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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  January 8, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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even as far west as miami lakes area, definitely going to see showers on the ryeise as the morning goes on. you can see what else is on the way from out towards the west. there are showers moving from the gulf of mexico toward us here. that will be the trend for the remainder of our friday. right now, we're waking up to temperatures 65 in ft. lauderdale, 67 in miami. partly cloudy skies. we will continue to see the cloud cover on the accuracy, but take a look at this moisture over the gulf of mexico. this is the head of a system that will bring me in the changes. so for the next few hours, increasing showers. let's take a look at your traffic now. >> happy friday, south florida. right now we are free on our major roadways.
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flashing lights, that's one of your lanes blocked off. southbound express lanes are open. about a 12-minute ride to the airport expressway. no major issues on the northbound side. the express lanes should be opening up within the next 15 minutes. to our first alert traff maps and show you what else is going on besides construction. northwest 103rd street, stick to your right-hand.. two left lanes are completely blocked off. don't forget to pack that rain gear, as well. the ramp to and from northwest 17th avenue. those ramps are shut down. you'll find one lane blocked in each direction. and we did have a dumpmy accident that happened overnight some michael will bring you all the news. investigators are on the scene of a fiery crack in the brick crash in the brickel area.
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michael is there for us gathering new information since earlyhis morning. in the last half hour, you told us speed most likely a big factor in this. >> that's what investigators are saying. speed definitely a factor here. as far as the update at 5:00, investigatatrs removed the lex why you that crashed, caught fire, killing the driver inside. the driver was taken away from the scene here. you can see it's still active. i want to show you what it looks like even 30 minutes ago. have a look at video from early this morning. that led to completely over one of the cars there. investigators say just before 1:00 a.m., the driver of the lex why you was heading north on southwest third avenue when it lost control, slammed into several parks cars at this apartment building. investigators say speed is a into flames killing the driver who was behind the wheel. no other people were in the car. no other pedestrians walking by. so there are no other injuries in this accident. right now, what investigators
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what caused this person lose control. obviously, i know speed is a factor, according to officials. but they will look at other factors, whether or not alcohol or any of those factors were involved. so right now, still many unanswered questions as far as who this person is, we're told by investigators, that will be extremely difficult to pinpoint who they are because of the condition of the body and the fire. but we did get a chance to speak with some people earlier about the crash. many peopleleere woken out of their sleep by just the impact. have a listen to what one man told us earlier this morning. >> laying in bed and i heard a cargo by. and i just heard a boom, but i didn't hear any sweeling or brakes or anything like that. i saw a car sitting on top of another car burning. threefour cars, that's all we could see. >> again, investigators have
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crashed here been we just saw a couple of minutes ago another tow truck pulled up. it does appear police are begin to go clear the intersection. stick with us. we'll have another update ahead for you in the next 30 minus. >> be the first to know about breaking news happening right here in your neighborhood. we were first with details on this deadly crash on social media. follow us and have a refreshed nnz 6. we are taking a look at the dill tails of a 15-year-old accused of gunning down a rabbi. this is deandre charles in an investigation room. he does say that some people he knows might have been involved in the murder. again, he says he didn't have anything to do with it. raskin was shot and killed while
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botched robbery attempt. charles was only 14 years old when that happened. >> i was not there. i don't know what the hell he's talking about. i don't have no clue. >> so nbc 6 took a look at hundreds of pages of evidence taken in this case and taken into consideration. the recording show police looked at cell phone records which show charles was at the murder seen when raskin was killed. early in this week, gun violence was top of mind. moms and dads who lost a child to a shooting got together with community leaders. they met at a church demanding change in gun laws and more aggressive investigations to stop al of this. just last week, a 7-year-old was shot and killed.
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shot and he is still in the hospital. an elderly woman and h h dogs were attacked. as nbc 6 reported, sadly, her pet does not survive. >> her wounds are deep, both physical and emotional. 83-year-old ada rohaas was out on her daily morning walk with her chihuahua yesterday when the unthinkable happens. two unleashed american bulldogs explained what happened. they watchcd gucci and basically devoured him. she tried to pull the dog away and wound up with a hundred stitches in her harm arms. >> the might mayor didn't end there been as her husband, miguel, carried the dog's body back home, he collapsed. >> my father suffered a heart attack.
