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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 530am  NBC  January 8, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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with sunrise down into the jaydy area. everyone moving to the east. plenty of shower activity over the gulf of mexico. that will continue to move towards us ahead of a system that is expected to bring us some major changes for this weekend. right now, we're waking up with temperatures around 67 degrees in miami, 65 in f f lauderdale. very light and variable wind right now. but that should be shifting more from the south as the day goes on. take a look at all this moisture basically encompassing much of our sunshine state. this will be the trend for today into tomorrow, unfortunately. increasing rain temperatures and temperatures will remain in the 70s by noon time. we're still following that 12 inch water main break that happened yesterday arch. i'll give you an update on that. but for right now, taking a look at your drive. i-95 looking clear here just sought of the area of the golden glazed interchange. no change on the dolphin, the
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let's take you over to our map. so northeast 71st street between northeast fourth quarter and northeast fifth avenue is still completely shut down because of the west main break. this is an area you're going to want to avoid at least until this arch. but, again, northeast 71st street between northeast fourth court and northeast fifth avenue still completely blocked off. we have construction on the i-36 westbounds as you're approaching northeast 17th avenue, you'll find those three right lanes blocked off. traffic i imoving up to speed. you don't need an alternative. no need to worry about this. this should be clearing up before you make your way out the door. have a good day. nbc 6 following breaking news out of miami on this friday morning. police are investigating a deadly accident. take a look at these pictures here. nbc 6, the fir to tell you about it early this morning on social media.
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posting pictures and information since this story broke. speed must have been a factor in this crash leaving severa vehicles torched, to say the least. michael spears, you have been morning. the way that these vehicles were contorted and burned gives you a this crash. >> yes. in fact, we just saw a video from poce a few moments ago. they're not releasing it just crash. it's one of the worst that i have personally seen. miami police tell us they have identified this driver, but at this time, they're not releasing any identities until they notify that person's family. now, behind us here, we're in the southwest third avenue, 15 road. they have since removed the car, but i want to show you some brand new video here at 5:30 of the car. you can see it wedged on top of a car. essentially what happened, around 1:00 a.m., fire rescue
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that was on top there was traveling north on southwest avenue when the driver struck a curb and lost control of the vehicle. we asked about the factors and what exactly caused this car to crash. investigators say preliminarily, they know and believe that speed was a factor. so we talked to wpss out here. we heard from several people who say they were asleep when they heard a big boom that woke them up out of their sleep. they looked out the window and sa a huge fire burning just feet from their home. >> i heard an explosion. i was asleep. had the blackout blinds on. i thought it was lightning. i got up and looked out the window and saw the car on fire there. >> what you're looking at is the lexus being towed away. investigators not officially announcing the name of the driver who was killed. no othr people inside the car. there were people walking by
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several of the cars in the area were damage edd from that fire and the crash. back out here, we spoke to one man who said his car was one of the cars damaged in this terrible accident. he just bought the car two days ago. we'll be out here and work to get new information for you ahead ott 6:00 a.m. live in miami, michael spears, nbo 6 news. >> information coming in so quickly in that story. crews are busy this morning workg to fix a matter water main break in miami. take a live look at the cleanup happening at the intersection of northeast 71st street and northeast fourth court. crews working around the clock, making repairs, making sure that acceptable level. it started with a 12 inch water main break. that miami dade investigators say happened just by natural causes. but it got worse when a truck then got stuck in that hole and then a mechanic shop nearby took a big hit when the water rushed inside their building.
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$80,000. the county will cover the costs on his property. >> we got a messed up office. we got a messed up waiting room. water. and we got diagnostic equipment that got understooded. >> what a nate mayor. crews are expected to be so site until this afternoon. so far, we understand water service has not been fected. this morning, police are looking foror the man who stole a car with a child still in the back seat. we know that little girl is now safe with her mom and dad. but plus twant to find thatat car. >> a black kia optima speeds out of a coral springs gas station. police say a 6-year-old girl was inside the stolen car. seconds later, you see the girl's stepfather runnng after the vehicle.
