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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  March 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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responding. barbara: breaking news explosions at the main airport in brussels and subway. john: they are on the highest terror alert and other major european cities following suit. good morning, carolina, welcome on tuesday march 22, 6:00 and 34 degrees. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. we will get to this but first time for weather and traffic together. here is meteorologist don schwenneker. don: good morning to you. as you head out the door we see a nice jump in temperatures. even though it is cold now temps will go 40's, 50's, 60's by this afternoon. by 11:00 we are in the 50's. right now, 31 in roxboro and
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34 chapel hill, 20's in sanford. 37 fayetteville. 32 in smithfield and 30 louisburg and wilson. looking at the day ahead right now around freezing. by lunchtime 58 and mostly sunny skies and 65 degrees. even warmer tomorrow. we will talk about that but now we've weather and traffic with amber rupinta. amber: looking forward to that. this is shaping up with a pretty serious accident in durham. it should be cleared shortly but you may see residual clean-up. this is 15/501 at garrett road and southbound lanes weral shut down due to the accident involving a tractor-trailer which hit a pickup truck. the northbound lanes were getting by. it is well over an hour since it occurred so it is almost out of there but there could be clean-up.
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road will be the best bet if you are trying to avoid this. erwin and 15/501 and garrett road closed. that is the best bet. the rest of the area, the weather is cooperating and no fog or precipitation. dry and 40 at south saunders wake county just fine. we have light volume around the main interstates. john: belgium at maximum terror letter following several explosions in brussels. other european cities are on alert. these are live pictures from brussels. two explosions hit the airport during the morning rush. there's another explosion in the subway system. at least 13 people are dead. this is only days after the prime suspect in the paris attack salah abdeslam was arrested in brussels. belgium calling the attacks
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british airports are increaseing security and they are convening the emergency committee. we will follow the breaking situation on the air, online and mobile app. get the latest on "good morning america" following "eyewitness news." barbara: state lawmakers preparing for a special session to discuss charlotte's nondiscrimination ordinance. anthony wilson is live in raleigh with more. anthony: state house and senate leaders say they have the three-fifths majority to call for session after rallies on both sides of the issue. on monday dozens turned out for a rally after they delivered a petition with 13,to you signatures calling for special session. >> justice and fairness demands we protect our children. please, governor mccrory, we implore you to repeal this around. anthony: nine speakers railed against the charlotte ordinance.
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were only expanding their offhand -- antidiscrimination. religious leaders said it was against god's policy. a spokesperson for the lesbian bi sexual bisexual gay and transgender a waist of taxpayer monday. >> they are pushing for a $42,000 a day special session because of something based on fear mongering and not facts. john: in vote 2016 we are on top of developments in the state attorney general race. the state democratic party has the job of finding josh stein's replacement. he resigned from his district 16 seat to run for north carolina attorney general. he worked on jones street the
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expect a decision next month. the state republican party said he resigned because he didn't want to take a stand on the charlotte bathroom ordinance. barbara: matthew phillips was visiting a house on putnam church road when he went missing. he was found on the side of the road friday with no sign of the vehicle that hit him. murder-suicide under investigation in edgecombe county. monday deputies were called to a house on highway 97 in east tarboro and found 71-year-old annie perry in the bedroom shot to death. her husband curtis was found in another room with what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot one-hand. john: a hearing over whether to tpheub may not need their help to hack phone. john: two good samaritans come to the rescue of a man in this
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we are above freezing but not by much. don: we will warm up through the day. we are not seeing anything on
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don: this morning you will need the sun glasses and heat. by 10:00 almost 50. current numbers, 30 roanoke rapids, 31 roxboro and 53 louisburg, 30 rocky mount. 36 joined raleigh and cary. 37 fayetteville and 35 hope mills an 29 sanford, 39 pinehurst. we have clear skies now and temperatures around freezing. by lunchtime we are near 60 degrees with nothing but sunshine. then through the late day we get to the mid 60's and mostly sunny. sunshine today and warmer temperatures tomorrow and thursday. we will talk about that in the seven-day forecast. amber: much anticipated considerate hearing between the government and apple is canceled.
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need apple's help to unlock the e-again -- iphone used by the san bernardino shooter. they have been researching ways to access information in syed farook's phone and they are getting help from a "outside party". it is an uncomfortable position for apple. the or data and over our privacy. amber: if the f.b.i. is able to work with an outside party to unlook the e-phone that with make apple's cooperation unnecessary. barbara: time for the must-see videos starting with a brave act by two people determined to get a driver out of a burning car.
