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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today Saturday at 9am  NBC  January 9, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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that does it right now at 9:00, police on the hunt for two women accused of luring men from local restaurants, spiking their drinks and stealing their cash. we'll tell you what else police say they took. and el chapo captured again. months after the infamous drug lord's escape from a maximum security prison, he is back behind bars this morning. and powerball fever sweeping the nation. find out what $800 million can buy. good mornina. welcome to nbc 6 "south florida today." it is saturday, january 9. i'm julia baba. let's get you started with your first alert forecast. hi, erika. >> happy saturday to you. it's 9:01 and things are looking pretty good. we've been rain free on this
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lauderdale down into miami-dade. taking a lookkt the keys, different story from what we saw yesterday. yesterday we were dealing with shower activity across much of the florida straights. right now majority of the hours remain over at thelantic. shorts will push north and east. nothing we need to worry about what we have been worrying about is fog. visibility down to half a mile across homestead, now things beginning to look a little better. dense fog advisory was until 9:00 a.m., it should be expiring now as things looking a little nicer outside. 72 in miami, 71 in ft. lauderdale. comfortable 68 in the kendall area. as the morning goes organizationn, things will be a little nicer.
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nightmare. the search is on for two women who allegedly drugged their dates and then be robbed them. coral gabs police tell us the pair met up with their victims at high end restaurants in the heart of miracle mile. erika glover has that story. >> reporter: one man says he was here at this restaurant on miracle mile. another man says he was right across the street at the morton's restaurant also having drinks. but both men say they were drugged and be robbed by a woman with a very similar description. take a look at the first person of interest. she's a short black woman with long black hair and tattoos town her torso and back. she was at the restaurant and the woman struck up a conversation with the victim. officers say the two had a few drinks and went to the man's home and continued drinking. but once inside, he became lightheaded and claims he was drugged. when he woke up, the woman was gone and so was his rolex. that same night another unsuspecting man was at
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few drinks, went home and continued drinking. but this time the woman got away with his rolex, cash and a firearm. the second one is described as a short black female with long black hair and it the dues down her back. she was wearing a red dress and high heels with a clutch purse. if you'd like a better look at the suspects, head to our nbc of facebook page. erika glover, nbc 6 news. joaquin "el chapo" guzman, the infamous head will of a mexican drug cartel, he is now back in prison this morning after escaping six months ago. and the usdea is saying they are extremely pleased. on twitter the dea congratulates mexico's government on nabbing guzman saluting the bravery involved. guzman is back in custody after a shoot-out with mexican marines. the mexican navy says that the
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five peopleere killed in that shoot-out, six others arrested. we'll have a full report on the story just ahead in our next half hour of news. a woman is dead this morning after a fiery crash in a brickell neighborhood. this is a story we first told you about as breaking news yesterday morning. the fiery aftermath was caught on video. have a look at those flames. cops think the woman's lexus slammed into parked cars and then burst into flames. sirens and alarms rang as rescue workers worked to put the flames out. >> her car blew up, then the car she hit blew up, and then just kept on blowing up. >> i've seen a lot of accidents in this street right there. but nothing like this.
