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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  March 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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now. actually, inside. andrea: good afternoon. we are inside with some 2000 people or more. this place is packed. this energetic crowd have been getting ready for bernie sanders. he should be addressing the crowd shortly. a lot of his supporters say they will vote for him because he is consistent. hillary clinton has flip-flopped on issues that matter. among his many campaign promises are to take on wall street. -- he will, on stage any minute now.
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>> people can support him. he also listens to people. that is rare in a politician nowadays. it is something people look for. >> i feel that he is for the people. he is for education. i believe in universal health care. and i believe all of our topic institutions should be free. andrea: those were some of the voters we talked to earlier, explaining why they feel the bern, as they say, among senator sanders' supporters. the crowd is getting revved up for him getting on stage. this is a very big moment as we get closer to our primary next tuesday. this comes on the heels of
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he will speak for about an hour, whereas hillary clinton spend about 20 minutes yesterday. it will be interesting to see how sanders addresses the issues in front of this rally crowd. john: injure blanford -- andrea blanford in the very loud crowd there. you can watch bernie sanders' speech right now on we are streaming his speech live on the website for you. barbara: monday, ted cruz will return. he was in raleigh wednesday. monday, he will visit fayetteville tech pay the exact details are still being sorted out. we will let you know here on eyewitness news. hours ago, ben carson formerly endorsed donald trump. carson said after the negative things that trump has said about
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>> donald trump talks about making america great, but it is not just talk. he means it. i will be helping him. barbara: carson said there are two donald trump's, the one on the debate stage, and the other a measured side that considers things carefully. john: donald trump was among the four republican presidential candidates who faced off in a debate. he wrote off marco rubio and john kasich of having a realistic chance of winning the nomination. he holds a double-digit lead in rubio's home state of florida. immigration is a key topic there. one hot topic last night at the debate was a visa program. but most notable was that of the debate was mostly civil. donald trump was also asked about violence between his rallies. this comes after a violent incident in babel that went
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additional charges now filed against the man caught on camera throwing a punch at a protester. after viewing the video, john mcgraw was charged with communicating threats and a salt. they say mcgraw told the crowd he enjoyed hitting the man is even heard saying on camera "next time i might kill him." ricky and jones couldn't believe what happened to him. >> the crowd you updated and were cheering us out. so we said let's just go. john: jones' friend recorded everything. they say that the diabetes then the taser them. mcgraw is due in court next week. -- they say the deputy threatened to taser them.
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barbara: into the ground, she will be as close to him as though they could hold hands. barbara: abc news will have special live coverage of the funeral services starting at 2:00. you can watch it live here on abc 11. the duke and duchess of cambridge are shining a light on suicide prevention. john: the royal couple made a mental health and issue. the focus --
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off of the french slopes and the family vacation these adorable snaps. >> from now on, we will see them carry out a lot of public engagements. one of the things they will focus on is mental health. >> william and kate attending charity events thursday. the first, and emotional meeting with mental health supporters, shining a light at suicide prevention at a hospital. even chatting with a man who attempted suicide and was saved by a passerby. following that, a discussion with school children at kensington palace. >> and a lot of people set out the word they were embarrassed out bout their problems, but william and kate told me not to be ashamed, so they thought it was ok. >> the royals making mental health issues geared to their hearts.
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kate recently turning kensington palace into a newsroom, commissioning a number of articles and blogs on mental health. william and kate packing in as many events as they can before taking a royal tour of india next where -- next month. john: in kentucky, ats injured escape the flames. firefighters are not trying to pinpoint the cause. barbara: nash county is the latest law-enforcement enforcement agency to use body cameras. all deputies are now equipped with the cameras. the 28 cameras were purchased through a federal grant. share of keith jones says it was
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policy. john: carolina will continue its much towards an acc title this evening. they take on notre dame in washington in the semi finals. the tar heels the fetid pittsburgh yesterday. the fighting irish eat duke in overtime pay these teams faced off in the finals last year, with notre dame claiming their victory. tipoff is at 7:00 on espn. barbara: michal jordan will be encouraging -- in fable. th charlotte hornets owner is visiting a high school tonight. he is a number of speakers taking part in the state student council convention. he will answer some questions. other speakers include kj sc rivens, and the state school superintendent. cam newton is never scared to take a fashion risk.