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-- inter any near -- inferno. the driver slammed into a tree and fainted. they bent the metal to free him. >> definitely happy about the risk i took even though i put myself at risk. barbara: the victim is recovering from severe burns to his legs. deputies are look googleing into whether he was drinking. those new cars will not make it to the lot obviously. flames consumed it stopping traffic east of indianapolis. no one was hurt but it is not clear what started it. meet dagger. he is 3-year-old block lab originally going to help people with disabilities until his owner discovered his love of painting. >> he always lays down next it
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within day i said do you want to paint and he was so excited to see the brush stroke on that canvas. it was almost as his whole world opened up. barbara: dagger paints by following yvonne's commands. his works sell between $50 and $100 and it goes to animal related charities. john: you want to boil the water in benson. a boil weather alert is in place for all public water customers there. this is as precaution while workers repair lines. the town will update you when the order is lifted and we will pass along the notice. barbara: it is 6:12. breaking coverage of the brussels terror attack intelligence. john: we will go back to that city for new there's a freedom about asheville. an unspoken invitation to discover who you really are. come up for air. asheville.
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there's more to life than the climb. there's the view. you've gotta stop and look around a little. come, shed life's layers in asheville. asheville.
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john: we continue to follow breaking news in belgium explosions shaking the airport and one subway station. barbara: all during the rush hour commute. at least 13 are dead and dozens hurt. we will show you live pictures from brussels. it is on lockdown. you see a city official talking about it. all flights canceled and high
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right now the search is on for was near the american airlines check-in counter.
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supporters of a triangle high school student scheduled to be departed. a stay was granted for wildin accost it. ice agents picked him up in january. congressman g.k. butterfield was able to convince them to hold off to allow him time to appeal. his mother who is undocumented says she is hopeful about the process under how it will end. >> the end of this struggle and task is something good that will be powerful for my son, his family and his parents. hopefully very soon he will be freed from that place. barbara: his attorney is focusing on getting him become here. voters in three western states go to the polls to cast ballots in the presidential primary and a campaign speech by bill clinton is sparking controversy. >> finally come to the point where we can put the awful
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behind us and seven years before that. john: the former president sealed to be criticizing the tenure of president obama. despite the fact his wife hillary clinton tried to cast herself as the best candidate to protect president obama's legacy. a clinton aide said the awful legacy he was referring to is obstructionism from the republican congress. the former president has consistently praised president obama in stuff speeches. ted cruz is running second behind donald trump but already saying no to potential trump -- cruz ticket. he says he has zero interest in being trump's vice presidential running mate. he said if trump gets the until nation he predicts a clinton win. trump is getting support from a north carolina congresswoman. republican representative renee
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barbara: more financial problems for the city once considered the las vegas of the east. the mayor of atlantic city says the finances will force weeks long shut down. under that scenario in, fire and sanitation workers would continue to do their job without soon as possible. the city's tax base has shrunk since four of 12 casinos closed. greensboro police released video of a blast that damaged self -- several vehicles. manhole covers went into the air. crews are trying to determine the cause of the blast. people were in the area but no one was hurt. barbara: another code morning. don: we are starting with temperatures across the region around freezing but today will be the coldest of the next seven. we are dry.
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thursday zero. thursday night into friday about 60%. i threw in a 30% chance for easter sunday. that looks like late day. raleigh temperature right now 33, dew point 30 and 89% humidity. winds calm, sunrise 7:15. r.d.u. and temperatures right now in the 30's. 38, 65% humidity and winds calm. latest satellite and radar doctor -- satellite and radar composite shows clear skies and a clear crisp morning. we zoom out and you see the dry conditions back into the mississippi river valley and this sis satellite and radar, in the much rain or snow. not much moisture on the eastern half of the u.s. looking at the first alert predictor forecast model, as we go into the afternoon hours we are clear and not much to show you.
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much to show you but the temperatures 10 degrees warmer tomorrow. mid 60's today, mid 70's tomorrow and staying in the 70's on thursday. the big blue h means high pressure, sunshine and blue case. that is what we have. as it slides east it will pull warm air in and we will see temperatures climbing warmer as we get into the mid 70's tomorrow. the rest of today lots of sunshine in the capital city. warming quickly. 42 by 9:00. by lunchtime 58 degrees and into the afternoon 65 degrees across the region and more sunshine. these are typical temperatures for this time of year. the normal high is 65. that is where you will be in cary and who willholly springs. 67 smithfield. 64 siler city. almost 70 in fayetteville. 70 lumberton. 66 sanford. 67 pinehurst.
