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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  March 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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tonight, state lab is >> abc 11 eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. steve: a wake county family is pleading for your help. they want to see their loved one back at home. high, everyone. tisha: he was a look at the man who is missing tonight. his name is donald lyle, 49 years old. last seen eight days ago. angelica alvarez joins us live outside the riley -- the raleigh eyewitness news room with the sister. angelica: the sheriff's office continues to investigate his sister came to us with these, she was frantic. she has been handing out flyers hoping that will help her and her brother home. let's give you another look at him. this is donald lyle. he is 5'11", weighing 185 pounds with salt-and-pepper hair. thursday morning. his sister cindy says she saw
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her jeep -- borrow her jeep. he was last seen driving that orange jeep wrangler with north carolina plates that rate "new b lk" his sister says the transponder on the jeep was pinged as heading toward charlotte. >> we need him back. my family, we have five children. my parents are gone. and we're right -- tight kids. we need him back. angelica: her brother is a husband and a father and as of right now, there are no leads on his disappearance. if you have any information or see him or the jeep, call the wake county sheriff's office. we have a number on our website -- tisha: a durham police officer
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he was arrested thursday. investigators say he agreed to work as a courtesy officer at an apartment complex. he received discounted rent but he sublet the apartment and moved elsewhere. the 24th of officer is on administrative leave without pay as the investigation continues. change from the bottom up. that's what civil rights activists say it will take to eliminate racial profiling. steve: this call for reform comes one day after the release of a study showing african-american men are more likely than white men to be stopped by durham police. ed crump live at city hall weather group presented its case today. ed: as you both know the study comes at a time when drum is looking for a new police chief. activists say that for -- that search for a chief should be a starting point for change. activists representing several civil rights organizations say the study on the police department done by the research triangle institute was no surprise.
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included a lot of statistics but possibly the most eye-opening is that blacks are 20% more likely to be pulled over than whites during daylight hours when activist say their skin color is easily observed. >> turns out that the people of durham could do math after all. turns out that we weren't hallucinating. about racial profiling. reporter: mark anthony middleton did know some good news. the racial profiling appears to have declined some in the past couple years but they say it is not enough. >> the disparities, while on the decline, are still very concerning. reporter: they say the changes came about after the community began speaking out. >> now suddenly have a study that says -- it's changing. what happened in 2012? these people got together and started talking about this. and organizing around it. ed: all agree the study is cause for fundamental change and durham p.d.
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the department itself. >> it has got to be at the mayoral level and citizens have got to engage in answer the question, what do we want a durham? ed: a great place to start is chief. >> we need to sit down with the new chief when he or she arrives and make significant changes in the way policing is done in durham. ed: those activists believe if another study was done of other police activity, it would also show racial disparity. they say that is why they are calling for dramatic change. steve: the city manager's office says they are hoping to have a new police chief on the job by may. that process is underway at city hall. new at 6:00, the durham county jail facing new scrutiny. family and friends of matthew mccain and dennis mcmurry holding a vigil outside the jail. both men died behind bars and
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of the response they have been getting from the durham county sheriff's office. tisha: if you are suffering, you know the state is confirming we are nearing peak season for pollen. the state department of environmental quality warns the pollen levels are about to peak. the level reached 450 grams per cubic meter on thursday. in most years, the highest levels fell between 1000 and 1500. steve: in raleigh you need to brace yourself for to pay more for water. next week, the city council will increase water rates. the department says it will offset the cost to repair and replace old pipes. tisha: fayetteville is oversaturated. the city giving residents concerned with ponding in their yards a heads up. the city sent out a statement of knowledge in your concerns. the area, according to the climate office, is about 5-6 inches above normal rainfall. in the past six months, it is 9-10 inches above normal.
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solution to the problem and that is to let nature take its course. let's turn to the experts for more insight it steve: we have had our fair share of rain. it appears more is on the way for the weekend. chris: absolutely. it is not going to be all that heavy. talk about a half-inch or less in most spots. if you're heading out this evening, no worries with any rain. temperatures will cool down into the 50's towards 11:00. it stays dry. we will timeout that rain in more detail and look ahead at chilly air coming our way. a gray weekend coming up. steve: tonight, he's also working hard to get rid of a hateful act of vandalism. we have details about the investigation underway right now in wake county.