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a factor in that crash. 9:05. and forced out by flames. several hollywood families don't have a home this morning after flames broke out at their complex. nobody was hurt, but three dogs did not escapapthis fire. steve litz has that story. >> everything's gone. everything exploded, all the pictures, the couches, everything. >> reporter: the cleanup after a devastating fire stretched late into friday y ght with gaping holes being boarded up and people who used to live here figuring out their next step. cellphone video captured the fire at its peak with flames shooting o o of the windows and thick smoke billowing from the building. >> i've never seen anything like that. >> i opened up the door thinking it was the smoke detector being
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explode, so i left. >> reporter: lorain headley st her two dogs in the fire. >> they were great with kids and they love people, but i've had them since puppies. >> reporter: it broke out about 2:30 in the top unit of the apartment building. firefighters responded within minutes, but by then a large portion of the building was already fully engulfed. investigators think a pot on a fire. damage, all four are uninhabitable right now. a third dog also died in the fire. nobody was hurt. the fire are beingut up in a building in this neighborhood. and it's owned by the same man who owns that building again investigators say they don't find anying suspicious about this incident, they're calling it a kitchen fire. i'm steve litz, nbc 6 news. broward deputies this morning hoping some new surveillance video will help
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investigators say this man held up a clerk at a little caesar's to buy his kids' christmas presents. this happened early last month at the little caesar's. he said he was sorry for doing this, but his kids need christmas. as you see here, the robber is dressed all in dark clothing, but witnesses say he had gold teeth and a mustache, as well. iiyou know anything about this, you can call broward county crime stoppers. the number is 954-493-tips. now a story about lost soles. a moving truck lost a load of shoes when it overturned on the turnpike ramp near sun life stadium. the truck driver says he was bringing in the shoes from new orleans so they could ultimately be given out to people in need. the mess is cleaned up now and nobody was serously hurt. stale ahead, a statue in florida causii some artistic controversy.
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if you have plans to be out and about on the water, it's a beautiful day out there. winds will be out of the west/1we69, seas occasionally up to 3 feet.
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the question is, will we see deputies are looking for three people in a triple murder that may have ties to south florida. investigators in lakeland believe a van seen leaving the scene of a crime could be headed for miami. police are searching for three men seen leaving a home in a white commercial van. older model ford had some writing on the side and witnesses place it at the home of the fatal shooting that left three people dead on magnolia drive. this morning a father near tampa is under investigation after his toddler took a wild ride along a busy highway.
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reporting a toddler trying to enter traffic. the 3-year-old took off, get this, on his motorized toy truck and he ended up on the roadway by cutting through some yards. a good samaritan used a blanket to cover the boy. he was only wearing a shirt and diaper. the boy's father told witnesses his son got out of the house by climbing on a chair and unlockingnghe door. closer to home, one statue in ft. myers is causing quite a stir. the city's mayor s unveiled a series of sculptures in the downtown part there on thursday. the piece in question is advertised as depicting a parallel between man and dog as they, quote, mark their territory. but some say this public art is not displaying the right message. >> i don't believe that is something that should be in a public viewing. >> i actually think it looks like a cigar. >> the graphic display had some
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with tape. things are looking pretty good so far. we've been dry so far. what we like to see as we start the our weekend. however there are a few showewe over the atlantic waters, but everything continuing to push furth into the atlantic. we're dealing with some fog early this morning, but that is beginning to dissipate across much of the area. right now visibility between 5 and 9 miles. right now temperatures comfortable. 68 in kendall, 69 in pembroke pines. still 72 right now in the miami area. winds right now pretty calm, but now we're beginning to see them pick up a little from the southwest. that wind will basically leave us a warm aftftnoon and not only today, but also for the latter
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so stilldealing with fog across interior areased a and out toward the west coast. other than that things looking pretty good. plenty of sunshine to around. we'll warm up quickly. could see an isolated shower or two, but i'm thinking the majority of the showers will actually be later in the day. possibly in the evening hours instead of the afternoo but it will be a warm one. today's forecast down into the keys, happy saturday to you. 83 right now in big pine key. that will be the high for today. low 80s across the board. again i'm thinking the majority of the showers will be later in the evening hours into the overnight hours and into your day on sunday. so right now this is the reason behind the fog and also why the showers will kick up overnight. there is a system over south florida, that will continue to push into the atlantic waters. but the system we kin to keep an eye on is this cold front that remains across the mississippi valley.
