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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 AM  ABC  March 23, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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it is happening in one north carolina city. john: good morning, carolina, welcome on this wednesday march 23, 50 degrees and 5:00. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. thank you for joining us. meteorologist don schwenneker is in the first alert storm center. don: good morning. as you head out we will see temperatures across the region climbing to 48 degrees at 7:00 but 50's by 9:00 and 60 by eubg and by 1:00 we are at 70. current numbers 47 right now in roxboro, 47 sanford. 40's from smithfield to fayetteville. 46 roanoke rapids and 50 oxford. looking at the day ahead, lots of clouds to the north and less in the way of cloud cover to the south. around 50. by lunchtime mostly sunny and 67 degrees. we will see the sunshine sticking around as temps dulaimi into the 70's.
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the holiday weekend. we will talk about that and complete forecast. caitlin: i have the latest on the victims to see her sisters when it happened. her husband and daughters survived the attack. the same can't be said for ignacio a u.n.c. graduate. he was on a transit bus that pulled into the station just after the bomb went off. >> about 30 people running out of the station, people screaming. you could see something going on. caitlin: that u.n.c. graduate
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since the paris attacks he feared belgium might be next but even after that experience he refuses to let the terrorists win and live in fear. barbara: the terror guns. john: belgians in the united
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solidarity with their homeland. this group singing the belgium national anthem together in san francisco last night then a moment of silence for the victims. this belgian has been texting friends and family who are safe. he said the attacks will not break his country. >> we are all one. john: right now there are no vigils planned in the triangle. if we learn of any we will share that with you. check in with and abc11 mobile app for up-to-the-minute developments on the terror attacks in brussels. at 6:45 we will go live to the belgium capital to see how they are doing. barbara: a major vote that could change charlotte's non-- or nondiscrimination ordinance. anthony wilson has the latest. what can we expect with the special session? anthony: the nondiscrimination
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call the bathroom ordinance takes effect april 1 but organizers today want to block that move. the around lets transgender people decide which public restroom they will use. opponents consider that a threat against the safety of north carolina women and children. most voters surveyed by the left leaning public polls polling believe charlotte should be able to pass its own around but a draft of the staeutte legislation goes beyond blocking the around and apparently would also prevent local governments from passing similar ordinance eds. schools, college campuses and agencies would have to restrict use of commune alal bathrooms based on their biological sex. we will update you on the air, on mobile devices and online. we are live outside the legislative building on jones street in raleigh.
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john: community and raleigh police coming together for a barber shop rap session. the barber shop trying to unite a city dealing with the fallout of the police involved shooting that left akiel denkins dead. the police chief and deputy police chief both were in attendance last night. they hope there is just the first step in improving relations. >> i think this is a great first step. now what is the strategic plan on how to move forward to educate ourselves and have better relationships. for folks that can speak freely and people were honest and transparent. john: more meetings are scheduled between the group and police in hopes of helping the healing. barbara: the husband of real housewives of new jersey star teresa jew ditch khe goes to
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he plead eded guilty to bankruptcy fraud. he pleaded guilty to not paying $200,000 in taxes. she was released in deals. john: jaw dropping video having you thinking about your child's bus ride to school. barbara: flying objects blast through the windshield. the north carolina where this is happening. john: how north carolina westly wesleyan college plans to remember four students who died in a terrible crash. don: we have dry conditions on
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uju deep. jew deep economy jew ditch economy economy. giudice jew deep jew deep jew ditch jew ditchy. jew dies giudice. go giudice. jew deep. go don: welcome back. let's talk bus stop forecast. as the kids head out warmer, still may need a jacket going to school but not coming home. in the 40's by 6:00 and we will stay in the 40's through 8:00. by 10:00 we are almost 60's degrees. current numbers from across the region a couple down from last hour. 45 roanoke rapids. 47 roxboro. 50 louisburg. 50 hillsborough and 48 siler city. 49 lillington and 47 fayetteville. 52 pinehurst and 48 in goldsboro. looking at the day ahead. partly cloudy and 50. by lunchtime it is 67. mostly sunny. late day 75 degrees under mostly sunny skies. lots of sunshine today and warm temperatures stick around. we will have the holiday weekend forecast up next. john: before hopping in the car for the drive to work the state d.o.t. wants you to think about
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it is used to pay for tolls electronically. you can get the hard case transpond are for $10 and it gives you a discount on the triangle expressway. in works in 17 states that accept e.z. passes and georgia and florida. barbara: it is time for must-see videos. if you are not near the tv you want to see this. it shows how dangerous it is when people throw rocks into moving vehicles. the target was a winston-salem forsythe county school bus. you see a brick smashes through the windshield as the driver went down business 40. glass hits a seat. picture a child sitting there. thank goodness there were no children on the bus. >> glass going that way. there would have been injures. barbara: that poor bus driver. this is one of two recent incidents winston-salem police are investigating. the most recent was monday.
