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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  March 15, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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at this location, only 10 have to cast additional ballots. none of those were because people brought the wrong form of photo id. she knew she would not be able to vote with her out-of-state drivers license today. she had her parents mail her her past or ahead of time. people saying having to vote off campus is a deterrent for young voters. students come here from the student center on campus and say the process has in quick and simple. collected was easier than i expected. i thought out have them drive me here but they had student govement set up and playing music and handing out ice cream. >> students getting a lot of encouragement to come past dallas -- cast ballots. it is available for anyone who
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inside to cast their vote. you would have to sign an affidavit. parking at the top of the hill, some voters were upset they did not see the signs that there is parking up here at the door. elected officials here at this location say no glitches so far this morning. abc 11 eyewitness news. john: with record early voting, some seeing lower than normal voter turnout so far today. gloria rodriguez continues our coverage of the polling site in southeast raleigh. have you heard of any problems there? gloria: everything seems to move smoothly. i did hear there was a low voter turnout. it is definitely picking up now.
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voters started casting their ballots as soon as the polls opened at 6:30 this morning, many hoping to be the afternoon crowd. >> i thought it was better to get out early and do it now. >> politicians make decisions about what goes on in our everyday lives. >> a volunteer at the polling site in raleigh tells me it is slower than usual on this election day and early voting could have something to do with that. 30% of registered voters already cast their ballots. here is what you need to know. you must vote at your assigned pulling locations and for your id. this is the first election cycle for voter id laws. if you do not have your id, you can so vote.
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candidates during the primary election on june 7. the state board of elections says he should still have -- fill out the entire ballot. >> voters will go in and say, do i vote. or don't vote at all. >> display the confusion, voters say it is worth it. >> it took me 10 minutes. anybody who can vote, i would do it. it is not a hopeless endeavor. it is not. >> he is right. votes matter. make sure you come out and vote. bring your id. we are told you should still come out and vote a provisional ballot. north carolina or show proof of id a little later. go out and vote nonetheless.
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john: in durham, some people started lying -- lining up for the polls. barbara: life with a look at the turnout now. >> through this area and down the ups into the auditorium, we have in receiving some complaints for people -- from people that it is dark and they are turning people away. i spoke with the director of elections who said that is simply not the case and they are not turning people away. i went inside and observe things and it is dark, but the polling location has life set up so people are able to see the balance. i made another observation. an issue that ends -- naacp
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polling locations. that was an issue are brought up to michael who said he would look into that. if you have questions about voter id, you can go to our website. a lot of people have been coming by here and showing their id. we will need to monitor the situation. for now, live in durham, abc led -- abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: thank you. volunteers for women voters are answering your best -- your questions and concerns about this election. you can call now until 6:30. we want to hear from you if you have questions or any concerns after you vote. the number is -- john: happening now, hillary clinton making one last push for votes in the triangle.
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and clinton hopes to get most of them from bernie sanders. anthony wilkin is live now with last-minute campaigning. anthony: we anticipate the arrival of hillary clinton within about 10 minutes. we have been asked not to disclose exactly where we are. i can tell you this is a polling place that is 10 -- technically open to the public. what you're seeing out the end of the street is the national press as well as local photographers in positions to actually show what secretary clinton does. we have been told there will not be any opportunities for questions. this is not press availability. it is an opportunity for secretary clinton to shake voters hands and speak with them
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we will try to show you what is going on and we will let you know the minute she actually arrived. we will disclose exactly where this is. we are in raleigh awaiting the arrival of hillary clinton. barbara: thank you. north carolina is one of five polling primaries today. republican front runner donald
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they could be down to a two-man race between donald trump and ted cruz. john: attorney general mark cooper considered a heavy favorite to charlie moss and robert brawley are challenging governor mccoy for the republicans. for the democrats, the former house speaker ken. for district attorney jim o'neill, heading up for republicans. on the democratic side, williams, a public defender for u.s. eight up against josh stein for -- barbara: 2 billion-dollar used to pay for new buildings on college campuses and construction.
