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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  March 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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tisha: the airport, one of two locations where the explosions happened. another, at the metro station. the city on virtual lock down tonight. steve: abc news reporting that 31 people are dead, 250 others are injured, including nine americans who were at the brussels airport. isis is claiming response ability for the attack. we will get you up to speed. tisha: a country with about 11 million people, borders france, luxembourg, the netherlands. belgium. in comparison, raleigh is home to 440,000. brussels is home to 177,000. steve: the national colors of red, white, and black. the new york world trade center
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and we hear from a family now living in brussels. tisha:one of the explosions near the school her daughter attends. >> it is so unpredictable, so random. >> it is scary, it istisha: the attacks on brussels but the rest of the world alert. steve: even though the airport has a policy of not commenting on policy or terror attacks, we are at rdu, where we have seen
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reporter: the attack on the subway also meant ramped up security for train stations. although there was not ramped up security at raleigh's amtrak station, it was ramped up in other spots. at rdu, plenty of security on display. travelers at they felt safe here. they are flying to europe to see their oldest daughter, studying abroad for six months. they heard of news of the brussels attack, but pressed on to spain, despite their concerns.
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reporter: she idolizes her big sister and can't wait to see her after three months apart. but, she is uneasy about traveling so close to the latest terror attacks. >> a little bit, but not too much. reporter: but they are not taking the need for increased vigilance lightly. >> we pray that everybody is doing their job to keep us safe. tisha: belgium's interior minister said authorities knew an extremist act was being prepared in europe, but they were surprised about the scale of the attack in brussels. world news will be expanded one-hour from 6:30 27:30. we will be airing that right after nightline tonight around 1:00 a.m..
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steve: a crash involving a dump truck has killed one person. angelica alvarez is live with the latest development. reporter: they have confirmed in the last 20 minutes that one person was killed. they say possibly two. they say, in total, three vehicles were involved. let's show some video to give you a closer look at one happened. between two of those trucks is a car. the green dump truck was pulling a small bulldozer, when it hit some model of a toyota. the car rear-ended the truck in front of it and got sandwiched in between. i talked to people, they say they have not seen the first responders tried to remove anyone from the cars just yet. crews out here are trying to
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>> we heard it, it sounded like an explosion. reporter: just a horrific site out here. we are waiting for more information from highway patrol on what happened here. meanwhile, the northbound side of capital, traffic is being diverted onto burlington. tisha: right now in raleigh, community and police coming together for rap session. a local barbershop coming together to unite the city. the fallout of a police-involved shooting that left one dead. it is called the barbershop rap session, being held up right now at the barbershop on new bern
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steve: voters showing support for a controversial nondiscriminatory ordinance. it would allow people to pick the restroom of their choice. opponents say it runs the safety of women and children across the state. lawmakers will be gathering for a special session tomorrow to see if they could toss out that charlotte ordinance. new polling, 51% of the respondents -- 25% say it the legislature should dictate what can be passed. 23% are not sure. tisha: a tragedy, that left four students dead. steve: what we're learning about the four young women killed in that accident. tisha: fast cash, what they are
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tripsteve: tragedy hitting a local college campus. students and faculty joining us for the family and mourning today. tisha: donesha scott, kandis mcbride-jones, robyne barnes, and quedeshia brown killed. we have more on the four young
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reporter: it is. very heavy hearts here at wesleyan college. administrators canceled classes and invited you to an stew meat together any building here on campus so they could grieve and remember their young classmates were killed at this intersection just as they were coming back from dinner, around 8:30 last night. fresh flowers and four angels, shattered glass marking the spot where four freshmen were killed in a car accident. >> everybody is weeping right now. reporter: the family of donesha scott, says she was behind the wheel, driving her three friends, when their car collided
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>> we all hope and pray it was not a wesleyan student. reporter: they are now grieving a tremendous loss. all members of the school gospel choir, they, along with robyne barnes, were inspirational. >> they loved everybody. they did not take a life for granted. reporter: their classmates taking this time to lean on one another. >> we lost loved ones last night. reporter: police are still investigating the car in this crash. they have not released the name of the other driver involved. but they do say that person is at the hospital, recovering from
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steve: a horrible tragedy. tisha: the dot offering up a spring special to save you time and money, especially on long road trips. steve: not holding back. a lot on his mind and a lot to say, as the tar heels get ready for a tough matchup. tisha: as we had to break, check out the uniforms they will be sporting on may 7. that is for the annual "star wars night,"
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moving very barbara: taking center stage at
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john: we are on top ofsteve: new at 6:00, a paper jam responsible for a spill in raleigh. sewage sent into a tributary of the creek around noon yesterday. they told us -- only water, human waste, and tissue should be flushed down the toilet. tisha: you can add quick pass to your vehicles. it is a transponder that allows you to pay a toll automatically. they're selling the transponders that half the cost, $10. you get a discount on the triangle expressway. 17 states except the easy passes, as well as georgia and florida. steve: a lot of people will be heading south for spring break.
