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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  January 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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against trans national organized crime, violence and drug trafficking. it is further evidence of our two country's resolve to ensure justice is served for families who have been plagued by guzman-loera. >> and immediately pursing the extradition in accordance with our treaty with mexico. rubio says not only is he wanted for major crimes here, the u.s. has the capability to bring him to justice. stay wilh nbc 6 on air and on our nbc 6 news app for updates on this major capture. and now on 6, a remorseful robber at large after holding up a pizza joint in deerfield beach. the armed man was as polite as can be but that's no excuse. dan krauth is live from deerfield beach with the story. dan? >> reporter: adam, i just spoke with a 19-year-old worker in the back of this little caeses's
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he told me the robber was so quiet and so polite, he had no idea his co-worker was being held up at gunpoint. watch as the hooded man casually walked into the pizzaria and holds up a handgun. he throws his bag on the counter and asks for cash. police say his words were anything but violent. >> for his part, he was extremely apologetic. he was very polite. please, thank you. i'm so sorry about what i'm doing. >> reporter: while an elderly customer watched, the well-mannered robber askedthe worker to open the safe. she empties the registers, all three of them, into his backpack. >> all of his apologies and politeness are one thing but doesn't change the fact that he put these people in a terrifying situation. >> reporter: before walking out the door, before workers could call 911, he exchanged a few more words with the people he robbed at gunpoint.
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was sorry for having to do this but his kids needed christmas. >> it happened on december 9th. weeks later and long after christmas, detetetives still don't know who the hooded man with the kind words is. he's young, possibly 20 years old and had a gold grill on his teeth at the time. >> this man may have feltad about what he was doing but clearly knew what he was doing was very wrong. >> call broward crime stoppers, 954-493-tips, if you have any information. dan krauth, nbc 6 news. an update on the teen arrested in new york for a shooting here in south nor da that left one person dead. >> you were indicted by a grand
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>> christopher walker, a minor, faces charges of premeditated murder, attempted murder and throwing a deadly missile. the 15-year-old, who fled to new york after the shooting, was extradicted extradited from brooklyn yesterday. arrested for the attempted murder of clayton and in florida city this past october. the three victims were sitting in a car in florida city when walker allegedly shot at them. >> she was a nice young lady wanting to do something for her life. >> reporter: a family say that talabert was a straight a student with a promising future and only 17 years old. the judge gave walker no bond on all othe charges so now he'll stay behind bars until his trial starts. claudia docampo, nbc 6 news. a bill introduced in the name of a west palm beach man
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the corey jones act will withhold money from police departments that allow plain-clothed officers and the officer was not in uniform and was driving an unmarked car. he shot jones after seeing he had a gun. that officer was fired in november. a pair of backpacks led to the evacuation of a former navy center in west palm beach yesterday only contained personal items. the backpacks triggered an evacuation. the person carrying the backpacks was described as being suspicious. good news for drivers heading home from work in miami-dade. the intersection near northeast 71st street is reopened following a massive water main break yesterday. that's where a 12-inch water main broke.
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when a box truck got stuck in the hole where the watat was gushing out. there was no interruption to water service but the wawaer caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage to a nearby mechanic shop. and another teacher in boca raton under investigation tonight. the principal says an investigation is under way but won't specify on the allegatns. the teacher is not allowed on the school's property or allowed to contact students. this case is the second teacher frompalm beach county to be reassigned this week. arrested for sending nude photos of himself to a student, he was a basketball cach at logger's run community middle school. tragedy on the field in central florida. students d peers mourning a high school student who died on the soccerfield. the 16-year-old passed out after an asthma attack and died a few
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>> so upsetting that a child was just playing soccer and lost her life. >> students with asthma can play sports but they have to get an athletic physical and be cleared to play. >> a father near tampa is under investigation after his toddler took a wild ride. jawan strader joins us. >> a pretty amazing story. the 3-year-old took off his diaper and headed for the highway in his power wheels, shocking drivers. >> where was this? >> it was right out here. >> right out on interstate 19. danny collins snapping these photos. shocked at a little boy in a diaper in the median. >> i see this kid out here and kind of going along. >> reporter: the driver with the hands on the wheel and engine running and ready to roll. >> i was shocked. that's why i took the pictures. i was like, nobody is going to believe me.