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tennessee valley dragging that cold front providing plenty of shower activity over the gulf coast states. that system will bring us major changes, but it won't be bringing it until the start of the workweek. hour by hour here's what you can expect as far as the rain and clouds are concerned. by mid to late mornin things looking nice. just a mix of sun and cloud. by the early afternoon, still more sunshine. we should be okay as far as the rain is concerned and that will take us into the evening hours. but then you'll begin to notice some of the moisture over the gulf of mexico slowly but surely creepingn. that is in the early evening and late overnight hours. and that will continue to be the case overnight. so definitely want to get everythii done throughout the day because we are expecting showers in the forecast overnig and that will linger into tomorrow. so today we're still expecting rip currents to be one of the main streets along atlantic beaches. heat another thing because highs will reach in to the mid-80s. and the record set in miami for today a few years back was 84
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so if w@ reach 48 this miami, we'll tie the record, some areas could possibly even break the record. again, we're in january, we're seeing temperatures in the 80s, warn and humid weekend, cold front finally swings through, that will coololus down and then another front moves through tuesday, cools us down more and then finally become to temperatures where it should be. >> that will feel so nice. 9:15. still ahead here on nbc 6, a popular christmas present is coming under fire for not doing what it's supposed to do.
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claims it could welcome back. fronti airlines is adding dozens new routes to its service. they're adding 42 new nonstop routes and is introducing them with fares as low as $39 one way. frontier will be flying to chicago, orlando and philadelphia and from atlanta to
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most of flights will begin in april. the makers of fitbit monitors are coming under fire this morning. a lawsuit filed in california is claiming certain models do not accurately track heart rates during exercise. natalie morales reports. >> reporter: it's one of the season's most popular holiday gifts, a gadget to help you keep that new year's resolution of getting in to shape and staying healthy. but now the makers of fitbit are coming under fire. >> i'm a mom. i like to work ovt, i like to be fit. >> reporter: kate has a ph.d. in physical rehab. and is one of three people suing the company. claiming fitbit's heart rate monitor doesn't work. and that the company's ads telling customers every beat counts are misleading. >> it says my heart rate was only 114 and that did not make sense. because 114 is what i would be if i was walking on the
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working hard. >> reporter: after comparing the fitbit heart rate monitor to equipment at the gym, she knew something was wrong and spoke to customer service. >> she made it sound like it was my fault, i was wearing it wrong or i was using it wrong. and she said it's not really meant to track your heart rate all of the time. >> reporter: in a statement, a spokesperson for fitbit says we do not believe this case has merit, fitbit stands behind our heart rate technology and plans to vigorously defend the lawsuit. and the company stresses fitbit trackers are designed to provide meaningful data and not intended to be scientific or medical devices. >> the truth is it doesn't count every beat. it can't. it's wildly inaccurate. >> reporter: kate's lawyers are seeking a class action status saying the company is treating customers unfairly. noting that in order to even use the device, you must log into fitbit's website and register
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you've already bought it. >> you can't even use it as a watch to tell what time it is unless you register it on the website and that's when you have to agree to awful these terms. >> reporter: that registration includes an agreement that kate's lawyers say prevents customers from taking certain legal action against the company. >> they're told that they're bound by this arbitration clause and class action. well, that's unfair. >> reporter: fitbit says their agreement has already been upheld in a california court and according to their website, customers have 30 days to opt out of the arbitration agreement. and while many users are stepping up to support the device, lighting up social media and posting four and five star reviews on amazon, others are telling this perfect holiday gift to take a hike. >> that was natalie morales reporting. the lawsuit is just the latest headache for fitbit. the company's stock has dropped 20% after their latest product
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still ahead here on nbc 6 -- >> reporter: it is prediction day for the 73rd annual global globe awards. 'll have a preview. for the golfers, beautiful day to be out and about. plenty of sunshine to go around. temperatures will remain in the 70s for the remainder of the morning, but come noontime, we'll already be in the lower 80s. winds will be lightly blowing from the southwest today.
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for get the sunscreen. welcome back. we've been waiting for this. 2015's best in tv and movies will be honored tomorrow night the golden globes. >> that's right. and a familiar face will be back to host, ricky gervais returns for his fourth time at host. roxanne vargas has more. >> reporter: sunday night award seseon kicks in to high gear.
