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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 430 AM  ABC  March 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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three others injured in the burrow of wilkinsburg. two gunmen barged if a party and opened fire in an ambush style attack. >> it is quiet, nothing but kids on the street. to see that is shocking to everyone else. i'm shaking. it is prettied about. caitlin: all we know is the volumes are said to be four women and one man. at least two gunmen still on the loose and police have forth released a possessive. john: thank you, caitlin. more breaking news raleigh police investigating after two men were found dead in a car. barbara: officers responded to glenwood avenue in a parking lot behind the panaro bredad. tpwhror -- gloria rodriguez.
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this is where two men were found in a car. our photographer was the first on the scene and we have video. look at these many pages. he kprd them shortly -- captured tell shortly after police got a call at 12:30. they taped off to look for clues. the police department says officers were doing a welfare check at this parking lot and located two dead men in the car. police are not releasing much information but investigation does continue and this area is taped off at this time. this is near golden corral between the panera bread and comfort inn. barbara: switching gears the
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john: let's check in with meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. don: we are starting off with temperatures that are typical highs for this time of year. it should be the afternoon day but it will be warm all day. we will be around 60 by 8:00. 70's this afternoon to near 80 degrees. current numbers across the region 60 roxboro, 58 sanford, 57 smithfield, 60 goldsboro and 59 fayetteville and 55 raoepbz. looking at the day ahead 60 and patchy fog. by lunchtime 75 an through the afternoon 80 degrees under partly sunny skies. today is the warmest of in connection seven. we will talk about temperatures cooling but well above formal. that is in the complete forecast in a couple of manipulates. john: thank uyou don. democratic presidential candidates hitters an bernie
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before voters to the polls in florida the rivals disagreed on many issues last fight but both agree that donald trump shouldn't be president. clinton called him un-american and standards says voters will never elect somebody who stpults many people. hitters is expected in an event at hillside high in durham this afternoon. the next half hour we will have a preview of the event and how donald trump fired up the crowds in fayetteville. and abc11 is your election headquarters leading up to and on primary fight. the latest headlines and results an analysis on election night all at and on the abc11 mobile news app of barbara: a possible shack-up in texas a federal appeals court is holding a new hearing on state voter i.d. law. it requires divorce to show a picture i.d. at the polls. in august a panel ruled it has a discriminatory effect on
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the voting rights act. an order yesterday that was issued says a majority of the full court has voted to hear the rain is possible through the weekend. barbara: here durham police are investigating a crash that left an 18 old dead. police say he ran off the road flipped over appear ran two trees. tpaeubs say this is a tricky curve to navigate appear this is the second crash in the area in the last six mondays. john: the public viewing continues today for nancy reagan. important 3,000 paid respects
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mrs. reagan is in repose at the ronald reagan presidential library where her funeral will be tomorrow much she will be buried inches from her husband. among toes invites to the service former president george w. bush and laura bush, hillary clinton and current first lady michelle obama. barbara: it is 4:35 and 60 degrees. new trouble for blue cross blue shield of foulkenorth carolina. john: another warm one on at that point. don: a pretty warm day. we have lots of sunshine today and a check of the alert not seeing any rainfall across the carolinas today. we have ra rooms come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. with eight times more fragrance control, the new air wick scented oil warmer lets you dial up or down. for the perfect amount of fragrance. no matter the size of the room.
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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don: let's talk in the drive in. you will see more clouds and a little patchy fog. there will be some fog. temperatures in the 50's at 7:00. by 10:00 upper 60's to almost 70. current numbers, 57 in south hill -- roanoke rapids 55. 60 henderson feel raleigh 58. offensive siler city. 59 cary. and 56 lillington. 60 goldsboro. look at the day ahead. right now patchy fog and mainly east of triangle. by lunchtime we will see temperatures mid 70's. we will get to around 80. more cloud cover coming in bringing source. we will talk about the rain chances on the weekend and that is in a couple of minutes. john: we have an update on an i-team investigation into the monday long trouble plaguing blue cross blue shield of north carolina.
