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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  March 10, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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we are backed up here in the woods against the crime scene tape. let me show you the scene here where the suv was removed an hour ago. this is from the parking lot in pineiro bread. police said the two were shot to death. raleigh police spotted the crime scene earlier this morning. they were responding to a 911 call. two bodies were found in this dark suv in the pleasant valley area of glenwood avenue. police are investigating it as a homicide. the mother of the victim said police showed them a picture of her sign of the murder scene and she positively identified him. she was distraught, saying she couldn't understand what happened.
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he was violent -- she was not violent. he wasn't involved in anything. >> he was a sweetheart, those were hard words to hear from a mother who just found out that she lost her son. police are starting to remove the crime scene tape. barbara: now, and a presidential candidate is coming to be triangle, it is hillary clinton. the former secretary of state is holding a campaign rally at hillside high school in durham. on monday, her husband campaign for her in raleigh as well. andrea blanford is live and
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up. >> that's right. crews are setting up for this rally that will start around 4:00. campaign staffers tell us that she will stick a stage around 4:20. i want to give you a look. there is lots of standing room here. the campaign team really wants to fill up these bleachers here on this side. they'his comes a day after her heated debate. of course, hillary clinton and her husband paved the way for the north carolina visit. bill clinton stumped for her on monday. we do see if you women out front this morning we got here and they are here well before the doors open to the public. sometime around 1:30 is when the doors will open but they were
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they are looking for do seeing their candidate in person today. we are told that hillside high school will be wilbur presented at the rally today. hillary clinton takes the stage around 4:20 and the 20 minutes will be filled by performances from the choir and the band and the mayor is also expected to speak, along with the democratic leader of the house. so a lot of will be happening here later in the day.
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trump cannot be president. bernie sanders says voters will many kinds of people. john: donald trump was in fayetteville last night. >> we are going to win with the we will not out isis. you'll win with our military. we will win with our best because we are going to take care of our great veterans. john: after his rally, some of his supporters clashed with protesters outside the coliseum, causing fayetteville police to get involved. some of the protesters outside had been thrown out earlier for disrupting the rally.
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talking to eyewitness news about how he was treated. eyewitness news will have much more on these stories today beginning at 4:00. november, abc11 is your election headquarters leading up to and on primary night. the latest headlines plus result and analysis on election night is on and on the mobile news app. plus, stay tuned our live chat at 1:00 on durham election officials will walk you through the new election rules before you head to the polls. barbara: happening now, police are investigating a crash that left a 19 euro -- left and 18 euros dead. he ran off the road, flipped over and ran into the trees. neighbors tell us that this is a tricky curb to navigate. this is the second crash here in months. no children were hurt in this
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this happened at the intersection of heritage middle school and heritage high school students were on board. another bus was called to pick up the students that were on. seven marines, along with four national guardsmen were killed in a black hawk helicopter crash in florida. john: a memorial march will begin tomorrow to honor those marines. 14 marines will march and the march will span several days. a joint investigation found the pilots disobeyed specific orders by flying into severe weather. that her support -- that report was released in october 2015.
