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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  January 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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more news, weather and traffic. good morning to you, happy thursday. i'm sheli muniz. >> i'm eric harryman. prefriday. it is january 7th. yesterday, we woke up to wet roadways. day, we are waking up to a different start to our thursday morning. >> if you are waking up thinking you didn't have to work because you would be rich, sorry. >> it didn't happen. >> not th@at we want to be the bearer of bad news, sorry. you are right, i have good news for us. we are not dealing with rain. the live doppler radar is exactct how we like to see it early in the morning, dry. a few showers over the atlantic waters. we are waking up to a northwest wind this morning. the showers push farther into
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ft. lauderdale to miamamdade, homestead area, things looking good so far. taking a zoomed out look, showers over the atlantic waters. dragging in the moisture. the clouds skirting the coast. we are expecting to see the clouds and areas of fog this morning. be careful as you head out the door this morning. 63 degrees in miami. 62 degrees in ft. lauderdale area. the next hours looking good. we'll deal with the clouds for the morning hours and the fog. temperatures remain in the 60s for the remainder of the morning. a sneak peek to the next days temperatures in the 80s, showers return to the forecast. the qution is, will we see showers? i'll have more on that coming up. first, a look at the roads with traffic reporter, kelly blanco. >> i like your sneak peek into the weekend. good morning to you, south florida. thank you for joining us this thursday morning. fhp is reporting a couple accidents.
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boulevard is on us-1 at southwest 268th street. no roadblocks. it shouldn't be affecting your morning drive too too much. westbound just approaching alton road as you try to leave the mainland, two right lanes blocked off. i'll let you know when that clears up. the turnpike, yououave under a ten minute ride ahead of you from coral reef drive to tamiami trail. i-75 looking nice and clear, pines boulevard to the palmetto, eight minute drive. homestead police will be at the medical center to talk to a woman stabbed in her own home new year's day. it is a story you will see only on 6. mimihael spears is live at the hospital. michael, her son is trying to fight back tears. she was attacked by an intruder.
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the victim's son is worried at times his mom wouldn't make it. not only that, but the intruder knows where his mom lives, knows her face and this morning, he is still out there. a terrifying situation for the family. she remains in n he hospital this morning, a mother, a grandmother stabbed multiple times on new year's day on a home invasion. pictures of torres in the hospital. it happened in her home before sunrise. we are told she suffered multiple stab wounds, had to have her spleen removed because of this. we have video of the home following the attack. the intruder got into t t home through an open sliding door. >> watching tv and all of a sudden, she hears something behind her.
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what are you doing in my house? [ inaudible ] >> starts attacking her out of nowhere. >> reporter: police continue to search this morning for the person who put the grandmother in the hospital. it's unclear what the intruder was after. we know, as far as the attack, torres was able to escape, run away to a neighbor's home who called 911. you can call and talk to crimestoppers. 305-471-tips. for now, live at kendall regional medical center, michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> thank you for the update. four minutes past the hour. fresh details on the news we are following out of libya. it appears this is the worst attack in libya since 2011. in the last 30 minutes or so, things are updating minute by minute. 65 people dead, a lot more wounded. a truck bomb went off after somebody drove it through a gate at the facility.
