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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 AM  ABC  March 22, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. another cold morning. don: it is the codest morning of the week with frost advisory until 9:00. temperatures jump from the 30's to the 40's by 10:00. to the 60's by 1:00 this afternoon. current numbers from across the region, 30 degrees it roxboro, 31 roanoke rapids, 32 smithfield, 28 in sanford and 36 fayetteville. by lunchtime we are sunny and 58 degrees. through the afternoon 65 degrees under mostly sunny skies. lots of sunshine today but we will see the temperatures getting warmer over the next couple of days and we will talk about that in the complete forecast in a bit. amber: we are following breaking news, belgium at the maximum
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several explosions the paris attack salah abdeslam was arrested in brussels. there is also report of a possible third explosion. that is a linebacker for the capital of the 28-nation european union and nato is located in the region. no word whether they call this terrorism but there are reports of a third explosion in brussels. we will continue to follow this breaking situation. it is breaking as we are on the air. we will keep you update and you will have live reports on "good morning america." barbara: state lawmakers preparing for session to
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anthony wilson has more. thoeufrp. house apbdnd senate say they have the three-fifths majority to call for it after ramseyllies. on monday dozens turned out for rally after they delivered a petition with 13,000 signatures calling for a special legislative session. >> skwrufrpt and fairness demands we protect our children. please, governor mccrory we implore you. anthony: nine railing against it. charlotte officials said they were expanding their antidiscrimination to include transgender people but religious leaders monday said it was against god's policy. a spokesperson foreclosure the lebron james bi sexualsexual -- lesbian a waste of tax par money. >> they are pushing for two
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special session because of something based purely on fear and not facts. anthony: that is tomorrow and we will cover it on line and on the air. on this anthony -- anthony wilson. john: we are on top of developments in the attorney general race. one state democratic party person has the job and now of -- the state democratic party has the job of finding josh stein's replacement. the wake county state senator resigned from his district 16 seat to run for north carolina attorney general. he worked on jones street the past seven years. expect a decision next month. the state g.o.p. says stein resigned because he didn't want to take a stand on the charlotte bathroom ordinance. barbara: we nor about a deadly hit-and-run in moore county. matthew phillips was visiting a
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he was found on the side. road friday with no sign of vehicle that hit him. anyone with information should call a police. a murder-suicide is under investigation on monday where police were called to a house and they found annie perry in the bedroom shot to indictdeath and her husband found in another room with what appeared to be a sever inflict eded gunshot wound. john: this new video in from a bad crash in 2k50ur78501 and garrett road. we are working to learn more details and we will 10 to follow it. a hearing company's help to unlock a phone. john: must-see video of the morning.
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this burning car. and there's a warm-up coming. don: we start this afternoon. as we head to break the we check
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." don: welcome back. let's talk bus stop forecast. as the kids head out they will need to bundle up. cold temperaturesers gloves, hats, depending on how early they go out. by 8:00 upper 30's and by 10:00 near 50.
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rocky mount and henderson freezing. below freezing in roxboro. 37 raleigh. 36 hillsborough. 36 lillington and 20's in sanford and 37 pinehurst. looking at the day ahead mainly clear and 34. by lunchtime temperatures climb to 58 degrees, lots of sunshine. good day to attack lunch outside. -- take lunch outside. 60's today and warmer tomorrow. hearing between the government and apple is canceled feel f.b.i. saying it may not need apple's help unlocking the iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. prosecutors say the f.b.i. has been researching ways to access information in syed farook's encrypted phone and they are getting help from a "outside party." it is uncomfortable for
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e over our data and over our privacy. amber: if the fib is able to -- f.b.i. is able to work to unlock the iphone that would make apple's forced cooperation unnecessary. this is unfolding and we will stay on top of it. barbara: it is time for the must-see video. we have two good samaritans determined who get a driver out of a burning car. this was the inferno. informs the driver slammed into a tree and fainted. the door was jammed but two improvised bending the metal to free him. >> i put myself at risk. barbara: the victim is recovering from severe burns.
