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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  January 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. >> announcer: right now, nbc 6 is everywhere. right now at 4:30. losing a a legend. what david bowie's family is saying this morning after his passing last night. plus, a car is finally out of t water after taking a fatal plunge in water hill. we're taking on two people who did survive. and maybe you didn't stay up late enough or at least finish watching the golden globes. we'll tell you w won big and who didn't. >> announcer: live, nbc 6 "south florida today" starts now. >> good morning, everybody, i'm eric harryman. >> and i'm shellny muniz.
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start to the week. >> mostly clear skies through the overnight hours,we've got clouds creeping in. in and out of the sunshine. the bottom line is dry, cooler and refreshing change. temperatures have been falling all night. they're still falling this morning. 59 in oakland park. 62 in miami. the average is about 60. that's where we start off this morning. roll north breeze in the peninsula, keeping temperatures in check before the lunch hour. we're not even at 70. again, a mix of sun and clouds. we're dry today, shower chance return by tomorrow, but we've got cooler mornings ahead this week. good morning. taking a look at your roads, we are accident-free in miami-dade
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no incidts here on the roads, lightly trveled. in broward county, southbound and northbound lanes here at griffin road, let's go to the maps where we do have construction work. johnson street is shut down. take old griffin road and use dania beach boulevard instead. breaking overnight, out of hollywood, colorado, legendary rock star david bowie was passed away after an 18-month battle with cancer. the singer passed away peacefull surrounded by family. bowie was among the first innovators, and a big showman of rock 'n' roll. he was 69 years old and had just
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that album was acalled black stst and it came out to very strong reviews. a car is out of the water this morning after going on a wild crash course and plunging into a canal. dive teams spent the night searching for survivors. unfortunately, two people didn't make it. two more are in the hospital. nbc 6's michael spears is at lauderhill. what do you know about the people and what led up from this. >> reporter: we know from police, one person is still in critical condition this morning. among them, two people dead. they crashed into a canal here at lauderhill. unfortunately, we are learning minor. having a look at the scene, northwest 44th street, police say around 8:00 p.m., the car with four people again went into the canal. we know from investigators one person was able to swim out of the car. was actually sitting on
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team pulled three victims out of the water. two were later pronounced dead. right now, we're working to find victims. it's not clear at this point what caused the car to leave the roadway and crash and plunge into the canal. lauderhill investigators are working to get the bottom of it right now. they're asking anyone in the area, northwest 44th street, 8:00 p.m., avery boulevard to give police a call. your information may help put together the pieces in this very unortunate incident. miami police right now are offering a $3,000 reward for any information about the gunman who killed a 15-year-old boy this past weekend. alder hill is his name. he was shot in a field near nororwest 10th avenue near 69th street. this is one in a string of shootings that killed two people this past ceekend. as nbc 6 reporter laura rodriguez reports this morning, investigators are trying to
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any way connected. >> reporter: three shootings in less than three hours, all in the city of miami. >> we're seeing the situations happen way too often. >> reporter: at 7:57.m. saturday police rounded to 19th street and northwest court where authorities say the vict was shot multiple time. the victim was transported to ryder trauma center. >> that man continues in very serious condition at jackson memorial hospital. he's clinging to life. >> reporter: a little more than 15 minutes later, more shots rang out killing a 15-year-old boy whofficials identified as alder hill. detectives shut down the street at 9th avenue and northwest 95th street and photographed a bike. >> the two gunmen fled leaving that man shot to death. >> reporter: theield where the 15-year-old was shot is just
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hill is one of the several teens who died of gun violence within the last months. >> we need a little more information as to what actually took place. >> reporter: while officers went to the place where the 15-year-old died, they heard gunshots. another young man identified as authorities as 21-year-old jaqono leonard died from gunshot wounds after he was transported to the hospital. police are looking into whether or not all three shootings are linked. >> we need the community to come together and call us with information. a luxury sports car riddled with bullets crashed into a home. take a l lok there. that ponch was found shot to the front steps of the house. the driver, they tell us, pled the scene leaving behind that porsche. investigators trying to figure out who the car belongs to.