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and pictures on social view 6 this morning. it is 100 miles out of the capitol of tripoli. the outward appearances of all of this are saying it was an aisis attack. that is not confirmed. police have closed the case of a violent fight between a high school student, two high school students. they ended up arresting a girl for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon in connection to the stabbing that happened off the bus. chopper 6 up over the scene school. now, according to police reports here, a few kids from piper high school got into a fight as they were getting off the bus that day and headed home. rescue crews found one boy with stab wounds lying on the ground. they took him to broward health medical center. he is expected to be okay. federal investigators trying
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repairman to die in north miami. blocking off the scene at the ocean king apartment complex near 145th street and 6th avenue. jose ended up getting weed between the door and the elevator box. what is clear that some people living there say they don't use those elevators or that elevator in particular. neighbors telling nbc 6 why, exactly. >> i take the stairs, not the elevator. >> reporter: you are afraid? >> yeah. i'm not going to get stuck in there. no! the way it look, you would not go in there. the way it looks from the insides. one minute you press thehe button, it won't go up. sometimes it won't go down. you press three, it stops on the first and second. it wasn't good. >> the man was there to repair the elevator. the elevator is now shut down. this morning, people staying at a south florida homeless shelter are waking up to a bedbug infestation. they are worried for a lot of reasons. the problem has been going on
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with kids staying there along with the adults, they hope something is done asap. jamie guirola has more on story. >> they are rrible. i got in bed. left andight, i have marks all over my body. >> reporter: residents are complaining publicly about inhumane and horrible living conditions. the biggest worries for the children. >> i am in fear for my newborn. i have to have him sleep in a swing because i don't want to put him in bed with me. i'm scared he's going to get bit. you know, he could end up in the hospital. >> reporter: they house hundreds of residents. they say they have been complaining for months and feel like nobody is listening. >> i compin every day to those people. it's like, whatever. they shoot me to the side like i don't matter. >> he can't sleep in the crib. he has to sleep in the swing. i have to constantly check his body to make sure he has no bites.
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residents complaints on nbc 6. it's frustrating for the residents. >> it's frustrating for employees that work here. >> reporter: they have been tackling the bedbug problem for a while including fumigations and screening at the door. >> when new residents come in, we treat and eradicate bugs they are bringing in with them. >> reporter: rezsidents complain about the quality of food and mold in their rooms. >> there's not a problem with food. we pass every health inspection. >> reporter: the same for mold. they have a $1 million budget for capital improvements. downtown miami, jamie guirola, nbc 6 news. >> thanks a lot. republicans celebrating this morning. democrats hoping to steal a spotlight. the team in washington for the late on the attempt to get rid of the affordable care act.
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searching for a serial jewelry welcome back. it is 12 minutes past the top of the hour. later today, republicans will hold what they are calling quote, unquote, enrollment ceremony to get rid of presidenen obama's affordable care act. it took dozens of attempts, fwu bill is headed to the president's desk. tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. republicans are seeing flashing victory signs out of all of this, but reality is this isn't going anywhere. >> reporter: no because president obama is never going to sign off to get rid of his signature health care program. they don't have the votes here on capitol hill to override that. becaususit is the first time they have been able to get it in front of him, rublicans are calling it a win. >> the motion is adopted. >> reporter: republicans are celebrating today after finally sending the president an ultimatum, a bill to repeal obacare.
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in the fight for patient centered health care for all americans. >> reporter: democrats call it political theater and a waste of time. >> everybody knows this will take a nanosecond for the president of the united states to veto. >> exerciseing is never wasted if you are fighting for principles your constituents believe in. >> reporter: it would strip millions of planned parenthood after they said taxpayers should not fund a group that supports abortion. >> pple waited years for this moment, to destroy a bill to put 22 million people out of reach of medical care. >> reporter: that don't appear to be enough votes in the house or senate to override the veto. >> it is going to require a republican president. >> we can do much better. we will do much better. >> reporter: they are hoping to outline a replacement health plan by the end of the year.