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he was a family member. >> miami dade surfaces now has both dogs as part of their investigation. they say the black demale who has the adegreesers in the attack. >> don't let them loose. don't allow this to happen to any other family. because this could happen to your family. it could have been a child. >> if not for a quick thinking driver who stopped her pulled her mother into the car, things could have been worse. >> i don't know who she is. i don't know her name. may god bless her. thank you so much from the you saved my mother. >> the female bulldog will be held in quarantine for ten days. but animal services tells me she will likely be deemed dangerous and put down. as for the rojas family, as they try to recover mentally and physically, they will start a a new search for a new puppy to
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reporting in miami, marissa bag, nbc 6 news. name dade leaders are talking about aerry terminal in port miami. nbc 6 caught up with the miami dade mayor who spoke about the lucrative ferry deals. he's aware of several companies interested in starting services, but it's up to the federal government not the county to approve their routes. the mayor believes cruise lines will ship to cuba. sll ahead for you, the winning republican candidate to
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and it's so odd how it was done. >> i'm not going to argue with him. muss, a state trooper helps a pregnant woman give birth on the side of the road. you can expect temperatures th morning to be in the mid 50s t at the bus stop. plus, the latest on breaking news. one person dead following an early morning high speed crash in miami. our team cover aemg with live and pictures and we're on social
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michael spears telling us the nbc 6 this morning keeping an eye on the stock market. china's markets are looking better this morning. the country's primary bank raised the worth of its money for the first time this year. china's currency dropped to its lowest level yesterday. oh, no, that's my 401(k), right, oser to home. in premarket trade, the dow is up this morning 184 points. in decision 2016, we are less than a month away from the first presidential caucus. donald trump gave out 20,000 tickets to a venue in vermont that old held 1400 people. nbc news correspondent edward lawrence is checking off from our nation's capital. >> after going on offense
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democratic rivals, donald trump went on defense against some protesters at a vermont rally. >> get them out of here. get them out. come on, security move faster. >> playing to the crowd just steps away from senator bernie sanders campaign headquarters, the republican front-runner says he will lve to run against sanders who trails hillary clinton on the democratic side. >> that would be a dream come true. but actually, i must say, i have my mind set on hillary. >> former president bill clinton on the campaign trail for his wife refused to engage trump making an issue of his past transgressions. >> i'm not interested in getting involved in their politics. . >> i disagree with the republican front-runner, mr. trump. you see, i think america is great.
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questioning the eligibility of his closest competitor for president. it t no surprise, everybody knows that john mccain is going to endorse marco rubio. >> the first test who survives the attack, accusations and heckling will be february 1st. the iowa caucus will be first and new hampshire primary eight dates later. if other republican candidates drop out, their supporters will be highly sought after. in washington, edward lalaence, nbc news. so this is a fun story. the iowa caucus, less than a month away. but a different type of caucus piked a winning candidate this in da moip. pulled from the world's toughest rodeo made their predictions in a not so sanitary way. they were guided to picturr of the candidates and asked to two. >> number two, okay. >> there you go. on the republin side, donald trump was the lucky winner, if you can say youere getting
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there was no democratic victor because the bull in charge, he just wasn't ready to go. >> when you've got to go, you've got to go. when you don't have to go, you don't have to go. i'm not going to mess with that bull people going to believe him. good news to bring you, manatees are on the move from endangered to threatened and that is a good thing. the u.s. fish and wildlife population is saying the man na tee population has recovered enough that the species no longer meets the definition of endanger endangered. the population has grown from several hundred to now more than 6,000. it is 5:15. we are seeing showers reach some of our areas. grab the umbrella as you head out the door this morning. we will be dealing with showers again in the forecast today and
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linger into this upcocong wewekend. let's jump right in to get you out t door. showers approaching areas west and southwest. very close to i-75. no downpours at this time, but we are expecting this to increase as the morning goes on. zooming out and putting things into motion, plenty of shower activity over the gulf of mexico. creeping towards the east as the morning goes on. that should affects later this morning. you'll want to have that rain gear with you at all times. 63 in kendall and pembroke pines. ft. lauderdale, temperatures close to 65 degrees this morning. i mentioned the cloud cover over the gulf of mexico. you're seeing it behind me moving from west to east, increasing as the day goes on. we will keep it cloudy for most of the day and showers will remain in the recast all day long. we will leave them in therf. keep that in mind.
