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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 4PM  ABC  March 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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anna: and the greporter: from the raleigh eyewitness news center, abc 11 eyewitness news at 4:00 starts now. anna: it is voting day in raleigh. the triangle and all across north carolina the polls open until 7:30 tonight. joel: lots of activity now in our abc 11 newsroom. teaming up with the league of women voters to answer any and all questions or concerns about the voting process. there have been big changes this year. we are here to help guide you through it. we are all over vote 2016. you have heard from the candidates.
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thousands hit the polls. joel: let's begin team coverage. andrea blanford standing by for us. reporter: this is the majority of students and where they are voting today. it is a mile from the heart of n.c. state campus. all day long students have been hopping on a free shuttle. members of the student government are out there playing music encouraging class makes to take advantage of the bus service. they have been handing out free ice cream. poll workers say many students were not registered to vote in raleigh have been showing up knowing they would have to cash provisional ballots. they did not have the proper id
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less than 50 have had to vote provisional ballot. some say having a polling site off-campus is a deterrent but others tell us there was nothing that would keep them from casting their ballot in this primary. >> is the first time i have voted. it's important to have this opportunity and feel involved. it is our future. reporter: taking a look across wake county, officials say three different polling stations were used in earlier voting patterns but not today. elections officials are urging voters to get your registration. you must go to your assigned precinct to cast a ballot. we are live in raleigh.
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we go to durham now monitoring election day issues at some durham election presents. anna: timothy has been keeping a close eye on how primary day is going. he joins us live. how are things going? reporter: things are going pretty good here. we are inside the auditorium. take a look behind me. the line is growing. the line was much longer this morning. people were voting at the wrong precinct. no major issues have been reported.
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about the atmosphere.>> there was no problem that we could see. reporter: back out here live, the ballots will be inserted and the votes will be counted. we have been talking for election officials. the naacp is monitoring that across the state if you are in line you will be able to vote. live in durham, abc 11 eyewitness news. joel: that is good news. hillary clinton enter the day leading in the polls but she campaigned until the last minute in the triangle. the presidential hopeful making a surprise stop outside. anthony wilson was there as surprise voters were shaking hands with hillary clinton. >> you have seen signs like this at most polling places but on this day some of hillary clinton's biggest supporters got
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her campaign try to keep the location under wraps for security reasons but when word spread fast, clinton voters were ready. with smiles and proof of their proximity. >> it felt like the best thing that could happen all day. she said to me thank you. that is all she said. >> thanks everybody. reporter: with that she headed to the airport for a flight to florida leaving the crowd ready to talk about this and vote. you never know who you may see when you arrive early to vote. reporting from southey raleigh high school, anthony wilson, abc 11 eyewitness news. anna: voting makes you part of history.
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runner in the polls,. -- donald trump. he is very familiar now with voters in fayetteville. >> it's been a busy day downtown. let me take you downtown. they've had several volunteers manning the phones, passing out signs and literature as well for folks coming in working the pre-scenes. you can see it has been busy. they have been mainly working the phones. they have been talking to a lot of the supporters and volunteers who were out in the different precincts. let me show you different video taken today. as we said earlier, folks
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bumper stickers they were going to be passing out around the precinct. in some of the other counties around here as well, as far as the voting goes it has been a studying -- study voting day. there only been a few minor glitches. they were earlier this morning at a couple of polls when they had issues with voter identification. they got that worked out and everything is gone very smoothly now. let me give you an idea of how big the vote may be. we're told 18,500 people here in cumberland county voted early, went early and cast their ballots. that is more than in 2012 and 28. that may be an indication this is going to be a big turnout in cumberland county today.
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joel: thank you. abc 11 together, volunteers from the league of women voters are now answering your questions or concerns about the election. manning the hotline now, your hot -- calls are being answered. reporter: a busy place here. we have volunteers from the league of women voters. they have been here all day answering your questions. here to help you about what questions you have, you call the number right on the bottom of your screen. the phone lines have been ringing here with a lot of questions. a lot have to do with if my
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if it is not more than four years expired yes, you can. they say there are are a lot of questions here but please call us if you have a question. another question, i was going to the wrong polling location. what you need to do before you go through that trouble, there is an easy website you go to this website and put in your your polling place is. it shows information about your candidate and the polling place for that address. there is a map. that is all you have to say --
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voters are mistakingly showing up at the early voting place. do not do that. checked the website to be sure. they are not open. at night. joel: they are standing by, thank you all. one problem, we are not running into it, the weather is perfect. anna: they were worried about a blizzard. snowing people in. that is why we love having our primary day in march. >> temperatures above average again, mid-upper 70's. a gorgeous day. bright blue skies. evening, if you haven't voted, don't worry about any rain. temperatures will fall into the low 60's by midnight.
