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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  January 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> announcer: live nbc 6 "south florida today" starts now. hey, good morning to you. happy monday. i'm sheli muniz. >> and i'm eric harryman. 6:00 on this monday. the 11th of january. as you're headed out the door, maybe you're bringing the kids out, maybe you're heading to work, you'll get a little treat, maybe your first. it's been a little cool. but today actually felt like it could be a southlorida winter morning. >> that's what ryan is saying thiswill be the first week that we actually feel like it's winter south florida style relatively speaking. agreat start to our morning, we are dry. all of our roadways now. kelly will bring us up to date
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any showers far removed down through the florida straits. you don't need your umbrella today. going to be a nice day overall but on the cool side this morning. one thing we will contend with, a little cloud cover. right now, skies are trending mostly clear. let's show you the satellite area. more clouds are sweeping in. up towards the lake. we'll s some of that come on by the first thing this morning. in and out othe cloud cover, but sunshine really take over, especially the afternoon. north and northwest winds. drier, cooler air. 58 oakland park. 59, ft. laudrdale, 60, miami. january is 60. morning. a mix of sun and clou but during the morning drive, that cool sunshine stickingaround. the cool north wind keeping temperaturesn check. your temperatures 72, well below average. it's a dry monday bu the rains return by monday. right now, "first alert" traffic with kelly. florida.
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few moments ago. now, we have two accidents to talk about, actually three. 47th avenue to palmetto expressway, you're going to have emergency crews. keep that in mind. ather crash at dairy road and northwest 10th avenue. keep that in mind. eastbound lanes partially blocked off. i-95 southbound or northbound, commercial area, a crash, i'm going to be make phone calls. that crash just posted by fhp. be careful. turnpike driver, coral reef drive, tamiami, a nine-minu commute. traffic moving at 66 miles per % hour. and then bird road between dolphins expressway, 61 miles per hour, a four-minute ride. just three minutes after the top of the hour on this monday morning. and crews are working into the early morning hours today trying to pull a car from a canal in lauderhill.
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take a look, into the nbc 6 newsroom a few minutes ago. police are hoping this car is goi to give them a clue as to what caused this dead@y accident to begin with. nbc 6's michael spears is live in lauderhill area. >> reporter: michael, `eople hoping watching you can give them an idea of how and why this car ended up where it did. >> reporter: that's exactly right, the big question remain what is caused the car to go into the canal. officers telling us two people pronounced dead. a third pronounced@dead this morning. you can see tape is still up. i think do want to show you brand new video. this is a car that went into the canal. investigators say around 8:00 p.m., th got the first 911 call about a car off the road at northwest 44th street. when crews arrived they tell us that one person was sitting on the embankment able to get out of the car. three victims fully submerged. the dive team quickly jumped
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victims out of the car. all three sent to the hospital. unfortunately told by investigates are that two people were pronounced dead. that third person in the hospital remains in critical condition this morning. right now, no information about the victims. we have e-mailed police to find out more information about that. we were hearing from the scene, one person is say child, a minor. back out here live. a very unfortunate incident. the big question this morning, what happened. you said it did, people asking to us let you know if you're in the area, around 8:00 p.m., northwestern 44th, near an marie boulevard, they want to know if you see or heard anything, give police a call. michael spears, nbc 6 news. some sad news breaking overnight out of hollywood, california, singer david bowie has died after an 18-month battle with cancer. a representative said earlier today that bowie died peacefully
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the nouninnovative and iconic rock star had a career that lasted six decades. bowie turned 69 years old the day day he released a new album "black star." british prime minister david cameron said i grew up listening david bowie. he was a mast of reinvention. he kept getting it right. and gomez said david has gone to mars. earth thanks you. hardwell says rest in peace, david bowie. and ricky gervais kept it somber with i just lost a hero. coming up we'll have a live record with a more in-depth look at bowie's career and legacy. miami police take to the streets passing out flyers in hopes of finding the person who gunned down a teenager. the shooting just one of three
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nbc 6 reporter erika glover is live at the police department. erika really need help finding out who is behind this. >> reporter: they need help, and officers are offering a $3,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest for the person responsible for the shting death of 15-year-old alder hill. now, ficers say they want information for all three separate shootings, saturday evening, over the weekend that took place within the city of miami. now, the first shooting was on northwest 2nd court. that's when officers say one man taken to jackson memorial hospital in critical but stable condition. now minutes later on northwest 9th avenue and 59th street gunshots rang out in an emp field. that's when 15-year-old alder hill was shot multiple times. he, too, was taken to jmh but died shortly after arriving. 10:15, just on the scene where
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even more gunshots. this time northwest 56th street. the victim 21-year-old jaquon leonard, he, too, died at jmh. >> we're seeing this situation happen way too often. we need the community to come together and call us with information. >> reporter: now, that 15-year-old was just one of severalteenagers who lost their life due to gun violence over the past two months. moments ago, i just tweeted a picture of the flyer with more information from officers. head to @erika glover nbc 67. reporting in miami, erika glover, nbc 6 news. it's 6:07 on monday, and marco rubio is wrapping up his campaign events as the february 1st iowa caucus is just over three weeks away. he made it to miami as well. rubio had a rally with special guest rick harrison.
