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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  January 7, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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body.. right now, nbc 6 is everywhere. now at 11:00, finally freed, a daring rescue in upstate new york saves more than a dozen miners trapped for hours. hundreds of feet underground. paris on edge once again. this time a man with a knife wearing a suicide vest. >> new guidelines you might want to know about before taking the next bite of your lunch, coming up on midday. >> live, the news on nbc 6 south floriba starts now. miners freed, a long night ordeal for 17 miners trapped in an upstate new york salt mine is finally over. we covered this as breaking news very early this morning right here on nbc 6. thanks for joining us this midday, everybody. i'm ericharryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. the video you're looking at, this was an all night affair. >> wow. >> several hours here. the men got stuck in an elevator
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this happened last night. >> yeah. nbc 6's kelly blanco joins us live in the studio. not only a long process in terms of being underground but getting them back up on to land, that was an incredible process in and of itself as well. >> that's right. all the miners have been hoisted to safety in anp operation that took some 11 hours. now you're taking a look at brand new pictures of the miners getting rescued. the miners were enterings the mine to start their shift at about 10:00 last night when the elevator carrying them became stuck. officials say they were ner in danger and emergency workers made contact with the miners via radio before the rescue efforts began. and they all appeared to be uninjured. now crews also managed to provide blankets to mint ers to keep -- the miners to keep warm during the operation. tactical teams coordinate the with the mine officials and decided a rope rescue would take too long so a commercial crane was brought in with a basket to
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this is file video of that salt mine. it is operated by cargill which produces ice from deposits beneath the lake, the deepest in the weern hemisphere. mining operations will be shut down the rest of&the week as inspectors investigate what caused the elevator to malfunction. live in the studio, kelly blanco, nbc 6 news. >> thank you so much for the update. very good news there. a man with a knife and wearing a fake suicide vest caused a lot of panic in the streets of paris during what turned out to be a very emotional day. todayarking the one-year anniversary of the terror attack on the satirical newspaper "charlie hebdo." nbc 6 reporter steve litz joins us live in the studio with what police are saying about the lone attacker. hi. >> the attack happened certainly after a memorial service for officers killed in the atck at the "charlie hebdo" building. it was quite chaic and a lot of commotion outside a police station.
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cried out the words allah akbar, arabic for god is great. he had a fake explosive vest on and they also say he was armed with a knife. he threatened officers at the entrance of the police station and then one shot and killed him. a few minutes before that shooting now, french president francois hollande took part in a memorial service honoring the officers killed in the hebdo attack. he said what he calls a terrorist threat will continue to weigh on the country which was struck a year ago by islamic extremists. you may remember january 7th two french born brothersrs killed 11 people inside that building. so france has been under a state of emergency since a series of terror attacks kild 130 people in paris back on november 13. tensions increased this week as the anniversary of the hebdo attacks approached and police believe the man involved in
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live in the studio, i'm steve litz, nbc 6 news. at least 60 people are dead or what some are calling the worst attack in libya since 2011. we told you about the story in breaking news coverage very early this morning when we first found out about it. it blew up on social media very quickly. new still pictures out of libya. apparently this -- something blew up a bomb blew up a truck at a training camp in tripoli. a mia group linked to isis claims the terror group is behind the assault. you're looking at some of the newest tweets as i mentioned and pictures on social view 6. witness say neighbors were ferrying victims to hospitals in ambulances and cars and a lot of people had shrapnel wounds they tell . police need your help getting a man they say is very dangerous off the streets. they're looking for this guy right here. lamar edward joseph goes by chop pa.
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shot d killed two people in south miami in november. it happened in the area of 67th street and southwest 58th avenue. he's also wanted for attacking a pregnant woman. get an extended look at joseph right now on our nbc 6 news a a and if you recognize him, call miami-dade crimestopoprs at 305-471-tips. when students at florida state university return to their dorms after their winter break, they were greeted unfortunately by a very unmess the surprise. they were greeted by mold. that's keyword for really not good news. the mold apparently everywhere, backpacks,s,shoes, pillow cases. this problem they tell us has been going on for some time. students say they've been complaining about the mold since last semester but now the problem quite clearly is much worse. some say the mold is causing them to have respiratory issues. >> coughing, having a hard time breathing sometimes.