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we make it close to it. the record high is 86. thursday will be cool. we have some huge changes by the weekend. temperatures could be in the 70's. city leaders in raleigh giving the green light to the city's new bike share program. that means 300 bicycles wilson be set up to rent at 30 different locations across the city. it is similar to other programs. the program has faced bumps in the road about costs before it was finally adopted today. two weeks after a raleigh police officer shot and killed a man a city council voted to move forward with a pilot study of
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anna: they were originally supposed to make the presentation february 29 but the shooting postponed her appearance. ed crump was live. i would imagine there was greater interest in the program today. reporter: you are right. community activists were here listening. at this point they remain skeptical. it was the same presentation they were shot and killed by one of her officers. the shooting change the atmosphere of the presentation and the urgency of the need for body cameras. they wouldn't say whether it would have made a difference in the investigation of the shooting but told city counselors they were not the end-all be-all. she talked about the expense of the pilot program, more than $5 million over five years.
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>> this is the evolution of technology in terms of where we as a law enforcement community have gone. instead of asking why or why now i would ask why not now. reporter: as i mentioned earlier community activists were in attendance. while they appear to be in favor of body cams they have some reservations. you will have more about that at 6:00. anna: still a lot of questions we are just getting started. in raleigh, ed crump. live for us. thank you. google is asking for special rules for its self driving car. who the company turned to to get them. joel: heavy rain has left louisiana. we have been showing you people 's whole lives washed away.
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have not seen since the 1980's. anna: turning to congress for answers about the flint water crisis. listen to the testimony. joel: and a live look outside our downtown raleigh studio. blue skies, white clouds. it is a beautiful terrific tuesday. if you have not gone out to vote you have no excuse.
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out to the pollsjoel: the obama administration reversing course on offshore drilling. it is no longer going to allow drilling in the atlantic ocean. the obama administration says it has are from people in atlantic coastal communities. it has been condemned by the oil and gas industry. anna: highly charged testimony in washington day -- today. a house committee held hearings, flint officials testified on the toxic water. to resigned after an expert raised concerns about lead in
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>> we issued our first statement urging flint residents to get water tested. >> no flint resident got warning about dangerous levels of lead. no one knew that. >> let me tell you. i am sorry. there is a special place in hell for actions like this. anna: flint switched its water source to the flint river to save money but the river water was not treated properly and led league into flint homes and businesses. joel: the downpours tormenting louisiana and texas are responsible for shutting down a major interstate. all lanes of i.t. and -- and by
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portions of another highway, i-59 are also close in louisiana and mississippi. check out this drone video from southwest louisiana. you can see how swollen the rivers are. the photographer says he hasn't seen water this high since the early 1980's. they deftly need a break down there in the gulf coast. joel: that is wild to see that. they are full down there. reporter: i'm not familiar with the rivers down there. it will take days and days. 20 inches of rain has to go somewhere. a tough time for the faults. a gorgeous day here. it is going to stay that way tomorrow. we could see temperatures with record levels. make the most of it, got some changes beyond that. it's going to come in steps.
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temperatures in the 60's through the evening hours. it's quite a stay warm and dry. check out these totals here. rainfall amounts approaching 3, 4 inches. down to the south, next to nothing has fallen there. feast or famine. we are at three inches. fayetteville only a quarter of an inch of rain. it is kind of dry down there. 77, beautiful day with cumulus clouds, a stellar day. officially at 77 wind is light. the airports are reporting calm winds. 70 south hill. 81 in fayetteville. 81 in southern pines.