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from the tv show "pawn stars." he was here to talk about immigration among the many topics. the new nbc poll shows marco rubio in new hampshire where the primaries will take place on the 9th of february. although the dolphins aren in the playoffs, the team's still making headlines as they hire their first coach in eight years. this time, they're going young. adam gase, the new coach, having never had a head coaching job ever. however, he still boasts an impressive resume. se is just coming off being off the offensive coordinator for the chicago bears in what is being called quarterback jay cutler's b bst season. he also was the oc for the bears team that scored the most in that. he said he's ready.
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in this business, age son-in-lawis only a number but you get older really quick. >> gase is the youngest coach. in a atwist in the capture of drug lord el chapo. why authorities want to talk
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also coming up, tinseltown your time is 6:12 on this monday morning. we continue to follow breaking news this morning out of the music world in hollywood, california. a rock 'n' roll legend and pop icon passed away. david bowie lost his battle with cancer. he passed away last night. nbc 6's edward lawrence is with us. he had cancer but he also know he was only dealing with it for 18 months but it took him very quickly. >> very quickly, but this was
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not many folks know. he was only 69 years old. david bowie died according to his family surrounded by his family peacefully. he released his last the album last friday on his 69th birthday. bowie rose t t fame in 1969 with the song "space odyssey." the first line of that song "ground control to major tom." cher tweeted devastated. a legend is gone. the foo fighters tweeted a picture with david bowie and said rest in peace. he told an estimated 40 million records worldwide and he lost morning. edward lawrence. back to you. in decision 2016, hillary clinton has someone new on her side. donald trump sets his sights in
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clinton picked up a key endorsement from former congresswoman gabby giffords and her husband. a new poll shows clinton close ever 2457b ever with three weeks to go. clinton leads sanders. and trtrd cruz has the lead over donald trump. the trump took aim at cruz's eligibility to be president because he was born in canada. >> from ted's standpoint and from the party's standpoint, he has to solve this problem because the democrats will sue him if he's the nominee. >> cruz was born to an american mother in canada. and he says that manges him constitutionally eligible to be president. >> the supreme court will be hearing arguments today to focus union dues. the justices will need to decide should state employees pay fees even if they choose not to join. the ruling will affect in 23 states and that does include florida. >> announcer: now "first alert"
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south florida's most accurate forecast. coming up on 6:15, good monday morning to you, a cool change awaiting you as you head out early this morning. four don't head out until 8:00 or 9:00, it doesn't matter, the cooler weather sticking around for the bulk of our monday. feels great out there. and we are dry. roadways are dry. don't need an umbrella. live "first ert" doppler, clear. one thing that's not necessarily clear are skies. here's the satellite and how things are trending. we've been in and out of some cloud cover overnight in the two-county area. i will say a lot of us will see a fair amount of sunshine. all of the wet weather well off to the south and the east. enjoy today because as soon as today, maybe even tonight, showers come back into the "first alert" fofocast. skies mostly clear here. illustrated very well in the the "first alert" camera. and again, that cooler north wind at the surface here bringing in cool, dry, dense
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so, boy, it feels nice, looks nice with sunshine. sunrise at 7:09 coming up, we're afternoon. north to northwest winds not overly strong, but they're still moving and still ushering in that cooler, drier air. temperatures still on the downward slide all morning long. down to 59 in west kendall. 59 in them brooks pines. lauderdale. beautiful morning. 60s in miami. mid-60s in the florida keys. only to about 71 as your 15. "first alert" weather in the two-county area. your commute in will be dry. mostly sunny again. the clouds we're dotting the skies through the afternoon hours. look at this, we're only up to 72. it's going to take the bulk of the morning and early afternoon to even get there. evening temperatures into the upper 60s. overnight, we could see a late night shower tohe 60s. just going to lay out the work week because the temperature trend is simply outstanding. this is the first real week of
