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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 430 AM  ABC  March 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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smoke rising from a terminal. barbara: the airport evacuated thousands of travellers roads to the airport are shut down. all flights canceled. john: this comes at a sensitive time a few days ago the prime suspect in the paris attacks was arrested in the bell john capital. -- belgian capital. we will update this story and bring details all morning. barbara: all breakinged about crash now a flood of broken hearts and prayers. what we learn about aey never expected in her bag. barbara: we are flirting with freezing with downtown raleigh. meteorologist don schwenneker will tell us when we can shed the heavy coat. organic
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welcome on tuesday march 22. john: thank you for joining us. we are under a frost advisory. we will check in with meteorologist don schwenneker. don: it is until 9:00 a.m. and once the sun climbs temperatures will jump. many locations in the 30's. look at the day ahead. you can see by 8:00 up to 38 and 10:00 near 50 and lunchtime we will be near 60 degrees. current numbers, in the 30's. 30 roxboro and 34 chapel hill. 28 sanford and 32 smithfield and 36 fayetteville. looking at the wind chills they are not a factor. right now we have temperatures in the 30's. by lunchtime 24 degrees warmer at 60. late day mostly sunny and 65 degrees. even warmer temperatures for tomorrow. we will talk about that in the
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john: breaking overnight a tragedy close to home at north carolina wesleyan college. this is a serious crash on highway 301 year rocky mount. it led to a response from the administration on wirttwitter. it says continue to pray for everyone affected. the staff and faculty are holding you close. we are following the hash tag pray for wesleyan. many tweeting about it. gloria rodriguez is loaded to the scene and we hope to learn what happened last night. expect minute-by-minute updates on air and abc 7 mobile app. barbara: a chase ends in a crash outside a raleigh gas station. we are working to learn more from the highway patrol. this was new bern avenue and you see the area blocked off as troopers investigated. no word what led to it.
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about a shopping decision -- shocking decision out of harnett county with the sheriff resigning for what he calls personal reasons. anthony wilson has more. >> it has people talking. stepping down immediately for personal reasons. it is not clear if it has anything to do with a deputy involved shooting. he would not comment when asked. on that killed john livingston after he refused to allow deputies to search his home. his family said deputies had the wrong house and wrong man. watch for updates as we work to get more on your abc11 mobile app, twitter and later news casts newscasts. amber: i have a developing story.
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mcdonald's getting a shock when a craigslist deal ends in a shoot kwrout shootout. police say they people were meeting another man to sell two cell phones but tried to rob him. both were armed and started fighting. two suspects were shot. they are expected to survive. police say it could have ended much worse. >> 4:30 in the afternoon people are going home and we have young people people. we had families in this restaurant that were eating their dinner. amber: no one working or eating inside was hurt. an elderly woman was knocked to the ground when the suspects tried to run. they didn't get far.
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police say the men are all they have serious differences especially on human rights. it is one a cuban exile here has. he was jailed for a year over his outspoken criticism as a teenager. he came to the u.s. in 1962. he sees the visit as a positive step forward. >> finally somebody took a step forward to help the cuban people. barbara: the president's visit will expand from trade and human rights to baseball. here is what else is happening during the final day on the island. reporter: good morning. the democrats are gearing up for a general election race against donald trump while trump is defending himself from attacks on all sides. ahead of the next round of voting the democratic front-runner is focused on the primary challenger to the
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blasting donald trump as -- >> we need steady hands not a president who says he is neutral monday, pro israel tuesday and who knows what wednesday because everything is negotiable. reporter: trump accused hillary clinton and president obama of weak support for israel. >> when i become president the days of treating israel like a second class citizen will end on day one. reporter: on the trail in arizona the biggest prize clinton blimps trump for -- blimps trump for these. >> it is distressing to see the divisiveness and mean spirited wants and incitement of violence and aggressiveness in this campaign. reporter: the latest polls show
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their leads nationally. barbara: i apologize. we will have more on the president's last day in cuba. it is 4:37 and 34 degrees. update it a story that was breaking yesterday. a durham police officer shot outside the county jail. how the suspect got his hands on a gun. john: health alert now cases of mumps in the state. the areas affected. don: as you head out we have dry conditions on the first alert doppler network and you see not much going on. it will stay dry today.