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awards. the globes are the first major award show of the season. a loose fun format where food is served, champagne flows, and this guy will host for a fourth time. ricky gervais, already apologizing for what he will sayay on sunday. >> they said i'd never be invited back and i was invited back, i did to show people they were wrong. >> reporter: the globes are unpredictable with few clear frontrunrs in the film category this year. though the 1950s romance carol leads the way with five nominations including best picture, drama, and best actress nods for cate blanchett, spotlight seems to be stealing most of thhprediction chatter. they take on room, mad max fury road and "the revenant". and its star is the favorite to win best actor drama. the big short going up for best
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fall to the martian. its star matt damon is up for best actor comedy against the big short's steve carell, christian bale, mark ruffalo and al pacino. and as more presenter names continue to trickle out, the one that stands out the most is mel gibson. after keeping a low profile for almost a decade. and that should make host ricky gervais very happy. >> one of my favorite jokes is i like to drink as much as the next man. >> and the next man is mel gibson. >> reporter: and just added to the list, michael keaton and some stars here who you'll know from nbc, jennifer lopez, eva longoria and dwayne the rock johnson. don't miss it, the golden globes
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right here on nbc 6. that is preceded by the red carpet arrival special hosted by matt lauer, savannah guthrie, willie geist and tamron hall. roxanne vargas, nbc 6. >> what a fun night that is. >> it's going to be funny. at, you can take a look back at all the highlights and even play golden globe's bingo. >> who doesn't love bingo? >> everyon loves bingo. time is 9:26. still ahead, el chapo guzman is finally back behind bars after months on the run. we'll tell you how police nabbed him. and right here in south florida, police are searching for a pair of women they say
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good morning and welcome to nbc 6 "south florida today." it is saturday, january 9. i'm julia bagg. let's find out with the fog. i know it's going away. erika delgado joining us with the forecast. >> you're right. things are looking a little brighter out there which is what we like to see. our live first alert doppler picking up on the showers over the atlantic waters. everything pushing further and further into the atlantic, so nothing we need to worry about. but down in the key, things looking nice so far on this saturday morning. as you can see temperatures right now in the rower 70s. we woke up to 60s, but now we're quickly warming up because of all the sunshine. already in the mid-70s down into the keys. so here is the setup basically right now. things are be look pretty good for our sunshine state. that system that left the showers already will off over atlantic waters, you can still
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but behind me, we're keeping an eye on the system leaving heavy rain over portions of the gulf coast states and that will slowly but surely approach our state within the next 24 to 48 hours. but in the meantime, this is what we're dealing with right now. taking a look outside, it's beautiful out there. mix of sun and clouds. very light wind, beautiful start to the weekend. so definitely looking forward to what the afternoon has in store for us. >> you said it, it's a beach day. well, dating disaster. the search is on this morning for two women, the ones you see here, they're accused of drugging their dates and robbing them. coral gables police tell us the pair met up with their victims at high end restaurants. erika glover tells us what happened next. >> reporter: wednesday night one man says he was here on miracle mile having drinks while another man says he was right across the street at morton's, also having drinks. both men say they were drugged
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take a look at the first person of interest. she's a short black woman with long black hair and tattoos down her torso and back. she was at the hillstone restaurant on miracle mile when the woman struck up a conversation with the victim. now, officers say the two had a few drinks and then went to the man's home and then continued drinking. once inside, he became lightheaded and claims he was drugged. when he woke up, the woman was gone and so was his rolex. that same night another unsuspecting man was at morton's, the second victim also says they had a few drink, went home and continued drinking. but this time the woman got away with his company lex, cash and firearm. the second woman is described as a short black female with long black hair and tattoos down her back. she was wearing a red dress and high heels with a clutch purse. if you'd like a better look at the suspects that officers are look for, head to our nbc 6