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would get a final vote before president obama leaves office, not likely. live from washington, i'm tracie potts, nbc 6 news. >> thanks a lot. the crisis in central america witit cuban migrants is going into a new phase. leaders mapped out a plan for the stranded migrants the first test flight from the country is on tuesday. once they reach the guatemala border, they can stay there 20 days while they figure out their way to the u.s. border. the foreign minister expects 7800 to make the trip. officials will make changes as needed. for now, it's clarify for thousands after nearly two monlt months they have been in limbo. the u.s. coast guard has seen more boat traffic lately and families are getting more violent with officials. they think it's because they fear the u.s. could soon end the
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desperation means migrants are more willing to resist and confront crew that is try to stop them. in the first five days of the year, 176 cubans took on the dangerous journey. south florida, 6:15. waking up todry conditions from west palm beach down into the keys. however the live first alert doppler radar picking up showers over the atlantic waters. we are waking up to northwest winds so the showers push farther and farther into the atlantic to the south and east. taking a look at headlines, yesterday, a rainy and cloudy start. a change in the forecast today. the gradual warm up is going to continue into the weekend. speaking of the weekend, we begin to see the first of frontsts moving through. that's going to bring us changes
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in the meantime, waking up to teperatures five to ten degrees cooler this morning, feeling nice. 63 in miami as well as hialeah and opa-locka. 61 in kendall and pembroke nes. ft. lauderdale, temperatures around 62 degrees this morning. for the forest on this thursday, we'll deal with a few clouds this morning. temperatures in the 60s. also areas of fog developing as the morning goes on. into the mid to late morning hours and of course into the afternoon, brighter skies and temperatures reaching into the upper 70s. a sneak peek for your weekend, temperatures in the 80s. warm conditions, a chance of thunderstorms. this is cold front one that will bring us changes for the start of the upcoming workweek. here is the set up. we have the front move through to the south of us. you can see low pressure formed along with the front. the counterr clock wise circulation bringing clouds and
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a north-northwest wind this morning. that's the reason we are seeing the cool temperatures. morning fog, followed by brighter afternoon skies. we are expecting a rain-free thursday across south florida. rip currents a main threat. small craft advisory remains in effect for west palm beach. miami-dade and broward, you are okay. front number one, i mentioned that, brings a cooldown for monld. then front number two, a series of fronts, brings temperatures cooler for the upcoming workweek, possibly tuesday into wednesday. kelly, give us good news on the roads. >> we have a traffic alert, but in monroe county. if you are headed out the door, the road is shut down in all directions north of the toll booth. they are redirecting traffic on us-1. be mindful of that. taking a look at the drive in broward county. 595 and pine island road.
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there, we can show 595 is okay. traffic is moving up to speed here on 595 eastbound. those are the express lanes. westbnd lanes no issues. weather you are headed toward the sawgrass or i-75 or downtown ft. lauderdale, a nice commute ahead of you. no accidents there. we go to 395 where we had two lanes completely blocked off. one left lane was open. construction crews left the area. this is 395 westbound atalton road as you leave the beachheaded to the mainland. >> thanks a lot. this morning, we are looking at dashcam video showing the last moments between a woman and police before she later died at the hospital. take a look. >> you need to leave my room. you need to just leave. >> no ma'am. >> get out of my way. >> you will get a better look at the dashcam video on the nbc 6
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you really can't see her. it is what she is saying that is important here. barbara dawson went to a hospital looking for treatment for stomach pain. she was discharged, but refused to leave. the hospital called police. she can be heard saying she couldn't breathe while asking for help before she collapsed. >> nobody gave her the benefit of humanity. she was a human being. she was a woman who could have been our sister, our mother, our aunt and they treated here like she was not worthy of consideration. >> that is attorney benjamin crump representing the family. a medical examiner determined she died as a result of a blood clot in her lungs. the fbi is on the hunt for a thief hitting jewelry stores across the south. it's spanning from georgia to florida, over to tennessee as well.
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made off with nearly $500,000 worth of jewelry over a nine-month period alone. she is considered armed and dangerous. time is 6:20. the disney princess marathon is this weekend. runners planning to dress up might want to understand the dos and don'ts when it comes to costumes. >> be aware of what you can bring with you. a bad situation. students returning from winter
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their dorm welcome back. the time is 6:23. we talked about this a lot. chipotle mexican grill has been served a grand jury subpoena relating to the norovirus. it's one of several outbreaks linked to the restaurant chain. from october through november,
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across 12 states with the e. coli bacteria linked to chipotle products. in december, students got sick, again, with the virus linked to a chipotle near boston college. they will not say what the potential crim unanimousinal matter is that they are investigating now. contrary to what we hear, january may not be the best time to start a diet. british researchers say animals and humans have an evolutionary urge to maintain body fat in the winter months when natural food sources a scarce and because they are full of sugar, it is stronger than the new year's resolution. if you are planning on dressing up as your favorite "star wars" character or disney princess, there's going to be a lot of them. you will want to hear this. changes in terms of not so much
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>> a new costume policy and costumes that have accessories you are not allowed to wear. that includes, if it resembles a weapon. no sharp or pointed objects. leave the masks at home, full length princess dresses. if you want to get in on the disney spirit this weekend, you can wear t-shirts that are themed, hats, transparent wings and plastic lightsababs and tutus. >> transparent wings. i wish i had gotten to read that. be careful with the wands. they can be deemed as weapons. be careful. 6:25 on a thursday morning. the world is responding to north korea's alleged test of an h-bomb. u.s. officials are doubting the strength of that bomb. el nino causing chaos on the west coast from flooding to mudslides.