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either case. luckily the driver was not hurt either. firefighters had their work cut out in this case. a plant that recycles papers goes up in flames in phoenix yesterday. you don't see giant plumes of smoke like this every day. they battled it into the night and the concern is the air quality and soot from the smoke. john: a heart warming homecoming. you may need tissues for this one. >> what is up, buddy? >> i missed you. >> i missed you, too, buddy. i'm glad to have you in my arms. john: that is navy chief petty officers rodriguez hope seeing his two sons for the first time in seven months. he was deployed in japan and he surprised them at their florida school tuesday.
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daughter's school. >> do you miss somebody? >> my dad. >> turn around. john: hope has been deployed eight times. he says he looks forward to taking the family to disney for much needed vacation. barbara: welcome home eight times. john: hope they have a good time. 5:12 5:12. a mysterious boom in the middle of the night. barbara: the part of our state asking where this came from and next step in the mourning process for this small north
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the loss of four students. john: president obama landing
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later this morning he will meet with the president of that south american country. he will hold a town hall meeting with young argentines. today we will work to find out the name of a person killed in this crash on raleigh's capital boulevard. the road north of i-540 reopened last night. this morning the top of one world trade is in the color of the belgian flag one of many tributes to the nation around the world. barbara: a small north carolina college plans a public memorial service to mourn. four students from north carolina wesleyan died in a crash in front of the campus. donesha scott, robyne barnes, kandis mcbride-jones and quedesha brown were inseparable.
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to focus on helping students. hamilton's mental state. his attorney made that statement in a pretrialin the category face a long recovery. john: we could learn funeral plans today for the former mayor of toronto rob ford. the 46-year-old died yesterday after 18 months of treatment for rare and aggressive form of cancer. city officials in toronto created appear online book of condolences for the public. barbara: officials in the north carolina mountains are looking for the source of a mysterious loud boom. multiple people reported in around weaveville. they think it could be a seismic activity. no reports of earthquakes so far.
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hits from the beatles on i-tunes but not like this. this 10 inch vinyl record which is called the holy grail for electors sold at auction tuesday for $110,000. this is the first disk released on the beatles name with the first song john lennon ever wrote "hello little girl": barbara: kids are looking at that going what is this? don: can you imagine buying it and accidentally scratching it. john: vinyl records. barbara: they don't use them any more. don: when i first started i had a friend who was a d.j. and i could kind of doing it but the electronic scratching. barbara: it just makes a noise. don: we stay dry today and tomorrow. 60% chance of ran tomorrow into friday.
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sunday a 30% chance and increases to a 50-50 shot of showers by monday. we will look at what is happening as far as downtown raleigh and seven-day always on. we are at 50 right now. a lot warmer than yesterday. humidity 59% and southwest wind 15 miles an hour. r. r.d.u. temperature at 51. 53% humidity. southwest wind at 17. numbers from across the area 46 roxboro and 46 smithfield, 47 fayetteville, 48 goldsboro. southern pines i found out yesterday they are replacing your sensor you should have in by appearance # -- april 1. 15 degrees warmer in oxford this morning. 11 warmer in fayetteville. satellite and radar composite shows a few clouds over the northern counties. no rainfall. all of it is well to the north in upstate new york and in iowa
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we are dry along the east coast and will stay that way into tonight. the clouds stay away, too. lots of sunshine. 70's this afternoon. 70's tomorrow but an increase in clouds and humidity. with more humidity and clouds shower chances return tomorrow and spotty showers and into friday morning. by late day friday the showers move out. high pressure today will pull in warm air and that gives us nice mild conditions today. in raleigh you will see temperatures 50's by 9:00. 60's by lunchtime and gusting winds around 25. mid 70's and warm across wake county. a look across the region, mid 70's for highs from garner to chapel hill. 76 durham today, near 80 smithfield. 75 siler city. 80 raeford. 79 fayetteville. 77 sanford. 79 goldsboro.