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erika glover, nbc 6 news. and this morning the u.s. drug enforcement administration is congratulating mexico for capturing joaquin el chapo guzman. kirk gregory reports how guzman ended up back behind bars yesterday after a gun battle and six months on the run. >> reporter: el chapo guzman is now behind bars again. he arrived at a jail in mexico city. mexican president enrique nieto held a press conference confirming the capture of fugitive drug lord el chapo guzman. >> translator: this morning in the municipality of sinaloa, members of government security institutions achieved the capture of joaquin guzman. >> reporter: mexican drug lord had been on the run after a daring july 11th escape. his second successful flight
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recapture an achievement that was the result of the coordination of our armed forces. the mexican army, mexican navy, federal police, the country's attorney general's office, and the center for investigation and national security. the navy statement said that marines stormed in to a home in the town of los mochis before dawn. mexican soldiers had surrounded the home after a neighbo reported gun toting men inside the residence. they were fired on from inside the building. five suspects were killed and six others arrested the navy said. guzman, leader of the sinaloa drug cartel and master of underground tunnels, set off a manhunt on july 11th, 2015 when he escaped into a hole in his shower at a prison near mexico city. authorities said he fled through a mile long tunnel on a motor bike that led to a residential
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guzman had escaped from prison once before in 2001. that time authorities said he escaped hidden in a laundry cart. kirk gregory, nbc news. 9:35. scary moments for you now of a car theft caught on camera. watch this video as a man enters the sunoco gas station on west sample road in coral springs thursday night leaving his 6-year-old stepdaughter in the car with the keys inside. seconds later, another person comes up to the car and eventually got in and drove off with that child inside. the car chief dropped the child off about a mile away. she was okay. police are still looking for the car and for that thief. investigators also on the hunt for a trio who attacked a couple of college students with a baseball bat to steal their suv. take a look at the damage here, their mazda windshield shattered during that assault. it happened in oakland park at a 7-eleven near cypress creek road and i-95.
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store. they're hoping that it will help police make a quick arrest. this photo shows the getaway car and the license plate. and the boy accused of a violent florida city murder will stay behind bars now until his trial. >> so you were indicted it looks like by grand jury for first degree murder? sir, how old are you? >> 15. >> you heard it there, just 15 years old. christopher walker accused of murder. a miami-dade county judge held him without bond just hours after new york police found him and sent him to south florida. cops think walker is responsible shooting into a car back in october killing a 17-year-old girl and hurting two boys who were with her. still ahead here on nbc 6, a police officer ambushed while sitting in his patrol car. find out what the suspected attacker is saying this morning after he confessed to shooting the cop.
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lamar odom, why he's out of the hospital but not in the clear. south florida, if you're planning on spending the day out and about, it will be a beautiful day at the beach. but we are expecting a high rick
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we'll be in the mid-80s, so keep new did take, security remains gh in an egyptian red sea resort town where two tourists were wounded in an attack. security sources say two people attacked the bella vista hotel, wounding a tourist from denmark and another from germany. the interior ministry gave a different account. they said two attackers with
9:33 am
and a sweed. they say that one of the attackers was a student from the cairo suburb. north koreans have celebrated the country's latest nuclear test. new video shows thousands of people gathering for a mass rally there. north korea was internationally condemned after its fourth nuclear test on wednesday, but u.s. and other officials also expressed deep skepticism about those claims. police in vancouver are searching for a man they say sprayed pepper spray at a crowd of refugees last night. a man on a bike rode past and pepper sprayed the group. paramedics treated as many as 30 men, win and children for exposure. >> it was pretty quick. nobody was able t catch him because people that got prayed,
9:34 am
confusion because now they're closing their eyes, having difficulty to breathe. >> nobody was seriously hurt. now to new images this morning of a police officer ambushed at close rangee by a man with a gun. and just as chilly, the implications that this may be anototr isis-in-spishspired act of violence. steve patterson reports from philadelphia. >> reporter: the chilling surveillance images show the moment a gunman dressed in a traditional white arab robe opened fire on a philadelphia police officer at point blank range shooting at least 11 times. 33-year-old police officer jesse hartnett was hit three times in the arm. as the gunman ran away, he kept shooting but the officer managed to follow and return fire.