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whether he was drinking. check out this video from instagram. those new cars will not make it to the auto lot. that was consumed stopping traffic east of indianapolis. no one was hurt but it is not clear what started it. and meet dagger a 3-year-old lab who was going to help people with disabilities until his owner discovered his love of painting. >> he always lays down next to me and one day i said do you want to pay and his tail started to wag. he was so excited to see the brush stroke on that canvas that was almost as if his whole world had opened up. barbara: dagger paints by following her commands. his works are popular sell for between $50 to $100.
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john: you want to boil or in benson. a boil is in place. this is as a precaution while workers repair water lines. benson will update you when it is lifted. barbara: it is 5:11 and 34 degrees. temporar deportation. john: why he is getting more time to make his case. barbara: bill clinton on the campaign trail for his wife, the comments sparking controversy.
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doing to dispel a common john: at least 13 are dead after two explosions rip through the airport and subway station
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those details within the past couple of minutes. european union personnel are being told to stay in their offices or at home after the blast at the subway station. brussels is already on alert following the arrest of the prime suspect in the paris attack. more details as they come in. developing story in harnett county where the sheriff resigned roepbd abruptly. rollins stepped down for personal reasons. he has been sheriff since 2002. wayne coates will take over. president obama wraps up his historic visit to cuba today. the president is scheduled to meet with the cuban dissidents today that follows the state dinner last night with raul castro. barbara: a victory for supporterers of a high school student scheduled to be deport the. a stay for wildin acosta. ice agents picked him up from his durham home in january.
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convince tell to hold off on the deportation to allow him to appeal. his mother is hopeful how the process will end. >> the end of this struggle is something good that will be powerful for my son and his family and his parents. hopefully very soon he will be free from that place. barbara: his attorney is focusing on getting him back here to durham while they appeal the case. john: today carolina students get a chance to chat with the new u.n.c. system president. margaret spellings will meet with students, faculty and staff in chapel hill trying to highlight how carolina students are helping solve complex business questions. barbara: duke hopes to get clean energy from dirty source with a company that converts pig and poultry waste into energy building a facility in eastern
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ex-kraoeplt to energy project could provide power to 10,000 homes year. >> voters in three western states will vote and a speech by controversy. listen. >> finally come to the point where we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years that -- john: he seemed to be obama. despite the fact his wife hillary clinton has tried to consist herself as the best candidate to protect president obama's legacy. clinton aides said the awful legacy was obstructionism from the republican congress. the former president had consistently praised president obama in stump speeches for his wife. ted cruz is running second behind donald trump but he's already saying no to a potential
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he says he has zero interest in being trump's vice presidential running mate. he said if trump gets the nomination he predicts a clinton win. he is getting support from a north carolina congresswoman who sis supporting him in the bid for the presidency. she's the first woman in congress to endorse trump for president. barbara: more financial problems for the city once considered the las vegas of the east. the mayor of atlantic city said it dismal finances will force a week-long shutdown of nonessential government services without state aid. police, fire and sanitation would continue to perform jobs without pay and would be paid as soon as possible. the tax base has shrunk since four of 12 casinos closed. john: how fast can you go on the highway without getting the attention of police? barbara: anything under 10 miles an hour over the speed limit is
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think again. the state d.o.t. is ready burst the bubble on the nine miles an hour cushion. the governor's highway safety program cranking up owe by the sign or pay the fine. speeding enforcement crackdown. apparently there is a belief if the speed limit is 65 officers or troopers won't pull you if ur you are doing one to nine over the limit also called a buffer zone. d.o.t. says that's not the case. law enforcement saying beginning thursday they will target and ticket anyone driving above the posted speed limit. john: hmmm. now you know. don't do it. wow, crickets here. barbara: that hurts a little bit. i don't go nine over but i go a little over. don: if you are one over i know that is technically you are breaking it. barbara: on our way in i have cruise control because you can't afford to get pulled over.
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doing the speed limit and guys by past you. don: it hrwill be probably generating a lot of revenue. barbara: i'm thinking that is what that is about. just saying. john: i know. don: today, tomorrow, thursday zero chance of rain. thursday night into friday i think it will rain. saturday looks pretty nice and at this point early morning sunrise service should be able to get that in and be dry. live look at radar and not much to show you. live look into downtown raleigh and temperature 34, dew point 28, giving us 79% humidity. winds calm and sunrise 7:15. downtown fayetteville right now 38 and 74% humidity. north wind two miles an hour. clear, cold air above and it will stay that way through today, tonight, tomorrow, lots of sunshine and clear skies.