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tisha: interim, the dot is adding a roundabout at commerce street. they say the nearly 300,000 project will improve safety. the road will be closed for 45 days beginning monday. detour signs will be up to navigate the closure. these messages so offensively made the decision to blow them out. steve: a wake county man is
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he has a message for us all tonight. gloria: illegal mexican, went back, you're going to get it. these are the words jose ramirez found sprayed on his mobile home. ramirs incident report with the sheriff's office. they are investigating but so far they have not made any arrests. ramirez tells me it is possible someone ahead of problem with his former roommates did this so he filed a restraining order. he says recent anti-immigrant sentiment has been fearing this could be a hate crime. >> see the people writing this, because i am latino.
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latinos face, coming, drug dealers. gloria: ramirez moved here from mexico 15 years ago. he says he works in construction and goes to night school and raises a daughter. >> i'm working hard here. gloria: he was everyone to respect each other's differences. steve: history this week on the nc state campus. a sorority is at the center of this. it became the first to be trans-inclusive. it took this picture and profile the sorority known as latinas for communidad, latinas promoting the community. the president is hoping their decisions encourages other sororities and fraternities to follow the same path.
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deal are among north carolina's most affordable places to live. steve: a lot of big-name schools falling to the wayside in the ncaa tourney. carolina and duke still alive and hitting the floor tomorrow. what they are saying about being one win away from sweet 16. time now to check out the drive home. let's check out i-40 and miami boulevard. things are stacked up. those people on the right side of your screen heading into the
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steve: we hope you will join us at the streets of south point tomorrow from 11:00 until 2:00 p.m.. we are looking for bone marrow donors between the ages of 18 and 44. find more information at our website -- very simple to be on the registry. a simple cheek swab and you could save a life. tisha: come see us. we are right next to the easter bunny. steve: we will rope you in. new at 6:00, knightdale is wearing an important crown for being north carolina's most affordable community. tisha: the website, smart reach the conclusion after punching and all the data that includes low taxes and closing costs coupled with high in median incomes. knightdale mayor james robertson says the town has found the middle ground with the quality of life is high and the cost are competitive. it is the second year knightdale has topped the list. holly springs was six. steve: great quality of life and
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all right. well, we keep reminding chris. he said of this e-mail saying he was going to be a crummy yweeke nd. i can't let that go. chris: you can't. it is not going to rain continuously but i do not think we are going to see any sun. temperatures keep going down starting tomorrow and into sunday. all in all with the rain in addition to that, you cannot describe it any other way but crummy. at least it is not going to be as bad as a good in terms of heavy rainfall. don't have to worry about that. but rainfall will ramp up tomorrow in the afternoon it into tomorrow night and taper off sunday. even though the rain is mostly over, except for spotty light rain, it is going to stay overcast and chilly through the afternoon hours sunday. by monday, we get back to sunshine and temperatures will start to warm up as we get into the middle of next week. looking today -- hope you enjoyed it. 72 it rdu.
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70 around roxboro. a string of gorgeous weather. the record high 85. the average high temperature is 64. still above normal sunday. we will take care of that tomorrow. butyl shot of the airport. 72 degrees at terminal 2. great evening to fly in or out of rdu. 71 officially. look at that humidity down to 19%. the air is bone dry. once the sunsets, temperatures will fall off. 68 roanoke rapids. it is 73 in fayetteville. southern at 72. perfect weather. you can see signs of that cooler air coming our way. 41 in chicago. kansas city at 45. they should be in the 50's. that chilly air continues to spread to the south and east. we will feel every bit of it by the time we get to sunday and monday. another gorgeous day. high clouds beginning to sneak in from the south around columbia.