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what the quarterback was wearing last night that has social media talking. barbara: and some faculty at duke university is talking about joining a union. the symbolics support they received. here's a live look at the raleigh skyline. don: good afternoon. a nice day shaping up. a lot of clouds, but it is mild. we get your complete seven-day forecast coming up next. checking your first (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound)
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we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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john: a live look at fayetteville street, outside the new center where it is 76 degrees. don schwenneker is coming up with the seven day forecast. durham city leaders showing support to duke faculty members considering joining a union. the nontenure track faculty of our exploring the idea of forming a union. they want higher pay, better benefits, and job security. the durham city council passed a resolution supporting the right of duke faculty to form a union. barbara: gf k announced a $1 million grant to the arena. the grant will be used to support young people on the verge of becoming too old for foster care. around 500 of this -- of those
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ready to hit the workforce. cam newton is getting a hit for his unique hat choice. john: he was in los angeles. kobe bryant and lebron james was on the court. on the sidelines -- check out that hat. now getting compared to pharrell williams' grammy hat, smokey the bear, or one that harry potter may have one. maybe he is thinking arby's. one woman'surrounding the man known as the dog whisperer. why law enforcement visited one
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john: if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together,
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and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. barbara: the dow was up to which a 15 points. the nasdaq up 63. the s&p 500 up 27 points. a solemn day in japan, marking five years since the deadly tsunami.
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the coast has still not been fully rebuilt. the prime minister expressed his gratitude to the international community for the support provided. john: at least 15 people died in brazil after heavy rain fell in the area. rains triggered mudslides throughout the metropolitan area of sao paulo, also closing down the international airport for from a recent episode of "caesar 911" and a method used in a behavioral training session.
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president obama is headed to what is called spring break for nerds. the president and first lady hosted justin trudeau, prime minister of canada, last night. now he is headed to sxsw in texas. he is the first u.s. president to attend a bill to raise the smoking age to 21 has been passed. barbara: a teacher in washington state is out of a job after school administrators say she was drunk in class. the kindergarten teacher was fired last week. last month, the district said it appears that she was drunk. a coffee mug that smelled of blues was found in the
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she was escorted into the hallway, where she walked into a wall. a mississippi woman learned a tough lesson yesterday. turn around and do not drown. john: the woman was caught on camera trying to drive through floodwater. when she tried to get out, she ended up in deeper trouble. a good samaritan waited -- waded through the water to rescue her. fortunately, the driver was not hurt. barbara: we say it over and over again. don: and she hit the water so fasten the video, i wonder she was distracted. it was like sione and then lost control. just do not go into it. it only takes two seat to lift a semi's tires and have it floats. we do not see any flooding. we had great weather around
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clouds. region. temperature is around 80. same thing the past couple of days, falling into the 70's. even by midnight, still in the 60's. should be a nice night in the triangle. 80's this afternoon. could get up to 81 or 82. staying in the 70's through evening. by midnight, still in the mid 60's. a live look into downtown raleigh. right now, 76. 60% humidity. as far as a live look into fayetteville, the temperature right now at 77. 54% humidity. north wind five miles per hour. the temperature right now at 50% humidity and a southwest wind at 3:00. temperatures across the region,
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also 77 on willow springs. durham at 77. zooming it out, everyone else in the 70's. close to 80 in smithfield. 77 in sanford. 79 in wilson. satellite and radar composite through. not seeing rain. this is satellite and radar, but no rainfall to show you. louisiana. they have had inches and inches of rain. they are seeing it again. the heaviest rain in alabama and in northern parts of mississippi. this is a giant area of low back into texas. closer to home, cloudy. frontal boundary dropping through.
