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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 1100 PM  ABC  March 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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they'll be tied in the loss column if it stays this way, as lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers, top team in the east, third best record in the league, are at staples. mike breen and hubie brown will have that tomorrow on abc. cleveland leads the east over toronto, just two in the loss column. cleveland wraps up a west coast trip. >> mark: not playing their best basketball right now. reason to be concerned because they're a team that needs to play great basketball and could be a problem facing the cavaliers. >> mike: toronto in second, boston in third. what does this mean for the thunder as they come in here and they do not have a good fourth quarter. this will count as a fourth quarter lead blown. got to get it in. no timeouts. morrow goes to the basket. misses the layup. aldridge the rebound, and the thunder will drop back-to-back
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the headline is san antonio 32-0 at home this year. they now are alone at third, 41 consecutive wins, a couple days shy of a full calendar year since they last lost at home. kawhi leonard, nine in the fourth, 26-point game and he's standing by with lisa. >> thank you, mike. kawhi, you guys turned it on in the fourth quarter. what was the difference down the stretch in in game? >> we p finally started to knock down shots. >> 26 points in the game but nine in the fourth quarter. what changed for you? >> like i said, i just started to knock down shots, got my rhythm going, my teammates found me, and just kept going from there. >> on the defensive end, how are you guys able to keep their
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>> we just competed the whole game and contest every shot. >> thank you. >> talk about the stars, lisa and what they did. oklahoma city's best players only one of nine from three. as a team oklahoma city only 17 points, shooting six of 18 in the fourth quarter. guys, thanks for letting me hang with you saturday night primetime. >> mark: it's been a pleasure. >> get you back to your normal partner. mike can deal with you the rest of the year on saturday nights. >> jeff: no rush. >> mike: with mark jackson, jeff van gundy and lisa salters, mike tirico saying so long from san antonio where the spurs win by 8
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finals abc. >> right now on eyewitness news, new information in the death of akiel denkins with family saying rally as the candidates make their final push before tuesday's primary. plus, breaking news, the tar heels win the a.c.c. championship.
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shapele hill to the nation's capital. eyewitness news at 11:00 starts right now. >> abc 11 eyewitness news starts right now. >> and breaking news off the top. the tar heels claiming their first a.c.c. men's basketball championship since 2008. carolina knocking off virginia. the final score 61-57. it was a tight game going into the half but u.n.c. able to pull this one out despite a last-second comeback effort by u.v.a. good saturday evening, everyone. i'm heather. this is a live look at the verizon center where fans are streaming out but let's see how they're celebrating with tim, live in shapele hill.
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>> hi, it's a little calm and tame. we were hanging out here at four dorn -- corners bar and you can see some u.n.c. fans filing out of the bar. when we were in the inside while the game was going on we heard a lot of cheers. people were excited every time the tar heels scored so people are very excited and happy about this win but again, it is still very tame out here on franklin street. security is here in case but right now everything is going very calm. heather, back to you. heather: tim, thank you. let's get right to mark armstrong, live at the verizon center in washington with the breaking details. what a thrilling finish tonight. mark: hey, guys, sorry. a bit of a commotion out here outside the verizon center. north carolina, though, the a.c.c. tournament champions for the first time in eight long years.
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for them to finally get it right . brice johnson, marcus paige, joel barry. i don't have the exact results but i'd be surprised if joel barry was not your a.c.c. tournament m.v.p. this team has almost entirely changed its play thus far. they out-defensed the team in the a.c.c. known most for its defense. the tar heels were able to make enough plays, pull away and get the win. marcus paige, a great sequence in the second half. this near impossible floater in the lane was a big-time moment in the game as u.n.c. started to make its run then a short time later, joel berry, the man i think is the tournament m.v.p. and it was justin jackson with a
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second half made big plays, the steal and the slam and north carolina wings it 61-57. so we have some excitable fellows outside. both cheering on the tar heels and lamenting the yahoos. see you back later in sports. heather: mark, thank you. new tonight, a community using music to heal. a concert in memory of akiel denkins hours after shocking new claims by the man's family. tim was there. >> tonight's service was moved here to by the way temple in an effort to bring healing to this community. >> in song, in praise.
