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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 530 AM  ABC  March 16, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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we constitution if anything was stolen. we will push out updates as we get them on the abc11 mobile app. it is 61 degrees right now and 5:30. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. full primary results in a minute but first meteorologist don schwenneker talking about near record warmth. tkpwhrao good morning. record is 86 for this day and i don't think we will get there but we will be in the mid 80's, 84 not out of the question. we look at temperatures as we head through the day jumping quickly from the 50's this morning at 7:00 to the 60's by 9:00 to the 70's by 11:00 and into the 80's this afternoon. current numbers from across the region, 56 roxboro and 55 chapel hill. 49 sanford, 52 smithfield and hey goldsboro and 6161. by lunch mostly sunny and 77.
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more -- going home a few more clouds and 84. by the weekend it is 30 degrees colder. we talk about that and we have the poll forecast in a minute but now we talk traffic. amber: as we are over here rubbing our eyes from the pollen. off to a nice start on the roads. this is the road weather index not showing anything. sunshine will be the only worry so don't forget the sun glasses. to fog or precipitation. we are accident tree this morning. i was checking some speeds and this is garner 70 where it meets 50 and average is 46. moving fine. might have overnight construction until about 6:00. it lengthersingers until then. this is durham county looking nice. won't
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vote 2016 as we get started. donald trump comes out on top in north carolina winning the republican nomination with 40% of the vote to ted cruz's 37%. barbara: for the democrats hillary clinton won big with more than 54% of support to bernie sanders's 40%. we have breaking results from national races. hillary clinton and donald trump both got significant delegates. clinton gained 23 from missouri, illinois gave her 88 and wins in ohio and florida and north carolina she has more than 1,500 of the 2,383 needed to win the democratic nomination. bernie sanders has 800. john: donald trump grabbed more delegatesor the republicans. he took illinois with 39% to ted cruz's 30%. he also edged out cruz in a
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florida went to trump and john kasich won ohio. you see the total count. donald trump 621 of the #,1,100 or so needed. barbara: you shared our facebook about one pan's kind skres kerr. travis felt had papa john's deliver pizza for voters waiting hours to vote. gloria rodriguez is there. people waited late to get a chance to vote. gloria: you are right. they were here until about 11:00 last night waiting to vote. this area was full of voters and the line stretched around the corner. people were lined up all along here. some of them waiting hours. today we will be asking the state board of elections if they were prepared for this high voter turnout. we had a record number of primary voters across north carolina and that led to some
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sites like the bolling community center at raleigh. those in line at 7:30 when they were scheduled to chose were allowed to say -- close were allowed to stay. voters waited well after dark at forest view in durham and this was the line at east regional branch of durham county labor around 10:15. due to special circumstances the state board of elections decided to keep polls open until 8:00 p.m. at two sites. some expressed concerns about voting so late. >> we were told there are very few volunteers here to help with the election and now we are concerned if our vote will be counted because the numbers are in and people are winning elections and we have not voted yet. gloria: we will certainly be taking her concerns to state election officials and those who waited for hours to vote yesterday. live in raleigh.
