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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 430 AM  ABC  March 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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we will get to the big stories but first meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. don: good morning to you both. happy st. patrick's day to you. as you head out we've got a very warm day shaping up. forth as warm as -- not as warm as yesterday. yesterday we tied a record. today we will be in the 70's. by lunchtime 71. 51 in r.d.u. 55 chapel hill. 56 fayetteville. 52 goldsboro. 55 oxford and 45 in roxboro. looking at the day ahead. by lunchtime sunny and 71. through the afternoon more sunshine and 76 degrees. gorgeous day shaping up but it will be cold are for the weekend -- colder for the weekend. we will talk about the rain chances in a bit. john: new this morning a car crashes into a light pole in
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around 2:00 on n.c. 55. we are told the pole was knocked down and car overturned. a witness said a security guard on the way to work stopped to help the driver. barbara: to a story making national headlines. five cumberland county deputies suspended after a scuffle at a donald trump rally in fayetteville. they saw a 78-year-old man punch a protester but didn't take action. new claims of violence from the same raleigh. this is cell phone video of a man allegedly attacking an east carolina university student. he said he was mistaken for a protester and ordered to leave. as police escorted him out people yelled racial slurs. then he is slapped by a man. >> this was my first experience
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to happen at a candidate's rally. barbara: he plans to file an assault complaint with the sheriff's office. john: more than a dozen military personnel punished after the main bombing of a civilian hospital in afghanistan last year. the doctors without borders hospital was attacked in october. 42 died. special operations forces are among toes disciplined -- those disciplined. the punishments are mostlyed a administrative -- mostly administrative. reporter: new documents as to why bowe bergdahl left his post in 2009 in afghanistan. he says he was trying to draw attention to what he saw as leadership problems. according to the transcript of a 2014 interview bergdahl saw his action as a self-sacrifice.
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evaluation from the army sanity board concluding he did suffer from a personality disorder at the time he left the post. a mayo clinic website say people with this typically have trouble interpreting social queues and can develop significant mistrust of others. he faces a general court-martial for desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. >> president obama's nominee for the supreme court perhaps to visit with democratic centers. he is a respected former prosecutor but some republicans say he won't get far. mitch mcconnell says he won't get a hearing. they believe the new president should nominate the next justice. charles grassley says he is opening to meeting with garland. john: there won't be another
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fox news calendar in trump says he will unite the party. barbara: the ncaa tournament is off today and raleigh is hosting the first and second round games. john: u.n.c. is among the teams here and they hope for a slam dunk for the local economy. gloria rodriguez is live outside p.n. p.n.c. arena with more. gloria: you were mentioning u. u.n.c. they play tonight against florida gulf coast and it is a big day for local basketball fans but for all basketball
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basketball fans from around the country will visit the capital city for the first two rounds of the ncaa basketball tournament. p.n.c. arena is hosting games today and saturday. you will see tournament banners downtown and local businesses hope for an economic boost. in 2014 we raleigh last hosted the tournament 17,000 people visited greater raleigh. the executive director of the greater raleigh sports alliance said it generated more than $4 million in direct visitor spending. they are asking restaurants to hang up posters and have food and drunk specials and have tv's tuned to the games. we did checked a there are still tickets available for the tournament. if you want to come but don't have tickets there will be a fan experience back here. we will tel we will tell you about that in the next hour.
