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tv   ABC Eyewitness News at 530 PM  ABC  March 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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instant. from the raleigh news center, abc11 at 5:30 starts now. responsibility for the multiple terror attacks in brussels. heather: authorities say 30 people died in the explosion, to inside the airport, another in the subway. anchor:this followed the arrest of the prime suspect in the paris
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heather: an apex man has family and friends living in belgium. he is desperately trying to reach loved ones that were in attack. as a staff at the belgian cafe begin of their morning, word of to spread. >> i am shocked, and worried about my family and friends. reporter: they have cella man tried to spend the morning reaching his family, including his children that attend university in brussels. classes were canceled in residence urge to stay home.
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after the explosion from isis in the heart of the city. he is just trying to make sense of thening. >> it is horrible for belgium, u.s., and the world. reporter: the belgian cafe would like to extend prayers and thoughts for all the victims of the attacks. there is much more right now on our website, you can also read the latest developments on the homepage. joel: unc's newly installed --
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demonstrators rolled out a very unwelcome wagon. we have the latest update and reactions. reporter: they are in the process of visiting every university. she was at a campus like this, encouraging students to fight back. some skipped class, and some waited outside. >> we don't agree with anything she says. reporter: >> the fact that nobody knew about it at all is problematic to begin with. reporter: she has taken over the reins from tom ross, who resigned. there were protests on her first
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she says it is a work in progress, and working to be more affordable. she is documenting tuition. >> we are really at eight tipping point. reporter: it is believed that she was on capable of understanding the needs of the school. >> she is only serving wealthy, white, corporate interest like herself. reporter: her first visit to a tribal campus. -- triangle campus. joel: now to stories from raleigh, and others, about a ghastly that took hours to
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heather: continue. the latest as a comes in on our website, heather: pitching in to help residents of the flint water crisis. they collected over 400 bottles of water, and $100 in donations. donations came from churches and police departments. joel: from our fayetteville newsroom tonight, teenagers used a mcdonald's for a craigslist sale and an upshot when they
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reporter: those three teams remain here, while their families try to decide how they them out. these three boys face serious charges. trouble. wounded and in a wheelchair, he a quarter million dollars. he was accused of a shooting at this mcdonald's here. the teenager went to rob another teen of the cell phones. as he was being held up, the victim also fired a gun, luckily, police say no other
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the police chief was livid that the underage teens had frost -- firearms. >> a great example of why you have laws on our books to keep immature people from using weapons like this. reporter: today, the first of the three to make a court appearance listens, as the judge raises his bond to do hundred $50,000. the other, with his arm in a sling, listened as his bond was raised to a quarter of a million dollars as well. facing robbery with a dangerous weapon, conspiracy, and possessing stolen goods. they could face what he seven years in jail, but the da expects more charges to be
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>> they are suspects in another robbery. he felt that increasing the bond was appropriate. reporter: the victim in this case, he is not hurt in the shootout. and he is not facing any criminal charges. again, police say this was a craigslist deal gone bad. they say there are craigslist safe zones around fayetteville, and police office parking lots and depots. you can check the locations. joel: a very frustrated fayetteville police chief. taking his three children to
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joel: trump supporters need not apply. a landlord in colorado says he will not rent to anyone supports the republican presidential front-runner, donald trump. he told a local newspaper he has urged trump supporters not to respond to an ad for a two bedroom apartment. one person accused him of discrimination for excluding renters based on their political affiliation. heather: federal authorities looking for a jetblue flight attendant wanted on drug charges. they say she bolted from a security screening at lax airport, leaving behind about 70 pounds of cocaine. she was prompted for a random screening by a tsa officer. she dropped her back, ditched a
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a north carolina man convicted in a triple murder could soon learn his fate. will face life in prison or the
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heather: now to a look, at the father in a head-on crash while taking his three children to school. joel: and the jury judging a man accused of a triple murder. heather: we begin at union county with the second death and a head-on crash. a 10-year-old boy was tragically killed on his way to school. the boys father was driving him and his sisters on the way does go when a pickup truck crossed the centerline and hit their vehicle.
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charlotte where doctors said he would need a liver transplant to survive. he died late yesterday. the man driving the pickup truck also died. witness is it said the pickup truck driver was riding erratically before the crash. joel: yesterday, a jury found antwan anthony guilty on three counts of first-degree murder. jurors took less than an hour to reach the unanimous verdict. anthony was charged with killing of three employees back in 2012. he could get the death penalty. heather: also happening now, police releasing two images of a man wanted in connection with a massive brawl at unc, university of north carolina at greensboro. three people have been arrested, and three others were injured in fights at a school event friday night on campus. officials of satan confirmed
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it all happened during a charitable event to raise money and water for people of flint, michigan. joel: if you have allergies, get your prescriptions refilled. there will be more blooming and likely sneezing. we will have your allergy forecast. reporter: it is peak allergy season, and the pollen is expected to be particularly bad in the next couple of days. this time of year, the top allergens, will be high pollen days. refill your allergy prescription from laughter, if it works for you last year, it should work for you now. also, you could use a nasal steroid spray.