9:35 am
taken into custody a block away. >> now in custody. >> reporter: the surveillance video does not show the circumstances leading up to the shooting, but officials say it was completely unprovoked. police identified the suspect as edward archer, and said he confessed that the shooting was inspired by islam. archer also pledged his allegiance to the islamic state. >> he has confessed to committing this coward act in the name of islam. according to him, he believes that the police defend laws that are contrary to the teachings of the koran. >> reporter: archer is 30 years old from just outside philadelphia. he has prior convictions on simple assault and firearms charges. law enforcement sources say the fbi is looking at archer's phone and computer records. and trips to saudi arabia in 2011 and egypt in 2012, but nothing to suggest travel was terror related. and the handgun he used to shoot hartnett was a stolen police
9:36 am
veteran of the philly pd who also served in the coast guard. philadelphia's police commissioner said it's miraculous he survived. >> it's both confounding and astonishing that he was able to escape it. >> reporter: hartnett's dad says he's proud of his son. >> he's a tough guy and an excellent philadelphia officer. >> reporter: officer hartnett is recovering from a broken arm and serious nerve damage, but is expected to make a full recovery. happy weekend to you. it's 9:43 and we are starting theeekend off rain free. there are a few showers off the atlantic waters. but everything beginning to move further into at lap tick waters. this is along or i should say
9:37 am
surface trough that was over south florida early this morning. now pushing further into the atlantic waters. so dry conditions so far. temperatures are now starting to warm up. 71 ft. lauderdale. ken caldall around 68 degrees. mid to low 70s across the middle and lower keys. taking a look at the headline, warm and humid days ahead for us today and into tomorrow, but a series of fronts starts the end of the weekend definitely going to bring us some changes. but we won't begin to see those changes until at least this upcoming workweek. take a look outside over watson island, a beautiful start to our saturday. as you can see light southwest wind, just a few clouds out there. and a really nice start to our weekend. so for your first alert forecast, we're calling for temperatures reaching into the mid-8s. 8 4 degrees the record high a few years ago, so if we reach 84, we'll be tying that.
9:38 am
and we can thank the southwest wind. and we should be rain free for most of the day until at least the evening hours when the next system slowly approaches florida. that will bring us some major changes. so here is the setup. low pressure still remains over the atlantic waters. this is after the system that i showed you earlier now helping trigger a few showers south of the keys. but behind that system, this cold front will continue to push towards the east. ahead of it, present of moisture. south wind from the gulf of mexico pumping all the moisture into the gulf states. not only that, into the southeast. so we're keing an eye on that system because that same system will bring us some changes come sunday night into monday. taking a look at temperatures before th front, as you can see 40s, 50s, 60s, really nothing impressive, very mild for this time of year. we're in the 70s here in south florida, but you'll notice behind it, that is much cooler temperatures behind the system. so what is separating the two
9:39 am
we have a warmer air mass just to the south and east of the front, but behind it, temperatures in the single digits. that system will continue to push toward the east and that's the one that will bring us major changes. in the meantime, we still deal with the heat and rip currents. also warm temperatures. keep hydratedf you have any outdoor plans. and we'll be mostly dry for the majority of our saturday. we may begin to see some showers kicking into the evening hours especially overnight into tomorrow. so tomorrow will be theheetter chance for showers out of the two weekend days. front number one approaches, that will leave us a cooldown for the week and then secondy front will leave us a bier cooldown, what we like for see for this time of year. >> thank, erika. kicked out. pop star justin bier and his entourage were asked to leave a archeological site in mexico of a at the he tried to climb on to
9:40 am
mexican official could not specify which of the site structures bieber allegedly climbed. visitors can climb some of those pyramids, but others are roped off or have no entry signs if they're considered vulnerable. the tourist guide said the pop star also pulled down his pants as he was leaving. well, former nba star lamar odom has been transferred from a los angeles hospital, he's now in a private facility. but there is no word on his condition. a statement from his family reads, quote, it is with stream gratitude and appreciation to all of you around the world who have prayed without ceasing for lamar that we announce his his miraculous recovery y a new facility. lamar continues to make remarkable strides. odom was found unconscious at the love ranch brothel in crystal, nevada back in october. investigators believe he overdosed on cocaine and other dgs during a three day stay there. when odom was transferred from las vegas to los angeles in
9:41 am
undergoing therapy a had been more responsive and plus was able to speak more, as well. still ahead, what would you do with $800 million?
