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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  March 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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steve: we have breaking news in the race for the white house. michael bloomberg has just decided not to make a third-party run. he says there is a good chance my candidacy could lead to the election of donald trump or ted cruz and it is not a risk i can take in good conscience. senator ted cruz is making a stop in raleigh tomorrow. he is making a stop at the calvary baptist church. the numbers are in from the first week of early voting. the polls open on thursday at three sunday night, 39,000 north carolinians back -- cast their ballot. 36% of the early voters are 33% are unaffiliated voters. we invite you to go to /politics for continuing
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questions you have about voting in your county. again, it's available anytime at tisha: new insight into the raleigh home. the stepfather of a victim bound intake is speaking out about the neighborhood on edge. andrea: that teen is recovering at home after spending some time at wakemed, even though raleigh police have not arrested anyone in that home invasion that ended with her tied up to a -- tied up and scared in a closet. stepfather of a 17-year-old girl attacked during a home invasion is try to understand how and why to men would break into his home on a sunday afternoon. >> it's a little bit strange. andrea: it was just after 3:00
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text messages from her daughter saying, "i'm tied up in the closet," "help," "great," "robbers." >> they took her clothes. they stuffed her in a closet. andrea: stepdad says she was upstairs when the men came in. they forced her to unhook the tv. when that didn't work, they ended up sexually assaulting her. quest she says she's fine. she don't look fine to me. -- >> she says she's fine. she don't look fine to me. andrea: neighborhoods -- neighbors tell us they are concerned. >> normally, we don't have that over here. andrea: they are planning to
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>> we just want to make sure so it can't happen again. andrea: robbery -- raleigh police are investigating this as a burglary and forcible rape. both are described as white men in their mid-20's, one of them curly hair. tisha: i'm sure those neighborhood residents will not thought -- not rest until they are found. steve: wake county commissioners may try to soften the blow of the new appraisals on your home. the process normally happens every eight years. but that could change now. the wake county commissioners are getting a presentation about reducing that cycle to every four years. no action will be made tonight. the resolution could be adopted in april.
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women. they disagree straight tack faster special task force. -- they also agreed to a special commissiontask force. this task force will meet for 10 months and report back to wake 2017. tisha: throw the book at himtisha:. steve: that is the message from in wake county. you will see the emotion in the courtroom as the man cuts a plea deal. tisha: colorful crosswalks to make crossing the street much safer. chris: temperatures in the 60's now. it will fall into the 50's quickly. it's going to be a mild evening overall.
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steve: the countdown is on for north carolina. hillary clinton will be tisha: on wednesday bill clinton in downtown raleigh today with a
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joel they former president this morning: laying the groundwork for his wife north carolina campaign visit thursday. first stop, downtown raleigh. image mean they rockstar reception on received from hillary supporters -- in between the rockstar reception on clinton received from hillary supporters . we've got to keep the door open. we've got to find common ground. hillary is the only person running who has consistently done that. joel: they former president did not mention bernie sanders or donald trump by name. he said the country needed to be
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>> the approval of america went up 20% between she became secretary of state and when she left office. i am telling you, we can win this race. joel >> north carolina has never been clinton country. state republicans said that what her campaign forgets is that north carolinians have project did the clinton -- have rejected the clintons before. she will arrive with a sizable lead in the polls. clinton has an 18 point of vantage over bernie sanders.
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-- not healing the emotional wounds of a murdered woman. steve: her family had an emotional message for logan mclean as well as the judge who sentenced him. 32 years. for the lockyear family,k it's still not enough. angelica: that's her father. >> i fear for the safety of the community if you ever let the
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the last thing i said to britny was, honey, you're oging to die if you don't start taking care of yourself. angelica: they look he would be charged with first-degree murder. >> as if an execution was being enacted. angelica: a little boy out a getting to know her through loved ones. mclean was sentenced 26 and 32
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steve: chapel hill thinks it has a new idea to make you safer. tisha: the colors they believe will help reduce vehicle
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fans are wok steve: nancy mcfarlane issuing a challenge to everyone in raleigh. tisha: she issued what she calls the most difficult city state of -- state of the city speech she has written. mayor mcfarland also touched on a recent event that led to the
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at the hands of a raleigh police officer. >> many asked me why raleigh did not react the way we have seen other communities react. i think some of that speaks to the we are. but much of that i believe is because of the work of our police chief. [applause] tisha: mayor mcfarland also saying that, oh while the accolades received are great, choice to make sure everybody in the city has in opportunity to be part of the success. -- has an opportunity to be part of the success. steve: black, the color, race a difference when it comes to pedestrian safety.