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if you have any plans as evening, the weather is going to be fantastic. see the storms across the deep south -- a little bit of liner rain -- lighter rain across the mississippi. no severe weather. it is going to be too cool for that. there will be rain around maybe as early as midday tomorrow across the region. starting out dry. 47 at 7:00 a.m. then temperatures will level off. we will stay mainly in the 50's the crown -- around the triangle. 55 at 2:00. it will be warmer down across the sandhills. a wet afternoon across the region. 8:30 does not show anything. could be a springboard two. midday, here comes the rain rolling in as low pressure develops off the coast. as we head into the mid and late afternoon hours, there is rain all over the place. fairly widespread showers. breaks from time to time as we
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rain continues across the region. moderate but mostly it will be a light, steady rain through much of the overnight hours. sunday morning potentially still wet. a lot of clouds and patches of rain. it starts to dry out. don'et see much prospect for much sunshine. we will have to wait until monday. temperatures on sunday even chillier. stuck in the 40's. rainfall amounts not that heavy. a quarter to a half an inch of rain across the region. high temperatures tomorrow will stay stuck in the low 50's north. they 50's around the triangle with that rain developing during the afternoon. especially but even around midday. 60 in fayetteville. maybe some early to mid 60's further south. it only low 50's to the north. that rain spreading and as the day wears on. there will be snow not that far away. look at the snow developing northern virginia.
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i do not think there will be any around washington or baltimore. tours new york, maybe a couple of inches. and southern england, looking at that plastering of snow. six inches around boston. going to be a wet start of spring, a white sergeant -- start to spring in boston. 7 day. the rain ends temporarily for sunday but there will be cloudy skies, upper 40's to low 50's. monday back up to 55 but those nighttime lows will be to the low to mid 50's. a chance of a freeze. more than likely many or all of us will go under of frost or freeze warning for early next week. then we recovered back to the 70's by the middle of next week. we'll get there. tisha: it is going to take a couple of days and then we will be back with the lovely weather we are having now. thank you. steve: tar heel fans getting ready to go to pnc arena tomorrow. we will have to check out a
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tisha: mark armstrong is at his second home to tell us all about it. mark: that's exactly right. tar heel fans will have a lot of time to get fired up for tomorrow night's game.
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th -ee >> now abc 11 eyewitness news sports sponsored by your local toyota dealers. mark: welcome back. mark armstrong live outside pnc arena. all quiet here today. no fans, close practices. all you could hear was this week of shoes and the asking of many brain questions by reporters. i was certainly among that group. the tar heels getting ready to take on the providence friars. providence meeting the entirety of their game to be usc. a winning layup with a second ago. let chilly what happened with the tar heels. the first half not so good, the second half much better for roy williams. marcus paige hitting a three. unc would take over from there. brice johnson, what an unbelievable performance. 18 points, eight blocks, seven rebounds. the tar heels need to be better than what they were against florida gulf coast if they are
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ok, that is clearly not the video i was trying to get to. let's send it up to providence. there is some symmetry going on. the tar heels taking on providence and run. duke in providence taking on her second round opponent. joe: yeah, hey, mark. all the teams in providence have wrapped up their close practices at the dunkin' donuts center. all quiet for now. duke and yale share an advantage in the familiarity department. a day and a half is not long to get ready for your next opponent, but that advantage should be there is because they played four months ago. in that game, mike krzyzewski's team started pretty slowly but he says it was a whole different
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duke and yale meeting just before thanksgiving. duke trailed by nine but they did come back to win. both teams have grown since then. yale in particular has emerged as one of the best rebounding teams in the country. keeping them off the boards and riding yesterday's momentum will be key. >> they carry the momentum into this game would be great. that is what coaches try to emphasize. don't relapse. yale is such a competitive team. >> a big thing for us is rebounding. yale is a terrific rebounding team. one of the best offensive rebounding teams in the country. we have got to be able to hold our own. >> knowing our guys definitely helps in knowing their tendency and where they want to slow the ball. hopefully we can use that to our success.
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at the opportunity to try to rebound against duke. i asked matt jones there's a collective exhale. he said, heck,no. mark: ben bentle and chris, the two tar heels the carolina need to worry about most. unc-duke baseball we will show you later on tonight. back to you guys. tisha: thanks you.
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breaking news this friday night. captured alive. the most wanted man after the paris terror attacks, trapped during a dramatic shootout. how they got him. we take you inside the tense raid. also breaking -- a nor'easter set to hit. severe weather across the south at this hour. the system then moving right up the east coast. several major cities, up to eight inches or more. the two air scares -- the lightning strike. the flight from raleigh to new york. passengers describing the jolt. and breaking now -- the drone, the jet -- and the close call. donald trump hacked, the fbi investigating tonight. and the threat sent to his son. and diane sawyer with the famous actress. did she lure in one of the most hunted men in the world?


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