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insurance is heading an investigation that can mean big fines for the company. angelica alvarez explains. reporter: nine months of work in noon weeks that is the workload fog department of physician said it took on with calls an complaints about blue cross blue shield. they received more than 8,700 phone calls including 1,900 complaints. now the commissioner is stepping in to hpb down any potential sizeable violations and will consider imposing penalties under state law. since january blue cross has been slammed with customer complaints for what used to be an administrative so. expertise taught they were -- customers taught they were enrolled and weren't and missed treatments. as far as how long the investigation will tack it will be a long and show process. in response to the investigation
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we apologize for the frustration that this has caused and we will work closely with the department. we recognize that even a small percentage of our 3.9 million customers equals too many people. call volumes appear hold times are down significantly although not to the levels we or our customers expect. we are working hard to make things right and address all concerns. barbara: as far as how costly any fine or fines will be we are told it is too early to know. under state law the commissioner does have the authority to empose fines per day per violation. it is 60 degrees an 4:41. knife on o.j. simpson's property might not make a difference. john: disappointing outcome
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barbara: gun loving mother barbara: welcome back. it is 4:44 and 60 degrees. an ambush style attack leaves five dead near pittsburgh. that one story making headlines much police are looking for at least two gunmen who opened fire on a party in wilkinsburg. three others were injured. four were dead on porch. raleigh police looking for clues after two bodies are found in a car just after 12:30 alternative called it a parking lot on
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check and found two men dead in the car. hillary clinton is preparing for a trip to the triangle today. she is expected at an event at hillside high in durham. the doors open at 1:50 and it begins just before 4:00. john: new charges filed against a wide dough of appear illinois police officer. you may remember charles linwood boahan -- len witnesses staged his suicide. his wife is charged for helping him siphon money from a youth program. she was charged with felony counts of money launder inging. she pleaded not guilty to the first charges. it could take three weeks before investigators find out if a
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could link the weapon to the small to make the wounds to kill the two. barbara: a lesson in gun safety for a florida mom who runs a pro gun facebook page. she is recovering after she was shot by her four-year-old son. she said she was driving we her son accidentally shot her in the back. her facebook package works to protect and expand her second amendment rights but florida statutes makes it misdemeanor to leave it accessible to children. investigators are investigating whether criminal carjacks will be filed. a set back after the first uterus transplant failed. a woman got it last month and appeared to be doing well but experienced a complication and doctors removed it this week. the hospital is looking into
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john: long awaited break for rants of flint, michigan. it will stop sending water bills until april so it can account for $30 million in aid from the state. residents are using water because of high levels of lead in the tap water. a new push to fill the vacancy on the supreme court this time from 21 democratic attorneys general. they say delaying the vote on the nominee would undermine rule. they question the federal law and rule on the constitutionality of state laws. barbara: problems continue to mounter volkswagen. the u.s. president is off the job and they reached an agreement with v.w.'s international partner company to reason. they have been under fire since admitting some diesel cars created software to cheat on emissions test. it affected as many as 11
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world. does he can can is wants something support interesting. they will say adios to the most interesting man it the world. he is the actor who played that carrying the last nine years. the new one is not identify. they angle r only say it is looking to con temperature rice the campaign. sales have nearly tripled since the ads hit the airwaves. john: i should get the role few. the white house is getting ready to host a party for canada's new prime minister. justin trudeau will be the guest of honor tonight and they have a mix of american and canadian favorites. they will be served alaskan hall but the casserole and colorado lamb chops drizzled in canadian whisky. it has pecan cake with maple syrup and bit size treats.
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john: i think i see pecan now. don: pecanment barbara: i say pecan. we are having it three different ways. barbara: pecan. john: how do they say it in canada? don: today is almost exactly like yesterday. we will see a few more clouds. temperatures staying mild. we will be around 80 today and we start to fall a little bit. tomorrow a few more clouds and that will knock us back into the upper 70's. saturday a little push of cooler air and we will go 68, still above average and rebound into the 70's as we climb into next week. live look into joined raleigh and it is 60. dew point 55. that is 83% humidity. southwest wind 10 miles an hour. from there to a live look into downtown durham and temperature is 60 with a southwest wind at five. numbers from across region, 60
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58 sanford, 59 simpson. 55 raopbdz. plenty of clouds working through and we have support moisture, too so you will see patchy fog this morning. right now mainly east of 95. there will be patchy fog. the storms will stay west an unfortunately the folks in northern louisiana and arklatex continue to get pend. this is same -- pounded. this is the same area inundated with heavy rain and flooding and in some spots they have seen flooding up to the roof of houses. so it is a mess out there. closer to home we see more clouds through the day. by lunchtime and 5:00 clouds break up a little bit and partly sunny. as we go tonight into tomorrow we see the clouds thickening across the region. with that come through this is a weak frontal boundary we could see a stray shower. not of. somebody gets a sprinkle.
