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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  January 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it is 6:00 right now. back to that break can news out of miami, a car loses control and the result is a deadly accident that left behind a burned and mangled mess. take a look at some of that video here. >> michael spears has been talking with fire crews at the ssne since 4:30 this morning. he'll have the latest information, video in the a live report in just about 90 seconds. thanks for joining us this morning. >> it is friday, january the 8th. as i mentioned, 6:00 right on the nodesse. let's get a closer look at that friday. we're now into the weekend, erica. very nice. we have to get through friday first, and unfortunately it won't be a dry one. our live doppler is active over the gulf coast. you'll notice the showers that
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right now moving from west to east as the morning goes on. so increasing rain chances, increasing cloud cover. that will be the trend as the morning goes on. heading down to the keys, we're dealing with a few showers around marathon. keep in mind riding along overseas highway leading to wet roads so far. cloud cover encompassing the num ahead of a system that will bring changes this upcoming weekend opinion temperatures in the 50s across northern florida. in the upper 60s for us here closer to home. miami right now, 68. 66 in kendall. the forecast calling for increasing clouds. keep the umbrellas close because you will need them today. we want to talk to you about that water main break that happened yesterday. live pictures here of crews here that are still cleaning up e area. right now, we have the area of 71st street and northeast fourth court. that's the area that's still completely blocked off. as you can see, the miami dade
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are still on-site working very hard here overnight to make sure that clears up. this an area that a lot of folks take to get to the boulevard. unfortunately, you're not going to be ableo drive around this area until it clears up. we'll keep you posted on air, online and let you know exactly when it hopes up. over to our map again, northeast 71st street is between northeast fifth court. we have tat deadly accident, michael spears is lye on the scene. no major accidents in broward county or miami dade as far as our major roadways are concerned. >> and we're going to go back to that breaking news out of miami. that deadly crash in the brickel area. our team headed up by nbc 6
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he's been posting videos and pictures all morning long. the scene behind michael has been very active, still very active all these hours later. michael, that car, all of this burst into flames in a terrible situation. apparently speed was a factor. >> that's right. investigators already able to pinpoint speed as a factor in this crash that claimed the life of one person. now, behind us here, the driver's car, a lexus, has been towed. but you'll see this car up on the tow truck and several hours. when that car crashed, investigators say it went up in flames and burnedeveral other people immediately after the crash. this is southwest third avenue at 15th road in the brickel area. investigators say around 1:00 a.m., the driver of a lexus was heading north on southwest third
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the person, we don't know if it was a man or a woman, hit a median, lost control and crashed approximately again, officials telling us speed likely a factor in this. and the other circumstances unknown at this time. no other people hurt, but when you talk to neighbors, they tell us many were awakened out of their sleep. >> i just -- couldn't get out because it happened so quick. by the time i made it out there, i was right next to the window. as soon as you walked outside. always i thought was miami police in there. >> polii have told us they are information the driver. a horrible crash this morning. obviously, under investigation and part the of the southwest avenue was closed for a couple hours earlier. t they have since reopened it to allow some of the morning commuters by.
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part of it does remain closed. you might want to take that into consideration as you're heading out for the morning. >> michael, thank you so much. again, we'll talk to you at 6:30 for another update. this morning, we're taking a look at t t interrogation tapes of the 15-year-old accused of gunning down a rabbi. what you're looking at is deandre charles in an interrogation room repeatedly denying that he had anything to do with the rabbi's death back in 2014. but he says some people he knows must have been the murder erer. charles was only 14 years old when all this went down. >> i -- i don't know. i was not will.