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>> sucked it up and shut it out. you want to vacuum your house regularly. in the spring it is wonderful to open the windows, but it will bring pollen in. reporter: it is not just that. it is a good idea to believe animals or for equally therefore can attract allergens. also, if you have a favorite chair, you may want to keep them on the floor for a few days until the pollen has settled. we will get through this allergy season. joel: suck it up and shut it out, good advice. heather: kind of a give and take. we love to see all these blooms, but then we have all these allergies.
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it down is when you get some rain, and that will knock down the pollen levels a little. that will happen friday morning when we get some rain showers. let's take a look ahead at what is going on across the region through the evening hours. it will be pleasant, temperatures in the 50's by 10:00, 11:00. you will need a jacket heading out. but not nearly as cold as we were last night. fayetteville, 68 degrees. a nice recovery. a cold start in the 30's today. the air is very dry, 76 -- that will up the fire danger a bit. 66 at rdu. even warmer at the west, 70's will surge our way starting
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all the way up into the midwest, minneapolis is very nice, but they are about to get a dose of reality as a winter storm watch is in effect, and they could get up to a foot of snow. 45 at 7:00 a.m., 67 at noon. a beautiful wednesday coming up. temperatures continue to rebound into the 70's. lower mid-70's across the region. could be breezy, may need that jacket. by 9:00 or 10:00 probably won't need it much at all. lots of sunshine tomorrow, temperatures back in the mid-70's. we will tack on about 10 degrees more. mid-70's in the triangle, 78 in fayetteville. that wind could gust to 25 or
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let's show you a system that will impact us by friday morning. here we go, late tonight early tomorrow morning, this is wednesday just after midnight. snow plastering parts of colorado, low pressure. that has caused showers and storms. notice, some of these could be severe across the mississippi valley, parts of arkansas, into missouri and northwest louisiana. a lot of sunshine in store for us tomorrow. even thursday, here is a front that presses our way. looks like our shot of rain will, late thursday night. the threat of severe weather during early morning hours very small, almost nonexistent. some showers coming our way for the first part of friday and clearing out.
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close to 80 in spots. clouds increase late in the day. showers after midnight, into friday morning. saturday looks like a great day for easter activities. easter sunday, clouds will increase. some chance of rain by evening. we will watch the timing on that, make sure it does not sneak in any earlier on sunday. heather: hopefully the morning stays clear. thank you, chris.
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"dancing withjoel: season 22 of "dancing with the stars," getting to a competitive start. heather: ginger zee showing off her moves. she tied with two other dancers. reporter: von miller, ginger zee, and all the rest make their debut in flashy fashion. this is what you saw at home. but here is what we saw in the ballroom before the cameras were rolling. robin roberts and amy roebuck's came in. they were getting their groove on.
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reporter: the ballroom is actually quite magical when you walk in. they designed it to reflect glamour. >> the idea was to make it as big, as grantor, and is glamorous as possible. reporter: once the crowd is inside, they get their own dance party. >> it is controlled chaos, that is what i call it. they get to dance on the dance floor before the stars or the dancers come out. reporter: tonight, for the premiere, everyone was so excited. joel: thank you for that. who knew so much dancing
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they seem to have a good time. eyewitness news continues. heather: here is what is comanchor: who the authorities are now trying to track down, and the solitary across the globe tonight. anchor: tragedy on a local college campus. four students killed, and how they are being remembered tonight. anchor: the controversial and laws in charlotte. some say they put women and
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anchor:>> see what is happening this instant. abc11 news at 6:00 starts now. anchor: terror in europe, brussels under attack. explosions rocked the belgian capital. steve: this picture, capturing the faces of the terrorism attack. the police say these three men launched five attacks in the airport. to our suicide bombers. there is a global manhunt for that man on the right, wearing
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tisha: the airport, one of two locations where the explosions happened. another, at the metro station. the city on virtual lock down tonight. steve: abc news reporting that 31 people are dead, 250 others are injured, including nine americans who were at the brussels airport. isis is claiming response ability for the attack. we will get you up to speed. tisha: a country with about 11 million people, borders france, luxembourg, the netherlands. belgium. in comparison, raleigh is home to 440,000. brussels is home to 177,000. steve: the national colors of red, white, and black. the new york world trade center


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