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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News  ABC  March 15, 2016 1:37am-2:10am EDT

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it's going to continue to wind down, but there's another band of showers out to the west. here is our first alert predictor. i think the severe threat does continue to diminish as we head towards me and i -- towards midnight. things are starting to settle down. we've brought a great election day forecast coming up. steve: you can get the latest on the weather tomorrow morning at eyewitness news. stay ahead of the weather using the first alert weather app. here chris giving you those watches and warnings exactly where you are. downloaded any time on the app store or google play. tisha: a person trying to cross capital boulevard, rushed to the hospital after being hit by a car. it happened not far from i-540. we are working to get an update on that person's condition and to learn if anyone will be charged. steve: an argument between relatives turns violent.
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serious condition, a third in custody after this incident. police say two men were shot during an argument with a third man. that person was taken into custody. one person died at the hospital, and another is in serious condition. tisha: it is primary eve in north carolina, and that means presidential candidates spent the day in our state in an effort to woo voters. joel brown joins us with more and what the candidates had to say on the trail today. joel: in the long run up to tomorrow's primary, it has been donald trump and hillary clinton leading in the polls, but both front-runners are fending off challengers who want a share of those precious tar heel state delegates. in charlotte this primary eve -- >> america will start investing in north carolina. joel: bernie sanders, hoping to do in north carolina what he did
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message to pull off an upset against hillary clinton. >> tomorrow, if here in north carolina there is a large turnout, a very, very large turnout, we are going to win. let's do it. thank you! joel: the clinton camp, doing all it can to hold onto the state know clinton has won before. daughter chelsea and raleigh saturday, former president clinton nearby this afternoon. hillary with this late-night rally in charlotte. >> there is almost no model you can play out that doesn't have -- if he'll are clinton wants to win the nomination, she has to win north carolina. joel: another raucous rally for donald trump. protesters in hickory, interrupting trump's appearance three times as he rallied for
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>> bernie is going nowhere. you know that. probably given to them by bernie. joel: trump's main republican challenger in north carolina is ted cruz. his wife stumped for her husband in the hills. >> i think people of all faiths will look at ted's record, look at what he has done, not just what he says. joel: 107 convention delegates are on the line for the republicans, 72 for the democrats. the north carolina primary is not winner take all, so those main rivals on both sides of the a.l. like bernie sanders and ted cruz have the opportunity to blunt the momentum of trump and clinton by making a big grab for some of those delegates. tisha: sanders and ted cruz have the it will be big for us tomorrow in north carolina. steve: chris is back with us with a fresh weather warning coming in.
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more warnings. rehe is a new one for parts of wake county. a severe thunderstorm warning. this storm may have some help with it across eastern wake county into parts of franklin and southern nash. western nash, southern franklin, northern johnston county. severe thunderstorm warning, may be quarter-sized hail. that is in effect until 11:45. tisha: donald trump will not face charges in cumberland rally last week. it comes after this punch, and man on camera hitting another man. earlier today, the cumberland county sheriff's office says it was working with the campaign to see if anyone did anything a riot. tonight, the sheriff's office says the legal counsel says the evidence does not meet the law, so there will be no charges. the for the announcement, trumps campaign issued this statement
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trump's campaign issued this statement. steve: wave county had a record turnout for early voting in a primary with about 8% of all registered voters heading to the polls before tomorrow's primary. this was the first election cycle for the voter id law. out of more than 55,000 early voters in wake county, only 77 did not have acceptable photo id. it seems college students from out of state are running into the biggest problem. in orange county, 112 people do not have acceptable id. election officials say many of those voters were at the polling location closest to the unc campus. in durham, the election director tells us it was mostly students from out of state who didn't have proper id. though students and others who didn't have one of the many forms of acceptable photo id were able to cast a provisional ballot. those be reviewed after tomorrow's election.