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believed it. they stopped and got out of their cars. but unlike those good samaritans, collins says the boy, well, he wanted to keep ongoing. >> the kid was kind of like, get off me, and wanted to k kep driving along. >> reporter: but how could this happen? dad showed up ten minutes later saying that the son slipped out of the house when he was in the bathroom. neighbors pointing out the vehicle in question hidden under a blanket. as for collins,, he has two young kids of his own and he's not about to pass judgment. >> all i hope is that the father noticed -- they could be gone in two minutes. >> reporter: the father told witnesses that the toddler climbed on a chair and unlocked the door. more than 200 cuban migrants were repatriated within the last week. since cuba and the u.s. restored
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in the first five days of january, 176 cuban migrants have attempted to reach u.s. shores. the coast guard urges people not to make the illegal and dangerous trip as immigration policies have not changed. bills in tallahassee with weapons could be barred from carrying them at airport terminals. however, guns will still be off limits in sterile areas, which is where passengers board planes. a warning to parents tonight from the attorney general. heroin is now being found in pill form. experts say this could be the next big challenge in the fight against heroin. the problem with the pills is that kids, who are hesitant to needles, may be more inclined to experiment with pills. what's also of concern, some pills are being marked to look like a prescription drug pill and someone could unknowingly take one. so far, there's no indication that the pills have made their
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the governor of maine apologizing, sort of. drug dealers from out of state with names like d-money were i am impregnant nating young girls in maine. >> i might have made many slip-ups. i was going impromptu. if you go to maine, you will see that we're essentially 95% white. >> the remarks in question were made by governor was speaking about the state's heroin epidemic. the spokesman said the lawmaker was not making a statement about race. now in tonight's decision debrief, ted cruz made it clear to voters that he's not a u.s. citizen. he was for the first time directly by a voter asked about his birth and eligibility and cruz responded that his mother's
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made him a u.s. citizen at birth. >> i have never breathed a breath of air on this planet when i was not a u.s. citizen. i've never been naturalized. it was the process of being born that made me a u.s. citizen. >> he also criticized president obama for holding a gun town hall yesterday while federal officials were arrested refugees from iraq, texas and california on terror-related charges. meantime, the clinton campaign was ringing through iowa today. former president bill clinton was speaking about his wife, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton when his phone rang. >> there are other issues that keep americans up at night. and -- my phone's ringing. i'll have to call hillary back and explain why i couldn't take it. >> after a few laughs, clinton continued his speech. later, he will be in seattle for an event there.
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fight to block the construction of a walmart in the heart of miami's midtown neighborhood. a florida appeals court upheld a lower court's decision clearing the way for development. the debate to build has been going on for years. some residents argued that the store would take away from the area's look. they also worry that the store's size would be a turnoff to living in the neighborhood. but walmart said today, the court's decision means the company will be able to create hundreds of new jobs and bring affordable groceries to midtown. the bridge that was closed has now reopened. traffic is moving again as the jfk bridge, which was closed westbound, has now reopened. >> right. it was stuck for a while and finally cameme down. it has stopped traffic for quite some time for vehicles and pedestrians. right now, we can report that, once again, the 79th causeway bridge is open. we'll continue to follow this for you on nbc 6.
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affluenza teen's mom is back in texas and apparently uncomfortable with what the sheriff has to say about her jail cell rights. and an unruly passenger was hauled away with her hands and feet bound on the plane. >> women can be strong as men. girls matter. changing the world one game at a time. how this little girl's question caused a worldwide response and action, ahead. clouds and more humidity today. also, a few raindrops. certainly a lot of rain offshore. with the weekend here, what can we expect? more rain or will there be son? i have the forecast coming up. it's prediction day for the golden globe awards.
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better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john' the mother of a teen was arraigned in texas friday morning. tonycouch faces a charge of hindering a felon. they fled in november as prosecutors investigated whether ethan couch had violated his probation. the tww were arrested in mexico late last month. tonya couch was deported but ethan remains detained in mexico city. apparently couch has complained about the conditions in her jail cell.