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most places do not see rain. 11:00 tomorrow during the parade , the st. patrick's day parade, it looks relatively rain free. shower, but most of the region stays dry. watch what happens sunday. sunday afternoon, showers arrive. the rest of the afternoon in raleigh, mostly cloudy skies. looking at temperatures across the region today -- those temps in the 70's from carrie to chapel hill. 79 in holly springs. 78 in sanford. 80's and fable and clinton. 80 in goldsboro. wake forest tops out at 78. 77 that roanoke rapids. 79 in wilson. tonight, 50's as the overnight lows. most places they rain free.
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your abc 11 first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, showing temperatures tomorrow at 68 degrees. if you're headed to the parade, 10:00 start, abc 11 will have a pop-up studio. if you cannot make it, it will be streamed alive. sunday, we bring forward. st. patrick's day is thursday. 74 degrees. john: nice forecast. barbara: thank you. it is march, and the madness is getting ready to come to raleigh. john: what businesses are doing for the local basketball -- what businesses are doing for the basketball tournam this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for
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and, we're offering twenty-four month, no interest financing. come in today for storewide savings. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. [thwack] the spring home event. from classic to contemporary, havertys. connected. lycos on his book and get the latest eyewitness news updates. john: raleigh is less than a the madness. basketball fans will make their way here, pnc arena playing host to the first two rounds to the tournament next thursday and saturday. sounds of the tournament already on display.
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businesses -- banners above the streets. restaurants are asked to get into the spirit by hanging up posters. an alliance wants restaurants to offer food and drink specials march 18, the day between the two games. and have all of their tvs tuned to the tournament game. one raleigh last hosted the tournament, 17,000 people visited greater raleigh. executive director there's got dupree says that generated more than $4 million in direct visitor spending. barbara: stamp prices are going down. the first-class postage stamp is dropping two cents, two years after the postal service announced its largest price increase in history. this is being implemented april 10. this will be the first time stamps will in -- will decrease in price since 1919.
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fell two cents to three cents. rally is feeling the bern this afternoon. john: we will take you back to downtown raleigh, where bernie sanders is in our backyard. he is speaking now. barbara: and a big day for women
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akannouncer: the only station with three newsrooms in downtown raleigh, downtown durham, and abc 11 eyewitness news continues. barbara: happening now, bernie sanders is in town. the candidate has a very loyal following. the admitted socialist is hoping to get others on board. andrea blanford is live with what he hopes is a winning strategy.
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sound is so behind you. andrea: this crowd has been getting revved up. we want to give ea look. he took to the podium and the crowd was on its feet. and every now and again, they are responding with a very loud cheers and applause. he did adjust an overflow crowd of a couple thousand people before he could be stage, he said. he made a point to speak to those who could not fit in the auditorium. he made sure there was a chance to see supporters face-to-face. before he came up, an 18-year-old bernie supporter opened the program, saying that he is gay and already voted for sanders because sanders advocated for the lgbt community. also mentioning the fact that sanders is rallying against big
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and he wants campaign finance reform and wants to reign in wall street. another young supporter urged people to take advantage of early voting going on right now. we are still here -- sanders coming off a big win in michigan. he is confident -- take a listen to what he said about possibly taking on donald trump. sen. bernie sanders: if you're going to vote logical and won a candidate who will defeat donald trump, i am that candidate. almost every poll out there shows me beating trump, often by double digits and often by a greater margin that hillary clinton. andrea: sanders took the stage
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he will speak for about an hour. you can get live updates on and later on eyewitness news. john: with just one more day left to participate in early voting, the naacp is expected to give an update in its campaign today. the civil rights group says that there press conference is in response to some confusion that some early voters have. look for the details at 4:00. tomorrow is the final day to vote early before tuesday's primary. barbara: the family of a murdered teenager will hold a vigil, marking two years since her murder. daniel lockley are's ex-boyfriend's charge with killing her and dumping her body and the south river. michael malloy was in court.
