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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  March 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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steve: let's begin with the showdown underway in washington on the opening over the u.s. supreme court. president obama announced merrick garland is his pick to replace antonin scalia a. republicans say they will not
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and want the next tisha: now to the fallout from
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near record turnout across the state. the long lines left voters waiting for hours to cast ballots even as late as 11:00. andrea blanford with what caused the election drama. >> they are carefully reviewing ways to shorten wait times at the polls but say counties did their job on election day and did it well. 200 people were still waiting in line when the polls closed at 7:30. some didn't cast a ballot until close to 11:00. elections officials say they had enough precincts to handle the traffic and overstaffed some to accommodate voters. the main issues causing delays were voters filling up at the wrong precincts. all things that led to more paperwork and voters having to
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you state board says two thirds of those who voted did so for reasons unrelated to the new voter id requirement. steve: the presidential front runners are both the winners from north carolina's primary and picked up a significant number of delegates in other states. clinton gained 23 in missouri. add those two wins in ohio, and north carolina and hillary clinton has 1500 of the 2383 delegates needed to win. bernie sanders right now has 800 delegates. donald trump 13 states and lost 1. john kasich is getting a home court when while florida senator marco rubio ended his campaign after losing his home state to trump.
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provisional ballots are still being counted. tisha: paul ryan is knocking out a suggestion he should be the gop nominee if there is a contested convention. john boehner made the suggestion during a conference in florida. he pointed anyone can be nominated at the convention orion spokeswoman says he is not interested and will not accept the nomination. the national convention takes place this summer in cleveland. steve: the police shooting deaths of unarmed teens on the mind of voters in the democratic primary. prosecutors behind the death in illinois did not win their primaries. they were voted out. mcdonald was shot 16 times while walking away from chicago officers. video wasn't released until a year later.
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killed in november outside of the recreation center. tisha: police investigating an early morning murder. simon lewis was found shot to death. caitlin has more details about the victim. reporter: according to one eyewitness the victim's last moments were spent going door to door searching for help. unfortunately his last-ditch effort to save his life was in vain. >> we put our ear to the door. we could hear someone gasping for help. i opened the door and found him laying in a pool of blood. he died in my hands afterwards. reporter: authority state on the scene for hours processing the scene, gathering clues. they have been asking the members of the public to come forward if they have information here. she had never seen him at the complex before.
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steve:ing notes on the rest of us looking at how dangerous it is for children tond off their bus. ed crump now at the school bus yard. classics if -- >> you have become a statistic. bus drivers were armed with the survey sheets. 3000 violations have been longed in the last two years. despite increased enforcement and education programs the numbers keep going up. drivers say it is one of the most dangerous aspects of their job. bus drivers say it happens all the time. if you are unsure of the rules for passing a stopped school bus
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tisha: high drama in the hole cogan's sex tape legal drama. the video is recorded by a shock jock who legally changed his name. he was on the witness stand today taking the fifth to avoid testifying. steve: emergency officials are suspending their search for a car that plunge into the ohio river. it is now rising making it unsafe for divers who were down there in the water. they will reassess the situation. 12 cars were involved in a massive pileup. officials are trying to determine how many people were inside and how to get a car out of the river.
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a piece of debris that recently washed up is unlikely part of the plane. the debris was found last month by the same man who discovered a wing fragment from the missing malaysian plane. he remains the only confirmed debris from the plane. steve: new details about the student arrested, sentenced to hard labor for trying to steal a propaganda banner from his hotel. he says he wanted as a trophy
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morning. steve: flooding in southeast texas is forcing many to evacuate their homes. he is getting a firsthand look at all of that damage. he has declared 17 counties disaster areas because of the high water. authorities are warning record flooding along the sabine river between texas and louisiana. a dire situation for all of those people there. now the weather happening there. we have been trying to inch closer to a record today. >> no word that we have done it. reports from rdu.
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85 degrees is the normal high in mid-june around here. roxboro, roanoke rapids, 82. very warm. it is drive. a cold front is going through the region. just after midnight, a mild night coming up. we slowly get into a cool day. by the time we get to sunday it is going to feel like january. temperatures and rain are coming up in your forecast. steve: it's enough to stick around for the details. a homeless man helps in the manhunt for a pair of guys who escaped from a jail. tisha: the suspects were nabbed and hauled back to jail.
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award he will receive. steve: president obama filling
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some love for the tar back in the alcove. it freshmen are always good for something. they are taking on the gulf coast eagles. they looked awfully good. the tar heels were not taking them lightly to begin with and they certainly aren't after watching that performance last night. >> these guys are like 68, 69. they have to mess with us. we are on the road with the duke blue devils as they get ready to take on unc wilmington tomorrow. joe mazur is in rhode island. anchor: for the first time the blue devils are here in providence playing ncaa tournament, going through a spirited practice now getting ready for unc w. many people are taking the seahawks as the trendy pick as far as upsets are concerned.