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coming >> we wanted to put a concert on. lift up the spirits. >> spirits have been heavy in this area after the shooting of akiel denkins but a raleigh police officer. today, a new revelation, denkens mother and her attorney released a new twist in their independent investigation. >> what we can say based on initial review is that there was a shot from the back to the front. the shoulder area. there were other shots. >> according to raleigh police in a preliminary autopsy report, denkens was shot four times by the officer during a foot chase. the preliminary report also states denkens was shot in the chest and right shoulder. the report does not say whether the shots came from the front or back. raleigh police say the officer was acting in self-defense. the community waits to pass
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>> we have to put the real facts together. >> new details that leaves akiel denkins' mother with more questions. >> he was too well loved to ever be forgotten and all we pray for is justice that will be served. >> the naacp is asking people in the community to come forward if they have information that can help in this investigation. in raleigh, abc 11, eyewitness news. heather: police are still looking to make arrests in a shooting. the shooting happened on taylor street near brigs avenue. the victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover. raleigh police are looking for the suspects wanted in a home invasion. officers say maurice wilson was shot during this morning's break-in on north raleigh boulevard and taken to the hospital. if you have any information, call police or crime stoppers. the highway patrol says speed
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deadly crash in johnson county. troopers say a woman triving on friendship church road near middle section lost control, hit an embankment and slipped into a creek. she was killed. her name has not been released. no one else was in the car. a three-car crash sent eight to the hospital in moore county. on u.s. 1 in pine bluff. self-rescue crews were called to the scene but there was no life-threatening injuries. no world yet on what caused that crash. if you haven't voted yes et in the primary election, you have to wait until tuesday now. early voted ended at 1:00 this afternoon. in cumberland county more than 1,000 voters cast ballots during the 10-day period. voters say it's a convenient way to make their voices heard. >> it allows you to process everything slowly. you don't feel rushed. it helps you to avoid the long lines and as well not feel pressured to having to do what
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>> the polls open at 6:30 tuesday morning and close at 7:30 p.m. hundreds of people don't have an idea of how to vote in this election, including senator burr. he cast a provisional ballot and filled out a form explaining why he couldn't show his i.d. his spokesperson said he lost it but has got an new license. a change in the rules allow people to cast a provisional ballot if they have a reasonable impediment. 6,000 voters have taken
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both parties weighingcandidate who has, in fact, in many ways, encouraged violence. >> senator ted cruz won most of the delegates at stake in wyoming tonight, adding nine more to his total but he still trails front runner donald trump. tonight, former president bill clinton is coming back to north carolina next week to campaign for hillary clinton tomorrow and monday in "winners bracket" and asheville. -- winston salem and asheville. on the republican side on monday, senator cruz will be in fayetteville, donald trump on hickory. we'll have all the information on the candidates' stops and everything you need to know before you held to the polls on tuesday. a man is dead after an amtrak train hit him in afternoon in greensboro.
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p.m., not far from bennett college. we're still waiting to find out the man's name and why he was on the track. police in davidson are trying to figure out how a nude picture of a 17-year-old was sent to two teachers. the student at the community school davidson told police she sent the picture to her boyfriend. he said he wasn't the only one who received the picture. the photo came through email. now police are trying to track the sender. they say it could be a case of cyber bullying. the manhunt is over in new mexico. the second of two escaped convicts is back in custody tonight. a woman called 911 saying she'd been away from her house for a couple of days and thought the fugitive was inside. he came out the front door and surrendered without a fight. his capture ends a three-day manhunt.
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away while sha found. the other two are presumed dead. governor andrew cuomo calling it a tragedy. >> a tragedy, a loss of human life and that's the main point of today. you have three people who left for work and who aren't going to come home? >> the boat hit a barge that was part of the bridge construction project. a warning for travelers. the next time you check your back -- bag, you may want to think about what's in it. plus, going green in downtown raleigh today. highlights from the st. patrick's day celebration. we're going to take you back to
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he is a live look outside the verizon center where the tar heels have just clinched the a.c.c. championship. and we're going to go to chris standing by with a look at our weather forecast. lots of people interested in what's going to happen for the race tomorrow. >> that's right, big day tomorrow after the parades in downtown raleigh. it's going to be dry for the most part and mild. temperatures bottom out right around 60's and upper 50's. and when we see cooler weather. it's coming, in your forecast coming up. >> here's a look at tonight's
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11-28-50-57-62, and the she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton.
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cold medicine called him to blackout. so far the driver hasn't been charged. flooding in louisiana and texas have killed at least four, including a 6-year-old. >> we weren't prepared for none of this. >> heavy rain floleded out homes and streets in six states from texas to tennessee. emergency crews rescued people by boat, pulling some from cars swept away by floodwaters. in louisiana, the state governor wall called in the national guard to help with water rescues. >> obviously this is a very
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serious enough that the entire state has been declared an emergency. >> more severe weather is on the way. the national weather service says flash flooding will continue through the weekend, especially for southern mississippi. six skiers are dead after an avalanche in the italian alps and it's feared more could be buried. helicopters were brought in. search efforts could be delayed because of the same weather conditions that caused the slide. this is the third deadly avalanche in the alps this year. a man is charged with map ramming into two dog teams competing in this year's iditarod, killing one dog and injuring several more, some seriously. the teams were hit about halfway on the thousand-mile tour. they say the man hit one of the mushers several times and rammed the other one from behind. the 26-year-old man told
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the zoo. zoo officials say they are eating and drinking already and doing well. we have new video that travelers will want to see. the same people who are supposed to be keeping your bags safe are helping themselves to what's inside. two baggage handlers at orlando international airport grabbed a laptop and this isn't the first time. in 2014 police say baggage handlers in los angeles stole electronic jewelry and clothes.