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80s. taking a look at your weekend, warm. tomorrow, temperatures back into the mid to low 80s. warm and, as well, cold front leaving breezy showers come sunday into monday. so here is the setup. that is helping trigger these showers and also tomorrow, not only with the front ahead of the front over south florida, but with that southwest wind, temperatur will continue to warm up and that will help increase the chances of showers saturday. rip current risks along atlantic beaches, that will be your main threat for today. as well. temperatures in the 80s cool down into tuesday. let's take a look at your roads now with kelly. >> good morning, erica.
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south florida, taking a look at your dri here, things are going very nice in miami dade. no accidents reported on our major roadways. this is where we have construction going on on the northbound lanes and you can see crews have left the area. no issues northbound as you're making your way towards the golden glazed. those express lanes have opened up. you're looking at about a 12-minute commute from the golden glazed@to the expressway. over on our map, the construction alerts still going on at this time. i-735 northbound, three lanes completely blocked off. a-36 drivers on that ramp to and from northwest, 17th after is shut down for about another 10 to 15 minutes. o left lanes blocked off. stick to your right hand side. there's a look at broward county, your northbound and southbound lanes at griffin road. this story has been shared so many times, and it is one of
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nbc 6 facebook page. sfu students returning from winter break go back to school and find their belongings covered in mold. this morning, a south florida mother says it's the reason her daughter has been so sick. she claims the conditions have forced her daughter to move three times in one semester. even sleeping in hotels during finals. but fsu says the school's safety department followed up on the mold and deemed the situation safe. it is not enough for the family who says they're now paying for an off campus partment. two new jersey state troopers took on a new role, something that they were sort of prepared for, i guess. they helped deliver a baby on the side of the highway and it was caught on camera. take a look at a piece of this. >> one, two, three, push! >> oh, my. wow. >> onon two, three, push, right? happening in the back seat. the woman and her husband were
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baby, this little girl, decided i'm not waiting. i'm coming into the world right now. so the couple pulled over. that's when the trooper found mom already in labor in the back seat. that newborn baby girl and her mom were taken by ambulance to the hospital and they are both doingngreat this morning. >> a neat story since it turned out so where he will. 5:20. sympathy fellas, if you're looking to impress that special someone, there's only one thing you're going to need. >> what is it? >> a four-legged friend. also, the golden globes are just days away.
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studded night and the cheeky welcome back, everybody. social media all over the place this morning. the panthers now hold the longest winning streak in nhl so far this season. in fact, it is the longest winning streak in franchise history. we're talking about 11 games in a row here. definitely, it was on. eight seconds later, it happened again.
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panthers win there's moving... and there's moving with move free ultra. it has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones. and unlike the big osteo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. now at 5:30, a driver loses control and crashes into a parked car in miami.
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we are live with this breaking development. also, police are on the hunt for the man who stole a car with a child still in the back seat. two students go toe tooe with one of their mothers. what she wants done to the girl who allegedly stabbed her son. live, nbc 6 south florida today starts now. >> and good morning to you, everybody. time right now, 5:29. >> it is friday, january 8th. we are wake up to clear skies. yesterday we kept saying no rain, no rain, leave y yur umbrellas at home. now, different story. >> it is friday and, of course, we are headed into the weekend. let's take a look at that recast. >> you're absolutely right. yesterday was a beautiful day in south florida. we dried out. clear skies ouside. but today, a different story. we're beginning to see an incrse in cloud cover as the morning goes on. right now, we are dealing with a
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