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65 rocky mount and 64 wake forest. tonight clear and overnight lows 40's. 42 raleigh and 45 fayetteville. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow back into the 70's, 76. 80 degrees on thursday and friday 68. showers thursday night into friday. saturday 65, sunday 67 and monday 68 with rain sunday night into monday. easter morning for early services looks fine. the afternoon could see showers. john: busy. amber: we are getting better. durham started pretty busy and we had the accident on 15/501 on garrett with the southbound lanes shut down. it is getting back to normal. first i want to show you a normal delay 40 and u.s. 70 clayton bypass. westbound lanes jammed up and always slow at the merge.
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that is 40 westbound at u.s. 70 clayton bypass. there are flashing lights in the distance so that could be adding to it. no reports of anything. road weather index, weather looking great, dry, clear, no fog or precipitation. you can see it would be indicated by some of the colors but all the colors are lots of green real-time travel flow. this is the issue in durham and it should be cleared. i was checking roxboro a lot of loyal viewers, if you are taking 501 we are in good shape average speed 54 miles an hour. these are the drive teams. 40 eastbound clear five minutes 60 to 70 and no problems on the beltline durham freeway seven minutes up to 15 fplt. john: breaking overnight new
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executive's comments about women aes women's players.
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c. of alert. we will have details at 6:30. barbara: more fallout from comments from a apologized. john: the duke blue devils on the way to the sweet 16 heading up the bus monday to fly to anaheim. they face oregon on thursday night. carolina is scheduled to leave today for philadelphia for the game friday. we are on the road with both teams. joe mazur going with duke to the was coast and mark armstrong with the heels in philadelphia. you can follow both on twitter and faculty for the action. 6:27 and brussels on alert.
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we will have the latest at 6:30.
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fayetteville mcdona john: belgium under attack, explosions rip through the airport and metro station killing at least 13. the city is on lockdown. europe on high alert. barbara: also breaking on "eyewitness news" a bad crash and flood of broken hearts and prayers on social media. what we have learned about this wreck. good morning, carolina, welcome on tuesday march 22, 33 degrees and 6:30. barbara bury. john: i'm john clark. we will get to the breaking stories but we are under a frost advisory right now. we will go to meteorologist don schwenneker. don: good morning to you. that goes until 9:00 and once the sun climbs we will warm fairly quickly. you see the temperatures jumping the next several hours.
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by lunchtime 50's and by 2:00 we are in the 60's. we will warm nicely throughout the day. current temperatures across the region cold spot is sanford at 28. warm spot is fayetteville 37. 30 louisburg, 31 roxboro and 32 roanoke rapids. mainly clear now and 33. by lunchtime 25 degrees warmer and sunny skies and 58. this afternoon mostly sunny and 65. 10 degrees warmer tomorrow and big warm-up on the way. now we will have traffic and worth with amber rupinta. amber: we will show you how things are. we had an earlier issue into durham but first we say good morning to the friends in fayetteville on ramsey street looking great. anyone 4edheading into fort bragg shouldn't have problems. this s this is the clayton bypass. earlier we checked and i thought i saw flashing lights westbound
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so this is just a lot of congestion for folks heading to wake county. johnston county commuters know all about this. checking the map and speeds in that area down to 24 hours westbound approaching 70. watch for stalled vehicle at new hope church road heading into raleigh. john: now back to breaking news from belgium authorities calling the explosion at the brussels airport and one subway situation a terror attack. barbara: they are under lockdown. the terror alert is at the highest level. we have live pictures. at least 13 dead and many injured.
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diverted and and was planning new attacks. john: a tragedy hits close to home at north carolina wesleyan a serious crash on highway 301 near rocky mount led to a response from the administration on twitter. we understand four were killed and the response we really are a family, continue to pray for everyone affected. the staff and faculty are holding you all close in our hearts tonight. we are following the hash tag pray for wesleyan. dozens saying their hearts are heavy and asking for prayers for the family. we will have more on the mobile app and hopefully we will learn exactly what caused it. barbara: a chase ends at a crash in raleigh. we are working to learn more from the highway patrol.