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barbara: a hospital is restricting visitors due to flu cases. they are asking anyone under the age of 12 years old to stay away from the patient care areas. after a relatively low flu season, the hospital said assad 20 flu cases last week. the department of health and human services is expected to update us on flu activity in north carolina today. so far, there have been five deaths. john: happening today, a group of residents will be sharing their ideas for improving raleigh's police department. the task force will implement more body cameras and create an oversight board. and influence strong anti-biased police training. at noon, a major milestone today for the new cathedral under
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barbara: that's right. chopper hd was over there as the dome was installed. gloria rodriguez is there live now with more on this. >> good afternoon to you. take a look at this. it weighs 160 tons. it was quite a production to move in there and it was a special moment for those here. >> this bishop and priest sing and prayed. as the dome is placed on the holy name of jesus cathedral in raleigh. the bishop says about 23,000 people donated to the project. the cathedral will see 2000 people. >> we need another church because of our growth. the fact that we are at a point in our history with a growing
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>> many watched as the crane lifted the dome. this resident says it will be a home for catholics in the area. x very special. >> julianne moore degrees. she is not catholic but she appreciates the architecture. x i admire the time and effort. it is amazing. >> the dome was built on the ground. >> we did that for safety issues so that if you have workers who are up there at that height, the possibility of a catastrophe happening is much more so. we were able to scaffold and build it on the ground. >> back here live, a cross will be placed on top of the dome and i'm told that could happen as early as next week. as for the week. as for the cathedral, it is expected to be completed next year. i'm live in raleigh, gloria rodriguez. barbara: and newborn baby is
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john: what the mother could have done to prevent facing charges. us, an update on a local teenager who underwent a heart transplant overnight. barbara: and, the so-called hot felon, remember this guy? we will to you what he is up to now. john: here is a look outside. you can see the mixture of clouds there. the temperatures are warming up. don: they are, we are seeing the warm air patient. we are already in the mid-70's in some spots and it will get
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john: welcome back. here is a live look. it is 74 degrees outside. don schwenneker is coming up with the seven day forecast. the city of raleigh is holding a public meeting today on a plan to widen cross road. the city has completed the preliminary design based on input from citizens at the first survey. residents and landowners will design and how the improvements may impact the area.
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now, to an updated on a local teenager who received a new heart. barbara: according to his mom, the surgery was a success and he is recovering and doing well. we introduce you to him in december, he has spent his entire life in and out of hospitals, battling a condition called dilated coronary myopathy. his mom shared her reaction to the news before the surgery last night. >> i immediately thought about the family. who sacrificed? who lost their child or their family member? they gave the organ up for us and so many others and i'm so grateful to them, whoever they are and wherever they are. i am grateful. because now this child gets to live through my child. you know? and it is a perfect heart.
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with the family to see how he is doing. it is good to hear this was a success. john: that is wonderful news. barbara: a gun rights supporter shot by her own son. john: that story is coming up. >> i didn't know what to do. john: and, caught in the act. there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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john: a north carolina couple arrested after they were caught in the act, attempting to bury a body. barbara: why the suspect says he isn't a killer. he says he was suspending -- he says he was defending himself. >> they brought him appear, i didn't know what to do. i never wanted to fight my uncle that he came at me with a knife. i tried to defend myself. barbara: authorities arrested him and his girlfriend after a call about a body behind the house. they soon found the body. body was covered with leaves and tires and would. john: five people are dead and
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incident in wilkinsburg near pittsburgh. a manhunt for multiple suspects is underway but so far, no one is in custody. a party was going on in the home when it occurred. it appears that triggered from an argument. two of the people injured are in critical condition. barbara: a lesson in gun safety for a mom who runs a pro-gun program. she was driving when her son accidentally shot her in the back. she works to protect and expand that amendment right but now faces a misdemeanor for leaving a loaded gun accessible to a child. it is unclear if any credible charges will be filed. in arizona, police are searching for the parents of this abandoned newborn baby. this child was found in the front yard of a house yesterday
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attached. the seven pound eight ounce baby is in the hospital and doctors say she appears to be healthy. arizona has a safe haven law allows a person to lead a newbornmore heavy rain in the region as possible. president barack obama and first lady is welcoming justin trudeau to the white house. others at the ceremony included john kerry and susan wright.