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not there. i don't know what the hell he's talking about. nbc 6 took a look at hundreds of recordings. police looked at cell phone records that show charles was at the murder scene when raskin was killed. moms a aded das whose child was killed in a shootng got together with community leaders and they met at a church demanding a change in gun laws. and more the aggressive investigations to stop them. just last week, a 7-year-old boy was shot and killed in a drive by shooting. the next day, a 13-year-old was shot an he's still in the hospital. >> the state of -- this morning,
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us, sadly, her pet did not survive. >> her wounds are deep, both physical and emotional. 83-year-old ada rowhas was out with her chihuahua on thursday when the unthink knowledge happened. two unleashed american bulldogs went on the attack. her daughter explains what happened. >> they rushed gucci and they basically devoured him. she got her left hand and tried to pull the dogs away. she winds up with 100 stitches in her arms. >> devastated by her dog's violent death, robus wanted to get to the dog. >> my father himself has had
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gurchy would not just an attack. he was not just a dog. he was a family member. >> rohas hopes all pet owners will learn from them. >> don't let them loose. don't allow this to happen to any other family. this could happen to your family. it could have been a child. >> in fact, rohass says if not for a quick thinking driver would stopped and pulled her mother into the car,things could have been worse. >> i don't know who she is. i don't know her name. may god pleas her. thank you so much from the bottom of our lives. you saved my mother. >> the female bull do go will be held in quarantine for ten days. but animal services tell me she will likely he be recovered, stel start a new search for a new puppy to love. >> tough situation all the way ound.
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can taing about building a ferry terminal at port miami. now there's speculation as to where those passenger ships would go. he says talk toes add a terminal in the shallow water led to a discussion about travel to cuba. he's aware of several companies interested in starting services to the communist country from port miami. but here is what jiminez makes clear. it's up to the federal government and not the county to approve their routes. the mayor believes cruise lines will start routes to cuba later this year. and ahead, donald trump was met by protesters in trump. two&state troopers go above and beyond the call of duty and
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dash cam video. and breaking news of the of miami, these cars are so contort contorted.
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michael spears is live . welcome back. donald trump gave out 20,000 tickets to a venue in vermont that seats only 1400 people. this is less than a month from the first caucus as all the candidates try to make a splash. nbc 6 edward lawrence is live in washington. good morning, edward. explain to me, 20,000 tickets? >> everything is just picking up. it's heating up right now. new hampshire, iowa and south carolina are all campaign stops today for republican and
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but as of right now, it's campaign, it's politics as usual. after going on offense against his republican and democratic rival, donald trump we on defense against .protesters at a vermont rally. >> get them out of here. get them out. come on, security, move faster. >> playingng to the crowd just steps away from senator bernie sanders' campaign headquarters, the republican front-runner says he would love to run against sanders who trails hillary clinton on the democratic side. >> that would be a dream come true. but, actually, i must say, i have my mind-set on hillary. i do have my mind-set. >> former president bill clinton on the campaign trail for his wife refiesed to for.
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front-runner, mr. trump. you see, i think america isis great. >> trump and senator john mccain questioned the eligibility of his closest competitor for president. >> it is no surprise, everybody knows that john mccain is going to endorse marco rubio. >> the first test for who survives the attacks, accusations and heckling will be february 1st. >> and the iowa caucus is first, february 1. if any of the republican candidates drop out, they'll be sure to let us know. we are okay as far as the rain is concerned.