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ted to be on schedule today. the problems that had to be addressed. john: a message from the highway patrol if you plan to party this st. patrick's day. don: good morning to you. as you head out we've got dry conditions across the carolinas. we will talk about the sunshine moving in and we have the complete forecast. barbara: be the match abc11 together is asking you to join us for the bone marrow donor registry drive at south point mall. they are looking for donors from
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all don: welcome back. we are looking at what is
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this morning. you will see temperatures this morning in the 50's. by 10:0062 and sunny and not as warm. current numbers from across region in the 50's. we have widespread. 60 in henderson, 45 roxboro, 56 louisburg. 53 durham, 55 raleigh, 56 rocky mount, 54 siler city, 48 sanford, 56 lillington. 54 pinehurst and 51 goldsboro. looking at the day ahead, right now mainly clear and lots of to sunshine. 71 by lunchtime and 75 this afternoon. it is going to be colder for the weekend and be wet. we will talk about the rain in the complete forecast in a few minutes. john: the d.c. petro system will be-metro system will be up after a 29-hour shut down checking the
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following an electrical fire monday. the general manager says crews found 26 areas of concern requiring replacement or. most of problems have been fixed. barbara: police are trying to figure out who shot a 20-year-old in southeast raleigh. chop chop chopper 11 h.d. was over it last night. he was taken to wakemed but is expected to recover. if you know anything call police or crimestoppers. three are recovering after a serious crash in durham. two cars were involved. police say one of them hit a pole and the door jammed during the collision and crews had to force it open. it was closed several hours while crews cleaned up. john: the highway patrol says jason allen was speeding on highway 581 is and crossed the center line and hit a minivan. the motorcycle burst into flames
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the driver of the minivan was 80 and was taken to the hospital. barbara: enjoy but don't press your luck as you prepare to celebrate st. patrick's day. the highway patrol will join forces with local law enforcement for a booze it and lose it campaign. there will be more officers, deputies and troopers on the road through sunday. 11 were killed last year in st. patrick's day crashes. john: we are taking you inside one of the companies hoping to equip local police officers with body cameras. why this company says its software is different and how police officers are responding. barbara: one lucky dog. this girl back on dry land after going missing at sea. john: music legend frank sinatra
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there's moving... and there's moving with move free ultra. it has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones. and unlike the big osteo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. barbara: welcome back. it is 51 degrees and 4:45. president obama's supreme court justice nominee will meet with democrats on capitol hill today. some republican senators say they will not change their mind on a hearing or a vote for merrick garland. but charles grassley says he is open to meeting with garland in the come weeks. michigan's governor rick snyder will be on the hot seat when he testifies in washington about his role in the water crisis in michigan. he blames a failure of
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major auto makers are expected to announce they plan to make all the emergency braking standard equipment on most cars by 2022. it is using cameras and radar to see objects in the way and slow or stop a vehicle. john: police departments across the area are starting to use body cameras. it is an issue that hit close to home after an officer-involved shooting in raleigh. envision enterprises is one of nearly two dozen companies vying to win a contract with raleigh police. the founder says it stores the video and that is one of the biggest hrbdurdles. the price tag for the program is $5 million over five years. >> a lot of concern that $5 million is being dedicated to a
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john: raleigh's police euniceunion says they are not opposed. they have been lobbying for pay rises. but envision argues the system could save the city a bundle. a fayetteville man charged with peeping in apartment windows. they arrested chris lewis tuesday after he was caught they say peeping into a home on saw tooth drive. he's believed to be responsible for three times of peeping on morganton road and westlake drive. he assaulted an officer when he was arrested and that officer has minor injuries. two teenagers face more charges after a string of burglars in moore county. they left a group home in aberdeen last week and started a crime spree. they were originally arrested for two armed robberies near
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barbara: the uber driver accused of a rampage is suing the ride carrying company. jason dalton demands $10 million. he claims the work caused him psychological damage. police say he killed six people and injured two last month while picking up fares. in a complaint he said uber discriminated against his mental health and his wife is divorcing him because of uber. he faces 16 criminal charges including six counts murder. frank sinatra jr., who carried on his father's legacy died. he died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest on tour in daytona beach, florida. he worked for his father as his musical director and conductor. he performed the national anthem at a fork new york yankees game last year. he was 72. john: people in texas and
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many ordered to evacuate due to flooding. one family taking extreme measures and link on top of the -- living on top of the whom. a major highway shut down. leaders in texas say interstate 10 will open when the water recedes. one lucky german shepherd has quite a tail. barbara: she was missing at sea material five weeks but back with her home. she was presumed dead after falling off a fishing boat but see survived and managed to swim to san clemente island off the coast of san diego. navy owefficials say she greeted
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bill of health other than being thing you learn to do in kindergarten. don: how much will that cost? john: i don't want to know. don: a pair of air jordans were a couple hundred bucks. barbara: 10 people steal the other shoes. don: happy st. patrick's day. barbara: you, too. got green on. i already pinched somebody because they were forth waring if i. don: i thought about forth wearing -- not wearing any. don: we have a big cooldown. today in the 70's. tomorrow 60's. 50's saturday and who's sunday.