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if yu are dropping the kids off at the bus stop, temperatures cooler this morning than yeerday at this time. mid to low 60s. we are dealing with clouds d areas of fog forming as the morning goes on give yourself extra ugh. i really shouldn't. no, you know what? i should. and i will. i deserve this. i'm a bogo findin', weekly ad flippin', couponing mastermind. who's saving big time? this girl! can i help you? indeed. this queen of savings deserves a reward. a cannoli, please. the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop.
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welcome back. right now at 6:30, california continues to deal with statewide flooding and mudslides to go with it. they can't win. no rain at all, now way too much at one time. look at these images o roadways literally turned into rivers. no relief is coming. el nino is hitting them hard. expectininto bring more rain over the next couple days. of course more rain meaning more mudslides. here at home, a very different view than just 24 hours ago. a live look at ft. lauderdale.
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to dry conditions. > meteorologist erika delgado is here. i walked out to come to work and walked back in to get a sweatshirt. a cool start. >> if anyone else hears us talking about this, they would not be happy. we are in the 60s in south florida. it is feeling cooler. we are five to seven degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. we were waking up yesterday to plenty of rain and cloud cover. the stories is dry from ft. lauderdale down to the keys. these showers over the atlantic waters, nothing we need to worry about. wind. everything to the south and east farther and farther into the atlantic waters. ft. lauderdale, miami waking up temperatures in t(e 60s pretty much across the board. down to the keys, we are waking up to clear skies. looking at the clouds, we don't see it up there that much.
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clouds up there and the fog continues to develop as the morning goes on. the forecast, areas of fog. the good thing to take away from here is we will be rain free, not only in the morning, but also afternoon hours. kelly, give us good news. >> we'll take it. well, good news, no construction going on but it is 6:31, so that is expected. we have a couple bad sents at southwest 268th street. right now, traffic moving at 25 miles per hour around southwest 112th avenue as you can see from the traffic map. an accidenton the dolphin eastbound at northwest 72nd avenue. your shoulder is blocked off. no lanes blocked off at this time. all green right now on the traffic map. that's a good sign. also, 57th avenue at northwest 189th street, that's where you have an accident there a well, partially blocking the roadway. you can follow me on twitter.
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you all morning long. >> thanks a lot. now, a story only on 6. >> it's hard for me to picture her going through that. >> a son fighting back tears when he's talking about the day his mother was stabbed inside her own home. this morning, that woman continues to recover. nbc 6 reporter, michael spears is li at kendall regional medical center. later today, police are going to talk to this woman to get a better underanding of how this happened and why it happened and who did this. >> reporter: yeah, that's because right now the person responsible is still out there. talk about day six and 4he victim here, raquel torres is still in the hospital. investigators continue to search for the person who put her here. thes are exclusive pictures we obtained of raquel in her hospital bed. she was stabbed multiple times
6:26 am
she was left with a punctured lung, cut up, had to get stitches. they say she was watching tv in the early morning hours on new year's day when the intruder got into her home, attacked her, then got away. torres was able to run to a neighbor's home after the attack, who called 11. i mentioned day six. the last week has been tough for this family. at times, they tell us they worried if she would make it. >> i have kids, you know. i try to stay strong around them. the@guy is still out there. >> reporter: now torres' family believe he got through an open sliding door. you mentioned it at the top of the news, it's not clear if he got away with anything or what he was after. i'm sure detectives working to get to the bottom of that as well.% if you know anything that could
6:27 am
the case, give them a call immediately. live in southwest miami-dade, michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> thank you for the update. the time is 6:34. police need your help getting a man they say is dangerous off the streets. they are looking for lamar edward joseph. they believe he shot and killed two people in south miami and shot them multiple times in the process. it happened at 67th street and southwest 58th avenue. he's wanted for battery on a pregnant woman. if you have see this guy, you are asked to give crimestoppers a call. 305-471-tips. we have been following breaking news out of libya. an attack on a police training camp in tripoli and benghazi. you can get a better look at the map on your screen. in the last 25 minutes, a media group linked to isis claimed the