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meteorologist: we started out very frosty though. no more of that, at least for a wild. hopefully, not for the season. but you never know in mid april, because laster, the last phrase was in the second week of april. be careful with any planting. it is not a done deal that we are through with the cross. through the evening, temperatures fall to 52 by midnight. not as chilly as last night. the probably want a jacket. 32 this morning, the lowest rdu. there were some 20's, rocky mount wilson, even sanford, and upper 20's. rdu, 22. a nice recovery, temperature wise. still in the mid-60's. beautiful blue skies, 65 officially at the airport.
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southwest wind at 17, the camera shaking in the wind, there. 65 in chapel hill, a really nice day out there. a little breezy, and it will be again, tomorrow. so that fire danger will be back up again tomorrow. so watch for any outdoor burning. you can see our satellite in motion, some clouds. beautiful blue skies all day. high pressure keeping the southeast dry and increasingly warm. does not look like a whole lot going on now. this system organized in the plane states. not too big just yet. but it will become a potent system during the day tomorrow. for severe weather, damaging windss, maybe even a tornado.
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winter warm -- storm warnings. a blizzard warning just east of denver. some areas in the upper midwest, around the twin cities, could see as much as a foot of heavy snow as the storm system moves in that direction. for us, just a little bit of rain. no severe weather expected. upper 30's and some outlying areas, but lower to mid 40's, not as cool as it was this morning. grab a jacket in the morning, 46. but we'll meet up by lunchtime, in the 60's. raleigh 76 inraleigh for a high -- 76 in raleigh. lower mid-70's to the east of the triangle. could be a problem with a wild fires, the dry air in place tomorrow.
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near 80. the only thing to keep us from hitting 80's are the cloud cover. but it stays dry. the cold front could be much weaker as it comes here. just a few showers, mainly late thursday night, early friday. mostly dry all through thursday evening. as you get toward sunrise friday, scattered showers laster the morning hours and scoot on out of here in the late afternoon. looks very late thursday night into friday morning. the warm-up comes to a halt on thursday. upper 70's, and near 70, upper 60's friday. morning rain will end by the afternoon. mid-60's, and sunday, still a question mark. hopefully the rain holds off until monday.
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but it should stay nice and mild. steve: here is a look for eyewitness next.riveters, go on a historic trip. details for you at 11:00. tisha: the tar heels getting ready for their game. steve: mark armstrong talking to the coach. you're getting ready to follow the tar heels in philadelphia. mark: we are headed to philadelphia, and optimistic bunch speaking today to the media. first up, congratulations to ian of apex.
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>> now, abc11 eyewitness news sports. sponsored by your local toyota dealers. mark: welcome back everybody. live with you outside, the tar heels finishing up practice after their press conference. i have not seen these guys more happy, energetic, optimistic. they have waited all year long.
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themselves, and rightfully so. especially in the second half of those games. >> the least appreciated, pretty doggone good team. several positive things. reporter: some extra pep in the tar heels's step. >> you have to enjoy the traveling, hanging out with the guys. but you also have to go out and play your best basketball. that is what we think of. going out there and playing great, advancing. >> you want to win it all. there is some pressure.
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urgency of the moment, the they have a talent and fox ability to handle any challenge, >> the levels go up a whole another notch. harder sometimes. reporter: the chemistry could not be better. they have swapped roles as the goto guys. as for their friendship? johnson fires, and rim-rocking attacks have defined the team. >> i will yell out something to bryce, and he will get excited, if beyonce came behind me i would not -- would not know who she was. reporter: we have football to
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the pro game today, running a 40 yard -- there. offensive guard hoping his name will be called sooner than later. the guy with the most out there to prove. he was not invited to the nfl combine, he had some scouters he wanted to prove wrong, showing he could do everything required of an nfl quarterback. >> i would like everybody to come by. can he throw the ball? i proved that today. only missed two throws. somebody will be excited for me. reporter: somebody will be excited for him. and we have more from the tar heels, as well. back to you. mark: look forward to see you -- seeing you before this we 16 showdown. tisha: eyewitness continues on
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edition to focus on the terror
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we will tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight." brussels. at the airport. >> stay down. >> and in the subway. the americans caught in the middle of it all. three deadly explosions rocketing the city. tonight, isis reportedly claiming responsibility. dozens killed. more than 200 hurt. this image leading to an urgent manhunt at this hour. what authorities have spotted in
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passengers escaping the subway in the dark and smoke. i talk with the american man who pried the door open. >> it was a nightmare. >> and the virginia woman who hid behind the counter at the airport with the ticketing agent. while here at home tonight, images from the subway in new york city. amid questions about our own security. the tense moment at an american airport, the passenger jet met by authorities. and the fbi tonight. we ask, how will lone wolves are they tracking right now in the u.s.? we have team coverage. "world news tonight" guns now. from abc news, this is a special edition of "world news tonight" with david muir. brussels under attack. good evening on this tuesday night, as this country and the world now reacts to another series of deadly terror attacks. tonight, the urgent manhunt right now, after the city of brussels is rocked with multiple explosions, at the airport and then in the subway. americans among the injured, among those trapped, and you'll


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