outside. the wet roads are done. temperatures at 9:00 are 38 degrees. this afternoon, temperatures near 50. amber: roads are looking nice and dry. 85 that i haven't out with a couple of secondary accidents. we can take a mapping system to show you one in raleigh. it is around atlantic avenue.
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good morning, america. waging war against the front-runner. mitt romney blasts donald trump calling him a phonynd a fraud as the billionaire gets closer to capturing the gop nomination. trump joins us live. new overnight, major arrests in that brazen gun shop robbery. at least ten suspects caught on camera swarming a store smashing display cases and getting away with an arsenal of weapons. the massive manhunt. smackdown, hulk hogan's $100 million lawsuit suing a website about his private tape. we have what the former pro wrestler is saying as he
7:00 am
of his life. the 11-year-old hitting the shot of a lifetime in front of one of the greatest golfers of all time, tiger woods' epic reaction this morning. and good morning, america. how good is it to be taylor crozier, that little 11-year-old boy right there? first shot and a brand-new tiger woods golf course. you saw it was a par 3. you can guess what happened. >> hole in one like that you better. another person having a great day is astronaut scott kelly. back here in the gold old u.s. of a touching down in houston friends. just ahead. we do begin with that breaking news in the race for the white house. mitt romney set to lufrn a major new attack in the gop establishment's battle with donald trump as the candidates get ready for another crucial


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