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three times in the last 10 years they have lost their opening game. that seems silly considering they are also the defending ncaa champions. this is a vastly different team than the one with jabari parker. these guys seem like they are very prepared. they are also having lost in the acc quarterfinals last week. just a little bit ago they reminded me of something very
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they have been two of the numberthat is ok. the men are -- the winner still can visit the white house. the president has duke going to the elite eight farther than a lot of other people. tisha: we will see how it all plays out. steve: chris is back with us keeping a close eye on that messaging system from the weather service. tisha: it was actually hot outside. anchor: absolutely right. temperatures mid-80's. not as low as it can be in march. a little bit of moisture in the air. it felt like june out there. that is going to change for gradual changes, not in terms of rainfall through the weekend. as we get into sunday, it looks like a cold rain. we would be worried about snow
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spreading rain in here with temperatures running about 15-20 below average sunday. you can see what that would mean for our highs in january. it is going to be too warm for anybody other than rain. it is a chilly rain for those who come into sunday. things could change. this is a good example. it is 85 now. the breezes coming in off the atlantic. that is why the beaches could be rather chilly in the spring while we soar into the 80's. 87 at fayetteville. 84 degrees around southern pines. these temperatures, like june.
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54 in chicago and mid-march. this is going to be a gradual process as temperatures drop day by day. starting tomorrow, it happens every day through sunday. we will be downright cold. a little bit of cloud cover. it doesn't have any moisture. no rain with it. it is still winter time in the upper midwest. it's on severe weather over illinois. now it has some snow going for northern minnesota. mostly clear skies. a little cooler. above average at 30. 53 degrees around fayetteville. lots of sunshine tomorrow. 75 durham. partly to mostly sunny skies. we will be cooler but still about 12-15 degrees above
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it will be the fire danger, a brisk southwest wind that could enhance the fire danger a little bit. south hill 73. still warm. then it turns cooler friday. your seven-day forecast, 68 above average. saturday, cooler. 58 with clouds increasing. by saturday evening, rain developing. it spring arrives at 12:30. it will feel like january. temperatures in the upper 40's. things could change but it looks like chilly rain temperatures. maybe a light breeze next week. we're back to near 70. anchor: i like the way you call it a recovery.
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steve: i'm sure you have noticed with this weather we have been having allergy season is in full bloom. tisha: a lot of coughing, sniffling and sneezing. why this season may be one of the worst for allergy sufferers. >> clearly -- [inaudible] steve: can you imagine your child on the receiving end of that? we have an update about that teacher caught on camera be reading that young lonmin in his class -- young woman in his class. tisha: take a look at these beautiful flowers in downtown raleigh on fayetteville street right outside our eyewitness news center. beautiful weather today. 85 degrees. you can watch eyewitness news
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steve: we have an up day on the georgia teacher who was recorded by one of his high school students calling her the dumbest girl he has ever met. >> i have been around for 37 years. clearly you are the dumbest girl i have ever met. steve: shania hunter says the teacher made that comment after she asked a question while trying to catch up on schoolwork
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the teacher resigned at a school board meeting monday night. he apologized for that disruption caused by his comments. tisha: health experts say this could be a bad spring allergy season because the up-and-down weather is likely to cause a pollen super burst. it is crucial to deal with allergy symptoms immediately. left untreated it can cause sinus swelling and chronic sinuses. stay indoors as much as possible when pollen counts are the highest. the national park service is revising its forecast for the peak blooms for the cherry blossoms. they are now forecasting that the march 23 and 24th will be the start of the peak bloom. the earlier forecast put them between march 18 and march 23. the park service says cooler temperatures pushed back the
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the flowers can last for-10 days depending on weather conditions. steve: now you can have a taste of cherry blossoms. the coffee chain is offering a cherry blossom frappuccino. the cherry blossom frappuccino is offer the first day of spring . japan has been cooking that up since 2010. they love all things cherry blossom. no surprise they invented that. >> it looks pretty. >> it looks sweet. tisha: there is a lot happening straight ahead including new video of a college student being attacked at a donald trump rally in fayetteville. reporter: the governor was here thanking voters for passing the bond measure. i will tell you all about it.
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>> see what is happening this instant. 11 eyewitness news at 5:30
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>> another violent video surfaces from a donald trump rally in fayetteville. >> you remember the protester being sucker punched. greg joins us with new cell phone video of a separate incident involving a college student. reporter: this college student told me on the phone he feels like he was targeted because of the scholar -- color of his skin. he says this incident was his first experience of overt and angry racism. he is a student of carolina university but lives in fayetteville. he told me he was in the crowd at the rally to see donald trump, not to protest or demonstrate.


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