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eyewitness news. barbara: coming up in the next half hour we will lay out the results of key statewide races. >> president obama could announce his pick for the next supreme court justice as soon as today. he and his team reportedly have finished the vetting process for potential candidates. president obama now has to make the final decision on which candidate he wants to follow night to replace the late justice antonin scalia. barbara: a deadly bus bombing in pakistan, 15 died as it traveled knew the city. 40 others are hurt. employees were on board. officials believe an i.e.d. and you seat exploded. in this you see the damage. crews cut through the wreckage to help survivors. so far no one is claiming
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it is 61 largest subway systems closes for the day. john: "eyewitness news" was first on the scene of this double murder off glenwood avenue last week. we will so you teenage suspect police are looking for. don: as you head out the door temperatures around 60 degrees
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geico motorcycle,
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don: let's talk pollen forecast as you head out this morning. it is crazy. i was out there yesterday and you have bart letlet pair trees that put out that lovely smell. i saw the first car turn green yesterday. look at the pollen the next several days. today and friday high and almost high thursday. saturday. by sun it is down because -- by
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if you are new to the area your car is about to turn yellow. i don't care what color it is, weeks. 54 in south hill. 56 roxboro. 58 louisburg and 52 rocky mount and 58 siler city, 60 hillsborough and 59 cary, 61 fayetteville and 61 pinehurst and 59 raeford and hope mills, good morning to you, 60 degrees. looking at the day ahead right now about 60. by lunchtime 77. late a83day 83. we will have the-day forecast come up next. john: happening now, a lot of folks in the nation's capital bracing for what could be a day of computer chaos. night. sounds like fun. on a good day traffic is tough in washington, d.c. as you may know. now think in taking away the second largest subway system in
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down the main artery of i-40 through wake county. this is going to last until at least 5:00 fill with smoke last year led to that. they want to make sure there are no more faulty cables. so people are trying to get to work above ground. we will watch this to see how much tpreud lock develops. -- gridlock. barbara: a teenager wanted after two men murdered in an s.u.v. last week. allen rodriguez and pedro reyes were shot to death in the parking lot the panera on glenwood. they are trying to find denzel dancy. police ask you to call 911 if you know where he is. he is considered armed and
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john: a cumberland county man choosing the wrong house to rob. he ended up in the hospital after he was shot by a man inside. this was in the 1600 block of eureka avenue. deputies say billy taylor called 911 after the man came into the house with a fun and told him to -- gun and told him to get on the floor. taylor's brother heard it and came out of the bedroom and saw taylor done on the floor with a gun pointed at his head. he went to get his gun and shot the suspect. last check he was being treated. and an arrest in to 20-year-old murder case johnny bell is accused in the death of mark blackmon blackmon. he's being held without bond. a father and son duo turned fugitive.
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barbara: welcome back. it is 5:45 and 61 degrees. donald trump and hillary clinton coming out on top in our presidential primaries. that is one story making headlines. trump won the republican nomination with 40% of the vote. ted cruz with 36%. for the democrats clinton took 54% of the vote to bernie sanders's 40%.
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close to call right now with 98.8% reporting the races are less than a half percentage point meaning the losing candidate can request a recount. north korea's highest court sentenced an american tourist to 15 years in prison with hard labor. he allegedly tried to steal a propaganda banner from a restricted area as a souvenir. was convicted and sentenced in a one-hour trial. john: the justice department one step closer to a deal with ferguson, missouri. the city council agreed to accept the plan to overhaul the police force and municipal court system. unrest over the fatal shooting of michael brown led to a federal review that fond racial bias in the agency. from here the plan needs court araofl. and shootout in fort worth, texas, leaves a suspect dead and
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edit mciver was wanted on felony warrant. he was with his son when officers tried to make an arrest. authorities say he was killed in the exchange of gunfire and his son took off before being captured hours later. barbara: concerns about lead poisoning at nearly half of the schools in newark, new jersey. 17,000 children will be tested after high levels were found in the drinking water. the testing begins with 2,000ed to also who attend early childhood centers. it can affect development. officials jr. calm saying the lead levels do not compare to the crisis plaguing flint, manufacture. a lot of finger pointing on the water crisis in flint at a hearing. former city and federal officials blamed each otheror failing to protect the citizens. republicans meantime targeted an e.p.a. official who resigned as it got worse.
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said he relied on environmental experts to advise him about the situation. john: new details about a train derailment in southwest kansas. a federal investigator says a truck carrying cattle feed hit the tracks shifting the rail. the nts pwfrblt investigator did not say it was the cause. he said it moved the track more than a foot. 32 on the train weresney is the partner company -- parent company -- john: of abc11. don: i don't know if i want to see it. after what he did to hanz solo i
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i know it is not a real world but i don't care. barbara: somebody didn't get a nap yesterday. john: no nappy? don: it was a crusher in "star wars". if you don't know by few you don't care -- if you don't know by to you you don't care. barbara: the remaking of the iconic movies. barbara: i want them to bring back shey ra labeouf. barbara: he was the youngin'. take your nap. don: as you head out today we see clear skies and warm up to 77 by lunchtime and this yarn 20 -- plus degrees -- 20-plus degrees above average. raleigh right now it is 60, dew point 52, 75% humidity.