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he took off. the first cuban migrants from costa rica are getting ready to leave the country. 180 cubans will be leaving coast a rica and flying el salvador. some 8,000 cuban migrants have been stuck in costa rica when nicaragua closed its borders to them. they'll be taken by bus to guatemala and mexico. and in mexico, the islanders will have 20 days to make their way to their final destination, the u.s. if all goes well. the second batch of cuban refugees are expected to depart no later than the a week. look for the live report height other on nbc 6 and make sure to follow her social media pages as well. >> the supreme court will be hearing arguments today. the focus, union dues. the justices will have to decide
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pay the fees even if they choose not to join the union. the ruling would affect public sector unions in 23 states, and that does include florida. and it is that time again, florida lawmakers head back to tallahassee this week to start the 2016 session and they're hoping tofind some common ground on issues. some of the issues to be addressed will be issues that actually failed last year. the contentious water protection issue will take place. and the aid to disabilities. and lawmakers will go over gun rights and the massive deal including governor scott and the seminole tribe. as i mentioned, all of that starts tomorrow. here's a live look to my "first alert" camera in downtown miami. >> meteorologist ryan phillips is back with the forecast. >> eric, this for our standards will be the first week of winter in south florida.
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into the fall and now into the winter. this week it will finally feel like it should. this morning, we're starting with mostly cloudy skies. day long. we'll finish with the showers which we had a couple batches afternoon. and shower chances we'll talk about in about seven minutes. a mix of sun and clouds. how about the readings, 59 in oakland park and pompano beach. 60 across the board and most of miami-dade county. that feels great this afternoon looks great as well. lower 70s for your high. again, a mix of sun and clouds. our forecast today, we're talking rain chances. right now, back to traffic with kelly. >> we're still accident-free in miami-dade and broward county. the good news, taking a look out i-95, northbound and southbound lanes looking good.
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let's take you out to maps if you're headed out the door, a couple spots to be mindful of. old griffin road between northwest 4th and federal highway. take dania beach for an option. also another area, johnson street between north dixie highway and 21st as well. take fillmore instead. traffic moving at 55 miles per hour. i-95, golden glades to dowown miami, a nine-minute ride. kelly, thank&you so much. time 4:40. if you haven't bought a powerball ticket yet. you may have held out for one moment. now is the chance to become an instant billionaire. a substitute teacher booted from the florida classroom after students say she did the unthinkable.
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in television and film at the tens of millions of americans are heading back to the office this morning hoping that work will soon become a thing of the past. >> right. because they're going to come into some cash, right? the powerball. it may determine who will become not just a millionaire or multimillionaire, who's going to become a billionaire. christian ten dahlgren explains your odds. >> reporter: it's the moment that dashed millions of dreams and then created more than a billion new one. >> pay off my student loans and invest it. >> pay mortgages, definitely. >> reporter: with no winner in the jackpot, the powerball now
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billion. some billboards can't accommodate the sum. it's doubl when mega millions paid a measly 656 million back in 2012. and it's exactly what lottery officials were going for when they made powerball harder to win last fall bringing the odds from 1 in 175 million to 1 in 292 million. olumbia university statistics professor philip potter breaks it down. what really are our the odds? >> the odds are extremely tiny unbelievably tiny. >> reporter: that's what this means. >> we made those changes in october in response to our players. >> reporter: they were also experiencing a serious decline in revenue. down 19%. since the changes, the pot has rolled over 20 times going to
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or $806 million in a lump sum. >> i've never seen cops directing traffic. >> reporter: kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york. >> announcer: now, "first alert" weather with meteorologist ryan phillips, south florida's most accurate forecast. good monday morning. good morning to you. got a lot of interesting weather coming our way for the week. bottom line, cooler air settle egg in, it's going to stick around. but we'll be in and out of shower chances and we'll look forward to next weekend as well. a lot to talk about. first and foremost, roads are dry. i think we're rain-free toy so we don't have to worry abbt the umbrellas. first things first. a cloud deck moving through first thing this morning. we had a front move through last night but now kind of a secondary push coming through the peninsula. now, we're rain-free, all of the shower activity offshore heading to the bahamas, very light in
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what we'll watch for, a mix of sun and cloudstoday. and the north winds bringing in drier, cooler air. this building just fine looking toward miai. freedom tower still illuminated. the lights will probably go out in 20 minutes or so. the lights are off on the aaa here. a lot of folks still sleeping in their high-rises first thing this morning. there is the north wind coming down the peninsula and here is overnight. falling. feels great. the normal low in january, around 60. we'll finding that in broward county. 59 in pompano beach. also locations in coconut creek and lauderhill. 62 in miami, 70 in key west. all right. the temperature trend, believe it or not stays below average for the next several days. normal high 76. that innd of itself is nice. this evening, beautiful conditions will be dry.