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temperatures reflecting that. 72 today. 60 tonight. 73 tomorrow. i want you to take your umbrella tomorrow afternoon. we'll see scattered showers. the best day of the week wednesday with morning lows of 55. highs of 72. we move back into shower chance thursday and friday. highs rebound to 81 by friday afternoon. back to traffic now, here's kelly. and we have two traffic alerts right now. one in miami-dade, one in broward county. we'll start off in miami-dade where traffic is overr the scene. a pretty nasty crash at northwest 47th avenue just before the palmetto expressway. you can see these lanes completely blocked off. and this is southbound. of course bringing you more information on air and online on the nbc 6 news app. you can definitely not even make what kind of car that is. and we see a truck involved in that accident as well. these are your southbound lanes that are completely shut down. we'll let you know as soon as they open back up. let's take you to broward county.
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way to i-95 northbound. you can see the flashing lights off to the right-hand side. emergency crews on the way to the scene. and the northbound lanes are creating an issue right now because of that traffic happened roughly around ten minutes ago. don't forget to follow me on twitter @kelly nbc 6. i'll be posting updates. a suspected serial jewelry thief is expected to make they are fit court appearance today. on friday, the fbi arrested abigail kemp. the 24-year-old is believed to have robbed at least six jewelry stores in the south during an eight-month crime spree. we're also learning that kemp has been in trouble with the law since she was 18 years old. meanwhile, neighbors in her suburban town said she wasas mostly waiting tables when they heard she was accused swiping jewelry from six stores, they
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>> from the suburbs, you don't expect these things to hahpen here. you don't expect someone that you grew up with to do these orts of things. >> investigators say kemp's biggest theft was right here in florida. police say she made off with more than $400,000 from a jewelry store in panama city. she's accused of holding people up at gunpoint. tying them up. "rolling stone" published an interview with el chapo guzman reportedly that he did with sean penn. mexican authorities want to talk to penn and mexican kate debastille. and the report about guzeman's desire to make a movie about himself and actors eventually
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brings together the best in television and movies. you never know what you'll get, what you'll hear or see. >> things get crazy pretty quick. the golden globes, saw a couple surprises. they had a lot of people talking on twitter as well this morning. julia bagg joins us live from the studio. things. it's not what happens on the
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stuff that captures people's attention. >> yeah, you got to pay attention to capture looks on people's faces and what's really happening. kind of a subplot going on. that was definitely what was happening with a fun night with twists and turns. >> this is really a big surprise. >> scoring a best actor for amazon's streaming series "moz "mozart in the jungle." and a triple win for drama, best picture, best director and best actor for leonardo dicaprio in "the revenant." sylvester stallone's best actor award for "creed."
6:23 am
you missed if you happened to be sleeping like us. but what we loved the most is that look from leonardo dicaprio th lady gaga. >> it's like he felt like he deserved an apology. and realized it was lady gaga. i don't think he realized we were watching. >> that was fun. >> julia, thank you so much. if you're disappointed that you didn't win the powerball this past weekend, you're definitely not alone. here the good news. you have another chance. lottery officials say 1.3 billion. not million dollar, but billion dollar jackpot, no one matched all six numbers on saturday night's drawing. so the next drawing is going to be this week on wednesday night. you got a couple days to get your tickets. and the odds of winning 1 in 292 million.
