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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 530 AM  ABC  March 10, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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we will see temperatures climb like yesterday. a look at the day ahead and we are near 60 by 7:00. in the 60's by 9:00 and 70's by 11:00 and we will be in the 70's to almost 80 degrees. current numbers across the region 60 in roxboro, 59 chapel hill. 56 sanford, 60 goldsboro and 58 clinton. by lunchtime it is 75 degrees under partly sunny skies. and through the afternoon 80 degrees and partly sunny exercise. guys day shaping up today and very warm. after today a little cooler and we will see raindrops. we have that in the complete forecast but now we have weather and traffic with amber rupinta. amber: we will take to you baeking news in do you recall they have video just coming in. look at the tractor-trailer that is flipped over. this is going on right on
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point to give you appear an idea renaissance road near orlando drive fear the higher-end car stores by south point. this trucks turning. we are told he sevened to hit a dear and boxes of clothing fell out. westbound lanes are closed there on renaissance and just if you want to get around that 40 is the alternate. we will work on getting you more information. renaissance parkway closed near south point paul. we have a delay into raleigh this is barlow and continental way due to an accident. a lot of green in the live returns. weather is cooperating but ongoing soared work here due to construction on 40 between 64 and 440 so watch for that.
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we are following two big stories. breaking fuse out of pennsylvania caitlin knute is tracking developments. caitlin: good morning. a barrage of gunshots shake a community overnight. five people were killed and at least three others injured. this is in the borough of wilkinsburg inial allegany county. two gunmen barged two a party and opened fire in an a.m. bush style attack. >> this street is quiet and to see that is shocking to everyone else. i'm saying so it is pretty bad. caitlin: as of right now all we know about the victims is four women appear within man were killed. at least two gunmen are said to be on the loose. john: support breaking fuse raleigh police investigating two men found dead in a car.
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glenwood avenue in a parking lot lined a panera bread and comfort inn suites. gloria rodriguez is there. gloria: no arrests have been made at this time. right now i'm near the panera and comfort inn and police officers have blocked off a portion as they investigate. behind me is where police found two men dead in a vehicle. as i mentioned, no arrests have been made at this time. police say they are following up on some leads. our photographer was the first person here at 12:30 and officers taped off to look for clues into what happened. the raleigh police department says officers were doing a welfare check at this parking lot on glenwood avenue and located the two men in the car. the investigation does continue and if you have any information
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raleigh police department. again, portions around the comfort inn and panera bread have been blocked off. you can still get in businesses here. live in raleigh, tprr tkhror, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: turning to vote 2016 now democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton and bernie sanders battling it out in miami just days before voters go to the polls in florida they disagree on many issues but last night they both agreed that donald trump shouldn't be president. kit called him up american and sanders said voters will never elect someone who insults many people. hillary clinton is expected at an want at hillside high in durham this afternoon. in the next half hour we will have a preview and how donald trump fired up the crowd in fayetteville. and abc11 is your election headquarters leading up to and
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the latest headlines and results and analysis on election night all at and on the abc11 mobile news app. barbara: a possible shake-up in texas this election season. a federal appeals court has decided to hold a new hearing on the voter i.d. law. it requires voters to show picture i.d. in august a three judge panel it has a discriminatory effect on minorities and violates part of the voting rights act but an order issued yesterday says a majority of the full court voted to hear it again. a new hearing date is not set. john: do you recall police are investigating a crash that left an 18-year-old dead on barbee fear hunter's lane yesterday. gamaliel gallegos-gonzalez ran off the road flipped over and rap into trees. they believe speed was a factor. neighbors say it a tricky curve to navigate and this is the second crash in the last six
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barbara: the torrential rains proving deadly in some states. don: we have warm conditions, close to the normal high for
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we wta don: welcome pwabgback. looking out the weather window partly sunny skies and a few more clouds. may see patchy fog. forth widespread. could be a little bit with more humidity. now we are in the 50's. by lunchtime 27 degrees warmer mid 70's. -- numbers, 60 roxboro, 58 hillsborough. 59 louisburg, 58 rocky mount siler city.