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and trawick road. you see it was blocked off as troopers investigated. no word on what led to the crash. john: we expect to learn more about a shocking decision out of harnett county the sheriff abruptly resigning for what he calls personal reasons. anthony wilson has the latest. anthony: larry rollins's resignation has people talking stepping down for what he called personal regions. unspecified. what is not clear is whether it had anything to do with a deputy involved shooting in november. according to a source rollins would not comment when asked if that is the reason. harnett county deputy shot and scheduled john livingston after he refused to allow deputies, who had no warrant, to search his home. the family said they had the wrong house and wrong man.
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more. live from the raleigh "eyewitness news center," anthony wilson. barbara: today the president's visit to cuba expands from trade and human rights to include baseball.bout that. barbara: it is 6:36 and 33
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coming up, a craigslist sale ends in a shootout. john: all at a busy mcdonald's restaurant in fayetteville. don: as you head out temperatures around freezing.
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will don: welcome back. let's talk about the bus stop forecast. as the kids head out you will want to bundle tell up. it is a cold morning. by 8:00 we are still just in the 30's. they won't need jackets coming home. 34 south hill right now. 31 roxboro. 30 rocky mount and 33 siler city and 35 lillington and 37 fayetteville and 34 hope mills. looking at the day ahead
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we are 33 now, 25 degrees warmer at lunch, around 60. should be a nice lunch hour. yesterday not bad but windy. today wind not as bad. by 5:00 it is 64. that is typical. we have warmer temperatures and we will talk about that in the complete forecast in a bit. barbara: people in a mcdonald's get a shock when a craigslist deal ends in a shootout. police say three were meeting another man to sell two cell phones but tried to rob him. both groups were armed and started firing. two of the suspects were shot survive. police say it could have been much worse. >> 4:30 in the afternoon people are going home and young people leaving school. we had families in this restaurant actually eating their
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john: no one working or eating inside was hurt. a woman was knocked to the ground when the suspects tried to make a run. they were all four arrested and are in custody. they are all younger than 21 and not old enough to own a handgun. 6:40. "eyewitness news" following breaking news. belgium under attack and rest of europe stepping up security. barbara: authorities calling in a terror attack. we will go to the streets of the
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barbara: overseas three explosions rock brussels airport and subway station killing at least 15 people now, injuring 55 more.injured. this is outside the station that came under attack. this is in the airport. you see the workers saying it looks like a bomb went off. they put blankets over the victims. inside the airport you just saw the terminal windows are blown out, ceiling caving in. one passenger who just arrived said it looked like a war zone with debris and blood everywhere. this is a live picture in the u.s. security officials analyzing what happened to determine how to respond to this.
6:44 am
look for updates on abc mobile app here and on "good morning america" in about 15 minutes. john: to vote 2016 and another primary showdown today. all but one ofruz and john kasich stood firm in support of the u.s. allay.
6:45 am
latest poll unless show donald trump ahead in arizona which is a winner-take-all primary. utah and idaho will vote today as some are determined to stop trump from securing the nomination. barbara: we will switch gears. the glitz and glam is back for dancing with the stars. john: anna laurel is in there. reporter: what a thrilling show the costumes, music, dancing. the show is long over but i'm out on the ballroom floor and it is still buzzing. we got to go to the after party and talk to this season's cast all vying for the mirror ball trophy. >> hi. so good to see you. >> i really kept thinking enjoy this. have fun. like i blacked out about 10 seconds and came pwabgback to and we
6:46 am
>> i'm proud how far it is come. >> nothing can prepare you. it rigorous, it is not easy. rehearsal. you have to definitely pay attention and learn. all the entertainment in the world that you have done doesn't prepare you for this. >> i don't think you walk in and dance. there is so much more. i am learning how to be teachable and how to have fun. >> every day she comes in with a great attitude. she is a tomboy that i have slowly and surely chiseled away. >> obviously the athleticism that is behind being a fighter is something that translates well with dancing. >> when you are putting everything on the line basically and putting so much faith and trust into somebody that is teaching you something brand-new
6:47 am
he delivers. he is with me. >> no one will be voted off because of what happened tonight but it shows the viewers and judges what they might expect 24 -- this season. anna laurel barbara: anna looks like she ought to be a celebrity. glam and glitzy. don: it was fun. she went with the winners of the contest from the area and toured l.a. with them. they did the chinese theatre and hollywood signs. it was cool to watch them. barbara: you have to see that stuff. john: her rely dough didn't -- geraldo didn't do so well i heard. barbara: shocked. i think he might be the first off. bless his heart. don: bless his heart. let's talk weather. we will talk pollen because it has been thick. the rain knocked it down but it
6:48 am
today very high and tomorrow and down on friday because we have showers heading in. then as soon as it dries out it goes back up. we will look into downtown raleigh and right now 33 degrees, do you want 30, 89%. looking into fayetteville nice sunrise there and temperature right now 37, 76% humidity. winds calm and lots of clear cold air and that will be replaced by sunshine and that will warm things quickly. a couple of clouds up north but this is satellite and radar and we are not seeing any precipitation. the eastern half of the u.s. is dry. we will see that over us the next couple of days. first alert predictor forecast model, by 5:00 sunny and dry. over night overnight clear, not as cold. by tomorrow afternoon we go from the 60's today to the 70's tomorrow and stay there into thursday.