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sometime now, 6:25, it's been a violent weekend in south florida with three shootings taking@two lives. we have the latest on the hunt for the people behind it. and how police are encouraging you to come forward with some information. and your morning commute may soon look and, well, sound a little bit different. coming up on nbc 6. we're live in the motor city with the north americic auto show. the latest and greatest. and a very refreshing change out of south florida. skies partly cloudy. but how abouthe temperatures
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lauderdale. >> announcer: live this is nbc 6 south flida breaking news. welcome back. no matter your age, you know the name david bowie, his music
6:26 am
this morning, the world mourns his loss. he battled cancer over the last 18 months. and word came overnight of bowie's death at the age of 69. social media blew up overnight on word of his passing. singer josh groban tweeted he never seemed of this earth. now, he's left it. he bent rules, gender, genres and our minds. r.i.t., david bowie, one of a kind. cher wrote, devastated a legend is gone. rapper kanye west tweeted david bowie was one of my most importantinspirations. so fearless. so skraetive. so creative. here's a still pic from otside of bowie's new york city home in soho. a few candles adorning the steps. and this video into the newsroom. a mural of david bowie quickly becoming a makeshift memorial in london, part of the city where he grew up. right now, julia bagg is
6:27 am
more on david bowie's passing. all we know he had cancer. no word what type of cancer and that it took him 18 months. and first, we'll get you out the door with traffic and weather together. let's get started with this. a livelook with the "first alert" cameras. a cool start and a wholeot drier. meteorologist ryan phillips is with us. ryan, really what its good sleeping weather. >> you're up and you don't want to get out of the bed. >> no. the work week is starting off on a cooler note but as eric mentioned a drier note as well. all the humidity farther south and east now. we'll kick off the day with some cloud cover moving on through. we're about 40 minutes or so out from sunrise. once we get things started here, we'll get a decent drive on the temperatures. we're now in upper 50s in broward county. very refreshing. a school start. 60 in miami.
6:28 am
in and out of cloud cover. "first alert" forecast high into the lower 70s. that's below average. for the drive in, temperatures right around 60, before the lunch hour, 68. high today 72. we're actually below average for much of the work week. got some rain chances to contend with. we'll talk about that in the complete forecast in 11 minutes. right now, the traffic and kelly blanco. >> ryan, we have a couple of tffic alerts up on chopper 6 above the scene of a pretty bad accident. this is as we're approaching the palmetto expressway you can see the southbound and one of your northbound lanes completely blocked off. we did see one car moving along on the northbound lanes. it's not completely shut down. southbound, you can see it is completely boxed off. an accident involves a box truck. it's going to take time to clear up. we can't even tell two cars involved or three. we'll keep you posted. avoid this area, northwest seventh avenue. your southbound lanes blocked off as you're approaching the
6:29 am
your other traffic alert in broward county. i-95 northbound, the flashing rights off to the right-hand side. two lanes completely blocked off. this is just after oakland park boulevard. we take you to the maps. there's roadway debris as you're trying to ramp on to i-75. and then we have this accident ives dairy road. crews work overnight get a car from a canal after a deadly plunge. now lauderhill police are hoping you can help them piece together the moment moments before the crash happened. nbc 6's michael spears is live from where it happened. michael, you told us that one person was able to walk out of there, or swim out thereof. three others, two others didn't make it. >> reporter: that's right, behind us here is where the car plunged into the canal. when first responders got here,
6:30 am
sitting on the embankment. three people were inside of that car that was unfortunately fully submerged. now, here's new video of crews pulling that car out 0 of the canal. northwest 44th street. according to investigators, the three people that were pulled out of the car were rushed to the hospital. unfortunately, two of those victims have died. this morning, the third person transported from the hospital remains in critical condition, according to investigators. now, earlier we e-mailed the lieutenant who is out here tonight to get an update. it's still not clear names of the victims or exactly what happened. that's when investigators worked into the night trying to figure out what caused that car to go off into the road and into that canal. we did get word from the scene that one of the people involve said a minor. still many unanswered questions. when we talked to investigators, they say the witnesses, people in this area around 8:00 p.m. last night, will be key in figuring out exactly what happened. take a listen. >> we are asking the community