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they are open until 7:30 tonight. you need to vote at designated polling places. john: we are your election headquarters. go to abc for more about the photo id law and you will find links to the presidential delegate counter. you can watch the question-and-answer section with elected officials and get complete coverage of the primary when you wanted. stay with eyewitness news all night. we will have good resultltas they come in on it -- on abc 11 and then mobile news at. -- the mobile news app. we will break down super tuesday and the impact it will have on the white house. barbara: donald trump will not face charges after an incident
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he comes after a man on camera was hitting another man. they were looking at trump's anything to the level of inciting a riot. a phone interview on good morning america, trump seemed to back away from the suggestion he would cover legal costs, today, trump told george stephanopoulos he never said he would -- we are getting new information from police on capital boulevard last night. what that reveals. john: a look at some of the damage from the strong storms
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we will see the nice weather sticking around today and temperatures. up.
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arrived at the high school. taking pictures and shaking hands. this is a polling place at southeast high school. hillary clinton just arrived there. ahead of the voting, the primary election today. we'll have more on this later throughout the newscast. john: investigators say lightning struck this home in east raleigh. when firefighters arrived, flames were shooting from the roof and the attic. strong wind knocking down this county line. blocking traffic until they were able to clear barbara: it away. barbara:the person -- barbara: 64-year-old emily was
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jacob will not face any charges. cedar creek road, officers say 66 north emily and four-year-old henry were shot during a fight with a third man. the third man was not injured. we do not know the condition of ahead, what police say led to the violence and how the
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john: john:john: in chicago, a shootout has left three police officers injured. the injuries are not life-threatening. reported drug activity on the westside. the two fled and that is when the man reportedly opened fire. he was shot and killed. barbara: new details in the fatal shooting of a maryland police officer.
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prince george's county outside washington. another officer arrived at the station after the shooting began. without body monitor -- without body armor, apparently not recognized by callers who fired at him. the gunman was shot but is expected to live. two brothers were sitting near the station and videotaping the entire chewed out. russia started packing equipment. john: in preparation for pulling forces out of the country. vladimir putin ordered to withdraw saying he had to sheave his mission in the country. ending syria's five weeklong civil war. barbara: mother teresa will soon become a saint.
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the deceased none -- nun is known for working across the world with the poor. pope francis recognized a second miracle attributed to mother teresa, paving the way for her sainthood. she'll be canonized on september 4. barbara: the weather is quiet. >> on my lunch break, i went and voted. many are getting outside because it is a nice day. hopefully, you will get out sometime today. some gorgeous weather. let's look at the temperature over the next 12 hours. by 4:00, of 277 degrees in the triangle. we will fall to the 60's in the evening hours will be 69
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getting up around 80 today, in the lower 70's. a live look into downtown raleigh, very blue skies. 67 right now, and mostly sunny. 55 and 56 with humidity. wind is like at five miles an hour. a live look into downtown durham. mostly sunny, 70 right now with a north wind up to 11 miles an hour. fayetteville mostly sunny skies. 74 degrees. northwest wind is kicking up about 15 miles an hour. temperatures across lake -- wake county, 67 now, 68 in willow springs, 55, 64 in roseville. 53 in rockville. still 50's, there is a 20 degrees spread. fayetteville, at 75. satellite radar composite shift
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those clouds will dissipate throughout the afternoon and temperatures will jump quickly. we are seeing sunshine and the sunshine is clear across the southeast and will stay that way today. 7:00 tonight, a couple of high clouds. overnight, clear skies to start the day tomorrow with a lot of sunshine. wednesday, it will approach tomorrow afternoon. the possibility of a sprinkler or two, i think most leases will stay dry. a stray shower tomorrow with a friend or two. a lot cooler around here for the next several days. 74 by three clock in raleigh. 5:00, 77 degrees, mostly sunny and above average for this time of year. 77 in chapel hill. 79 down in smithfield. 80 in fayetteville, 80 in
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75 in roxboro. we have got you at 76, in the upper 60's. tonight, low 58. first alert seven-day forecast, tomorrow is 82. for your st. patrick's day thursday, we fall back into 70's. the first day of spring is sunday and temperatures are where they should be. above normal almost the entire month of march. low 60's. if you like to shop online, it could get a lot easier, as easy as taking a selfie. barbara: wrapping in the rose garden. what is up with this guy and the president? john: abc has got everything you need to know
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go to abc we are your source for election results. barbara: volunteers for the league of women voters is answering questions. -- are answering questions and we want to hear from you.