12:34 pm
whether to plead guilty. if he goes to trial and is found guilty, he could face trial that she could have no parole. john: today at the pnc arena, garth works and tricia yearwood. they are in town for a couple of big concerts. before they hit the stage, they speak to our cameras this afternoon. it is brooks' first appearance in the triangle in over 18 years and his first major headline appearance in raleigh. barbara: tune in at 4:00. john: women taking center stage in downtown raleigh. the conventions the age -- the convention center having the women's leadership conference. -- gloria: there is a lunch program going on behind me. the keynote speak it just took
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one thing we have heard about so much is the importance of women being confident in the workplace . more than 600 women registered for the women's leadership conference. the morning kickoff off with a panel discussion featuring local female leaders. women attended sessions about topics like finances and confidence. attendees say they got a great deal out of the conference. >> a lot about the urge and confidence and standing up for yourself. there will be times where you may be passed over for an opportunity because you are female. but you have to be able to stand strong. get the report. not second guess yourself. >> i have known people who were leaders but had a lack of confidence. it is inspiring to know it is not just you.
12:36 pm
fear, having the confidence said trust your gut. gloria: the keynote speaker is a co-author of "the confidence code." >> i will woman to understand that most of the time we underestimate our ability. we tell ourselves that we are not ready for that job or that promotion. that we need more experience. it needs to stop. we are ready and we have to turn to take risks and get out of our comfort zone. gloria: this event is put on by the greater raleigh chamber of commerce. abc 11 is proud to be a sponsor of the event as well. live in raleigh, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: former first lady nancy reagan will be there he today beside her husband on a hilltop that contains the ronald reagan presidential library.
12:37 pm
join in on a private service. sanna: relatives of every president dating back to john f. kennedy will be at the funeral today. we have live feed coming in from simi valle californiay,. we are just a little bit away from the funeral that nancy reagan herself plan. >> this photograph does >> they were very touchy-feely. unabashedly so. whether it was a car, bus, train, or airplane. they always have by -- they always sat side-by-side. >> the first ladies -- first lady's personal request that she
12:38 pm
ronald reagan's as possible. more than 1000 guests are expected to attend, including michelle obama, hillary clinton, george w and laura bush, as well as tom selleck and john stamos. even mr. t, who became close with mrs. reagan and her just say no anti-drug campaign. >> what should you do when someone offers you drugs? >> say no. >> it was that influence that had more than 5000 people lining up in the hot some to pay their respects this week. >> this woman did a lot. i saw her do a lot of things for the community. >> abc news or have special live coverage of the funeral service starting at 2:00 this afternoon. you can watch it here on abc 11. barbara: thank you. john: can your dog be mistaken
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according to a new meme, yes. barbara: also, do not ask why the chicken cross the road, as
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks
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my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. john: muffin or chihuahua?
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the question, posting this doppelganger. at this angle, the muffins and the chihuahua could be the same. she also asked mop or sheepdog? here is amber rupinta with more of the must-see videos. amber: you know, they have been getting so much rain in louisiana. check out this video from munro. fish swimming down the road. the massive rain that hit the air produced the scene this week. a student at the university of louisiana at monroe showed the creatures flopping around on the pavement. and jobs, look out. check out the monster great white a south carolina fishermen pulled in. 2500 pounds. it was 14 feet long. the men had to call for backup as they became exhausted trying to reel in the fish.
12:43 pm
talked with an acoustic tractor, and then set free. he is the first fishermen in years to catch a great white shark with only a real. a pangolin continues to give gratitude to its rescue air. a part-time fisherman found the bird and nursed him back to health after it was covered in oil. the penguin now returns every year after breeding season to visit its rescuers. >> carry on carry on amber: recognize that song? that is merely singing that when she was two years old. she had the habit of yelling out mama, so her family began
12:44 pm
it quickly became her favorite song. barbara: love it. how precious. you can see the must-see videos any time by going to or using the abc 11 eyewitness news mobile app. that was fun. uber is -- the company facing criticism. why the laundry detergent is coming under fire. barbara: a live look at dermer now. we are ready for the weekend. unfortunately, not a ton of sunshine. weekend. as we had to break, we check your first alert doppler network. this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's.