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by tomorrow morning, temperatures settling in around 60, but it gets cooler than that as the week goes on. "first alert" monday. sun and clouds all day. look at the temperatures not even hitting 70 until the early afternoon hour, 72. sunshine. tonight, mostly cloudy skies, our temperatures dip to 60. by the time we get to tuesda tuesday brings in the first change. that is cloud cover and showers. not very optimistic in terms of how much sunshine. all week long, look at these mornings into the 50s for wednesday and thursday. 55 will be the coolest morning we've had since last spring or winter if you will. bottom line, cool weather pattern, in and out of shower chances, but, kelly, most of good. >> good morning to you. hope you enjoyed your weekend with friends and family and had a good time.
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we're accident-free in browd county and miami-dade. no accidents. 50 cents at this time. no issues as you're making your way northbound. this around the area of nortest 123rd street. about a 12 minute ride. on the palmetto expressway southbound on kendall drive, southwest 88th street. all lanes are blocked off. and be mindful of that if you're heading out the door. if you're heading out the door, again, a 12-minute ride from the golden glades. and an eight minute from finds boulevard. and tamiami trail, under a ten-minute ride. jury selection starts this morning in the trifle a baltimore police officer charged with second degree murder in the death a man who was injured in custody. of course, w followed this very closely. caesar goodson faces the most serious charges in the death of
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gray died last year after sustaining injures in the back of a van taken to the jail. goodson is one of the six officers to go on trail in connection with the death. the satisfactory flew went za teen's mother will be asking a judge to lower her bond. we've been keeping you up to date on ethan couch's mother for the past couple of weeks. ethan and his mother fled to mexico as prosecutors were investigating whether he had violated hik probation in a a2013 drunk driving case which left four people dead. this morning, a murder mystery in italy. involving a woman from florida. 35-year-old ashley olsen was found dead in her apartment in florence over the weekend. olsen who is from the jacksonville had lived in italy for some time. police say olsen's neck was bruised and it was scratched. >> i can't imagine a person who would hurt her. she's a gentle, defined,
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it's a shock. >> according to italian media, detectives questioned olsen's boyfriend who say local artist. but he's not been named a suspect. her father reportedly is a teacher at a florence school. this morning, we have new details about the first time substitute teacher 9 first day in clark the teacher is accused of making serious threats to students at a school in central florida. little kids as well. 62-year-old substitute teacher had just completed training. again, this was the first day in class. it was a few hours into the first school day where she alleged made threats. the first graders are saying if they allegedly didn't stop misbehaving. she was going to let a gunman in the classroom and let him shoot them. >> what? >> exactly. that subject allegedly dangled the keys right in front of the kids.