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can avoid becoming a victim. keep valuables with you, wrap your bags in plastic and consider using a different suitcase. >> if you travel with expensive luggage, it's probably the one piece of luggage that's going to be targeted more than anything else. the chance of you big targetted goes up dramatically. >> experts also advise taking a photo of your bag after it's packed so if you have to you can prove what was inside. if you notice something missing, call police and file a report right away. back here at home, downtown raleigh was filled with irish cheer. it was a sea of green for the st. patrick's day parade. anthony has more. >> call it a crowd pleaser, this annual celebration where green was the color worn my most picture watching the parade. why? >> it's st. patrick's day. >> forward march dp
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next week but raleigh's kids came in before, when downtown traffic is not much of an impact. that means lots of time for -- and this -- it's a day when everybody is irish regardless of where you were born. right, guys? >> yes. >> it's also a potential booster for vendors like vick miller, who brought the sherry's crab cake business from pennsylvania to raleigh. not only does she see virtual dollar signs above the heads of these folks -- >> we're setting off southern division and going to get all the stands in place. >> local food vendors know the score. they're -- their mission? >> this allows us to get out and get to the people we want to field. we're farm to table. all natural, all organic products and we want people in
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>> narcs plus the happy sights and sounds that fill downtown on afestive saturday really amplify the message reporting from raleigh, anthony wilson, abc 11 eyewitness news. >> thank you, and it turned occupant to be the perfect day for the parade but we have some big weather coming our way. >> we're actually an inch and a half below normal and there is some on the way but i think it's going to stay out of the way for the tobacco load -- road marathon tomorrow. temperatures will be very mild. we'll be about at the average high at sunrise. remember, the sun is going to come up an hour later than this morning and go down an hour later. our rain changes go up a little bit at 9:00 or 10:00 but definitely by mid to late afternoon, get up to 50% or 60%
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really go up. 7 at r.d. international. 2 fayetteville. low 70's near the virginia border. the warm air all the way up to pittsburgh, 6 . minneapolis, 0. their normal high now in minneapolis is about 38, 40 degrees so obviously they're enjoying that. 70 all the way up into the northern plains so no cold air just yet. that will change a little bit towards the end of next week. but very mild out there now. the airport at 68 with our first alert weather station. officially temperature at 7 -- 67, a southwest wind at 7. sunrise will be at about 7:29 tomorrow and of course go down about 8:00 tomorrow 6. 63 at rocks wrong. mid 60's fayetteville and southern pines and lumberton too. very mild but generally dry
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you see that moon out there from time to time. another wet day over the mississippi delta. these areas of arkansas, louisiana, and mississippi had 10, 20 inches of rain. still flash flood warnings around memphis but things will be improving there towards the early part of the week. still a chance for storms tomorrow and some could be severe but shouldn't be as wild spread. dry tonight and very mild for this time of the year. tomorrow morning, 8:00, all quiet through about mid day. a lot of clouds but nothing more than a sprinkle. after mid day, our shower chances going up. maybe an isolated thunderstorm but not looking for severe weather. a couple of rain showers mid afternoon through the evening then taper off pretty quickly after midnight. so not going to be a long lasting system. this is a piece of that gulf coast storm that inundated them. low to mid 70's for highs tomorrow. still above average.
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clouds and showers around. again, here comes that moisture into the afternoon hours but into tomorrow night it drites out. much of monday, the daylight hours will be dry. as the cold front approaches, it will set off thundershowers and maybe a gusty storm. it dries out tuesday, wednesday, look how warm we are with our jet stream. again, temperatures way above average, but changes next week. a dip in the jet stream, cooler air finally coming our way late next week and that will last into the weekend and perhaps beyond so don't put those heavy jackets away just yet as temperatures could dip into the 30's again. 77 monday. again, showers tomorrow afternoon and then again monday afternoon. tuesday looks good to vote.
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11 wednesday. cooler weather late next week and again, could see lows in the 30's. he been -- remember, the average date of the last freeze or frost around here isn't until the second week in april. so could get a little chilly again around here. >> thanks, christian. the tar heels your newest a.c.c.
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