6:28 am
at this hour, reports indicate at least 70 dead. this is up from 40 when we last reported 30 minutes ago. they believe as many as 150 are injured. all morning long, we are bringing the latest images on social media. a truck bomb tore apart the camp as it blasted its way through a gate. hospitals report they are overwhelmed and they don't have enough blood supplies. we'll keep you posted on that. we brought you this as breaking news yesterday. now, the white house is casting doubt on north korea's claims of a hydrogen bomb test. the white house press secretary says an initial analysis from monitoring stations in asia were not consistent with a test of a hydrogen bomb thchlt. they said the intensity of the blast underground is way below the level you would expect would come from a hydrogen bomb. it could take days to verify
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your time is 6:36. when students at florida state university returned to their dorms after the winter break, they were greeted by a very unpleasant surprise. that is mold thachlt is a keyword for big-time problems. itis not the first time it's been spotted in the older buildings. laura rodriguez explains more. >> reporter: mold on backpacks, shoes and pillows. this is what several fsu students say they saw upon arriving at theirdorm after winter break. >> the whole building was filled with mold. it was in the elevators, on the floor, the rims of the wall. reporter: his daughter lives there. last semester she was complaining about the mold. when she returned from tallahassee to miami, the problem was much worse. >> the situation is not appropriate, you send your children to study and you are expecting to have a healthy
6:30 am
>> reporter: his daughter, as well as these two students all say the mold is so bad they have respiratory issues or other health conditions. >> coughing. having a hard time breathing, sometimes. >> when i moved in, i developed bronchitis. for the whole semester, i wasn't able to get rid of it. >> reporter: video shot by a student shows personal belongings trashed in the dorm hallway, a sign warns others, dangerous, don't touch, mold. >> the university is going to fix it. it's not. health is way more important than paying for a mattress pad or pillow. >> the yumpbt released a statement saying housing staff began working with students to resolve the problem, clean rooms and repair damaged items. the health and safetyepartment followed up checking the hall and deemed it safe.
6:31 am
tear up those old power ball tickets. they are useless and are going to aggravate you if you lost. >> everybody in the studio is pouting. >> everybody is still here. >> not to say that -- some people want a little bit, just not the big one. >> two people won $1 million in florida. >> it certainly isn't $450 million. what that means is the jock pot is going to roll over to an estimated 675 million dlarls. that is the largest of any lottery prize ever, in u.s. history. >> the winning numbers 2, 11, 47, 62, 63. >> the power ball 17 and the multiplier was three. >> fun fact, a florida woman from receiver hills won the previous largest jackpot back in 2013.
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republicans celebrating on capitol hill this morning. why it is all just for show. those staying at a miami home lsz shelter complaining about the conditions there this morning. what was found coming up in the big six. the six storyious need to know before you head out the door. the dramatic video as an entire family has no choice but to jump out of their apartment building. more on that coming up. we are seeing low clouds and areas of fog developing over miami-dade and broward county from north to south. we are expecting to have a rain-free commute in the morning hours and into the afternoon hours. hopefully kelly has good news for us. we would like a rain-free commute and no accidents on i-95. southbound in miami-dade around
6:33 am
cars but no welcome back. sad news out of zoo mime mi.
6:34 am
down after a freak accident happened at thehe zoo. 9-month-old wesley, that's him there, was peeking into an area where zoo keepers were examining another giraffe. he got his head stuck. he panicked causing a spinal injury that left him uble to stand. there was nothing they could do to correct it. they had to euthanize him. california can't seem to get a break here. el nino reeks halvevoc across the state. heavy rain led to massive flooding. heavy rain turned freeways into waterways. the high water there, it continues to trap some people when it was nearly up to their windows. all this weather is blamed on el nino. as the warm weather whipped up a steady stream of storms moving west to east. rain and flooding aren't california's only problems.