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the classroom to let someone in, if they wouldn't come in have someone come and shoot them between the eyes. >> we're talking about every single student in that classroom relayed the exact same story. and that sub was immediatelies or the -- immediately escorted off the campus. school officials are investigating what happened in that room. it was a spectacle of fire and ice of an historic house in omaha, nebraska burned. firefighters battled the flames in below freezing temperatures transforming the pub into what looks like an ice castle. the pub owner said three people were hurt. and a budget might need serious revamping because of something that the financial gurus have done. it's going to kick in pretty quick. lt month, the federal reserve is raised interest rates and said there would be, further,
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a whole lot of us are going to start seeing interest rates going up on our credit cards and home equity lines of credit if you have that. homeowners with adjustable rate mortgage loans scheduled to reset this year could be looking at the biggest payment increases of anybody moving forward. the good news is those car loans that so much us have will not be impacted a whole lot. happy monday to youou it's monday, we're bragging about another south florida cool. >> today, it's robert morgan educational center home of the pirates. arr. we're going to be there with ari odzer. talking about science and entrepreneurship. you can watch for live reports beginning at 11:00 a.m. and another during "6 in the mix" with roxanne vargas. >> and ari is so good. >> yeah. we're talking eight minutes to the top of the hour, i don't know if you stayed up long enough to watch all of it, part of it.
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maybe sleeping it off a little bit. >> the 73rd annual event honored -- did you watch it? >> no. >> well, i i honored -- nbc's dina kim gives us a look at the winners. >> reporter: that frontier revenge epic was a a revelation at the golden globes. three major wins including best drama, best director andest actor for leonardo dcaprio. >> this film was about survival. it was about adaptation. >> reporter: honors went to first-time nominee brie larson for "the@ hostage" and the martian and best actor to matt damon. >> i know how lucky i am. >> reporter: jennifer lawrence spoke after winning best actress.
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>> reporter: taraji p. hansen passed out cookies on the way for best actress in a drama. >> cookies for everyone. >> reporter: and first year computer hacker series "mr. robot" captured best drama. and two upsets for amazon's mow discard in the jungle. best come and best actor. >> it's really a big surprise. >> reporter: rachel bom was surprised, too. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: winning best actress for crazy ex-girlfriend. a standing ovation for sylvester stallone's first ever. >> i want to thank my imaginary friend rocky balboa for being the best friend i ever had. >> reporter: a golden moment on a golden night. jinah kim.
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>> rocky balboa made that guy's career. >> that's true. still ahead for you -- a new documentary hoping to shed some light on a group of people to prove that love is never impossible.
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multistate look for welcome back. what is it to be truly in love? it's a question that can be hard for any of us to really answer. >> a filmmaker behind a new documentary called "autism in love" is looking at love through the eyes of that growing population. kate snow reports. >> reporter: lynndie and did david dated for almost a decade before he went down on one knee. >> will you marry me? >> we have always have had a deep connection. >> right. >> reporter: both lindsey and
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like many people with autism, communicating and socializing can often be difficult. >> it can be difficult to read each other's emotions sometimes. >> yeah. you have that sixth sense where you're able tole read the nonverbal clues that each of us gives off. >> reporter: dave is a meteorologist. >> looks like the weather just -- i catch a glimpse here. >> i can't interrupt you with the weather. >> well, you're always near me. >> reporter: the film's director says it became a passion project. >> why do you think it's a story that people need to hear? >> well, look, i think we have a generation of kids being diagnosed with autism. and we haven't had a conversation about, you know, what their adult lives are going to look like. >> reporter: "autism in love" follows people in different stages. steven who lost his wife after 20 years. >> she died last april.
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>> reporter: many are struggling to find life. >> this is -- it's probably one of the hardest things i have to go through in my mind. >> we have to deepen folks' understanding of autism. really it's about connecting to ourselves and connecting to zblorps. >> yes, i'll marry you. >> reporter: lindsey and dave got married last october. >> our purpose is to so that people with autism and aspergers can make it work. >> every one of us in the autism spectrum are worthy of giving love and receiving love. >> wow, it's rare you that get a glimpse of what happens to those 120 kids born in the spectrum later in life. in the teen years or adult years.
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>> showing us all of those ages.
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