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of te vehicle. ultimately, he was unsuccessful d the vehicle continued northbound on wodside drive. >> also caught on camera, the moments leading up to the theft. the man is wearing a blue shirt and what looks like a red cap. he walks towards the back of the car, ducks down and makes his way to the driver's seat. >> the car wasn't running, but he let me tell the remote key fob. >> nearly three miles away, someone jogging spotted the 6-year-old girl crying on the side of the road the. >> when the child was being taken out of the car or was getting out of the car. the suspect actually, when he stopped, turned to the child and said something about, you know, get out of the car. >> the girl was found safe, but the man is still on the road. the terrifying moments all unfolded at the sunoco gas sample. >> look, you knono take the extra minute. it's just like we tell people abobo locking the vehicles on the car.
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key in there, something like this unfortunately can happen. police are still looking for that stolen vehicle. again, it's a 2012 black kia optima, license plate cgg-v 13. again, cqq-v 13. if you'd like to remain anonymous, call broward county crime stop stoppers. reporting in coral springs, laurel rodriguez, nbc news. time is 5:37. this morning, we're getting our first look at what turned out to be a bloody bus stop brawl between high school students. you're seeing. it captured the whole thing as it was happening. police say a 16-year-old girl stabbed her high school classmate twice as they were getting off the bus. you can see in that highlighted area, that was a knife sticking out of that boy's knife during
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the victim's mom did not want to show herself, but says her son is in stable condition and i recovering at the hospital. >> she took that knife to school. when she got off the bus, that's when she used that knife. >> fortunately we had a lot of witnesses that did remain on the scene. >> so a judge ordered that teenage girl wili be on house arrest for a while. but she will be able to go to school. the victim's mom says her son was involved this that fight because he was defend ago friend. he did it all under a minute. deputies are looking for a man who robbed a south florida restaurant. video rolls as the thief arm with a gun and just demands money. he yanks a draw out of the register and off he goes. so on wednesday, we reported to you that nobody ended up
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and so everybody was disappointed. but now, everybody is getting amped up again. hopes are high once again this morning because no one hit all those numbers. but now it's going to happen again over the weekend. is it $7 million now? >> i think that's right. yesterday we kept saying there were two people who won $1 million. onef them waking up here in south florida. somebody from this ft. lauderdale 24 hour quick stop located on 19th street got a $1 million ticket. the manager says that lucky winner hasn't come by to cash it in yet. is he hiding? does he not know? where is that ticket? because nobody hit the jackpot on wednesday night, the powerball prize is up to $700 million. make sure to go out and buy your ticket soon as the next drawing is tomorrow. i just want to add, i just put
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do you go forit again or are you just watching? >> are you in? do you know? >> let me know. >> still a whole lot more ahead for you today. michael spears is on the road gathering more information. our south florida showers are expected to increase as the morning goes on. dealing with the new showers across western portions of broward county. so keep in mind that you need the umbrellas asp you head out the door this morning. roads will be on the wet side as you head home from work. how are the roads, kelly? >> right now, looking good, especially on the turnpike. on the palmetto expressway, making your way northbound, traffic moving along at 61 miles per hour. only a 4 minute ride to the
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but has construction cleared welcome back, evybody. breaking for you overnight, a philadelphia police officer was shot in a leg a shoot-out. it happened about 11:45 in west philly. a suspect apparently walked up to the officer who was sitting in his police cruiser alone and opened fire on that officer. that officer did return fire hitting the suspect and was later taken to the hospital. he is expected to make a full recovery. i'm talking about the police officer. as for the suspect, there is no word on his condition or a motive minority shooting. the latest on the affluenza teen. he will see a judge later this morning. on this story for the past two
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texas jail since thursday. authorities bloef she helped him ned to mexico. she is being charged with hinerring the apprehension of a suspect. wednesday, charging him with perjury, they say he lied about what led up to a confrontation with sandra bland following a traffic stop last year. encina was later released on a $12 bond. a convicted serial killer is now dead. he is the first florida inmate to be executed in 2016. oscar ray bolen died hft night. bowlen had a last meal. why this is so interesting, i'm not quite sure.