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increasing from west to east together with the cloud cover that i mentioned earlier. the further inland you go, there's plenty of moisture along the surface. we could see fog developing out there, so give yourself extra time. also, don't forget to grab that rain gear. heading down to the keys, we've been seeing showers nonstop into marathon, moving into the middle keys. so if your morning commute takes you over the highway, you want to give yourself extra time this morning. taking look right right now, down to 66 in contendel. we're seeing winds shifting from the south down to the middle and lower keys. taking a look at your headlines, rain free yesterday. it was a beautiful thursday. but change begin as early as this morning. the gradual warm-up will continue and then this weekend into the upcoming workweek, we'll see a series of fronts that will bring us more changes to our forecast. > taking a look at the bigger picture right now, plenty of moisture from northern florida,
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down into the keys. fortunately, nobody will be saved her. showers seeming in the forecast highs ll be intoob lower 80s. today we'll be a littlee warmer than we were yesterday. tomorrow will be the warmest day in the next few days. why? a chance of horms that will leave us some bowzy showers the over the weekend. i mentioned the threat of a thunderstorm or two for your saturday. rain also one of the main threats for your friday. taking a look ahead past the weekend, we'll see a cooldown
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front will cool us down, again, for the joup coming for thupcoming workweek. thank you so much for joining us. taking a look at you're drive, we have that water main break that has northeast 71st street shut down between northeast fourth court and northeast fifth avenue. this yaert won't reopen until this afternoon. traffic is still being rerouted as crews work the sce. drive carefully around the area of westin,but no roads have been blocked because of fog. i-75 drivers, making your way southbound, you have an eight minute ride ahead of you. nine-minute commute. so we are accident free and our major roadways in miami, dade and broward county. but we have one deadly accident
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michael spears will be telling about it at this morning. >> fsu students returning from their winter break to find their belongings covered in mold in their dorm rooms. this morning, a south florida mom says it's the reason her daughter has been so sick. she claims conditions have forced her daughter to move three times in one semester. the you can see how that many be disturbing to a student, right, trying to figure things out academically. but fsu is saying the school's safety department followed up on the mold issue and deemed the situation was, indeed, safe. two new jersey state troopers took on a new role. they helped deliver a baby on the side of a highway and it was all caught on camera. >> there you go. one, two, three, pus >> the woman and her husband was
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decided it's time to sound mom is all right in the back. time now is 6:20 and good news for the man na t t population. why they're being taken off the endangered species list. a look at the roads affected by the water main break and how long the problem may last. and the brickel area, the
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burst boot welcome back, everybody. manatees are on tt move, but
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to the threatened list, which is a move up. the man noo tee population has recovered enough that the species no longer meets the definition of endangered. here in orida, the population has groan from several hundred back in the 60s to now more than 6,000. turns out even playing in a different country can't cool down the cavs. social media blowing up, the panthers now hold the longest winning streak in the nhl this season. in fact, it's the longes in the franchise history. the panthers didn't get teir first shot of the game until 12 minutes in, but then it was on. just eight seconds later, another goal. the panthers win, 3-2. next up is the edmonton oilers, also a canadian team. if it's past your bedtime, you might want to steer clear of the refrigerator.
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bad for your waistline. but now a new study from ucla is suggesting that late night snacking can reek havoc on your brains. now we have an answer to what is wrong with all of us. researchers say eating midnight meals can negatively impact your ability to store memories. >> do you have to go by the same thing when your breakfast is at 2:30 in the morning? >> i'm cancelg all of that out. so the golden globes are kicking off the year of nanay kam kams. >> it was like a saturday night live episode every single day, but nothing was funny. was like live theater. there was a tension to pull off and we had to flop.
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you can watch the rest of the interview. and tune into the "today" show after this news cast. golden globe host ricky gervais will tell us how he feels about returnin as a host. the 71st annual golden globes right here. it is 6:26 on this friday morning. torched cars are what firefighters are coming from after a miami push we will have a livup date right away. and police are on the hunt for a person who stole a car with a young child in the back seat. winds will be picking up in
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the morning hour welcome back. it is our big story of the morning. we've been updating you on air and social media. before 4:00 this morning, a fire crash in miami leaves one person dead this morning and investigators are trying to piece together the driver's last moments. michael spears is live at the scene. you have made et very clear that speed, they believe, is a factor. what else have you learned in the last 30 minutes? >> i've seen video, flames shooting way up into the air. it's one of the worst crashes
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a driver who was apparently at the center of it. several other cars burned behind it. investigators, crews starting to remove some of those cars. i pulled some video of the car earlie after firefighters got the flames out. you see the lexus, they are sitting almost on top of one of the carar hit the wall of the apartment complex, as well. around 1:00 a.m., the driver of the lexus, who has not been identified, lost control and crashed into several parked cars the again, all of it going up in flames. miami police tell us they will release that video at some point. right now, they have identified the driver. they are not releasing the name, but are working to notify that rson's family. we've been here all morning, been talking to people who heard this crash, saw the flames. many people were awakened out of
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>> i heard a boom. i came outside and i just saw the car burning and three, four cars burning up. that's all we could see. >> now you're looking at a live picture from chopper 6 over the scene. this is the brickel area. as far as the crash, investigators, again, saying speeds definitely a facror. but what caused the driver, as far as the other circumstances leading up to the crash, that point is up clear. part of the morning, this was blockedwrauf southwest after. investigators tells us these worked to remove as many of the cars that were burned. so the full story includes videos and more pictures, check out the n 6 news app. be the first to know about eaking news happening in your neighborhood.