6:31 am
specific time and location if you may have seen something or recorded something on your phone week asking you to please contact the police department because you may have the piece moment. >> reporter: one more me, this location northwest 44th street, call. very sad story. two people killed. a third in the hospital this morning. you need to check out the nbc 6 news app for full detetls. 6:35 this monday morning. a teen is gunned down. just one in a string of shootings that happened this past weekend in miami. detectives are on the hunt after would people are killed. another is fighting for survival at this point. nbc 6 reporter erika gloloer is live at the miami police erika, we're talking about multiple shootings, all of them within a matter of hours and all relatively short distance. it's got to be rising a lot of
6:32 am
they're all connected? >> reporter: yeah, aireric, officers have a lot of questions. anthony carvalho tweeted this, he said miami wakes up to the horrible news of three overnight shootings with one as yug as 15. it's hard breaking, senseless and unacceptable. here's the flyer with more information from officers about 15-year-old alder hill. officers say he was shot multiple times in the empty field that is just steps away from miami northwestern senior high school. hill is one of several teens who died as a result of gun violence within the last two months. >> he was in an empty lot when he was confronted with two gunmen. these two gunmen fled, leaving that man shot to death. >> reporter: the first shooting
6:33 am
saturday in the area of northwest 2nd court. officers say one man was shot many times andtaken to jmh in critical but stable condition. then around 10:15 just as detectives were still on the scene where that teenager was shot. they heard more gunshot. this time northwest 55th street. the victim was 29-year-old jejuan leonard, he, too, died at jmh. officers are offering a $3,000 reward for the arrest. you can call crime stoppers, 305-471-tips. >> erika was just reporting for us from miami, at the police department. let's head up to north miami now, that's where allegedly a sports car riddled with bullets ended up crashed into a home. police found the shotup porsche on the front steps of this house
6:34 am
6th avenue. the driver fled the scene leaving behind that car. detectives are trying to figure out who the car belongs to. who the driver was. and why the driver took off. no one in the home was hurt. >> the first group of cuban migrants stranded in costa rica is getting ready to leave the country. tomorrow, the first 180 cubans will be leaving costa rica and flying el salvador. some 8,000 cuban migrants have stuck in costa rica when nicaragua closed its borders to them. once in el salvador, they'll be dane by bus to mexico. in mexico, the islanders will have 20 days to make their way to the final destination, the u.s. if all goes well. the second bch of cuban refugees are expected to depart no later than a week after the first. nbc 6 reporter laura rodriguez will be traveling. tch for her live report here on nbc 67.
6:35 am
his arrest now has a hollywood star in the cross hairs for authorities here. the drug kingpin known as "el chapo" is back behind bars as of last friday. why his arrest has investigats wanting to question actors sean penn. and the passing of a legend, see how david bowuwie is being remembered. traffic moving along at 48 miles per hour. 826 northbound to the dolphin
6:36 am
with traffic at 61 welcome back. as you get ready for your morning drive, we've got a little glimpse of what the trip may look like and sound like in the not too distant future. >> oh, man, the latest and greatest, right jt?
6:37 am
impressive auto show in the entire world. nbc's jay gray is there. jay, we're early risers, we want the most kickin' car and a keurig built into the ddshboard. >> right into the dash. pops out. got your latte ready. eric and sheli. if it's got four wheels, chances are all find it here. muscle cars to minivans. concepts, even connected cars this year. >> reporter: the detroit auto show opens this morning with a display of power and this year high tech. >> all the technology in the car is really the biggest buzz in the industry. >> reporter: from autonomous driving from electric and even connected cars. >> it's everything you know aut smartphones and integrates all of that technology and technology into the vehicle in front of your eyes. >> reporter: and gears. >> changing lanes.