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vote or after you vote,smile, till their head, for an extra level of security. barbara: a hip-hop musical chronicling -- chronicling the life -- has taken over the white house. john: a freestyle rap with
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can't stop i'm here with the president john: restyling in the white house rose garden. the hit musical, hamilton. president obama even saying it is the only thing they agree on. barbara: live coverage of the primary continues. john: a surprise visit to
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barbara: tomorrow morning we break down primary day voting. amber: reaction from the winners of the >> the only station with three
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barbara: hillary clinton is making a final campaign push in the triangle. john: southeast raleigh high school or voters can cast their ballots right now. polls show clinton leading bernie sanders in north carolina. barbara: anthony is live with the latest. anthony: i will let you see what is going on this morning. secretary clinton is about to get into that vehicle and leave. some video shows what happening moment -- moments ago. hillary clinton was not here to speak with the media. our cameras were rolling and we have got that video. she shook hands and talked to people. politicians cliche, kiss the baby. you can see what we are showing
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in the middle of that, secondly -- secretary clinton is still saying hello to people who are excited for her to be here. since we are here in southeast raleigh high school, presumably this is the stop because they wanted to contact people who are leading bernie. there are many politicians here from wake county. we are told by some of the people some politicians did not learn about this until the last second and they were concerned. what happens after this? once she finishes saying goodbye to the people trying to get some pictures with her, she will get inside of her car and take a flight to florida where she will spend the balance of the stick -- of the day campaigning and we will show you on the newscast what she said. though the media were not technically a lot to be there, our cameras were rolling and we
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to some of those people and the voters she was trying to connect with on the final push for big tuesday here in north carolina. information and details are coming up online at abc, on your weather mobile app as well as on eyewitness news. live from selfies raleigh high school, anthony wilson. john: thank you. voters in four other states also headed to the polls on one of the most crucial days for the race for president. anna laurel has more on that. anna: donald trump, this is his big day to solidify his gop frontrunner status and knockoff republican rivals. the pivotal moment in the race for the white house is now in the hands of the voters. ms. clinton: i am asking for your support. i would be honored to receive it. i hope to be your nominee. mr. trump: this is the place i want to win. this is the place.
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>> donald trump has his eyes on the big deposit -- big prizes, the winner take all states, florida and ohio. mr. trump: i think we will do very well. we seem to have great poll numbers. >> the popular ohio governor cast his ballot this morning in the race. mr. kasich: do i see my family nervous or a tight, i'm having a great time. >> ohio is a must win for case against florida is make or break for marco rubio. draft by 20 points in the sun sign chit -- sunshine state. >> tonight, the last -- given of the establishment is probably going to lose.