6:35 am
hills started to erode and threaten homes. the state isn't in the clear, yet. forecasters say they may not get a break in the weather until tomorrow, then there's another storm system that could arrive this weekend. >> that guy was crawling out his window totohe hood of his car. that tells you how fast it happened. all of that and now this. climate experts from the atmospheric agency are meeting. they are going to announce a preliminary number of weather events in the united states that caused losses exceeding $1 billion. we'll have details and financial detailslson each event. that will be released from noaa later this year. >> hello, erika deado with us here. >> it's been an active start to el nino. we have been talking about it. it's been active for us. the fronts are coming through. we are not seeing the cooldown, but the storms coming through
6:36 am
was cloudy and rainy. cooler on average. we are beginning to feel the effects of that. >> you look over the last 12 months and think how many disaster declarations there have been. when you add this upand the federal dollars, you understand how you could get to that $1 billion mark. >> the jet stream dips farther south leaving active conditions across the plain states. it has been nonstop. now, the good news is, this morning, we are not dealing with the rain. we look at the live first alert doppler radar broward county to miami-dade. these showers over the atlantic waters, nothing we need to worry about. we are waking up to northwest wind. that continues to push to the south and east, farther into the atlantic. i want to look outside over watson island. we are beginning to see the low
6:37 am
miamimiade and broward county. as it forms, give yourself extra time. you could encounter fog. we are waking up to temperatures five to ten degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. 63 in miami. 62 in ft. lauderdale and61 in kendall. the forecast deals with areas of fog and clouds. as the morning goes on, brighter skies with winds west-northwest leaving highs upper 70s. that goes for the key as well. marathon, mostly sunny skies. winds north-northeast. wind shifting more from the atlantic. temperatures continue to moderate and to be on the warmer side as the weekend goes on into the weekend. low pressure over the atlantic waters. you can see the counter clock wise situation dragging the clouds over the coastal areas. we are expecting a rain-free thursday after the morning we had yesterday. it is active as far asthma arena is concerned.
6:38 am
the scale from miami-dade and broward. the small craft advisory remains in effect from palm beach and the farther north you go. the rain will be on the lower end of t t scale at least for our thursday. take a look at what we are e expecting for the weekend. the warm up continues. a chance of thderstorms that leaves a cooldown for monday. a secondary front brings changes for the upcoming workweek. temperatures closer to average, back into the mid to low 70s. that will be the high during that time. we are rain free right now. take a look at the roads with kelly blanco. >> we are rain free and you mentioned that fog. be careful out there, south florida. the fog has not closed any roads at this time. we have a crash on us-1 southbound at 268th street. we have a couple other issues. dolphin expressway drivers eastbound at 72nd avenue,
6:39 am
the accident isn't blocking any lanes. it's off to the shoulder. should be clearing up in ten to 15 minutes. an accident at ives dairy road east. emergency crews on the scene of that accident. this is north of miami gardens drive. as r as drive times, turnpike looking good. coral reef t tamiami trail, 16 minutes. traffic moving along 27 miles per hour right now. i-95, golden glades to downtown miami, a ten minute commute. we have a broken down car on i-95 northbound and northwest 135th street. breaking news out of up state new york. we just got this information into the news room. 17 salt miners are trapped in an elevator shoftaft 800 feet below ground. this is a crane brought in to help rescue them an hour southwest of syracuse. good news here is rescue teams
6:40 am
stranded workers. they have no water and we understand no one is hurt. that crane we showed you will lower a basket that will bring the miners to the surface. right now, your time is 6:49 on this thursday morning. a suspended bso deputy accused of carrying an unloaded air rifle maintains he did nothing wrong in the case. friends and fellow deputies are supporting him amid allegations he was not justified to kill that day. a camera is in court as he pleaded not guilty to the manslaughter death. back in july, 2013, three years ago, they alleged he ignored their commands to drop the air rifle. the slain man's family says he didn't hear because he was listening to music. a mom and dad locked up
6:41 am
police say the couple used zip ties to bound their 12-year-old daughter keeping her in a playhouse that is described as a glorified cage. she was in there so long sometimes she would soil herself. how did police find her? it looksike she managed to help. her neighbors say they had to do outbursts. her father, a radiologist and her mom are charged with aggravated child abuse. rick scott is launching a $1 million ad campaign to convince legislatures to back his tax cut package. it is quite a dollar amount we are talking about. scott also wants lawmakers to approve $1 billion worth of tax cuts statewide. he's asking the legislature to create a $250 million fund to try to lure new businesses to the state of florida. president obama is preparing to leave office this year. he is promising a slightly