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forecast. don: welcome back. looking at the drive in, lots of blue skies this morning. won't see much cloud cover. you will need the sunglasses and heat.
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by 10:00 up to 50. current numbers, everybody at the freezing mark, a couple below. 31 roxboro, 37 hillsborough. 38 downtown raleigh. 32 rocky mount. 36 lillington, 30 sanford, 37 pain hurst and 36 fayetteville. looking at the day ahead now mid 30's by lunchtime 58. late day 64 and mostly sunny skies. lots of sunshine today and warmer tomorrow. we will talk about that and cooldown and rain in the seven-day forecast in a couple of minutes. barbara: we are learning more about a durham police officer shot in the county jail. it is a story that broke this time yesterday. police say the department's professional standards division is looking what happened. it started when danny mcmillan was arrested on peeping charges. r.s. turner took off his handcuffs and mcmillan reached
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officer turner moved to grab it and they fought and the gun went off hitting turner in the stomach. mcmillan faces a list of charges. john: new details about a crash in fayetteville over the weekend. we know the tkraoeufrdriver involved was killed. this was sunday morning on ramsey street near hillsborough street. kelvin edge went off the road and crashed into a utility pole. barbara: more than 300 north carolina army national guard members will start their trek home. they have been in kosovo as part of an international peace keeping force. it is expected that the first will come today. john: another win for hulk hogan. the additional money he was awarded. why gulf coaster says it is not over. barbara: carnival getting the grown light to make trips to cuba but not on your typical fun ship.
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takes a serious turn.
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leading police barbara: we are following breaking news two explosions rocking brussels airport killing at least one person and that is one story making headlines. all flights are canceled, arriving planes are diverted and the terror alert is maximum and a brussels subway company closed all stations after smoke was detected close to e.u. headquarters. this just days after the prime
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arrested in brussels. we understand that there are more fatalities. those are unconfirmed at the airport but explosions at the brussels airports. flights no group has claimed responsibility. barbara: the mystery illness sent 22 to the hospital in colorado. authorities trying to figure out what is behind it. the pool at a recreation center was evacuated after a potential chemical incident. it was initially reported as chlorine gas but hazmat didn't find anything like that. the people affected reported
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two more cases of mumps reported at u.n.c. charlotte bringing it to four. there are 17 probable or confirmed cases in the area around mecklinburg county. john: former pro wrestler hulk hogan says he and his legal team made history. that is his reaction after a jury hit gawker media and the found are with $25 million of punitive damages for publishing a hulk hogan sex type. the same jury awarded $115 million in damages friday. gulf coaster will gawker will appeal. the search is for a flight attendant trying to smuggle
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it frs airport employee to go knew the full screening process. barbara: carnival's next port of call is cuba. it is approved to begin cultural exchange trips there. carnival is operating under the fathom line. they are smaller carrying about 700 passengers and you won't find casinos or broadway shows. guests must spend at least eight hours a day in a cultural experience. prices are $1,800 a person per week. john: a boy in serious trouble and his parents won't be able two get him out of this one. he is accused of leading police on a high speed delays in a stehlin cement truck going up to 70 miles an hour in southeastern minneapolis. helicopter followed to keep an eye on his course. the events finally stopped when
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causing the truck to lose a tire. >> at 14 with the vehicle going back and forth and we were concerned with the vehicles coming back. we understood it was stolen in dodge. john: luckily no one was hurt. the boy faces a long list of charges. barbara: if you need thrills you don't have to wait much longer. carowinds kicks off this friday. spring breakers like this. it will be opened march 25 through april 3. new is kidsfest. it has taste of the carolinas with food. make sure you eat after the ride. john: or you could be in trouble. don: today a very cold morning but this afternoon will be a lot warmer. the next several days we are above average and we are at or above average the rest of the
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today we are in the 60's, tomorrow, thursday, 70's and 60's to round out the workweek and start the weekend. we look at first alert doppler xp and we are dry under clear skies. not much to show you on the most powerful radar in the carolinas. downtown 23 and dew point 29, 82% humidity. sunrise 7:15. live look at r.d.u. and temperature right now 38, 72% humidity. winds calm. we have a lot of clear and cold air above us. we have a few clouds showing up in southern virginia and that's it. if we zoom out look at the clear real estate into tennessee, g., mississippi and alabama and on into arkansas. this big dome of high pressure will slide across us today and keeps us dry for a while. 5:00 today temps mid 60's. by tomorrow afternoon we are in the 70's and as we go into