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i will admit i was nervous. i think a lot of election officials were nervous about the voter id, but i think the state board of elections did a great job on their marketing. steve: the polls open at 6:30 tomorrow. they will be open until 7:30 p.m. remember, we are your election headquarters for vote 2016. you can go to abc there is a link to the presidential delegate counter. also watch a question and answer session with an election official and get complete coverage of the primary whenever you want it. we will have all the results as they come in on abc 11 and the abc 11 mobile news app. tisha: a violent incident at a parking garage downtown. brendan barber appeared before a judge today after being charged with indecent exposure, sexual battery, and assault on a
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police say he attacked a woman inside the marriott city parking garage. barber was arrested last week right outside the raleigh eyewitness news center. steve: a crash on i-40 in raleigh kills a 37-year-old man. it happened this morning on the ramp from westbound 42 wade ave. police say kelly's work fan ran off the road. he overcorrected and then ran off the other side of the road and hit a tree. new tonight, a crackdown on dog owners interim county. leaders passed an ordinance to levy fines against owners who do not pick up after their pets. angelica alvarez joins us with more on what will happen if you don't clean up after your dog does its business. angelica: before not picking up after your pet, you would get an eye roll or stare down from a stranger, but now, it could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines thanks to one woman who wouldn't let this issue go. picking up after your dog -- it may be just a chore, but for
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hat, it is so much more. that smile on lois johnson's face over the simple act of cleaning up after your pooch is six years in the making. six years of pleading with city leaders to push for an ordinance to force people to clean up. she says it's not just a matter of watching where you step but also public health. >> it's infecting our children. it is just making it on healthy. angelica: armed with the support of friends -- >> the journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step. angelica: johnson sat in silence as the durham county board of commissioners voted on an ordinance she has been waiting for. it will now take hundreds of your dollars if you don't make the effort to grab a bag. no word yet on it now much exactly have to pay if you are
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told it's a range between $250 to $500. they are giving the public a six-month grace period, so you up. your pet. new tonight, a major adoption event being held later this week to help give the homeless -- to help homeless animals.nearly january. the adoption event starts friday morning at 10:00 and runs through sunday at 6:00 p.m. steve: the news is just getting started on eyewitness news. friendly fire, a police officer kills a fellow officer. the ambush that led to that deadly shootout. dozens of people hurt when this amtrak train jumps the tracks. what happened minutes before the crash. first, we have a live look outside at the downtown raleigh skyline. chris showed us the new weather
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storm warning -- thunderstorm warning coming in. chris is tracking that and will
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>> abc 11 is keeping you connected. find us on facebook, and click "get notifications" for the latest updates. tisha: we have breaking news and raleigh firefighters on the scene of a house fire. this is on somerset place off of night bridgeway. you can see several firetrucks on the scene, lots of flashing lights. there's a major storm with lots
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we will have the latest tomorrow morning on what sparked this fire. steve: we now know in maryland police officer killed in the line of duty was hit by friendly fire. it happened during the gunman's ambush in prince george's county outside washington. police say the gunman opened fire on a police have the latest tomorrow morning on what sparked this fire. agent. officers returned fire. officer colson died during that ambush. three brothers are under arrest in connection with the attack. police say they have cell phone video showing the gunman was planning to die at the hands of a police officer. tisha: now to amtrak derailment in kansas. authorities are looking into whether a rack may have damaged the railroad tracks before the derailment. seven cars jumped the tracks overnight. 30 people were hurt, two of them critically. amtrak says the train was traveling from los angeles to chicago. "hamilton" takes over the white house. the hip-hop musical chronicles the life of former treasury secretary alexander hamilton. the president and first lady are fans.