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trudeau and president obama held their first oval office meeting. he will be the guest of honor at tonight's dinner. barbara: a man from the reality show pawn stars has been arrested. methamphetamine and a gun were found at his home. john: the california felon who became an internet sensation after his mug shot went viral is out of jail and has a modeling contract. he was arrested in 2014 and went to prison for robbery and gun possession. he was released on tuesday and while in prison, he kept his instagram updated thanks to his manager. he has more than 27,000 followers. barbara: maybe he will stay on the straight and narrow. john: all right. barbara: we will let you know if
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don: what a gorgeous day. you can see the flag across the street blowing a little bit. this warm air is with us and it will stick around through the afternoon. good afternoon to you. let's show you what's going on. the temperatures will continue to climb up near 80 degrees by 4:00 this afternoon. ask through the 70's this evening and in the 60's through midnight and in the triangle, as we head down to be sandhills, we may get up to 80 degrees and a little bit more and back to the 70's for the evening hours. a live look in downtown raleigh, a lot of clouds with a little bit of blue sky. 74 degrees and a 59% humidity. the wind is at 18 miles per hour. a live look into durham, 73 degrees. the southwest wind at 12 balls per hour but gusts going to 22 miles per hour.
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wind at six miles per hour. for a look at what is temperatures across the region, we are looking at wake county where it is 71 degrees in durham. 75 degrees in willow springs. as we zoom out to the rest of the area, you will notice the temperatures across the region are in the 70's as well. 75 degrees in pines. 71 degrees in oxford. we see the clouds moving through. the lattice -- the latest satellite radar composite shows clouds moving through. we have clouds but no rain. we consume out to the poor folks in louisiana who are continuing to get pounded by this shower activity. that will stay out there for a while. the pressure is acting like a wall and forcing it to stay there.
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see a break in the clouds this afternoon. we could see some fog by tomorrow at 1:00, notice a sprinkle lower -- a sprinkle around here. but the better rain chances come on sunday. i 4:00, 79 degrees. across the area today, 79 degrees in holly springs. 78 degrees in durham. mostly sunny skies in pinehurst. 80 degrees in fayetteville. 79 degrees in wake forest. 75 degrees in roxboro. tonight, temperatures back into the 60's. 60 degrees in durham. in the first alert seven day forecast, tomorrow, temperatures back into the 70's. 77 degrees on friday with a straight sprinkle. same thing on saturday afternoon. the st. patrick's day parade on saturday, we should be fine for
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the air freight business after the news that it has signed a five-year lease for airliners. they are looking to cut costs and in short -- and ensure on-time delivery. john: the list of top jobs -- the top paying jobs is out and physicians take home the fattest paychecks, on average. $180,000 is the median base salary. lawyers are second with $144,000. my number three is research and development managers. barbara: watch for a surge in travelers. the airline group expects to see a record number of passengers in march and april, up 3% from last year.
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the public continues to pay its
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>> the only station with three newsrooms. downtown raleigh, durham and fayetteville. abc 11 eyewitness news continues. barbara: more information is coming from the scene of a shooting and a double homicide in raleigh. the car was found behind a popular restaurant and investigators are looking for clues. we are joined now by ed crump.
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all of the crime scene tape has come down at the suv where the two men were found has been towed away. investigators are talking to people in the hotel on the other side of the parking lot and there is activity in a second parking lot behind our camera. it was not long after midnight that a 911 caller told a dispatcher that he saw two bodies in a dark suv behind the panera bread. police turned their attention to a black honda pilot. our crews were first on the scene and reported that it appeared to man had been shot. about an hour ago, police confirmed that saying they are now investigating a homicide. the mother of one of the victims said police police showed her a picture of one of the victims faces and she did positively identify him. she said her son was a good boy and she couldn't understand why someone would do that.
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he was not violent. he wasn't involved in anything. >> he was a sweetheart, he wasn't violent and he wasn't involved in anything. heartbreaking words from a distraught mother. i want to show you this parking lot that we are in, we are behind the narrow bread. you can see that this building here, police have been guarding this all morning. they have been had -- police went up on the roof of the building. we couldn't tell if they found anything. live in raleigh, abc 11, eyewitness news. john: now, to vote 2016.went up on the roof of the building. we couldn't tell if they found anything. live in raleigh, abc 11, eyewitness news. john: now, to vote 2016.