6:49 am
that eventually brings a chance of showers. the rest of today just blue skies and temperatures in the 40's at 9:00. by lunchtime around 60 and the winds won't be as strong. yesterday it was windy at lunch. mid 60's in the afternoon. typical. 65 holly springs, 65 durham, 65 cary, 64 chapel hill, 67 piano hrs and 68 fayetteville. 68 goldsboro. 60's from wake forest, 60 south hill. 16 roxboro and 67 tarboro. tonight clear and around 40. average is 41 and we will be at 42 raleigh. clear. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow mid 70's. 10 degrees warmer, sunny skies.
6:50 am
late in the day and into friday morning, good friday could start wet and in the 60's. 60's saturday with lots of sunshine and sunday the morning looks good. afternoon and evening could see showers showers. "big weather" "big weather" pic of the day. this sis how caleb and his grandpa watched march madness. i think a lot of folks may have watched march madness. some of them were good and some of them you might have been with grandpa. that was upleted via barbara: that looks like a good nap. >> like me watching football after the thanksgiving meal. amber: that is me about 3:00 this afternoon. we have clear weather conditions so that won't be a factor on the tuesday morning commute. we have just little volume building and this is how it looks around 440 and new bern avenue.
6:51 am
both directions no problems. we have normal delays like this 40 westbound u.s. 70 clayton bypass tail lights westbound toward wake county. that is about five to six minutes to get through the merge. we had an earlier accident in durham cleared. 15/501 at garrett has been cleared. now just a stalled vehicle in raleigh capital at new hope church and strickland road and leesville road. it is good to tell you about stalled vehicles because there are no major accidents. this is 40 and south saunders. a lot of green. into durham freeway seven minutes 40 to 15 and same story in northern wake county 540 westbound clear four minutes capital it -- to 70. john: we have the morning rush to get you ready. barbara: latest information
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barbara: we begin the morning rush with the latest on attacks in belgium. at least three explosions in brussels. the minister calling in a dark moment.
6:55 am
28 dead and the number of victims expected to say it looks like a war zone. barbara: later another explosion in subway near the e.u. headquarters. some deaths confirmed there. not clear how many. john: brussels is under lockdown. airports, train stations and metros in europe tightening security. facebook activated their safety check feature to allow you to let friends and loved ones know terror ok. the president is holding a meeting in france after the explosions this after the arrest of the top suspect in the paris attacks. don: as you head out the weather
6:56 am
cold out there today and to start the day temperatures in the 30's. cool through the afternoon. amber: it has been a pretty typical tuesday morning. this is one delay we see, 40 westbound u.s. 70 clayton bypass section minutes. the rest of the interstates fine and clear conditions on tuesday morning. barbara: "good morning america" is next. john: for barbara, amber, don and the rest of the "eyewitness news" team i'm john clark.
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more "eyewitness news".." good morning, america. at least three explosions rocked the capital of brussels this morning. a suicide bomber reportedly targets the crowded airport. >> there were explosions in the
7:00 am
>> ceilings collapsing. running for their lives. another blast rocks a metro station. just days after a major suspect in the paris terror attacks is arrested. americans in europe told to shelter in place. nypd set to ramp up security here in new york. the hunt is on right now for who's behind these blasts. >> announcer: live in times square, this is "good morning america." >> good morning, we are live all across the country and all time zones for the latest on those terror attacks unfolded in brussels, belgium, at 3:00 a.m. eastern time during their morning rush hour. this is the scene as it unfolded, terrified passengers running for their lives at the airport. and this photo here shows the damage. at least two different attacks across the city this morning. >> here's what we know right now. it is changing. at least two explosions hit that airport.


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