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86, that is the ballpark we will be in tomorrow. we are going to get close to that. a beautiful day to day. upper 70's to near 80. severe weather will break out across the midwest. no watches yet but it will be happening soon. severe weather just west of chicago. that front gets here tomorrow. we will be lucky if we see any rain from it. tonight's temperatures above average again. mid-upper 50's to 60. mostly clear skies. a great start to wednesday. temperatures around 60. 74 by noon heading for the low and mid 80's tomorrow ahead of this front. it will shut off showers and storms, even through the tennessee valley. when it comes through here, at
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the atmosphere levels are going to be very dry off the mountains. that is called down sloping. it will inhibit any showers or storms from developing. look at this low and mid 80's. going for 84. i would be surprised if it is a degree or two higher. it does turn cooler behind that front. it comes in in phases. st. patrick's day looks great. sunshine, cooler, saturday cooler. we have 59 sunday. if it rains all day, and it might, our nighttime lows drop into the mid 30's early next week. the chance of frost returns. things have sprouted, the grasses glowing. that could be an issue. joel:
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thank you. music for $75 million. who is going to pay that money to get michael jackson tunes? joel: blue cross blue shield joining the battle over north carolina barbecue. which is better for you? eastern versus western?
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>> abc 11 keeping you connected. find us on face. get notifications for the latest eyewitness news at dates. >> sony is paying $750 million to buy a massive music catalog for michael jackson. it includes the beatles, bob dylan and other chart toppers. it was bought for $41 million in 1985. it was considered one of his greatest asset when he died. money will benefit his mother and children. joel: congress needs to create special rules for its self driving vehicles. the director testified today on capitol hill. google is hoping congress gives
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new authority to approve safety innovations. the self driving cars don't need the same safety features as cars that require drivers. they don't need rearview mirrors. anna: and the spotlight on white lies. directv has 2000 people the severity of white lies. the top four most severe white lies has to do with sex. the fifth is always washing my hands after using the bathroom. otherwise lies, on my way, no you don't need to lose weight, and let's keep in touch. joel: i admit. sometimes i'm not always on my way when ice a i am on my way. anna: i never am. joel: we will be talking about
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are going at the polls. >> great news for fans missing the popular bar. we will show you where it is popping up later this week. and a missing team, a murdered father. the agency now involved in the investigation. >> there are 200 polling locations. vo: across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza . for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza . he said victoza works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. victoza is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight. victoza works with your body to lower blood sugar in 3 ways: in the stomach, the liver, and the pancreas.
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taking victoza with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza . it's covered by most health plans. thanna: welcome back. we are monitoring social media as many of you tweet about the primary. this is a live twitter feed. we have seen people sharing selfies from the polls to letting people know who they voted for. some even shared the problems they are running into. we are following up on all of those. primary day came sooner than north carolinians are used to. the vote was usually in may.
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to march in hopes of having a bigger impact on the presidential race. elaina athans is joining us live. you may know this place historically. what is the situation? reporter: it has been busy throughout the day. 1000 people have come through so far today. due to curbside voting, you can see some people, they can cast their vote but it has been busy throughout the day. we are getting into the evening rush. they are going to be going to their precinct. they expect to be busy from now until the polls close. here in wake county, 600 the thousand people are registered. so far 25% have come out.
4:32 pm
person -- persistent problem. folks by the hundreds are showing up to the wrong location. some spots are closed today. it is creating some confusion. we have met people that have gone to great links to get to the right spot to cast their votes. >> i never miss voting. reporter: we take you back live, one election will fit -- election official here at the curbside voting spot at this particular church. this is one of 202 poll locations. if you have not gone out yet and not sure where they are you can find information on that. we have a link on the homepage. anna: i love that pre-take a
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just get out and vote. history may be a big reason why you are seeing so much insist this to get you to the polls. 11% of registered voters took part in early voting. less than one third of registered voters take part in primary voting. check it out. the highest turnout came in 2008 177% of registered voters actually voted. joel: it has been an awfully busy day for voters and officials who have been dropping in, trying to ensure things are going smoothly. let's bring in veronica, and elections liaison. let's join breathe -- bill brian . we thank you both for being here .