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workshop and performance inside the white house. president obama said he wanted to share the musical with folks who otherwise might not have the experience on broadway. steve: it is time to check out the must-see video the night, and we began in hoboken, new jersey where the water main break -- where there was a massive water main break.a car was looking down into that whole throughout the day. other cars had to be moved. water kept flowing through the streets. crews were eventually able to get the car out of the hole. it is time to meet gracie black. she is a hard-working bank employee in houston. she works as a greeter for the state bank of texas. that's her official job, but she does other stuff, too, like grabbing the morning newspaper outside and delivering mail to the mailman. all of that in addition to her real job, which is greeting the customers, and you can see how
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she just hops along on her hind legs between the tellers and gets that, a treat. time for another treat. i guess with all that work, she is staying pretty slim. tisha: she deserves it. she does a lot of work. steve: i think she probably good for business. chris is a busy guy, as well. you've been busy all night long tracking the stormy weather. chris: i can jump up on a counter to get some treats. it has been pretty busy. we've got things kind of settled down, but we do have one severe thunderstorm warning to show you. after we get past midnight, 1:00 a.m., that is when we really settle down. it's still pretty active, and it's been that way through the mid-evening hours. we have had severe thunderstorm
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not so much wind damage, but hale. we fortunately h hen't had any reports of damage. just east of knightdale, closing over the town with cloud to ground lightning, gusty winds, potentially damaging winds. more than likely, the main thread is going to be hale at the size of a quarter or larger. showers and storms from northern wake into the rest of franklin county. look at this storm over western or central parts of halifax county. that is packed with lightning as it tracks to the northeast. small hail, very heavy rainfall obviously, and some gusty winds. all of this moving northeastward. these are all the hail reports we have had so far. it's generally been about dime-sized to marble-sized hail.
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wake, even into carson county, a picture on my facebook page, hail covering the ground. this is tracking to the northeast. another band of showers with isolated thunder and lightning, nothing severe in this, is pressing eastward. we will see showers, isolated thunderstorms through 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. once that area to the northeast moves out, we should be in good shape. rdu international, 62. an inch and a half of rain in several rounds of thunderstorms. officially 63 with a northeast wind at 7. it's not often you get severe thunderstorm warnings with temperatures in the 50's to near 60, but the temperatures aloft are so cold, that is why the ground. that hail is surviving its trip to the ground. 57 in roxboro. 70 in fayetteville and 69 degrees and lumberton. it hit 80 in the triangle today. there is that first batch of
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batch, the next round of showers moving in. that presses on to the east. here is our first alert predictor as we go through the early overnight hours. you see this band of showers, isolated thunderstorms pushing through, weakening, then out of here by 2:00 to 4:00 a.m. tonight's cold temperatures, upper 50's to near 60. it will be a great day to head out and boat tomorrow. low 60's at 8:00 a.m. 70's by the noon hour. tomorrow, a mostly sunny and warm day, temperatures up to around 83 before we cool down dramatically. first alert accuweather seven-day, 82 wednesday. mid-seventies for st. patrick's day.
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close in the 30's, which is common for march, but it's been a while. tisha: 30's? that will be a shock to the system. thank you, chris. the leprechauns are takingcoolol with a chance of rain saturday and sunday. over. where they are, and what they are doing, next. steve: a line goes shopping. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide.
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steve: sea lions like to go fishing but usually not on land. people at a fish market in san diego were surprised to find
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he reportedly jumped into one of the cars, played with the radio, and got behind the wheel. see world rescue eventually picked up the pop and took him away from the fish market. tisha: a wisconsin town is going irish and honor of st. patrick's day. a team of leprechauns arrived in new london to change the town's name to new dublin. this weekend's grand parade will attract 30,000 people. other activities planned include irish caroling, social gatherings, and some corned beef and cabbage dinners. sounds good. steve: some busy leprechauns changing all the signs. tisha: they've got work to do. steve: joe is wishing -- with us now to tell us about the women's basketball programs making it in into the ncaa. joe: n.c. state, the women had a watch party. certainly, they are disappointed, as is another team tonight. a fall honor received by brice
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an update from the fallout of saturday's finish in the aaa state final. here with the commissioner is
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warning in effect until 12:15 for areas northeast of the triangle. for areas of halifax county, northeastern nash county, and northwestern edgecombe county, mainly for quarter-sized hail. that warning for that area in effect until 12:15. >> now abc 11 eyewitness news sports, sponsored by your local toyota dealers. joe: the basketball season turned sour tonight for duke and the nc state. neither were selected to participate in the ncaa tournament, ending a long streak of inclusion by the blue devils. the committee had n.c. state as one of the first four out, so the bubble officially burst. they were close enough to warrant a beat for sure. duke misses for the first time since the early 90's, ending a streak of 21 straight tournament appearances. you have to go back to the 1990 season for the last time all
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coming weeks, two banners and the jersey of brice johnson will go up and the raptors at the dean smith center. johnson was awarded first team all-american status by the u.s. basketball writers association. that means his number 11 jersey will hang among the other tar heel legends. johnson is averaging over 16 points and 10 rebounds a game. marcus paige was a second-teamer in 2014. both jerseys will go up together, marking the 50th and 51st players to be honored. north carolina won both the acc regular-season and the tournament title and will embark on the road to the final four starting thursday. n.c. state elected not to participate in any postseason opportunities. the newly formed las vegas tournament was being floated as a possibility, but that tournament had problems finding enough teams. the wolfpack lost to duke last week.