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details on this deadly crash on social media. follow us and have our refreshed nbc 6 app on your mobile device. 6:33 now on this friday morning. right now, a fir check on your first alert traffic and weather together. live look from our holiday park been we're expecting wet weather to make its way through the glades. meteorologist erica delgado, what are we talking about? is it coming in the mortgage or after or evening? what's going on? >> we will sea showers increasing in the morning. there are showers outside of the metropolitan areas, so broward county down into miami dade. this is going to affect your mmning commute as you're heading into work unfortunately. this will continue as the day goes on, unfortunately, and that's going to linger into the weekend. right now, we're seeing clouds continue to increase, mostly cloudy skies, ft. lauderdale down to miami. 67 in ft. lauderdale.
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winds shifting out of the southeast, already out of the south for key west as the temperatures are already in the mid 70s there. plenty of cloud cover to go around. not only that, the shower activity across the gulf of mexico across much of our sunshine state. we are expecting temperatures to be in the low states from the late morning. thank you so much for joins us. you can see traffic is heavy already. but the good news is we're accident free in miami dade and broward county on all of our major roadways. nobody, no issues. you might want to take those express lanes. they're moving a little fast every than your local lanes.
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glazed to downtown miami. reporting patchy fog around i-75 and 27. be careful as you make your way through that area. the turnpike starting to see some slow downs. 13 minutes aund the area of southwest 88 street. traffic moving along at 40 miles per hour. >> kelly, thanks a lot. crews are busy this morning work withing to fix a water main break in miami. this mess is at the intersection of northeast 71st street and northeast fourth court. crews working around the clock right now making repairs and making sure that the water presssse remains at acceptable levels. it started with a inch water main break that miami dade investigators say happened by natural causes, but then it got
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the hole. a mechanic shop had water rush right into their store. the owner estimates damage at $60,000 to $80,000. crews are going to be on-site until this afternoon. so try to avoid that area. this morning, we're getting our first look at what turned out to be a very bloody scene at a bus stop. this is cell phone video captured while this whole thing was happens. a 16-year-old girl stabbed her classmate twice as they were getting off the buzz. cops ended up arresting this girl. and the victim's mom,m, that is her right there, did not want to show her face on camera. she says he son is in stable condition and is recovering at the hospital. >> you've got to think about what you're doing when you carry
6:30 am
she took the knife to school. >> fortunately, we had a lot of witnesses that did remain on the scene. >> so this is where we're at as of this morning. a judge ordered that teenage girl held on house arrest. but she will still be able to go to schoo nowhere else. the victim's mother says her son was involved this that fight because he was defending a friend. police are looking for a man this morning that stole a car with a child inside. police want to find the driver and that car. nbc 6 laura rodriguez has a description of the car that they're looking for. >> a black kia optima springs out of a coral springs gas station. a 6-year-old girl was inside the car. seconds later, you can see the girl's stepfather running after the vehicle. >> the vehicle continued northbound on woodside drive. also caught on camera, the moments leading up to the theft. here is a man police are looking for.
6:31 am
what looks like a red cap. he walked toward the back of the car and makes his way to the driver's eat. >> the car wasn't huneding, but he left that remote key fob. when the child was being taken ow of the car, the suspect actually, when he stopped, turned to the child and said something been you know, get out of the car. the girl was found safe, but the man is still on the run. the terrifyingoments unfolded around 7:15 p.m. at the sunoco gas station on the 78 hundred block of sample road. >> take the extra minute. you know, that one second you leave it unlocked or the one second that you have the key in there, something like this, unfortunately, can happen. >> police are still looking for that stolen vehicle.