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mr. sanders: lead the country into a political revolution. >> sanders already has his sights set on the next, arizona. donald trump and hillary clinton both have election night party planned in florida. barbara: polling sites are busy across the triangle. officials say for the most part, it has been a trouble-free day so far. some local college students are having to go off campus for the first time to cast their ballots. live right now, andrea, good afternoon. >> yes, this is they are -- where the majority of students will be voting. student government providing a free shuttle service all day long running to and from the community center that will go on
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running on a 15 minute loop leading from the student center. driving students one mile up the road and dropping them off here at the road and community center. officials say since the polls opened, they have had about 300 voters cast their ballot in only 10 have had to cast a provisional ballot. none of those people had to vote provisional because there was something wrong with the form -- their photo id. that is the big new requirement in this election cycle. we spoke with one senior who set out of convenience, he hopped on the shuttle to come vote. her assigned polling location is on the other side of campus. she had a friend who gave her a ride at the community center to make sure her vote counts. >> i luckily do not have any classes or anything. if i had some were to be, i
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but i did not check beforehand exactly where i was registered to vote. >> an important reminder, you need to go to your assigned polling location to vote. some students told us having to vote off-site and off campus is a deterrent to some voters. people we spoke to hear especially freshman said it is been -- it has been a very efficient process. john: election workers are seeing a lower than normal turnout. gloria rodriguez is live at the polling site with more. gloria: that is right. it is changing a little bit right now. it is a lunch hour and we are seeing a lot of people coming to vote now. we spoke with voters today. take a look. voting's across wake county started casting their ballots as soon as the polls open at 6:30
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many are hoping to be the afternoon crowds. >> it is better to get out early . let's it is important to vote. the policies are making decisions about what goes on in our everyday lives. >> a volunteer at the points in raleigh tells me it has been slower than usual on this primary election day. early voting could have something to do with that. wake county had a record turnout for early voting in the primary. 8% of registered voters already cast are valid. if you have not voted yet, you must vote at your assigned polling location and bring your id. this is the first election cycle for the voter id law. if you do not have your id, you can still vote. due to redistricting, you have to vote for those candidates
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you should still fill out the entire ballot. >> voters will go in and say, who do i vote for. or i don't vote at all. >> despite confusion, voters say it is worth it. >> it took me 10 minutes. you might feel like it is a hopeless endeavor, but it is not. >> back here live again, we're seeing more people coming on out to vote right now as people are taking their break and voting during their lunch hour. the polls are open today until 7:30 p.m.. make time to go vote. live in a league gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: polling sites are not that busy right now. durham county seeing a steady stream of voters but they are not overwhelmed.
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tim: picking up slightly at lunchtime to no major issues across the county. michael did say there were long lines at south regional library. people were showing up there and it was not their actual polling location. i have some video of the inside of the inside the polling locations there at southern high school. there were some issues, people addressing issues of it being too dark and people being turned away and we spoke to michael about that and this is what he had to say. michael: i would not call it dark. the voting booths are well lit and no one has been turned away because of lighting in the voting area. >> there is a greater at the
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just in case they have any questions about it. everyone has been coming here so far with their government issue id. we will continue to monitor situations here. for now, abc 11, eyewitness news. barbara: thank you. we are your election headquarters. go online for more details about the photo id law and also, presidential delegate counter, you can get complete coverage of the primary when you wanted. stay with eyewitness news all evening and we will have complete results as they come in right here on abc 11 and your mobile news at. john: volunteers from the league of women voters are answering your russians or concerns about the election.
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the state board of elections just issued this notice, they will have an emergent public meeting tonight by teleconference at 6:30 and they will look at whether they should consider extending closing times for some of the precincts affected by the delays in excess of 15 minutes. tonight at 6:30, they will hold an emergency public meeting to see if they can extend those times delayed an extra 15 minutes. we are in abc 11 together and we have volunteers right now answer your calls about the voting process today. phones have been ringing off the hook in the last couple of hours with people getting their questions answered about what precinct they should go to, questions about the ballots, what kind of id they need. these are volunteers for the league of women voters. they are here to help you with any questions you have it all you have to do is call the
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if you're sitting in your car waiting, just sitting there waiting, you can go on your mobile device, it is a great website. if you do not remember your polling place, hit enter and you put in your address and all the information will come up. we will tie all the information you need. and we will give you maps to show you how to get your location if you want to vote. any questions, do not hesitate to call. we are here all night to help you answer your questions here. back to you. john: thank you very much. barbara: it is primary day and we are going straight to see how north carolina is in a live update coming up at 12. john: why a member of the harlem globetrotters was putting on a
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john: a member of the harlem globetrotters dribbled his way into a local hospital. barbara: this is just one of the decisions players are making before taking the court at the coliseum in fayette bill on
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time for the bus seat videos. >> we begin with a video of a wild police chase taking place in new mexico. it had an even wilder ending. 120 miles per hour as the woman raced down the city street. a truck slams right into the car, and that is when things got very strange. the woman got out of the car and ran naked across the road yelling and pointing at the deputies. deputies chased her off-camera, tackling her, and during the struggle, she can be heard yelling jehovah over and over again. she faces a string of charges including a w ei -- dwi. police say this is becoming an increasing problem for them on the weekends, some of the riders
12:48 pm
officers arrested 11 people over the weekend and police are in to find out if some of the riders are being organized by bikers from other parts of the country. in the u.k.. more than 160 cyclists took part in a clothing optional like ride on sunday. the goal is to raise awareness of cyclists safety. according to the organizer, people tend to look at other people when they are nude. the video shows the riders in progress blurt our dashboard out. car horns. i am sure there were a lot of onlookers there. let's look now. a horse in clothing. this is a veteran racehorse looking fabulous in a costume three-piece suit. he did not have to pony up.