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five-year tenure of mark gottfried. if johnny dawkins is to be the heir apparent when mike krzyzewski calls it quits, he will have to prove himself somewhere other than stanford. the cardinals fire dawkins after his run of eight seasons. the former duke player and longtime assistant to coach k never sustained traction and palo alto. two years ago, he led stanford to the sweet 16, saving his job at the time. this year, stanford finished 15-15 in the pac-12. so far, no punishment has been handed out two days after a state basketball game. jay and robinson scuffled in the last seconds. a fan wearing red comes out of the stands and lands upon rush on gary. officials ejected one stanford player. no arrests were made.
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association commissioner hugh tucker is still looking into the incident. he said in a statement, emotions always run high at the end of state championship games, but there is no excuse for what transpired at the end of the game between terry stanford and jm robinson. we are spending the day analyzing the video, and any video we can get, we will determine what the next step should be and whether further disciplinary action will be taken. they've got some sorting out to do. there can be a fine associated. steve: thanks. next. his guest, ben higgins and the winner of "the bachelor." for us. steve: remember, the news is
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cameras in a baby ward catch a woman walked in and store a baby. the scary story of how she got away with it. bystanders can't believe it when a bmw is reduced to wreckage, but the woman in the passenger seat seems to be completely unaffected. what led out the this stunning scene? it's a rainy day rescue with a big problem -- >> the cat keeps walking away. >> how mr. cranky pants finally makes it down. plus, freckles the mischievous horse is at it again -- >> look what you've done. and the kids are all bundled in the back. >> they think they're going to murphysburo. >> see why mom and dad's detour leads to the trip of a life time. >> we're on our way to the airport right now. >> are we going? >> that's even better. >> i think you figured out by
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>> no comment. >> a little bit. >> these stories we're about to show you, i couldn't make this up. the first one takes place in a maternity ward in a hospital. see this woman in the green robe, limping, walks past these people talking and comes back. is he is a woman that just delivered a baby? >> she's a woman who just lost her baby and stole a baby. >> what? >> oh my god! >> how could somebody do that? >> is that why she was leaning over, she had a baby in the bag and she was fearful? >> yes. they think she took the baby in up. that baby was also born immaturity and was being treated accordingly. >> i cannot begin to imagine what this woman is going through, but to take another woman's baby is mind boggling. >> it gets deeper. she gets the baby home and her family turned her in.
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>> they did the right thing. the baby was returned facely. criminal case has been opened up against her. this man bit off more than he can chew. he just got out of jail. he went down for 15 days, got out, broke into a sandwich shop and ate pie, too many pies because he fell asleep. when they found him, he was asleep and wouldn't wake up. >> even when they put him in the police car, he fell back asleep. >> drunk on pie. >> that sounds pretty good. >> i bet he was sitting in jail like, i'm going to get some pie. and he got his pie. good for him. this next video is crazy, shocking and stunning all at the same time. cell phone video, apollo, brazil, the aftermath of a horrific crash. what you see that twisted bucket of metal used to be a bmw 3 series.
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through some sort of tunnel, hit a post and shredded that car. >> the left side of the frame of the car is gone. all you see is the guts of the engine. >> the woman in the passenger seat seems to be completely unaffected. you see her rifling through her bag, she is on her cell phone, at one point is even seen putting oj makeup. >> she is probably in shock. >> she is definitely in shock. that explains her nonchalant response. the driver in the car was killed but people and bystanders were stunned to see this person sitting inside this wreckage, seemingly untouched. >> there's not a bruise on her face, doesn't look like an air bag came out and smacked her. >> people were stunned. now, over to california -- >> did you see what happened? >> they were on a three-hour drive when they came around one corner -- >> a few seconds before we dime this location, the trees had


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