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mountains but that's about it. look at the clear air back into mississippi and alabama. even into arkansas. this giant dome will slide across us today through thursday and keep us sunny and dry. today, by this afternoon mid 60's at 5:00 and that's not where we should be. tomorrow we are above normal into the mid 70's. it will feel warmer with a lot of sunshine. looks like i forgot to turn it on. not will the of cloud cover into thursday. thursday we've partly sunny skies and back in the mid 70's and clouds work,from the south and humidity builds in and they will bring a chance of showers thursday night into friday. today and tomorrow the big blue h because with high pressure you see a lot of blue scientistkies. we will get return flow where warm air returns to the north and we will see warmer
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today lots of blue skies to start in the capital city, warming quickly. 9:00 we are at 42. lunchtime we are at 58 and this afternoon 65 with more sunshine on the way. typical temperatures for this time of year. highs across the region today, 67 smithfield, 65 durham, 65 wendell, 64 siler city. slide south and fayetteville to 68, 68 goldsboro, 66 sanford, 70 lumberton. 60 south hill. 62 henderson, 61 roxboro. 67 today in tarboro. 66 wilson. tonight 40's for overnight lows. clear. normal is 41. we will be 42 raleigh. 45 fayetteville. 41 durham and 30's in rocksxbororoxboro. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather throwing temperatures tomorrow 76.
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thursday 79 appearnd chance of showers into friday. 68 friday and saturday 65 and partly sunny. sunday 67, chance of showers s night into monday but sunday morning dry. this morning the coldest of the next seven. barbara: good, because he has lots of deliveries. john: a breaking update about the explosions in brussels. barbara: authorities are telling everyone to stay where they are. 13 confirmed dead and the belgian prime minister's office saying they are investigating the possibility of terrorist attack. john: breaking overnight new fallout over a tennis executive's comments about the women's game of tennis.
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look like this. feel like this. with dreamwalk insoles, turn shoes that can be a pain into comfortable ones. their soft cushioning support means you can look like this. and feel like this. dreamwalk. john: good morning. barbara: more fallout over comments from a professionalls of the men. john: the dawk blue devils are on the way to the sweet 16.
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for a trip to the airport followed by a long plane ride to anaheim. they will face oregon on thursday night. carolina is scheduled to leave today for their game in philadelphia on friday. "eyewitness news" is on the road with both joe mazur to the west coast and mark armstrong in philadelphia. you can follow them on twitter and facebook for all the behind scenes action. brussels on alert. barbara: sev we will have the latest.
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fayetteville john: breaking news, brussels under attack. explosions rip through the
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at least 13. passengers now describing the chaos. barbara: a bad crash and now flood of broken hearts and prayers on social media. what we are learning about a wreck in front of north carolina wesleyan college. welcome on tuesday march 22, 34 degrees and almost 5:30. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. we will get to the breaking stories but we are also under a frost advisory and we go to meteorologist don schwenneker with more. don: we are very cold and that frost advisory until 9:00 although once the sun is up temperatures will jump quickly. you can see the temperatures starting in the 30's at 7:00. 40's by 9:00, 50's by 11:00 and 60's by 1:00. currently 30 roxboro, 38 sanford, 36 fayetteville, 32 rocky mount and goldsboro, roanoke rapids. 30 louisburg. looking at the day ahead.
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lunchtime 58 and sunny. mostly sunny skies in the afternoon and 65 degrees. nice weather moving in today and gets warmer the next couple of days. we will talk about that in the complete forecast but now we have weather and traffic with amber rupinta. amber: we have video that is just coming in. this crash has the southbound lanes of 15/501 at garrett closed. you can see there was a tractor taylor in the other shot. this is a tractor-trailer versus a pickup truck, i believe. we are getting word there are critical injuries from this accident. southbound 15/501 at garrett, southbound lanes closed. northbound two lanes getting by. we will work on getting alternates and bring that to you in the next half hour with the traffic report. that is the big story out of don't recall. the rest of the area quiet and dry and no weather issues. a lot of green on the rest of


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