12:49 pm
modeling his new dots just in time for you k's festival. spectators at the posh event are expected to wear enough to stretch 200 miles. that horse has enough clothing for all the bicyclists. looking very posh. those are your must-see videos. back to you. john: i say nay. barbara: that is the bare
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john: welcome back. on my lunch break, i went out with my son. i do not need people to think he is so much thinner than you. it was my son passes first time voting. good for him. it was fun. hopefully you will get out and vote. it is a rare privilege. let's talk about what we are seeing as you head out and about on this election day. take a look of the day ahead. nothing but sunshine. 78 degrees and tonight will do -- will be clear and miles. a nice day is shaping up. a live look here let's check out what is going on in downtown raleigh. running at 6060 -- 66% and win
12:53 pm
a live look, we will head out to the beach. 74 right now and a couple of high clouds in the sky. we will head over to the mountains. 66 on top of the mountains. mild weather and look at those skies. almost about 50 miles. let's talk temperatures across the region. 57 in scottsville and 57 roanoke rapids. 69 in chapel hill and 68 in rockville. 75 in fayetteville, 74, 74 in clinton. 73 in smithfield. what is missing? freezing temperatures. it is warm all the way into minneapolis. 76 in memphis. should be warmer, 70's out here. this will fly across the city tomorrow, very mild temperatures
12:54 pm
weekend. there's skies all the way back through the southeast and that means a lot of sunshine is headed in. temperatures today will jump up into the 80's across the region and tonight, we will see the temperatures back in the 50's for overnight lows. 54 in henderson. 59 in fayetteville. 59 in sanford. 15 southern pines. clear skies and wind out of the southwest five to 10 miles an hour. your seven-day forecast we go to 78 degrees. tomorrow is 82 degrees with a lot of sunshine. we go into thursday, 76 degrees with partly sunny skies for your st. patrick's day. friday is 68 degrees are looking saturday and sunday. saturday's partly sunny skies at 61 degrees. sunday is 62 degrees for the first day of spring as we go sunday into monday, those
12:55 pm
around 60 degrees. barbara: thank you. john: it is election day in five states. barbara: he delegates are up for grabs. in new york right now, i want to say thank you for being with us. i know we are not the biggest and it is not winner take all. how critical it is north carolina today in the primary? >> it is still very critical, despite not being winner take all. it is almost a mystery in your state because there is very little pulling on both sides of the aisle. we will be watching closely tonight. john: all right. hillary clinton making a last-minute stuff in north carolina. any trouble here at all? >> it is hard to tell her she stopped in charlotte, a last-minute kind of stop. it is hard to tell. she does not want bernie sanders
12:56 pm
she was leading by double digits and still one -- won.
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john: (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan.
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don: we will see the temperatures across the region continuing to be mild. they will drop out in the 70's across the area. the weather computer stopped working. it will be one of those days. tomorrow, 82 degrees. then we go thursday and friday and temperatures will fall back. by saturday, the 60's. our normal high for this time of year is 63. we will be at 62. john: thank you. >> announcer: if you're tired of complicated recipes, have we got the show for you. get ready for five-ingredient gourmet meals. i'm teaching you how to re-create the perfect desserts you see online, at home. then, we're putting michael to the test to see what he can whip up using mystery ingredients from our audience.
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