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you can get a delicious six-inch sub, made fresh in front of you. it's the three-dollar sub of the day: one of our best 6-inch subs, a different sub every day of the week, for just three dollars. the sweet onion chicken teriyaki, the juicy oven roasted chicken, the tender turkey breast, there's an irresistible sub for every day of the week. subway. fresh is what we do. barbara: an emergency phone numbers being tested by uber. it is testing what it calls a critical safety response line and 22 cities. the number is not a replacement for 911. it takes the caller to a call center that can deal with a
12:48 pm
john: detergent is said to be using -- barbara: maria sharapova taking responsibility for her use of the drug melodonium. she could have a suspension or four years. the drug maker is saying that that drug would not have given her. john: any competitive edge we could have rain this weekend?
12:49 pm
the st. patrick's day parade and a run on sunday should be rain free. but a couple of runner friends of mine say they like to run in the linker they say it will cool them off. we have a nice day. temperatures in the 70's all the way through 7:00. even by 8:00, 60's and we stay in the 60's through midnight. a live look at downtown raleigh. 76 under a mostly cloudy skies. southwest wind eight miles per hour. durham under a mostly cloudy sky. 78 degrees. normally, we should be around 59 to 60 degrees. we are almost 20 degrees above that. a live look in downtown fayetteville under a mostly cloudy sky. northwest wind at five. not quite as warm at the beach
12:50 pm
wind coming off of the water. in the mountains, the highest altitude is six degrees cooler. a beautiful shot looking over the smokey mountains. and some sun in the valley. let's check on temperatures. everyone in the 70's. 72 in south hill to 80 in louisville. 81 degrees and smithfield. 79 in clinton and goldsboro. lumberton, 77. the 70's are over our area. 76 here. 75 in atlanta. cooler air to the west trying to work east. 50 four in louisville. 49 minneapolis. the rain staying to the west, unfortunately for the folks in louisiana. they continues to get pounded with sour activity shifting into alabama.
12:51 pm
will not see any rain for the most part. a stationary front sets up over us that will keep cloud cover over a saturday. we will be on the northern side of us -- of this, so that is why we are in the 60's. we push back into the 70's, but with warmer air surging into cooler air, showers will work in on sunday. temperatures around 80 degrees in downtown raleigh. across the region, 80 in smithfield. 78 in chapel hill. 79 in holly springs. 80 and goldsboro. 79 in pinehurst. 79 in rocky mount. 78 in wake forest. with clouds around, we could have a stray sprinkle. most places stay dry. 58 in fayetteville.
12:52 pm
mostly dry for the st. patrick's day parade. isolated shower not out of the question. if you do not want to chance it, we will stream it live on if you do,, we will have our pop-up studio. sunday, temperatures back in the 70's. we spring forward saturday night into sunday. back to 80 on wednesday. thursday is st. patrick's day, even though we have the parade tomorrow. by st. patrick's day, cooler but still above normal.
12:55 pm
barbara:barbara: downtown raleigh will turn into a sea of green with the st. patrick's day parade. the parade starts at 10:00 and goes down wilmington street. the parade features hundreds of floats and marching bands. joining me is diane enright, director of the raleigh st. patrick's day parade committee. thank you for being with us. what can people expect tomorrow? >> a lot of fun and the see a lot of interesting things. not only the parade, but we also have the festival that follows in city plaza and along e street. we have lots of fun things for kids and the whole family to do. it is free and open to the public. barbara: great.
12:56 pm
about. you do not have to pay a lot of money at the parade. and the themes for the floats are fun. >> this year, we have a train float. it is called the irish express. i am excited to see it finished. barbara: it is not just the parade. there are a lot of other activities? >> we have a puppet show and storytelling for the kids. they are really excited to keep them entertained. barbara: what would you advise people to do with parking? >> check your raleigh parking map read it is online. use any of the decks available. just, early -- just come early. barbara: looking forward to a great day tomorrow. and if it rains, it will be spotty. once again, the st. patrick's day parade tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.
12:57 pm
if you cannot make it downtown, it will be streamed live on don: -- john: developing our raleigh, bernie sanders speaking to thousands of supporters. these are live pictures of the democratic residential hopeful firing up supporters. the primary vote is tuesday. the last day for early voting is saturday. we just learned t muir report -- special airs on "2020" tonight at 10:00. and you can stay connected all
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the spring home event is happening now. from classic to contemporary, havertys. this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped.
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