4:34 pm
there is news this afternoon about this emergency meeting. that happened at 6:30 tonight. they are considering extending the poll time. what is the latest with that? >> we have a couple of counties. we had a delayed opening with their polling site. a few have a judge who was not quite used to daylight savings time or the time changing. they overstepped a little bit. they didn't have too many voters impacted by that but they will consider if they will have those polling sites extended this evening. joel: that meeting will happen
4:35 pm
bill is the chairman of the durham county board of elections. what kind of good things are we saying >> we have had technical difficulties. we have not had any significant difficulties. we have had a big turnout. that has caused a little bit of some lines but it is not for lack of problems going on. it is because we have had a major turnout. joel: what about curbside voting. some are having issues with that. >> it is up a lot. it has become a significant part of the system. the places we use for voting aren't set up for that. you can end up with long lines. no indications people are
4:36 pm
we are pleased with the way it has been going on on the whole. we will be talking this evening about ways we can perhaps later. we anticipate a heavy turnout. anchor: let's talk about voter confusion statewide. voters can go to a number of different polling sites. on primary day they have to go is there confusion? >> they want to make sure they are going to the correct polling site. we have fielded a number of calls helping voters find where there polling place should be. if any voter prisons to the wrong side they can still vote. reporter: the liaison at the north carolina state board of
4:37 pm
in the chairman of the durham board of elections, thank you for being here. let's take a live look at our vote 2016 hotline. we have expert called through the night. they are there keeping your voting experience, making sure you are having a smooth time. here is the number you can call. anna: new at 4:30, an arrest in our home invasion. he was connected to the crime. it happened at an apartment complex. money and drugs were taken. there was a weapon used in the crime. the fbi joins the investigation into the disappearance of a 13-year-old girl thought to be in immediate danger.
4:38 pm
father but sunday he was found murdered in a houston suburb. the father's body was found according to police. he had been shot to death and set on fire. the girl was present at the time of the killing. the girl's mother traveled to mexico for surgery. joel: mother teresa was a saint in many eyes. pope francis is ready to make it official. she will be canonized september 4. she is known for her work with the poor in the slums of india. back in december, pope francis recognize a second miracle a tribute did to mother teresa that paves the way to her
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chris: it continues at this hour after stormy monday pre-check out our temperatures. cooler to the northeast. still all of these temperatures above average. 81 degrees, a nice evening coming up. temperatures slightly into the mid 60's by 9:00. by sunrise, we are barely above 60 degrees. here we go through the day tomorrow. temperatures surge from 7:00 to six to seven. it's going to be a pleasant wednesday with the sunshine. if you have the outdoors, low and mid 80's tomorrow. a little bit cooler. nice for st. patrick's day. look for saturday.
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we will have that for you at 5:00. anchor: thank you. a basque ballplayer for a world-famous team helps patients bounce back. our cameras were there. buckets blakes posed for pictures and sign autographs. the glow travershe visited spring lake and south middle school. joel: eastern versus western, a never-ending argument when it comes to barbecue. which is the healthiest? that is the question posted on social media today. the answer is eastern seidl --
4:41 pm
she adds at the end matter what type of food you choose, plan on a risk walk after eating it. anna: it all sounds good. sounds perfect. a blast from the past helping you celebrate st. patrick's day. >> the gang is getting back together thursday. they are throwing a pop up pub. doors open up at 3:00 p.m.. the event shuts down at 1:00 p.m.. tickets are five dollars. glad they're getting the band back together. anna: the kids are all here. they may have thought they couldn't celebrate it without it. they are relieved. the president gets real about
4:42 pm
what he said about his wife and what his daughters have taught him. joel: ladies, you may not be the only ones on the pill. the birth control pill for men that could be hitting pharmacy shelves soon. first -- reporter: a mad scientist is always a guy with crazy hair. what girl wants to look like a mad scientist? anna: we have proof that perception creates problems. see what she has done that bowl. joel: first a live look outside center. the fan club watching another 4:00. don't be shy. wave to the cameras.
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anna: getting gross to enjoy math and science is not always easy but this apex girl is starring in a super bowl ad and shows there is girl power in the field. as i found out it took encouragement from her mom and outstanding teachers to help this local girl break into the boys club.