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not a resort. these flames burst in washington state and a young barista suffered burns to her body while escaping. investigators are looking into the possibility that propane tanks used to heat the stand exploded. a frightening ordeal last night near palm springs, california. a gunman held up a pregnant donu shop employee. the gunman ordered the customers to the floor. they demanded the clerk hand them the money from the register. the suspect calmly put his gun away and walked out of the store, money in hand. no one was injured in the robbery and the suspect is still at large. caught on camera, a passenger was haed off of a plane with her hands and feet bound on united airlines flight headed from new york city to chicago which had to be diverted
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disruptive and attacked fellow passengers. fellow passengers had to hel subdue her before the plane landed. some say tey may file charges. the minnesota vikings are prepared to play in single-dig temperatures. they rolled a tarp er the turf to helpt from freezing. the vikings are moving next year to a new dome stadium. you can watch that on sunday at 1:00 right here on nbc 6. a lot of the shower activity that has affected south florida today is starting to move away. all of these showers are moving towards the east away from our area and therefore theres not much left, although there are showers in deep southern dade as well as the mid- and upper florida keys. in key largo at this hour it's
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otherwise, as we look towards the west, things are starting to clear out. i mean, you remember, today, throughout the day, it's been a very, very cloudy day. you can start to see some breres in the clouds here. by the way, look at the reflection on thehewater, not a ripple on that canal right now. just spectacular picture from our everglades holiday cam this evening. 78 degrees in miami. at this hour, it's been more humid. a high of 80 degrees today. and in the humidity tonight, the risk of fog, which could become pretty thick. look at my fog tracker here. by midnight or so, starting to become denser. and by 6:00 in the morning, the fog, especially in inland spots, it's expected to be widespread and pretty dense. so keep that in mind. there might be areas of fog early tomorrow morning if you have a bike ride, for example, planned at sunrise, watch out. visibility could be low and it
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normal. opa-locka, .02 of an inch of rain. rainfall accumulations from today and this area of low pressure have not been impressive at all. the low will move towards the east. there's a dissipating front with it but the front won't bring any cool air. as a matter of fact, it's expected to be a pretty warm weekend here in south florida. temperatures tonight will drop into the upper 6 oh0s only. the rain chances will diminish down to zero by the time we get to midnight. i think tomorrow we'll have areas of fog in the morning but no rain early in the day. it will be 66 to 70 degrees. i'm only talking about a slight chance of rain. here's the 7:00 a.m. look with some fog out there. it's going to be patchy. not everybody will see it. throughout the day, we have
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quick glampbs and a risk of shower and here is the forecast, south to southwest and seas 2 to 3 feet with light chop on biscayne bay. weekend weather looks warm. better chance of rain on sunday. honored this sunday at the golden globes, a familiar face is back, comedian ricky gervais. roxanne vargas has more. >> reporter: sunday night, award season kicks into high gear. the globes are the first major award show of the season. a loose, fun format where food is served and champagne flows and this guy will host for a fourth time. ricky gervais already apologizing for what he will say
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>> they said i would never be invited back. i was inviteback. i did it to show people that they were wrong. >> reporter: globes are unpredictable with few clear front-runners in the film category this year. the 1950 romance "carol" may get best picture and and they took on room, mad max and the remnants. the big short going up for big picturecomedy. matt damon is up for best actor comedy against "the big short," christian beal, mark ruffalo and
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the one that stands out the most is mel gibson. his return to the golden globes and to hollywood after keeping a low profile for almost a decade. and that should make host ricky gervais very, very happy. >> one of my favorite jokes is i like a drink as much as the next guy. >> and the next man is mel gibson. >> just added, golden globe presenter michael keaton and the rock. hosted by ricky gervais coming your way on nday right here on nbc 6 preceded by the red carpet arrival special. >> and for all things golden globes, head to take a look at all of the headlights through the decade
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why not? >> why not? who no? >> up next, where is rey? >> that's what a little girl asked a major toy maker. >> come on, she's the main character. and the girl power that proves kids are light years ahead of toy companies. plus, one of your favorite
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one of the best-known women in news will be in florida this weekend. hoda kotbe will be signing her new book "where we belong." if you're interested in attending, hoda will be at jennifer miller jewelry in palm beach tomorrow at 2:30 in the afternoon. on sunday, she will be in boca at 10:00 in the morning. a little girl in illinois behind a huge social media campaign proves all it takes is one small voice to make a
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>> she asked why a character who is a female was left out. >> i felt very annoyed and frustrated. >> reporter: that's what she felt when she realized that rey, her character in "the force awakens," was not included in her monopoly game. >> she's the main character. without her, there would be no force awakens. >> reporter: the third grader took action. she wrote a letter which her mother tweeted to game maker hasbro. dressed in her best friend rey's halloween costume -- >> women can be as strong as men. girls matter. >> reporter: hasbro initially replied that rey was left out to avoid spoilers but they later said they will include her in the monopoly star wars game available later this year. >> how did you feel when they told you that? >> reporter: i felt very glad
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>> reporter: i think it's important for kids to be able to feel like their voice counts. >> reporter: amy comes from a family of star wars enthusiasts. they traveled to london to visit the set. >> they are like, write them again! >> hasbro has said that rey wasn't in the original of the board game which was released before the board game because they didn't want to give away any twists. that will do it for the news at 5:30. don't go anywhere. we have mo news straight ahead. only on 6, horror ofrver the holidays. a woman carjacked while visiting town. nbc 6 on top of two breaking stories. fire destroying an apartment in hollywood. two beloved pets not making it out alive. the other, el chapo
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the notorious druglord back in custody after months on the run. a new florida high school is looking to serve more than just students. >> i try to go back into the store to get away from it because they were hitting us with baseball bats. >> only on 6, a terrifying attack. a south florida couple says a woman used a baseball bat to beat them and the attack was all caught on camera. good evening. i'm jackie nespral. >> the couple believes the three attackers were trying to rob them and take their suv. they spoke exclusively with willard shepard who is live from oakland park with a story you'll see only on 6. >> reporter: what is happening out here right now a few minutes ago, two bso units pulled up here. the one suv and then another one parked right in this 7-eleven. these two college students said they were here just after
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by a woman with a baseball bat


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