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and for the whole semester i wasn't able to get rid of it. >> now nbc 6 obtained this statement from fsu. reading in part anyway, quote, housing staff immediately began working with students to resolve the problem, clean their rooms and repair any damaged items. the university's environmental health and safety department followed up, checking the entire hall and deemed it safe. end quote. >> only on 6, hearing from an angry and worried son whose mother was stabbed in a home invasion. >> all of a sudden hears something behind her turns ound the guy is there and asking what are you doing in my house? >> the 65-year-old victim is now recovering at the hospital while the dangerous intruder remains on the the streets. nbc 6 reporter michael spears is live at kendall regional medical center with more of the interview from the son. heartbreaking to hear the interview and police are going to talk to this woman at the hospital today if? >> that's true.
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terrifying is an understatement, sheli. that woman as you mentioned 65 years old, remains in the hospital here day six recovering from that vy violent attack. this morning, we've been on the phone with homestead police trying to get an update on this investigate-. we know that detectives will be here at the hospital to talk to the victim and officers are still searching for her attacker. as peoplecross the world celebrated a new year, alex sierra started 2016 not knowing if he would soon have to say good-bye its to his mom forever. his mom, 65-year-old racquel torres was attacked in her homestead town home in the early morning hours new year's day. >> she was jt watching tv and all of a sudden hears something behind her and turns around and the guy is there. she was asking, what are you doing in my house? and he starts talking in spanish to her and stuff and all of a sudden attacks her. just starts attacking her out of
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>> alex says she was stabbed multiple times, shares the pictures from the hospital you'll only see on 6. the mom and grandmother suffered a punctured lung and had her spleen removed. torres was able to get to a neighbor's house who called 911. this is video of the bloody aftermath as torres recovers in the hospital her family says this nightmare isn't over. the intruder got away and is still on the loose. family members believe the unidentified man got in through an open sliding glassss door. at this time it's not clear what he was after or got away with anything. >> it's hard for me to picture my mom going through that. i have kids. i try to stay strong around them. but i can't believe he's out there. >> reporter: right now we are awaiting a call back from the homestead police department. keep the nbc 6 news app by you to check for those updates. push them there. in the meantime police need your help. if you know anything about the
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an arrest give police a call immediately or crimemeoppers 305-471-tips. live in sohwest miami-dade, michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> thank you. some people staying at a south florida homeless shelter are dealing with mold this midday and bed bugs. they say that problem has been going on for months at the chatman partnership downtown miaia shelter. the chatman partnership says they have been tackling the problem for a while including fumigating eve month, replacing beds when they can and screening everybody tighter when they walk in the door. >> the bedbugs are horrible. i got bit left and right. i have marks all over my body. i am in fear mainly for my newborn. >> all right. so obviously there are adults and kids that are staying at the shelter residents have complained about the quality and the safety of the food that is in their rooms. administrators are saying at this point that shelter has passed all health inspections. republicans are holding what
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to get rid of president obama's affordable care act. after many failed attempts a bill is heading to the president's desk to repeal his signature health care law. the house passed legislation that would dismantle obama care and cut funding to planned parenthood. the vote along party lines. this is the first time such a measure would make it to the president's desk. it's all for show. president obama will, obviously, veto the bill that would dismantle his signature law we've been watching this closely all morning long, live look at the big board on the new york stock exchange. as of ten minutes past the top of the 11:00 hour on this thursday, nbc 6 watching for falling stocks after overseas markets plummeted overnight. you can tell the dow is down 148 points , indeed, it is down but not nearly as bad as we thought it was going to be at this time this morning. the chinese stock market took a huge hit once again leading to the second stop in trading all together this week. china's primary bank reduced the
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prompting investors to sell and it happened quickly, things plummeted markets plunged all over the globe and british pound hit the lowest level since 2010. still ahead a chilly end to a missing person'scase. a pregnant woman is found dead and buried in a basement in her home. just as disturbing the man behind it. chaos in the classroom. take a look at this. why this video prompted the arrest of a special need's teachers aide. >> a child nearly dies after swallowing something many of you have in your home. we woke up to dense fog across some areas. we were rain free but taking a look outside of our first alert cam. things looking nice out there. the question is how long will