6:38 am
car may not be that far away. cameras and software being tested right now that allow sers to communicate with drivers on the road. stop lights to get realtime traffic information. even smartphonesith the route. >> the opportunity to get that advanced information before the car is there, before anybody is put in danger will just be incredible -- an incredible improvement in safety. >> reporter: and while there's plenty of tech talk, make no mistake there's still a need for speed which is why vlf will unfail the force 1. >> 649 horsepower. six-speed automatic transmission. and thus creating an american supp sedan to rival the best of europe. but made in the detroit area. >> reporter: an area an industry wrapped up and ready to roll. and, you know, the doors open in just a couple hours. i've had a chance, though, to sneak through and kind of look at some things here.
6:39 am
car for you, either the corvette and ferrari there. for you, ic, i was able to find a nice electric minivan so it should be just perfect. >> perfect, perfect. >> a minivan. >> her with the ferrari,ou with the minivan. >> well, i have thr kids. i'll take it. jay gray reporting live. >> he's at the north american international auto show. hillary clinton taking some time away from campaigning to have some fun in an interview on "the ellen degeneres show" set to air today she talks about her appearance last year on "snl" kim kardashian. >> she whips it out. she hits his buttons, the light is there, and she holds it at a perfect angle that makes anybody look better than they have
6:40 am
> that airs today on nbc 6. now, "first alert" weather with meteorologist ryan phillips. forecast. >> i just want to add that eric just sold his minivan. jay gray is trying to wrap it back into the minivan. >> you can believe him? >> can you believe him? i'm trying to get out of that. and we've got a clear cool start to the morning. a live look into miami. we will have clouds streaming on by this morning, but it really won't make a difference. the fact that it's so cool this mo morning is a refreshing change. just a high canopy of clouds up above. we're dry at the bus stop. but make sure the kids have something on, a hoodie, sweatshirt, sweater, jacket, 58 to 62. around the corner will come up. with the kids standing out in the sunshine it should feel
6:41 am
how about this, 59 in them brcoks pines, 58 in pompano beach. we've got several cool mornings in store for you this week. today's high is only in the lower 70s. that right there below average. normally, we would be up to 76 for the average high. this point in january, lower 70 "late show" do it today. tonight, closer to 60 again. through the overnight hours we may find clouds and showers moving quickly into the "first alert" forecast. again, a dry day today. beautiful day and drive in. 68 midday. 72, that's as good as it gets. the north wind continuing all day, but not too breezy. if you need to warm up, get out in the sunshine. tonight, temperatures dip in the 60s. 'll level off at 60. some showers move back in the forecast. that front tt went through already will meander off to the south. we'll find moisture returning. we'll be in and out of cloud cover. i'd say tomorrow, you play it
6:42 am
the payoff comes on wednesday. we've got to like the temperature trend from 720 today. and 60 tonight. take your umbrella, tomorrow. 73. how about 55, that will be the coolest morning we've had 10 or 11 months in south florida. 55 wednesday morning to 72. back to rain shower chances thursday and friday. next weekend looking pretty good. an update now on traffic, here's kelly. >> we're still following two trafficalerts in miami-dade and broward county. we'll start off in miami-dade. traffic 6 is here at palm avenue as you're approaching the palmetto expressway, the southbound lanes blocked off. can't even make if there's two cars involved in the accident or three. but it is involving a box truck as well. those southbound lanes completely blocked off. again, this is northwest 47th avenue, your southbound lanes as you're approaching the palmetto expressway.
6:43 am
"first alert" camera where it's very busy out there. your southbound lanes, headlights coming up at but northbound, taillights there, we have two lanes completely blocked but now it's just one lane. and major delays as you're trying to ramp on to i-75. and ives dairy road drivers, near 10th avenue, you're going to find one of the eastbound lanes completely shut down. breaking overnight, we have been talking about it all morning lawn and on the nbc 6 social media pages. a rock legend has passed away. nbc 6 reporter julia bagg is live at the news desk. david bowie's legacy go far beyond his music. >> sheli, we're talking about movies, a pop and rock icon.