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you can see carolina blue and green and blue on the crosswalk. the goal is to make sure that drivers can see walkers. driving around. tisha: it's pretty. steve: students took a field their own building. tisha: these pictures were taken at salem in school today. it is part of their new exhibition pioneer program cap. students -- program app. students visited gettysburg, auschwitz, and pearl harbor. steve: reminds me of the old school viewmaster. chris is back getting us in
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chris: temperatures continuing to climb. it got into the 60's today after 50 much of the weekend to near 60. we will cool down this evening. we followed to the 50's pretty quickly. we are almost there now. into the low to mid 40's tomorrow morning. nothing resembling cold coming our way anytime soon. rdu international, a few clouds overhead. officially, the airport is at 61 with a southwest window 9 and humidity at 46%. roanoke rapids, rocky mount wilson add 52. a delight -- at 52. a delightful day out there. look at minneapolis at 61. that is a treat for them in early march. skies are mostly clear, but there have been some high-level
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not producing any win -- any rain and they won't. these systems come our way if you days later, but not this time. parts of the central plains states and overnight, the risk of rain. there is an enhanced risk of severe weather. this pulls in a lot of moisture from the gulf of mexico. look at these rainfall amounts, five to six inches plus. where you see the white, it could be eight or nine inches of rain. it will rain day after day in arkansas, louisiana, east texas and southern missouri. no sign of this coming our way. a piece of it may come here by the weekend and that may set off a few showers. until then, we stay high and dry. we will tell you why just a bit. mid 40's around fayetteville
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a nice, bright start your day. by 8:00 am up to 51. we jump to 70 by noon. into the mid-70's tomorrow afternoon. just a beautiful day. mostly sunny skies. well above the average of 61 with a southwest wind at 5 to 10. cool weather over the weekend. now it's offshore. now there is that circulation around that southwest wind. this will stay out over the atlantic. it will keep us warm and dry wednesday, thursday, into friday, two. and keep other moisture to the west of us. there will be an increase in clouds and humidity levels will go up a little bit each day. the next chance of rain saturday, maybe sunday. mid 70's wednesday, per 70's, may be near 80 at a spot or two. more clouds will cool us on friday.
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shower saturday. it may hold off until. sunday. it depends on how fast or slowly this thing moves. it doesn't look like a whole lot of rain either day. we will keep fine-tuning that. daylight savings time, you lose an hour of sleep. but it stays darker later. higher temps, looking good. chris: yeah. tisha: march means the madness is just around the corner. steve: mark armstrong live at the nation's capital. mark: right, finest time of the year kicking off here in washington, d.c. a quick travel advisory -- when you are making the trip from the
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when mark: welcome back, everybody. live inside the verizon center, home of this year's tournament mode the florida state seminoles on the corporate i made. they will take on boston -- on the court he hind me. they will take on boston.
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the practice court today as they get ready for that showered it -- that showdown with lake forest -- wait for us tomorrow. cap barbara playing potentially his last game. these guys want to leave it out on the court and get that win and force a meeting with the duke. >> they beat us one time. we beat them one time. it is a hard-fought game. we're just looking for to coming out. >> everyone is at the same place again. anyone can win the tournament. it's not based on the past. it's based on who is gone to come out and execute these next four games. >> haven't used the magic dust, so i will try to pull it out tomorrow. will find out. we will see if we have any left. mark: some magic dust would certainly come in handy.
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coaches came out with their ballots. the coaches pretty much an absolute agreement with the writers. in fact, exactly the same. one difference worth pointing out as they thought grayson allen deserved a most improved award. that is hard to argue since grayson's scoring improved. congratulations to all those players. the major football news of the day happening in denver. kate manning calling it a career.
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paint -- peytonlways had a good time. that's th relationships and the friendships i've formed in the 18 years i played. mark: maria sharapova had announced earlier today she had a major announcement for this afternoon, too. there was a lot of early speculative -- really speak elation she was stepping down from women's tennis as well. but she announced she had tested positive for a banned drug at this trillion open, a drug she has been taking for 10 years for the lack of magnesium in her body and some diabetic tendencies and her family. it is now on the list and she had not double checked the list. maria sharp over and -- maria
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banned drug. steve: big week for a ct tournament in washington. tisha: that is our rapport.
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6:29 pm we have several breaking stories this monday night. the race for the white house. michael bloomberg says he will not run because it may help donald trump win. trump, and his message for ted
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and hillary clinton, what she just asked of bernie sanders. and a major victory for erin andrews. the $55 million verdict. after suing her stalker and a major hotel. deadly storms tonight, powerful winds, flash floods, and lightning strikes. and the system moving from the south to the east. one of the most famous athletes, her secret revealed, and her apology. and what they're now planning to do for mrs. reagan. good evening. we'll get to the $55 million verdict in just a moment. but first, michael bloomberg


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