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sunrise a minute earlier at 7:24. from across the region fayetteville live look, 61 right now, 72% humidity. south wind three. as far as the temperatures in the area, 56 roxboro, 57 oxford. hey louisburg. 55 chapel hill. 61 southern pains. fayetteville 62 fplt. we are clear and dry and not much to so you. this is the next frontal boundary and it is to the much. it is a significant cold front but it doesn't have any moisture to work through. we will see clouds fill in. by lunchtime we are clear and dry and not much to so you. manual -- mostly sunny skies. this area to the north could be affected by if you do see a or thunderstorm it could go strong very fast.
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that area under marginal risk. biggest threat is high wind and possibly hail that. is from roanoke rapids down to rocky mount over to tarboro and feature. we will watch that for afternoon. that could be a triple spot for you. the rest of today temperatures in raleigh will go from the 60's at 9:00 to 77 by hroeufrpl and two the afternoon 81 at 2:00 and 84 at 4:00. across the area temperatures in the 80's. 8 84 garner, 83 cal. 83 holly springs. 85 pinehurst and 86 raeford and fayetteville. 85 lillington and 84 sanford, 85 goldsboro. 80 south hill. 81 roxboro. 84 wilson and tarboro. mainly clear tonight other than a chance of evening thunderstorm. 56 raleigh and 58 fayetteville. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, as we go
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we have another nice day. forth as warm. -- not as warm. 76. friday 68. saturday 58 and rain sunday, first day of spring and almost 30 degrees colder. highs in the 50's. sunday night into monday could see snow in the mountains. could be a wet end. today very warm. mid 80's. barbara: people don't want to plant plant. you have to wait technical april 15 -- wait until april 15 fplt. don: wait technicalfelltplfell -- wait until tax day. stpaoeufplt amber: wear green tomorrow or i will pinch you. it is nice and quiet this morning. clear conditions. if you are flying today it is a good day, right?
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as don said just sunshine. so grab the sun disasterspbnglassessunglasses. nice and clear and this is roxboro and 501 average speed southbound 57 miles an hour. looking good there. 40 and rock quarry a little volume. still moving into the capital city. two the city of medicine in durham, durham freeway seven minutes 40 to 15. 540 westbound northern wake county to problems capital to 70 to your minutes and 40 eastbound five minutes u.s. 64 to u.s. 70. good start to hump day. barbara: 5:53 and 61 degrees. starbucks getting ready for spring. john: the tpuif you drink named
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barbara: a special pop-up pub to is available for ios and android. barbara: starbucks is celebrating the return of spring
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cherry blossom frappe chino with strawberries appear cream with white chocolate sauce. it is available at participating stores through march 20, the first day of spring. that is this sunday. >> maybe a few calories there. barbara: a couplement john: a blast from the past helping you celebrate st. patrick's day. barbara: they are getting back together tomorrow. they are throwing up a pop-up pb at market hall and city market. they closed in november after 1 years. you may remember attachment it opens at 3:00 p.m. and it shuts down at 1:00 friday morning. tickets are $5. john: still to come, or primary results coverage continues. governor mccrory and attorney general roy cooper preparing for a big november battle. the issues they are focusing on in this election season. barbara: we continue to stay on top of fast moving developments in durham.
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street. this is connor like so many kids, he was missing things in school - distracted - disengaged - just not getting it.
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then we heard about sylvan's new teaching system, sylvansync. personal lessons, taught by sylvan certified instructors, using technology kids love. i've never seen him more engaged. and the results are kids like connor typically times more growth than if john: super tuesday round three in the books and hillary clinton
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big winners. role. barbara: we have results from the big local contest including the race for the governor's mansion down to two men. john: the harsh sentence for an american college student arrested in north korea. first, we are following breaking news in durham. barbara: a murder investigation is under way now. these pictures from hardy street. caitlin knute will have the developments in a moment. first it is time for weather apartment traffic together with meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. don: good morning to you. warm-up. look at the jump from the 50's to the 80's. that is the red area there. a look at the day ahead and we are in the 50's to start. by 9:00 we are in the 60's. by 11:0070's and by 2:00 p.m. won't remember in the 80's. current numbers, 63 southern pines, 53 goldsboro the 52 wilson.


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