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the 70's, a few more clouds on thursday. surface map shows the high to the south sliding across and starting to move the warmer air in. the next 24 hours that will push us into the low to mid 70's. the next big rainmaker is well out to the west. the rest of today in raleigh lots of sunshine and temperatures this morning quickly warming from the 40's at 9:00 to about 60 at lunchtime. as we go into the afternoon we will have a few high clouds, more sunshine and mid 60's across the day. a look at the temperatures across the region and 65 today in cary and durham. 67 smithfield. 64 siler city. 65 holly springs. near 70 in fayetteville. 68 goldsboro, 67 pinehurst. tarboro 67. 65 rocky mount. 60 south hill and 61 roxboro. tonight even though it is clear
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40 for overnight lows. 45 fayetteville. 43 southern pines and 30 in roxboro. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures continuing to climb. 76 on wednesday. thursday 79 degrees and clouds increasing. i think we will see showers thursday night into good friday. 68. saturday partly sunny and 65. sunday clouds increasing. at this point most of easter looks dry until late day. do could have showers sunday night into monday and near 70. this is the coldest morning of the tphebgsnext seven. then we are out of the 30's. john: 4:52 and spring break will be here before you know it. barbara: we have the perfect get away. amber will explain the secret of
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john: why john: welcome back. 4:54. barbara: special tribute to world down syndrome day in raleigh. if you didn't catch this last night here at the executive mansion lit up blue. governor mccrory and the first lady celebrated those with down syndrome proclaiming monday to be down syndrome awareness day. john: it sis cherry blossom season in washington. the national park service says while it maying cold temperatures allow them to remain on schedule. if you are traveling out of town for spring break there's one cost you should think about kpwrading to the budget.
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amber: we all know about airfare, hotels, meals, goes but something you may have to budget for is tipping. we have dos and don'ts. >> there are so many things to think about and one we forget is gratuity. amber: diane says first up at the airport. if you do airport curbside check in you are paying for convenience so $3 to $5 for each bag. next time you hail a cab the minimum is 10% to 15%. but if you have a lot of heavy luggage consider 20% for excellent service. at restaurants the standard is moving up to 18% when you have good service, 20% for excellent service. at the hotel. >> tips for so many. amber: you don't have to tip the doorman but if the bellman helps you it is generally $1 to $2
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>> if you have one heavy bag tip them accordingly which means they made the effort to bring it up so i say a minimum of $3 to $5. amber: for the con si erpblg for quick directions no fee but dinner $5 to $10 and don't forget the house keeper. amber: also it varies by region and when in doubt a little friendly conversation with another local customer can help you out. john: that is confusing. how to tip. google it. amber: in new york tip people want you to tip them for smiling. barbara: you get better service if you give a little tip. john: tip your anchors. barbara: major decision over a controversial nondiscrimination ordinance in charlotte. john: special session that will play out in raleigh.
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belgium. explosions at the airport. these are live pictures. several hurt and at least within killed and we are getting word of a blast a this is connor like so many kids, he was missing things in school - distracted - disengaged - just not getting it.
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barbara: breaking news explosions at the main airport in brussels, belgium and subway system as well. >> at least one dead and that country on the highest terror alert. what we know right now. good morning, carolina, welcome on this tuesday march 22, 5:00, 34 degrees. i'm john clark. >> barbarai'm barbara gibbs.
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don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. another cold morning. don: it is the codest morning of the week with frost advisory until 9:00. temperatures jump from the 30's to the 40's by 10:00. to the 60's by 1:00 this afternoon. current numbers from across the region, 30 degrees it roxboro, 31 roanoke rapids, 32 smithfield, 28 in sanford and 36 fayetteville. by lunchtime we are sunny and 58 degrees. through the afternoon 65 degrees under mostly sunny skies. lots of sunshine today but we will see the temperatures getting warmer over the next couple of days and we will talk about that in the complete forecast in a bit. amber: we are following breaking news, belgium at the maximum


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