6:32 am
optima license playing cqq-v13. if you'd like to remain anonymous, you can always call broward county crime stoppers. reporting in coral springs, laura rodrigueznbc news. >> he apparently did all this in under a minute. deputies are looking for a man who robbed a south florida restaurant. it happened inside this kfc restaurant. the thief, armed with a gun, slides over-the-counter. he ends up stuffing a bunch of gar into the junk draw. the. nbc 6 is working on getting you the latest news. a driver is dead after a fiery crash and we're hearing speed played a major role in the accident. michael spears is talking with investigators right now, getting the latest updates.
6:33 am
the six stories you need to know before you head out the door. parents now learning a lesson after their attempts to quote/unquote teach their child don't go unnoticed by south florida. south any, we are expecting the showers po to be on the increase after st morning goes on. >> the roads are dry so far, but how are they looking? >> if you're head ought the door, it's getting busy on the turnpike. about a 13-minute ride. traffic moving along at 45 miles per hour the right now.
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expected to survive after being ambushed in his cruiser. what you're looking at right now is a live look at the hospital where that officer is being treated in philadelphia. he was shot three times. police say the officer was driving interview an intersection when the suspect walked up to his cruiser and opened fire. the officer back hitting the suspect thee times before he was praefted. the officer suffered a broke.arm and hats nerve damage. no word yet on what that suspect is doing and why et happens. there is spec hagz that someone is going to hit the powerball drawing this weekend. the drawing is going to happen tomorrow. >> at last one person in south florida is waking up a little richer has hitting five of the numbers. somebody from this ft. lauderdale quick stop located on
6:38 am
but here is what the manager told us. he said that lucky whipper hasn't come by yet to pick it up because nobody hits this jackpot jkpot. on wednesday night, the powerball prize is now up to see 700 million. make sure to go out and buy your tickets soon as the next drawing is on saturday. 6:45 on this friday. things are okay so far, but we are beginning to see the showers on the increase approaching areas of broward county metropolitan areas along i-75. the view anywhere from sup rise down to pembroke pines, the showers will continue to be on the rise. everything moving from west to east. i want to take a zoomed outlook and put things into motion for you. over the gulf of mexico, everything continues to push
6:39 am
moving at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. these showers will definitely affect your morning today and it's going to linger into the afternoon hours. we'll take a look at temperatures right now. 68 degrees in miami. 67 in ft. lauderdale. 66 in kendall. taking a look at cloud cover, that will continue to increase. unfortunately nowows you head out the door, he will be heading into showers. particularly looking at your forecaster, highs reaching into the 80s. small craft advisory. thanked create some flow. mostly cloudy skies, that's going to stick around, unfortunately. andfor the first part of the
6:40 am
surely approach ses. that will leave but a good chance of thunderstorms tomorrow. highs into the mid 80s. lingering into sunday with that cold front also allowing for some breezy showers for the latter part of your weekend. the bigger picture, system over the gulf of mexico will continue to push towards the east. as it does so, winds will shift more out of the south. the system will be present. the moisture will be there, as well. along with warm temperatures that wili allow the showers and possibly a thunderstorm or two before. rip currents, one of the main threats today. rain today into the first half of the weekend. taking a look ahead for the next week, we are expecting temperatures to be in the mid 70s. let's take a look at the roads. >> good saturday morning to you, south florida. thanks for joining us on this friday morning. taking a look at your drag in brawl ard county.
6:41 am
v if you're headed westbound towards i-735 or the sawgrass expressed with he, head over to i-the 5 as well as the fifth street. this is your drive here, especially no more issues on our no one lane. >> 595 drivers from u.s. 441 to i-75, a nine-minute commute. i'll have some miami dade drive times in a couple of minutes. in palm beach, an angry mom wanted to teach her son's teacher a lesson. but that only put her in jail. school district police arrested shakira green. the arrest report says green burst into the second grade teacher's classroom at roosevelt elementary school and started hitting her on the side of the head.