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t if they will be filling up all of the bleacher space. clinton's visit to durham comes the day after her debate with bernie sanders in florida, another state that will hold the primary on tuesday along with us in north carolina. bill clinton paves the way for her visit when he stumped for her in raleigh on monday. and bernie sanders will be in town tomorrow for his own campaign rally in raleigh. we saw a few women out front this morning at hillside high school who got here well before the doors opened and one of them
12:35 pm
the cin durham, i am andrea blanford. john: thank you. happening now, republican presidential candidates are gearing up for the final major gop debate. donald and his rival will hit the stage tonight. trump supporters and protesters -- he was interrupted nearly 20
12:36 pm
donald trump may have a 67% unfavorably rating in the latest abc news poll but he is ahead in the races. ahead of marco rubio in florida at john kasich in ohio. barbara: families plan to send a strong message to governor pat mccrory. they have been letting -- they have been living off of bottled water for almost a year. that group is upset over recent changes to water quality standards and they will be holding a conference at 5:00. that is an hour before the department of environmental quality at 6:00. the public continues to say goodbye to nancy reagan. people are coming to view the casket. funeral.
12:37 pm
sunday in her los angeles home because of heart failure. >> more than 3000 visitors came to see mrs. reagan yesterday. more are expecte
12:38 pm
>> behind ronald reagan forations are underwayrprise, -- drug awareness program. part of the legacy she leaves behind. >> giving readings and remarks to memorialize her, and also, and one of the famous love
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john: thank you. barbara: a theft is caught on camera. coming up, we will to you what this man was ceiling from inside
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and later, teacher of the year.barbara: it is time for the must
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>> we begin with wild weather in the united arab emirates yesterday. workers at this skyscraper were trying to keep the doors closed but look at that. strong gust of wind lows debris right into the door and splashing through the glass. neither man was hurt. and check out this poor dog. this dog got waged under a police cruiser. the offers are tried coaxing it out and even tried offering a hot dog. the dog was eventually taken to an animal shelter and will be up for adoption if no one claims him. and, say cheese. posing for a selfie. west was documenting how often the 80 something-year-old tortoise was hiccuping when allie approached him, took a peek at the camera and took a selfie. zoo officials say she weighs
12:43 pm
now to a bizarre robbery caught on camera in australia. in this video, you see a man going back and forth inside this public restroom. he comes out and brings out part of the restroom. the urinal and a mirror, he makes several poses as he checks for passersby, unaware that he was being reported on closed-circuit tv. i wonder what he is going to do with those? maybe he is remodeling. barbara: i have never seen anything like that. john: just when you think you have seen it all. barbara: two children, not old enough to be left alone, grabbed the keys and head out for a joyride. john: plus, raising the dome. barbara: let's take a live look in fayetteville. a few clouds in the sky but
12:44 pm
don: yes, blue sky is breaking through and in other parts as well. that is going to push our temperatures up with all of the sunshine. possibly 80 degrees, coming up next. as we had to break, we check on your doppler radar.
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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john: a california teacher is recovering after risking her life to save her students. barbara: the kindergarten teacher was walking with the students and she reportedly heard a cracking sound and warned the students to back away. the bridge missed the children but hit the teacher, causing a head injury. she is expected to make a full recovery. a tree expert will siblings. it's possible they drove as much as a 10th of a mile before crashing but neither toddler were hurt.
12:48 pm
john: happening now, a construction of a new cathedral here in raleigh takes a step forward. barbara: gloria rodriguez is there right now with a look. >> the dome is now sitting on top of the cathedral and take a look at it. it weighs 160 tons so it was quite a production to move it there. the dome is lifted and placed on top of the cathedral in raleigh. many came to watch the big moment. 23,000 people donated to the project. >> have a population growing so much. >> a cross will be placed on top of the dome. he cathedral is expected to be completed next year. john: all right. nice weather for that. don: it looked pretty with the
12:49 pm
they have had had great weather but the problem is that the wind is starting to pick up so it is better that it got done this warning. this afternoon, we could see some wind gusts going up to 24 miles brouwer. we will talk about that in a moment. we will see 70's near 80 degrees today. the sun will clear out a little bit. we will see less than the way of cloud cover and more the way of sunshine as we go through the overnight. we are seeing a little radar return. it isn't much and as we get down through goldsboro, we will throw this into motion. most of this is not heading into ground -- hitting into the ground. there's a live look into downtown raleigh. skies are clearing a little bit. blue skies out there. 74 degrees out there.