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sunday, then back into the 60's next week. raleigh temperature right now 51, mainly clear. dew point 39 and that is 63% humidity. weekends are calm. live look into downtown fayetteville clear sky and temperature 57, 56% humidity, winds calm. as far as temperatures across the region, 45 roxboro, 56 oxford. 50 roanoke rapids, 56 wilson. 46 louisburg, 55 in chapel hill, 43 sanford, 56 fayetteville and 55 clinton. skies are clearing. we had a few clouds over southern counties last fight and if we zoom out there's fog in the way of rainfall in the southeast. we are going to stay dry today, tomorrow, saturday starts to change. looking the predict perspective, lunch nothing but sunshine and same this afternoon.
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or have a green beverage it should be gorgeous with temperatures in the 60's. a few clouds through tomorrow and by tomorrow evening the friday evening is dry and by saturday clouds build in. saturday you could have a sprinkle. mostly you will be dry but the chance is there. today the front is through and we have great weather. a look at the forecast for raleigh today, you will see temperatures running in the 50's by 9:00. by lunchtime 71 degrees. into the afternoon mid 70's. above average though not as warm as yesterday. 76 today in cary, 77 smithfield. 75 wendell, 75 siler city, 76 holly springs and durham. 78 fayetteville. 7 77 lillington. 78 raeford, 77 pinehurst, 77 goldsboro. 75 roanoke rapids, 76 louisburg. tonight clear and back into the
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a raleigh, 47 fayetteville. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow back into the 60's. 68 degrees. gorgeous day, sunny skies and saturday a lot of clouds. could see an isolated sprinkle. 58. sunday wet, temperatures in the 40's. nasty for the first day of spring. upon back to 55, tuesday 66 and wednesday 70. if we are lucky this system that is working,on sunday if that were hit in january or february it is a major snow maker. but because we are warm enough it will be mainly cold wet. john:phobe -- nobody has time for that. barbara: wigs can be therapeutic for somebody going through chemotherapy treatment.
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the barbara: it is 4:55. john: the most visible side effect of chemotherapy patients lose losing their hair. barbara: amber will show us how to cope. amber: the business of free wigs turbans and head scarfs is booming with specialty stores here in the triangle. as an oncology nurse who survived breast cancer twice carol franklin knows how devastating hair loss can be. >> it is frightening and horrendous. a lot of times they talk about
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amber: she lets them know where wigs, turbans and hats have no charge. >> i found a wig a very nice wig, the perfect wig and it was one of the free ones. >> this would look good on you. >> i tried to say few you can be a red head or blond. amber: there are wigs, hats, scarfs part of the new charge service and it is forth just for patients -- not just for patients. >> it is open to the public. as long as they are actively in treatment they are offered this program. amber: programs like there are growing across the accountant with nonprofits like providing them and allowing patients to re saoeulcycle there's. >> some patients don't have funds and that is the biggest advantage. amber: an advantage that helps
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her chemo without cost. priceless therapy see recommends for patients she cares for. >> i had patients come back and tell me thank you for letting me know. amber: the boutique at the duke cancer institute is open monday through friday 9:00 to 4:00 and all patients. there is more information on under abc11 together tab. john: it can make a difference. amber: a huge difference because there's a lot of expense for treatment. john: 4:58.
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john: developing story from vet 2016. five cumberland county deputies disciplined for their roles in the donald trump rally in fayetteville that turned violent. barbara: announcement expected from auto makers what every new car sold in the u.s. will be required to have. john: ncaa tournament kicks off today. everything you need to know about the local teams. good morning, carolina, welcome on on this thursday march 17. st. patrick's day. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. we will have more on the big stories but first meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. good morning. don: good morning to uyou. as you head out the door we have cry conditions today and another gorgeous day.


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