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75 in roanoke rapids, south hill will see 70. 72 in roxboro. tonight a few clouds with overnight lows in the 50's. 52 raleigh. 55 fayetteville. 51 durham. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow back into the 70's, near 80 tomorrow under partly sunny skoeulsies. saturday 65 and mostly sunny. sunday morning we are dry for east -- easter morning services. mild the next several details. 60's and 70's. john: 5:21. airlines taking action in the wake of the brussels terror attacks. barbara: the lengths they are going to in order to help
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alright, let's do this. i got minds to twist and values to warp. mr. tyler, your skittles portrait. that is e to the z oh twiddly dee-sgusting! you haven't heard me sing diddly-ding yet. dream on! higher. dream on! i think a little higher! dreammmm onnnnnnnn! dreammm onnnn! rock the rainbow. taste the rainbow. john: welcome back. 5:24 and 50 degrees. barbara: the tar heels are ready for the sweet 16 fplt. they will have a sendoff at 6:30 tonight at the dean smith center. the top seeded heels will go to philadelphia to take on indiana. as they leave they seem to have an ex-pep. mark armstrong says you think
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something memorable. >> got to enjoy the travel and hanging out with the guys. the only way to enjoy is play your best basketball. that is what we think of when we think of having fun is playing great and winning and advancing. >> we want to make it to the final four. you want to win it all. there is extra pressure and we have play our best. barbara: we are the source of march madness. mark armstrong is going to philadelphia and he will have a report today. they play friday night and joe mazur is in anaheim for the duke matchup with organize. follow above the local teams on twitter. john: wolfpack fans your team's leading scorer will not return to p.n.c. arena. cat barber is bringing his game to the nba. "eyewitness news" broke the developments withen heart on the mobile mobil.
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with over 23 points a game. multiple draft sites put him as a second round pick. n.c. state's next six highest scores should return with a transfer and five star point guard recruit. the kanes -- canes and sabres playing and that picture perfect dish to tie it 1-1. in the end no luck for carolina. buffalo won 3-2. barbara: check out the uniforms for the durham bulls that they will sport may 7 the night of the annual "star wars" night. the uniforms inspired by hanz solo. light sabres look like a bat. john: stock markets reacting to bombings in brussels. >> investors are cautious after
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asian markets down but europe in positive territory. in the u.s. yesterday travel related stocks dragged the market down. one said the effect do not last. airlines are waiving rebooking fees for passengers flying to or from becauserussels. starbucks is going to help the hungry. it will donate all of the leftover perishable food to charity each night. many have been donating ex--- extra pastries for years. that is america's money. john: 5:27 and still to come the
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barbara: new developments in attacks on brussels. john: we have live team coverage this morning. caitlin: i have the latest on the investigation into the attacks and search for the suspects and how europe is handling the threat. >> what is being done to keep you safe at home. barbara: it is time for weather and traffic on this wednesday. john: meteorologist don schwenneker is in the first alert storm center. don: good morning to you. as you head out the door a lot warmer. 10 to 15 degrees warmer this morning in the area. we look at the day ahead and you can see 50's by 9:00. 60 by 11:00 and 70 at 1:00.
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region, 47 roxboro, 43 sanford, 46 smithfield and 45 roanoke rapids. looking at the day ahead. 50 now and partly cloudy. by lunchtime 67, lots of sunshine. this afternoon 76 degrees under mostly sunny skies. sunshine today, warmer tomorrow and some rain works in. we will talk about that in the complete forecast but now we have weather and traffic. amber rupinta is off so i will handle the traffic. not much to show you. we have an accident in holly springs right here. looks like they have just about cleaned it up. that is the only accident showing up. we will watch that and have the real-time travel times in a couple of minutes. caitlin: it has been 24 hours


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