12:50 pm
from there, a live look into durham. the temperature is in the 70's, 75 degrees. the wind is gusty. wind gusts getting up over 20 miles per hour. to a live look -- blue skies at the beach with temperatures a little bit cooler. they wind is warring out of the southwest. temperatures across the rest of the region, we have 72 degrees in roxboro, 72 degrees in oxford. 77 degrees in rocky mount. 75 degrees in southern pines. 75 degrees in goldsboro. we have some of the warmest air along the east coast, you can see down into atlanta, 72 degrees and 70's that into jackson.
12:51 pm
that cooler air is going to stay up there and we will stay with a mild temperatures. we have showers working through now. for the moment, we are not seeing anything in the way of rain, just cloud cover that will break up through this afternoon. we will have temperatures of around 80 degrees in downtown raleigh. across the region. 79 degrees in holly springs. tonight, temperatures will fall back into the 60's for the overnight lows. 60 degrees in durham. in the seven day forecast, we have temperatures in the 70's tomorrow. abc11 will be live at the parade, come on down and say hello. we spring forward on sunday and back near 80 degrees by next week. barbara: this weekend, thousands
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john: coming up,john: this sunday, thousands of runners will take place in the tobacco road marathon and half marathon. 21 miles of this marathon are run on the american tobacco israel which has minimal turns on paved roads. those are qualities that make
12:55 pm
for runners. abc11 together is a proud sponsor and joining us is the marathon founder. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having us. john: how many folks do you think will come out? >> probably 7000 or 8000 people. with the families and the kids, everybody coming, we have about 4000 full runners. anywhere from 8000-10,000 people will be coming around the finish line. john: and you are doing this to raise money for a local nonprofit? where does the money go? >> yes. over the last six years, we have given more than $600,000 to
12:56 pm
wounded warriors is one of the ones close to my heart. and also juvenile diabetes. we also do it for wake county parks and recreation. 100% of the proceeds go to that. john: do you still need volunteers? >> yes. over 700 volunteers but if everyone would like to volunteer, they can go online to sign up. john: if you want to be a spectator, what advice do you have? >> they can be at the finish line or the starting line or meet at a different part of the trail. they can go to the tobacco road's marathon website and see exactly where the runners will be.
12:57 pm
>> it is the fastest and flattest course. john: again, here is the information about the tobacco road marathon. it is this sunday, march 13 and it is a marathon and half marathon starting at 8:00 a.m. to raise money. get more permission by going to the website. or go to barbara: eyewitness news is following several developing stories this afternoon. donald trump protesters were escorted out of the coliseum last night and he was punched in the face by another man attending the event. eyewitness news has video of the incident and we will have more on this to story beginning at 4:00. plus, more on the double murder investigation in raleigh. two men were found dead in an suv behind a restaurant this morning. police say they were shot to
12:58 pm
barbara: from the raleigh
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barbara gibbs with john clark, >> announcer: pack your bags, because our hosts are going coast to coast and saluting america's best dishes. clinton's shaking things up with a buzzy drink straight from the island -- long island, that is. then, carla's taking us down south with a decadent sweet treat that'll have everyone begging for seconds. plus, michael symon is putting his spin on an american classic, the casserole. the adventure begins right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, hello. welcome to "the chew." thank you guys very much, we appreciate that, thank you. you know -- [ patriotic music ] america, it's the land of the


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