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goldsboro and 58 clinton. looking at the day ahead feel patchy fog and by lunchtime 75 and partly sunny skies and through the late day almost 80 degrees unpartly sunny skies. support clouds tomorrow and we have a chance of showers. we will talk about that and forecast forecasters say support heavy rain is possible. barbara: a durham family in mourning after someone gunned down a 15-year-old boy outside his home. holes in the house serve as a reminder of what happened on maplewood drive tuesday. keyshawn blue watched as e.m.s. loaded his brother and cousin into the ambulance after the
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his cousin survived but pounds died. police says he doesn't know who was behind it and he doesn't know fin who wanted to hurt his cousin or little brother. >> >>phobe turned on my street started shooting at my house for no reason. somebody somebody, they wanted somebody. i want to find out because it is my brother that is gone. it is just me now. barbara: police say it doesn't appear to be random but they are forth revealing why they believe that. a debate is heating up over the use of body cameras after a police officer shoted a killed a man. lawmakers heard from agencies with the pros and cons of cameras. supporters say at the create transparency and improve community relations but some feel they only give a partial perspective of the total scene. one main issue is who will have
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guidelines are established by lawmakers or left to each police agency. john: public viewing continues for former first lady nancy reagan. more than 3,000 visitors paid respects yesterday. she is in repose at the ronald reagan library. seal be buried inches from her husband. among the 1,000 invited guests who will stand the service are george w. bush and laura, hillary clinton and first lady michelle became. barbara: why a knife found on o.j. simpson's old property may forth make a difference. eubgs disappointing outcome after the first uterus transplant.
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barbara: welcome back. 5:44 and 58 degrees. a.m. bush style attack leaves five dead near pittsburgh. that is one story making headlines. police are look for at least two gunmen who opened fire on a party in wilkinsburg. three others were injured. four were dead on back porch. raleigh police looking for clues after two bodies are found in a car. just after 12:30 this morning officers were called to glenwood avenue to do a welfare check and found the bodies. hillary clinton is preparing for a trip to the triangle today. she is expected at an want at hill
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the doors open at 1:50 and if begins just before 4:00. john: if you charges filed again widow of an illinois police officer. charles gliniewicz staged his suicide to make it look like he was gunned down in the line of duty. his wife is charged with conspiracy for helping him get moan from a youth program. she was charged with felony counts of money laundering. this is a different way to charge with the seam crime it could tack three weeks before investigators find out if a ning it for d.n.a. or other material that could living the weapon to the gardeners and was too small to
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barbara: a lesson in gun safety for a mom who runs a pro gun facebook package who is recovering after she was shot by already four-year-old son. jamie told deputies she was driving when her son accidentally shot her in the back. her facebook package works to prbgt and expand her second amendment rights but statutes make it a misdemeanor for person to leave a loaded gun accessible to children. deputies are investigating whether criminal charges should be filed. a set back after the first uterus transplant failed. the 26-year-old woman got it last month and appeared to be doing well but experienced a sudden complication and doctors had to remove it week. the hospital is looking into what went wrong. john: a break for residents of flint. it says it will stop sending water bills until april so it can account for $30 million of aid from the state. residents are usingottled
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of high levels of lead in the tap water. the if you push to fill the vacancy on the supreme court this time from 21 democratic attorneys general. that group says delaying the hearing or vote on a follow knee would undermine the rule of law and states rely on the high court to resolve disputes and decide questions of federal law or rule on the constitutionality of state law. barbara: the problems continue to mount for volkswagen. the president is off the job and the company says he reached an agreement with the international partner company to resign. it has been under fire since admitting some diesel cars had software that was programmed to cheat on emissions test. it effects up to 11 million vehicles. john: we will check in with "big weather" who has a big h on forecast. stkpwa we will go close to 80. coast yesterday.