6:42 am
school officials say the teacher has not returned to school and we are told no students were in the lamb room. >> a mayor couple wasa couple wanted to send their child to a christian day care. but the church turned them away because they were a gay couple. >> for us to have two men coming every day, we feel like it wouldld adversarye ryary effect the other kids because we're a christian day care. >> all right. so the couple here, again, this is out of ft. myers, says what bothers them the most is their kids are being denied an opportunity because of the
6:43 am
lifestyle lifestyle. thee already started searching for other preschools. yolanda ashley used duct tape to bind a little girl's hands together and over her mouth as nishment. accordingo to the reports, the same day, sanchez is using this tactic to get several children to cline up the house. new this morning, students at a florida high school are paying tribute to a classmate who died after an asthma attack. the students released balloons in honor of the 16-year-old girl who died after a soccer match on wednesday. during the match, the teen asked to be taken off the field because she was asking an a asthma attack. shortly after, she passed out. the girl died at the hospital a
6:44 am
officials say students with asthma are allowed to play sports if they are cleared by a doctor. new developments for you in the fafa closely. . this time, coming at the request of the u.s. justice department, allegations include hureds of millions of dollars in bribees and kickbacks sought for marketing and television rights to those tournaments and matches. later today, we expect to get new numbers when it comes to jobs. how well did we fare in december? economists predict the figure will show between 200 and 215,000 jobs were added last month. they say it's about the same number of jobs added in november. the unemployment rate is expected to remain at 5%. but some experts believe it's possible for that number to lower, which would be the first
6:45 am
a massive bill to product students, spring waterways and groundwater seems to be head to a green light. but environmentalists say the bill has been weakened by loopholes and the influence of industry and agency interest. mark pafford is one of the backers of that bill. >> now, the big six stories you need to know. >> right now, miami police are in the process of opening a busy brickel intersection after an early morning car yash claimed the lives of one person. at is o'clock a.m., a person driving a lex why yo was speeding when they lost control, crashed into several cars, but at this point they do not believe -- is to blame.
6:46 am
police are looking for whoever stole a car with a 6-year-old little girl in the back seat. the suspect jumped into this kia optima and took off. later dropped is little girl off about three miles away. the tag numbers that they're oking for in terms of the vehicle are on our news and weather appear. so check that out. crews are still working to repair a water main break in the area of 71st street and north court in miami. the a mechanic's shop took a big hit when the water started rushing inside their story. an statement dollars $60,000, i'm guessing, is police say ada was out on her daily walk when two unleashed american bulldogs attacked. a convicted serial murderer is now dead.
6:47 am
florida inmate to be executed this year. bowlen was convicted of kidnapping, stabbink and blejonning three yun young women from the tampa area. and in the financial word, china's major stock index is looking better after it emergencied the breaking news this week. the dow closer to home in premarket trading. and be sure to are rec our our stories. ood morning to you, south florida. hope your morning is off to a good start. first, we have one accident going on. let's see i& we can take you over there. flag street westbound on the area of southwest 92nd avenue. keep that in mind as you're making your way out the door. a broken down car was reported
6:48 am
northwest 103rd street. you can see those brake lights. then it gets heavier around the area of northwest 79th street all the way to you get to be northwest 62nd street. let's change sources, take you back over to our maps. turnbacks are going to get busy out there. you have a 16-mile rin ahead of you u. a-26, that will be an eight-minute destroy. a couple of stop and go issues there around the area of 17th avenue. there is that accident at 79th avenue. to your first forecast with erica. so far, things are looking okay. everything moving from west to east. and 35 to 10 miles per hour. so definitely will affect your morning commute.
6:49 am
umbrellas handy as you head out the door this morning. 69 degrees in miami as well as in ft. lauderdale. 67 in the kendall. good morning, pembroke pines. temperatures around 66 degrees. first forecast on this friday, dangerous out there around the atlantic waters. lease be careful out there. winds shutting out of the south-southwest. mostly cloudy skies, that's going to stick around and so will the showers. looking ahead to the weekend, we are expecting a slight chance of thunderstorms come saturday. temperatures in the the mid to low 80s ahead of a cold front that will leave us breezy shares come mound. >> someone i i going to win. i can feel it. >> $7800 million. it was just 675 yesterday. who knows. >> yeah. and, again, that's just an establishment because you know everybody and their brother are going to be going to o he convenience store today and
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