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same saturday. this is 10:00 a.m. for the start of the raleigh st. patrick's day. if you are coming out for that abc11 will be there. as we go through saturday just a spotty shower or two. most locations will be dry. we see this frontal boundary, near 80 and tomorrow it starts to dip south and we will get a little cooler air saturday. that is why we will see the highs in the 60's. the rest of today in the 70's. by lunchtime 75 dowtown raleigh. then they climb near 80. from across the region today partly sunny and 78 in cal. 78 durham, 79 garner. 80 fayetteville. 80 goldsboro, 78 sanford, 79 rocky mount and 78 wac dress. tonight under cloudy skies warm with overnight lows in the 50's.
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first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow cooler, 77. saturday for the raleigh st. patrick's day parade 68 degrees. if you are down there say hi. we will be riding through. saturday night into sfp we very long forward and monday 75 and 80's the post part of next week. the warm streak continues the next seven days. barbara: i don't see any showers on the leprechaun. don: by the afternoon we may see a shower but most will be rain free. john: 4:52. barbara: 60 degrees. it is a prom shop unlike any other. john: in this abc11 together
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local church beh barbara: welcome back. john: abc11 highlights good deeds in the community and it is all about a wake county church helping local students. barbara: amber is here to tell us the prom shopping site. amber: good morning. this store is unique because everything inside is free. that helps students feel like a million becomes without spending a dime. look at all these gorgeous dresses. >> we have shorts, long, glittery, simple and everything in between. amber: they are beautiful. what makes them more beautiful. the price. they are all free thanks to apex united pacific northwestist church with a two-day prom shot friday and saturday to make sure these get into the hands of
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>> we have roughly around 1,000 that is a rough estimate because we get they will every day. every dress is donated some new specificallior the prom shop and i think someone was asked do you do this and no, we didn't at the time and then it was like this is a great idea and we should do that. over the years it has grown and grown. if you think about just the dress alone can cost several hundred dollars and add shoes, accessories and make-up it adds up and that's forth an expense some families can afford. amber: this is where at the set up at the church and you can see gorgeous dresses will fill it. you can shop friday and saturday and come from anywhere to do so. >> we have to restrictions on where you live or what school. we had self home school students come. we would love to have as many girls as opinion. amber: girls who will find it
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priceless. amber: the apex united methodist prom shop is open for anyone looking for a dress tomorrow and then saturday. they are still taking donations up until the day of the event. they have plus size dresses. you can get all the information on under the abc11 together tab. barbara: i love attachment amber: they have 1,000 dresses. people coming from buzz loads. barbara: they look beautiful. john: great idea. it is now 4:57. still to come giving the gift of life. a 13-year-old undergoing a heart transplant. what his mom says about his second chance at life.
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john: breaking fusenews two men dead in a car off glenwood avenue what police are saying the barbara: the campaign trail running hot in north carolina. what you need to know about hillary clinton's triangle visit today feel john: donald trump's promise to the military during a stop in fayetteville. the major milestone today in the construction of raleigh's newest cathedral. welcome on thursday march 10. 60 degrees an 5:00. john john. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. we will update the breaking news in a moment but first meteorologist don schwenneker is in the storm storm. about good morning to you. a lot like yesterday. a few more clouds and more patchy fog but otherwise
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and into the near 80-degree range today. this afternoon very warm across the region. a look at numbers from across the area right now, 60 roxboro, 59 chapel hill. 58 sanford, 59 fayetteville. 59 clinton and 55 in roanoke rapids. 27 depress warmer by lunchtime up to 75. this afternoon around 80 degrees under partly sunny skies. warm day shaping up today and warmest of the next seven. we will talk about the rain in the complete forecast in a bit. barbara: back to breaking fuse raleigh police are looking for clues after finding two dead in a car. they are focused on this parking lot behind the pa they are row bread in northwest raleigh. it is 6100 block of glenwood avenue. you see police combing the area. gloria rodriguez is working the sources and we hope to get more information about the


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