6:44 am
representatives and his family. people around the world are paying homage. 1.3 million tweetu. cher, devastated. a legend is gone. also madonna tweeting so lucky to have met you. hot tramp i love you so. #rebelheart. and then fans paying tribute to the icon star on the hollywood rock of fame. some blared his music on speakers. he passed yesterday after an 18-month battle with cancer. bowie just released his final star." his 69th birthday. we have more tributes pouring in after his passing. you can also go to our facebook page and leave your own thoughts on the legendary singer. just about ten minutes to
6:45 am
monday morning. 've got new details about a first time substute teacher making pretty serious threats to students. mind you, this was the classroom. the 61-year-old substitute had just completed training an was a couple hours into her first school day when she allegedly made the threats to the kids. the third graders said she allegedly told them if she didn't stop misbehaving, she was going let a gunman into the classroom to shoot hem. one father said the students were terrified. and allegedly dangled the keys. >> he would have the keys in the classroom to let someone come in if they didn't behave to shoot them between the eyes. >> every single student related the exact same story to their parents. the school district's
6:46 am
had previously worked in extended after-school care. but they didn't have any problems with her there. school officials 94 investigating the incident that happened in that classroom. four suspects are now i custody. police are saying they were involved in a gang rape of a teenager in a new york city playground. surveillance video shows five men entering a bodega. the 18-year-old and her father were walking through a brooklyn playground when the group attacked them. the one city council member said the city has snk to an all-time moral-low. the city council member is expected to hold a press conference later to discuss the issue. one suspect, they say, is still out there somewhere. the affluea teen's mother is going to ask the court to lower her band. we've been keeping you up to
6:47 am
mother for the past couple of weeks. ethan and his mother fled to mexico as prosecutors decide whether or not he violated his probation in a 2014 drunk driving crash that left four people dead. and it is monday, once again, of course, that means we'reragging about another south florida school. this time, we're headed off to robert morgan educational center. home of the pirates. ari odzer will be checking out the school's magnate programs. they've got a lot of them, science and entrepreneurship. you can watch the live reports at 11:00 a.m. that will carry into "6 in the mix." >> announcer: now, the big 6 stories you need to know. three shoings arrests in three hours all on the same turday evening within the city of miami have officers working hard this morning to find who's responsible. two of the victims died. the other is in critical but stable condition in jackson
6:48 am
one of the victims is 15-year-old alder hill, officers say he's just one of several teens past two months to die of gun violence. police are trying to figure out what caused a car to plunge into a lauderhill canal. two people are dead and another at the hospital. also, mexico has begun the process of extraditing drug lore el chapo guzman to the united states. he was recaptured following a dramatic months-long hunt that involved movie stars, sewer escapes to shoot-outs. the extradition could take a long time because guzman's lawyers have filed appeals. the first group of cuban migrants stranded in costa rica are getting ready to leave the country. tomorrow, the first 180 cubans
6:49 am
once there taken to guatemala and mexico and finally to the u.s. man, this is getting ridiculous. the powerball soared to $1.3 billion. the odds of winning, 1 in 292 million. the revenant" is the winner of the best movie. the two categories 134ri9.the martian. make sure to catch it on "today" show. good morning to you, south florida. 826 drivers we have an accident to talk about. but first i want to take you to broward county. you see slowdowns here. oakland park boulevard. now, ou see southbound lanes are moving just fine. it's the northbound lanes slowing down on the approach of that crash scene that has two
6:50 am
and one right lane blocked off. les take you to the maps as you head out the door to the turnpike. traffic at 25 miles per hour. coral reef to tamiami, 21-minute commute. heading on to the expressway, 836, you'll have the right lane completely blocked off causing delays as well. track moving along at 16 miles per hour. now to the "first alert" forecast, a chilly forecast with meteorologist ryan phillips. >> yeah, chilly and refreshing though. here are the clouds that we're talking about. we are dry, no need for an umbrella this morning. but there's kind of a chill in the air that you'll need to shake off here, at least initially. once we get more sunshine skies. clouds will bleed on through at day. 59 in west kendall. 59 in miami. finally below that 60 degree mark. 59, pembroke pines. ft. lauderdale, 58, pompano beach. a mix of sun and clouds turning today. the "first alert" forecast, high of 72. ok at the roller coaster of
6:51 am
60 tonight. 73 tomorrow. showers tuesday, thursday, friday. and then wednesday, we're back in the mid-50s.
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