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just want to get you updated on breaking news happening right now. ft. lauderdale, these are pictures from chopper 6. live pictures from chopper 6. this is a car ended up inside an antique store. again, in ft. lauderdale. this is in the 1500 block of northeast fourth avenue. >> we understand that it hit a wall in the antique store but we understand that no up with was in the store but the two people who were hurt have minor injuries and in the car. we're just trying to figure out how all of this happened. two people hurt with minor injuries. a bronx community is shaken trying to understand why a father would kill his pregnant daughter. police say the man hit his dauauter in the head and choked
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a family friend says the father snd daughter had a rocky relationship with frequent arguments about money. police believe he killed his daughter during an argument after she learned that he had taken out a second mortgage on their home. >> can't believe this. how could a fall kill his own child? it doesn't make any sense. >> i believe they said her name was going to be paige. >> absolutely unfathomable. friends believe the alleged killer didn't know he was going to be a grandfather when he killed his daughter. new video for you this midday showing a california teacher's aide reportedly abusing a special needs student. difficult to watch, quite clearly for a lot of reasons.s. this video appears to show a woman smacking a 9-year-old boy in the face while two other people were holding that child down. what's worse, this might not be the first time that something like this has happened at this bay area school and an attorney at our sister station out of san francisco, nbc there says there have been complaints about this
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possible abuse against these special needs students. the teacher's aide you're looking at was suspended from the school and that teacher's aide is facing charges. stay with me on this story. a bizarre set of incidents ends with an oregon mom in jail for a dui and child neglect. here's what police say. a woman's was drunk when she called police and said someone had stolen her suv with her 4 week old baby and her dog in the car. an amber alert was written up ready to go when police say they ended up finding the car parked across the street. it turns out the woman crashed her suv earlier that day and then drove to the gas station to buy wine, forget where she left her car with the baby inside. >> she had the keys with her the whole time too and the car was locked. she forget she parked across the street. >> her blood alcohol content was three times the legal lit. police say the baby is okay and now with his father. all right.
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regarding a very young child. a 1-year-old baby in houston is out of intensive care. that's a good thing. apparently what happened is the baby swallowed magnet balls and these magnetic balls nearly killed her. >> her mother has a warning about the potentially dangerous toys. take a look. >> when it happened. >> reporter: she warns parents of magnets like this she had in her home and took her toddler to the edge of death. they are so popular, youtube tutorials on how to shape them. >> a circle, square, we play with them. but, you know, we kept them out of reach. >> reporter: ava almost 2 years old. her mom says she's not the type to chew on strange objects so swallowing something was not their first suspicion when she was cramping in pain. >> they did the ct scan and saw nine little m mnets across her stomach just coming up. they didn't know they were magnets but whenever i saw them in there i recognized them. >> reporter: ava underwent
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the consumer products safety commission warns the severe dangers with these balls made of a metal that can perforate intestines like ava's. >> in the body they connect and whatever is between them gets connected they start to bury themselves into the intestines. >> reporter: her health makes dramatic ups and downs because of infection from the magnets cutting her insides although small sign of progress give them hope. >> she's off of her breathing tube. she had just basically one of the krs exdoctors explained she's really sick. >> and though ava is out of the icu after two weeks, she is still heavily medicated and not very alert. >> now, first alert weather with meteorologist erika delgado, south florida's most accurate forecast. >> all right. south florida, thursday morning, things have been nice for us. we've been rain free so far. our live first alert doppler