6:42 am
here is a preview. >> seven years ago in the midst of crisis. i don't thi i have ever been more optimistic about a year ahead than i am now. >> rather than going to congress with a wish list, the president is promising a look back at his years in office and a look forward to big things he wants to accomplish this year. you can watch the state of the union address tuesday or on our nbc 6 news and weather app. breaking for you overnight, big time financial news. chinese stocks nose dived, triggering the second trading halt of the week. thth primary bank reduced the worth of its money overall. that cause zed investors to sell out. it started happening very, very quickly. china's economy is growing at the slowest rate since the financial crisis started. the sell off spread to europe and premarket trading here at home in the united states, the dow already down more than 300
6:43 am
a canadian familyhad to jump out of their fourth floor apartment building after the building began to catch on fire. this video was taken by a neighbor. you can see a 10-year-old boy dangling from his father's arms before being dropped to safety. incredible. they landed in snow. they were taken to the hospital. we understand the boy was treated and released early in the day. hospital. no one else was hurt in the fire, which we understand was brought under control in two hours. a bizarre chain of events lands an oregon mom behind bars for a dui and child neglect. she was drunk when she called olice who said someone stole her suv and her b!by inside with the dog. an amber alert was written up, ready to go and they found the car parked across the street. turns out, the woman crashed the
6:44 am
the gas station to buy wine and forgot where she left the car with the baby inside. her blood alcohol content was three times the legallimit. good morning. a homestead grandmother is in the hospital this morning after family members say she was attacked in a violent home invasion on new year's day. it's a story only on 6. 65-year-old. we are told by family members she was stabbed multiple times, had a punctured lung and had to have her spleen removed after the attack. her intruder is still on the run. police are expected here at the hospital to talk to her. you can check out more including the interview with her son on the nbc 6 news app. michael spears, nbc 6 news. breaking for you overnight out of libya, isis claiming responsibility for a truck bomb that went off at a polole training facility outside the capitol of tripoli. that is not confirmed in terms
6:45 am
at least 65 officers are dead, many more wounded. we are getting the first images of the hospitals in that area operating under a state of emergency. president obama is promising to veto a big repealing the signature health care law. the house passed a measure that would dismantle obamacare and cut funding to planned parenthood. the republicans promising to outline a replacement health care plan by the end of the year. students are complaining after coming back from winter break and finding mold in their dorm room. they had to throw away blankets, clothing. they have been deemed safe to live in. families are worried they will have to return to the street because the shelter they are in is riddled with bedbugs. the problem has been going on there for months. time to throw out those old power ball tickets and get a bunch of new ones.
6:46 am
the good news is it will roll over to an estimated $675 million. that is the largest lottery prize in u.s. history. be sure to check out the nbc 6 app for details on the stories we are covering as you wake up. guys, i did see on twitter, if you take your losing ticket to caraba's you get a free appetizer. i-95 drivers, a broken down car here around northwest 135th street. you can see the left lane is completely blocked off on the express lanes. local lanes not looking bad. take the express lanes under $5. stick to the right hand side. slow downs on the southbound side on the express lanes and local lanes. let's go to the maps. us-1 southbound and southwest 268th street. traffic on the turnpike, coral
6:47 am
minute commute. traffic going a 23 miles per hour. erika? >> good news, the live first alert doppler looking good. exactly how we like to see it on thursday morning. take a look at this. behind me, this is hollywood outside the first alert cam. you can't even see hollywood because the fog continues to set. please be careful on the roads. give urself extra time. you will get there when ever you get there. looking at temperatures, cooler, 63 in miami as well as opa-locka. 62 in ft. lauderdale and kendall. the highs reaching the upper 70s today. expected to remain rain free. good news there. you will not need the umbrellas. i can't stress enough the fog setting in in the next hour or two. give yourself extra time. >> anything going to be closed because of the fog? >> no. nothing is reported. you have to be extra careful. >> okay. >> should be okay. >> thanks a lot. that's it for now.
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