9:42 am
line up for powerball tickets, powerball fever is exploding as the biggest jackpot just got bigger. jamie guirola joins us with how tonight's drawing could be large enough to make somebody an inconstant billionaire. >> reporter: $1 billion with a b. convenience stores and gas stations already seeing a surge of customers who see a pot of gold as the powerball jackpot reaches a historical high. >> i'm going to be a lot of busy, a lot of people will be
9:43 am
>> reporter: customers here know the chevron has a history of selling winning tickets. >> for myself, i buy my own island. >> reporter: powerball selling close to $145,000 a ticket a minute. saturday's powerball drawing tames place in tallahassee. in a highly secured nondescript building. in a vault buried two stories beneath the earth, no one person is alloweto enter without two two hours before the drawing is weighted to make sure all are equal, each is 80 grams about the weight of a super bowl ring.l2as there are four machines, the one they use saturday night will be randomly selected. time 9:52. straight ahead, a look at our top stories.
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from our first alert camera.
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look at your forecast. the search is on this morning for two women who allegedly drug their dates and then robbed them. coral gables police say the pair met up with their victims at restaurants on miracle mile. one suspect is described as a short black woman with long hair and tattoos on her torso and back. and police are looking for a man who stole a car with a child inside. it happened at the sunoco gas station on west sample road in coral springs on thursday night. the car thief dropped the child off about a mile away. she was not hurt. and several hollywood families don't have a home this morning after a fire proper out at their complex just off of
9:46 am
did not escape those flames. investigators think a pot on a hot stove may have started that firir after two previous prison escapes, some experts say mexico will have little choice but to extradite joaquin el chapo guzman to the u.s. mexican marines recaptured the world's most notorious drug lord yesterday after a gun battle in which five people were killed and six others arrested with powerball sales breaking records, the odds are growing that somebody will win the $800 million jackpot but if nobody matches all the number s tonight, the next drawing is expected to soar past $1 billion. since november, nobody has won the jackpot. 2015's best in tv and movies will be honored sunday night at the golden globes. a familiar face will be back to host the proceedings. ricky gervais returns for his fourth time as host.
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right here on nbc 6. and be sure to check out our nbc 6 app for full details on all the stories we're covering this morning for you as you wake up. and it's a very nice morning. >> and as you're heading out, a beautiful start to the weekend. the fog has dissipated. even live first alert radar is dry all the way down into the keys. the showers over the atlantic waters, nothing we need to worry about because now we're waking up to a southwest wind so everything will continue to push toward the north and east. so let's take a look at what we're dealing with as far as temperatures are concerned. 76 already in miami. we'll warm up quickly with the southwest wind. 75 in ft. lauderdale. plenty of sunshine to go around as you can see over watson island. a beautiful start to the weekend. it will be a beautiful one. so temperatures will reach into the mid-80s, a warm day for us. we should be mostly dry until at least this evening.
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finally the cooldown waiting for. check out this pug that he wants to prove he's not all bark and no bite. he may have chosen the wrong k-9 to mess with, though. the officers in phoenix tried their best to make sure the little guy did not become somebody's dinner.
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