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that will push us to 80. formally we should be 62 is we are way above average. we will saytay there. we will so you what is going on with a look at the day ahead. you may see patchy fog east of the trying. we go from the 60's to mid 70's by lunchtime and this afternoon more cloud cover and partly sunny skies and warm with temperatures back near 80. live look into raleigh and seeing light, sunrise still 42 means away. southwest wind at 8 miles an hour and those winds are going to kick up. live look into joined fayetteville. 59 right now. light in the sky. 87% humidity. south wind two miles an hour. numbers from across region 60 roxboro, 59 chapel hill. 08 wilson. offensive goldsboro and 59 in fayetteville. latest satellite and radar composite shows cloud cover on the satellite. doesn't so anything on the radar. you can see storms out west that
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heavy showers continue in the folks in louisiana. stocks, arkansas, fortune mississippi being pounded with rain. crowser to us clouds and sunshine mixing. by 5:00 partly sunny skies and temps in the 70's. tomorrow support cloud cover and poke friday. this area drops through midday you could see a sprinkle. post places stay dry but an isolated chance of a village tomorrow. then as it lifts north saturday again possibility of a sprinkle. that would be later in the day. at this point it looks like we will get the st. patrick's day parade in. should be good news there. into sunday could you describe bring showers and i think sunday could be rather wet in spots. we see the southwest flow today and winds working out of the southwest pumping warm air in. we will see the warm temperatures again raleigh by lunchtime 75 degrees. as we go two the afternoon we
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support cloud cover and warm temperatures on the way of 80 speufld of 79 cary, 79 holly springs and 80 fayetteville and 78 sanford, 80 goldsboro. 75 south hill, virginia. big story will be the winds, they will be gusting up to 25 miles an hour. tonight back into the 50's for overnight lows. 58 raleigh. offensive fayetteville. 57 durham. support clouds, warm, patchy fog. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, tomorrow back to 77. saturday 6. the raleigh st. patrick's day parade say hi. we will be in the parade. abc11 are be around the -- will be around the parade and we will be streaming it. saturday night two sunday we spring forward and 73 and rain on sun. monday showers ending. 75. we stay warm. fear fear 80 for the middle of next
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coolest day of the next seven is saturday. amber: i like that kind of crazy. i will take it. barbara: that is the crazy we feed. amber: south point paulmall an overturned vehicle that avoided hitting a deer. that is near south point in the auto park to give you a landmark. a lot of boxes of clothing. it looks like they were going to drop that at the mall. we can take the mapping system and give you a couple of alter fates -- alternates. nothing else in the way. that tractor-trailer here near south point go i-40 or massey chapel road. you can see you can take it up
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around the westbound lanes. volume is light so it shouldn't be a huge issue. but to avoid it 40 or massey chapel hill. we have light volume and everything there is moving fine. 40 eastbound clear. 64 to 70 five minutes. 440 to the beltline four minutes durham on durham freeway six minutes from 40 to 15 fplt.
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john: wehen baby number three (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates
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americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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john: welcome back. 5:55 and 58 degrees. barbara: the baldwin family is getting bigger. they are expecting their third child. his wife posted a photo of them holding a blue teddy bear with the message we are having another addition a little boy this fall. me girl could be stage girls. the writer tina fey said she is close to working out the musical based on the comedy. but they would not be part of that cast. john: it is almost that time year very long break and watch for a surge in travelers this season. an airline industry group expects to see a record number of passengers in march and april up 3% from last year.
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lauderdale will see the best. asheville and charlotte raved among the top 10 cities building a reputation in the craft beer industry. the magazine called asheville the epicenter of southern towns with great craft breweries. still to come a 13-year-old undergoing a heart transplant what his mom says about the second chance at life. barbara: reaching new heights.
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john: breaking news two people found dead in a car off glenwood avenue what raleigh police are satisfying about the developing investigation. barbara: campaign trail running high in north carolina. what uyou need to know. john: donald trump's promise to the military in fayetteville. major milestone today in the construction of raleigh's newest cathedral. good morning, carolina, welcome on thursday march 10, 6:00. 58 degrees. i'm john clark.
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thanksgiving you for joining us. we will now go to weather and traffic with meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. good morning. don: good morning to uyou. that's for starting with us. we start with a look at temperatures and wow what a climb we see. we will be in the 50's in some locations, sofa others. 70's by this afternoon and near 80 degrees it afternoon. current numbers it is 58 roxboro and chapel hill. 61 southern pines. 57 clinton and fayetteville. 59 goldsboroed a wilson. 55 smithfield and roanoke rapids. louisburg 55 degrees. we look at the day ahead and in the 50's and patchy fog. by lunchtime partly sunny and 75. through the late day we will see partly sunny skies and 80 degrees. warmest day of the next seven today but then it is still well above average. we will talk about that and


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