4:46 pm
anna: sydney in a super bowl commercial about girls for chevron. she goes to apex high. she looks like a typical teenaged girl but she doesn't sound like it. >> i love my ap biology class in the beginning. we were talking about the molecular side of things. especially gene replication. >> she is the type of person i wanted to know how something works. anna: she was more interested in being an actress or musician. >> the mad scientist is always a crazy guy with hair. >> that is not what we all
4:47 pm
anna: talked about using music to reengineer the brain. a light bulb went off. she fell in love with science and open head first. this beautiful team represents to school with. with stem. about how you could encourage the girl in your house or classroom to be more interested in stem subjects. and what it is like to be one of the most outspoken kids in her science class. she does not mind it. anchor: it could be men taking the pill. scientists are closer than ever to developing a medication that creates temporary maelstrom
4:48 pm
stirility. it must be reversible if the man eventually wants to father children. president obama is sounding like a man in love with his wife. he told time magazine i love michelle's curves. he had a joint interview and they discussed body image and in particular how women of color are perceived. the president discussed how raising two girls has helped him learn about body image pressure that women face. he says his daughters are lucky because they have a family whether mom has curves and a father that appreciates them. anna: it is a fun household where a mom and dad are in love area -- love. joel: and you can tell. and the state trooper who save the day for a couple of superheroes.
4:49 pm
do you remember this picture? it was no accident. why this mom wanted to look so grumpy at the happiest place on earth.
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that vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated
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ayanchor: in downtown raleigh, downtown durham, downtown fayetteville, abc 11 eyewitness
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joel: a father and son duo taking the top spot. anna: he won his third second of iditarod. that is in record time beating his own record by two hours. his dad reached the end of the race 45 minutes after and took second place. this is the fifth year the title has gone to them. joel: congratulations. in california, detectives are trying to track down teenagers who turned a vacant home into a party house. the new homeowners were supposed to move in wednesday. that is not going to be possible
4:53 pm
through the weekend. you can see the mess. deputies detained 14 people when they arrived at the home and they're trying to figure how the teenagers got inside the home in the first place. you see the story of the mom becoming famous after her photo went viral. now she is explaining why. she has this unpleasant look on her face while writing splash mountain at disney world. she is known as grumpy mom. her picture has been shared all over social media. mom says she has bronchitis, a screaming child, it was a long day and one her husband didn't want to go on the right with her she made that face.
4:54 pm
practice the look the entire time. she was focused to find the camera. her husband is the one who put it online. joel: there is a story behind everything. steve: live in the breaking news center, coming up we have news coming in from washington, the metro system in washington will be shut down at midnight. when it may reopen. it will be a commuter nightmare in washington. and primary night, the polling places are very busy. you can see the lines are open until 7:30. you will see the last-minute campaign push by one big-name candidate. chris, a perfect afternoon to be voting. no weather problems.
4:55 pm
beautiful blue skies. temperatures above average. we could hit a record high. huge changes by the weekend. >> some highs and lows to talk about. we will have the news in a few minutes. anna: a state trooper in new hampshire proves once again a cave is not needed to be considered a superhero. there is one man playing captain america. they look good but they broke down in their car on the way to a child birthday party. a trooper came to their rescue. they save the day.
4:56 pm
anna: we are following developing stories across the state. joel: see how it much money a bookkeeper is accused of taking from a school district and where a way was found after his mother says he fell asleep i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've had no prior treatment. it's the one and only cure that's one pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. with harvoni, there's no interferon and there are no complex regimens. tell your doctor if you have other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or other medical conditions, and about all the medicines
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joel: a fight inside of a nail salon spills into a parking lot and inns and gunfire. the salon owner says he kicked the woman out. they have had no arrests. no reports of injuries. tisha: a bookkeeper admits she embezzled thousands of dollars. she pleaded guilty to embezzlement. the trouble took place in 2011
4:59 pm
$20,000 was taken. they would have to pay back the money and serve a 17 month sentence. steve: a nine-year-old is spot in a parking lot. he was left behind on a boys and girls club bus after falling asleep. the driver of the bus is no -- is under investigation. they say it is standard protocol to walk the bus after routes. the boy did not know where he was and did not know where everyone else was. our coverage of the primary continues at the top of the hour. tisha: they will update you on what is happening at your present and statewide. the news at 5:00 starts now. steve: primary night. voters going to the polls, hundreds of delegates at stake.
5:00 pm
-- battling for the top republican spot. steve: clinton has a last-minute campaign stop in the triangle. tisha: and trouble at the polls. computer crashes. what to expect into the night as we launch election night coverage. tisha: we have our reporters covering all angles of the primary. good evening. steve: voter turnout in our area is very high and the stakes are very high. the polls today. andrea blanford live at the polling community center to show us the turnout. anna: i want to give you a live look at this line that stretches down the sidewalk where the majority of the students are voting today. we know 900 people have cast ballots in looking at the line


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