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from west palm beach into miami-dade. a few showers over the atlantic waters we have continued to keep an eye on, but nothing we need to worry about. we'll take a zoomed out look and put things into motio for you. dealing with a north/northwest wind. any shower activity over the atlantic will continue to push to the south and east as the day goes on leaving dry conditions for us alls the way down into the keys. taking a look outside of our first alert cam this is inft. lauderdale outside of our nova southeastern cam. still see clouds offshore but everything else beginning to clear out now. seeing some brighter skies out there that will be the trend for the majority of the afternoon. taking a look at headlines, the rain clouds we saw yesterday morning, that' long gone. major changes we're already beginning to see the difference outside and the gradual warmup we've been talking about continues to be under way for us here and as of the weekend into the upcocong work week a series of fronts that will start this weekend bringing some changes into our forecast. right now, temperatures are finally starting to warm up now that we are seeing brighter skies out there. mid to upper 60s across the
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69 in miami, 67 kendall and 66 in ft. lauderdale and into the pembroke pines area. first alert forecast for the rest of your afternoon, temperatures in the upper 70s, rip currents will still be a threat for this afternoon and once that sun does set at 5:46 we're expecting mostly clear skies turning ptly cloudy as the night goes on with temperatures comfortably in the lower 70s. the setup, low pressure over the atlantic waters that counterclockwise circulation dragging in moisture that's what we saw patches of clouds near the coastal areas. things are looking good so far. brighter afternoon, rain free thursday looking like a nice end to our work week. we also have dry air still in place. there's that low pressure system you see that clockwise counterclockwise circulation there that continues to push further near the atlantic waters. things looking good. moisture, though, just to the west of us that will creep into@ our area the next 24 to 48 hours. so taking a look hour by hour, here what's we can expect. the clouds remain offshore. things looking good as you head out to lunch. kids get out of scol we will
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will be under mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the upper 70s. what to take away, we will be rain free as you head home from work this evening and that's going to take us into the later evening hours. things looking nice for us on whis thursday. a look ahead at the next few days into your weekend, i mentioned the gradual warmup. we will be in the 80s. cloudy tomorrow, possibly late evening showers friday into saturday, possibility of a chance of a thunderstorm or two for your weekend ahead of a cold front that will leave us the first cool down monday and a secondary front will leave us another cool down wednesday. temperatures back closer to average in the mid to low 70s. >> thanks a lot. some advice as you get ready to eat ur lunch. nutrition guidelines come out every couple years and new numbers suggest that for the first time they're encourang you to eat less sugar. far less. newietary guidelines suggest people should limit their intake of added sugar to no more than 10% of daily calories and cut back on salt and saturated fat. what you can increase is your
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whole grains, plus forms of protein like nuts seds and seafood. hackers might have gotten their hands on sensitive information and we're talking about the information of hundreds of thousands of time warner cable customers. 320,000 people is what we're talking about here might have had their e-mail passwords stolen through time warner. the company says it has not yet determined how the information was obtained and there was no indication at least on their part at time warner that their cable system was being breached. the company has said it is senng e-mails also direct mailings as well to encourage all customers to obviously check your credit reports and make sure nothing is crazy there and update your e-mail passwords as a precaution. all right. janet jackson if you didn't know it rumors floating around and now janet has taken to social media to tell everybody they aren't true. >> roxanne vargas, i have been seeing this on social media, going everywhere. that's why she's finally
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jackson fans are excited about that because we've been worried, speculation started swirling last month when she postponed tour dates for health reasons. one of the rumors that would not go away she was battling throat cancer. she did turn to twitter which reads believe it when you hear it from my lips the rumors are untrue. i do not have cancer. i'm recovering. my doctors have approved my concerts as they are scheduled in europe and as i promised the postponed shows will be rescheduled. jackson expected to resume her tour in march. she will be in miami in september. so keep your tickets for that folks. coming up at 11:30, i'm going to try to say this without tearing up, jennifer low pez, waiting for tonight the premier of her show "shades of blue" will join me live on "6 in the mix." you will hear from her and her costar ray liotta premiering tonight on nbc. more star power on "6 in the mix." the world premier for ride along
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i was there with the stars on
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them at 11:30 on "6 in the mix."ap_ the jack pot will roll over to an estimated $675 million. the largest of any lottery prize ever in u.s. history. the winning numbers looking like this. they were drawn last night 2,
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with a multiplier of 3. >> fun fact, a florida woman from zephyrhills won the previous all-time biggest jackpot. power ball ticket worth more than $590 million.
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