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last meal was rib eye steak, baked potato, he was convicked of kididpping, stabbing and blejonning three women from the tampa bay area in 20306. a massive bill to protect florida's springwaterways and groundwater seems to be heading towards the go ahead light. west palm beach congressman mark pafford is one of the backers of the bill. >> first alert weather, meteorologist erica gelgado, south florida's most accurate forecast. 3:45 on this friday morning. we are dealing with plenty of shower activity headingowards the east as the mornings goes on and into the afternoon hours. just right in so we can get you
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we saw a few showers over. so if you are he down towards marathon, keep in mind joe seas highway may be on the wet side. plenty of moisture over the gulf of mexico moving from west to east. so definitely want to have those abilities as you head out the morning this morning. 63 in kendall. the winter basically light and variable across much of south florida. we're already seeing a south wind in the keys. everywhere else, winds are from the east, from the north, light and variable. much warmer across portions of the keys. so increasing showers in the morning goes on. temperatures increasing into the
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we are expecting a high risk of a current along the atlantic beaches. so increasing clouds down to the keys for now, low 80s. pick a gunda out. there is another cycle that continues to push through the east. were expecting good rain chances and a thunderstorm or two into tomorrow and the latter part of your weekend. so rip currents will be a threat. rain chances as it continues to increase as your friday goes on. taking a look ahead at the weekend, temperatures warm in the weekend. 83 degrees, that will be your cool down for monday. we are expecting another front to cool us down come wednesday. let's take a look at the roads with kelly. florida. thank you for joining us. right now, we have an accident
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now, this is our first alert camera south of holendale beach boulevard. traffic is movin along just fine, but it doesn't mean the accident is not there. right now, fcb says the water main has been down. you can see here the water department crews are still on-site making repairs to the 12 inch water main that broke. so you want to avoid this area, at least until this afternoon. of course, we'll be keeping you posted onair and online as soon as that area opens up. if crew ss crews are working overnight to make sure things
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we have an accident michael has been telling us about. >> all ght, kelly, thank you so much. ten minutes to the top of the hour now. later today, we expect to get some new numbers when it comes to jobs, anyway. and this has a lot to do with the economy overall. how well did we fare for the month of december? economists predict the figures will show between 200 and 215,000 jobs were added last month. experts say that's about the same number of jobs added in november. the unemployment rate is expected to remain around about 5%. some believe it's expecting na number to go lower. new development in the fifa scandal was booked looks into a huge investigation going on in
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abroad, europe, south america, allegations include bribes and kickbacks ought for marketing and television rights to tournaments and matches. a man and woman arrested and charmged after using duct tape and a stun gun to teach a little girl a hesitaton. the same day steven sanchez used the little girl's buttocks on top of her clothing. the victim and bnss say he was used scare tactic to get several children to clean up the home. both adults were charged with child abuse and failure to
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coming up, a warning for kwoib, everybody. two people are facing animal cruelty felony charges this morning after a porched declawing operation. this is what happened. this woman says she couldn't afford a veterinarian. so she took the cat named toby toanother man. veterinarians say that is a bad idea because declawing a cat is not a simple process. and if it's not done right, the
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infection quickly and have permanent nerve damage as a result. that's exactly what happened to toby in this case. >> declawing is not illegal in the state of florida as long as it is done by a licensed veterinarian in the state of florida. >> so police say toby ended up with several weeks of a pretty bad infection. as it set in, he eventually died because of that infection. they both face felony animal abuse charges for not taking toby to a veterinarian. in palm beach, an angry mom wanted to teach her son's teacher a sson. school district police arrested shakira greenafter she attacked her son's 57-year-old teacher inside a classroom. the arrest report says green burst into the second grade teacher's classroom and started hitting her on the head until the teacher blacked out. school officials say the teacher has not returned to school.
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the classroom at the time, we understand. a major day care dispute in ft. myers, is forcing one familyt% to continue their search for a place to send their kid. the married couple wants to enroll their kids into a church run preschool. but they're being denied because they're a gay couple. they say they want to instill krish christian values in their children. ut the faster and staff say they have the right to refuse any sdent based on their belief system. the couple says what bothers them the most iss their kids are being denied an opportunity because of the church's view of their life sometime. they have already started searching for other preschools. time now, 5:56. we continue to 23089 breaking news out of miami this morning. a fiery car crash kills one person and nbc 6 has learned that speed may have been a factor. we're going to check in with michael spears in just a minute.
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us. also for you this morning. two dogs. a lot more on that story, coming up. south florida, we are dealing with increasing clouds and rain chances will continue to go up as the day goes on. temperatures right now are i the mid to upper 60s. as i mentioned, good news, we are increasing. >> stay with us using our nbc 6
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