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tv   Today  NBC  January 11, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. this has to stop. >> i got one. monday. i wat yes. >> sometimes we fall down. of doing things, january 11th. hoda. look in the monitor. >> this is normal and this is
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we are takin by bae miller. >> it is a fun show, and fun with everybody out there there on the west coast, because it is so qui ourselves. take your time. and hollywood's biggest party did not disappoint last night, and neither did the fashion. but will there is always room for improvement, and bobbie is back with the red carpet re-dos. >> yes, i love, jenna and i will show you how the burn some calories. here. >> and you are the span ker and i'm the spankee. >> how long did it last? >> an hour. >> i never would have made it. and a new wedding weekend for blake shelton and gwen stefani, and don't get too upset about that, because we have the details and more on today's buzz. >> a busy little weekend.
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been trying to sell the book a belong. i withmamarazzi >> yes. >> but it is pommy blogger -- mommy blog >> yes. >> and we have a f n luncheon they have, and it is denise and melissa, and they came an and laugh and cry and did all of th my things and jewelry store. hey. >> i had friends who tryied to see you, and they said ta people forever. lots ofpeople. >> there is one picture that i wish we had and i was looking for it, but there were four young women who came in line they lives back on the right track, and they showed up so early dressed with yellow
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came started tapplaud the four women, and it is touching and beautiful. and then we wrapped it up at the j.c.c. where they love them some >> yes. >> and they were a bunch of fun people. they are the organizers, all answered questions there you have it >> and the book tour continues this week? >> rocking on and i'm going to ridgewood, new jersey out th joanne, come. >> i will be there. >> and i s some stuff or something. >> all righty. always the big deal. >> yes of the golden globes. >> and first of all, it is good to see ricky back where he is so there was not enough of ricky for wan me ricky. and a let ees's take a look at
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giambattista valleyi haute couture. >> and maybe it is her hair or the makeup, but beautiful. >> just gorgeous, and very old hollywood glamour. >> and cutouts were the trend. jennifer lawrence and so many had cutouts. >> there is mixed emotion about . i remember when al and i were at the oscars i think it was, and unbelievable this white outfitit dress with the cape. it was so hard to beat that one. >> yes, yes. an these are some fashion forwards. >> which means that amanda is to sweet to say that they were not hits, but misses. this is jane fon ka da who has one of the best bodies in the world for a 77-year-old woman. >> and i thought it` was great, but it is all of that stuff around the top. >> and some people say just
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necessarily mean it is nice. >> some people thought she looked like a shell, but i thought she was regal. >> and cate blanchett was beautiful. >> and this i usually love the see her, but this i did not like a bit. i love her. >> i love her, too. >> and the gorgeous family award goes to sly stallone. they are likehe beauty pack. >> how could he sleep at night worrying about those girl, wow. >> and bobbie is going to be coming to do some of the hocus pocus on some of those styles. >> and now, ricky had a few people cringing, and now we will take a look. america ferrera first. >> no, this sis just ricky. >> i want to do this monologue i hiding,
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me. he is also the only person that ben after flekt has not been unfaithful to. please welcome matt damon. >> thank u. >> when brad and angelina see our next two little adorable presenters, they are are going to want to adopt them. please welcome kevin hart and >> they lowered the microphones. hart. are they tiny? >> and one of my favorite ones of the night is wh had presenting.
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not eva menendez. >> and i'm america ferrera and not rosaria. >> and thank you shgs, eva. >> yes, char ra. >> and so adorable. >> and we are so happeny for christian slater and "mr. robot" and it won best drama. that is a big deal, right? >> yes, the d everything is no, ma'amminated. >> on the aus network? and lady ga xwa seemed surprised when she won her best actress
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and she is walking by leo dicaprio, and it like she meant to. bam. >> and look at that waist. cinched, baby. >> some people say that he was dogging her out and got busted, i think that she bumped him and he was like shocked. but look into the crist tal ba >> i don't know, but when you v have met somebody but never spent any time wit and gaga forgot to thank her fiancee. >> you forget, especially shocked when you don't know if you are going to win. >> and yes. >> and we will talk about it later, but she wanted to be an actress long before she wanted to be a singer, so good for her. and now, this is leo and kate winslet reuniting. >> this is viral. and it happened in a commercial lk at that.
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and the movie category "the revena revenant" won in the best actor and drama category. e you going to see it? >> no, i don't like the gore. >> but sylvester stallone did get a stand ging ovation when he won for his suppoing actor award for "creed." >> and he is beloved. everybody and his store i are, and the rags to riches story is his real life one and not just "rocky" and it is still one of the great hollywood stories. >> i lov eveveas genuinely happy for him. >> i love him. and he thanked the imaginary friend rocky balboa for being the best friend he ever had. good for him. >> and matt damon won for best comedic actor. >> that is totally weird. >> and it is a musical. and mel gibson presented an award and had the most awkward
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>> a few years ago on this show h, i made a joke about mel gibson getting drunk and saying a fun saveory things. we have all done it. i was not judging him, but now i find myself in the awkward position of having to introduce him again. listen, i'm surit is embarrassing for both of us. >> yeah. i love seeing ricky once every three years, because it reminds me to get a colonoscopy. >> use your imagination. >> i thought that something was beca out, but it is just that they were blip ing the profanity. >> a lot of alalhol in that room, and before, too. >> and so don't go anywhere, everybody, or you will miss our
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dannon if you missed any of the big celeb celebrity gossip over the we covered in "today's buzz." >> and the scoop that has everybody talk ging is the editor jack ree eco. >> and it was sad to wake up this to hear the news of david bowie. >> yes, a rock star and music visionary and a man who was able to reinvent himself time after time, and even something that rarely musicians do is that the ability to stay relevant over fofo decades, and you think about frank sinatra, and it is ane issive club. he passed away at 69 after a battle of kanscancer of 18 month, and he leaves behind a wife and son duncan jones who said he would be offline for a while.
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and ricky gervais, and kayne west, and cher and so many tweeted out afafr they found out. the new album came out january 8th on his birthday. >> and i read the review that and no mention of the passing so obviously before. and how about that, going out with the best she said. >> yes, and it could be somethin that is arguable, but at the same time the long-time producer, friend, tony vascani said it is david bowie's parting gift to the world. they are now thinking of doing a tribute at carnegie hall where the roots and cyndi lauper will be performing there. >> and listening t/ the music this morning. >> and the album "black star" is something very different than what he has done about. >> and that is the point, he is willing to take risks that is
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hits. >> and now, harrison ford. >> well, he is the highest grossing actor in u.s. box office history with $4.71 billion at the box office. >> he is such a et sweet guy. >> yes, a sweet guy, and if you saw the "star wars" the force awakens, it is making $4.7 billion across the globe, and this is is a big chunk why. and guess who he dethroned? >> samuel l. jackson. >> yes. >> e le was with us one time and we talked about i. >> and each one of of those fill films that he was in made over $1 billion. >> and carrie fisher said that nobody got a piece of the action. >> except for harrison. >> did harrison? >> we are, the highest paid one will there, and so definitely
10:17 am
murphy. >> and who is not happy? >> hoda. she lovos her some blake. >> and blake and gwen stefani instead of going to the golden wedding. the friend is blake's hairstylist amanda. and he served as one of the groomsman, and interestingly enough kelly clarkson is there pregnant with her second child, and the "voice" a alum -- >> please, i don't know what that is? >> it is flu season. >> ewe are making so much fun. >> they are looking serious, blake an gwen, and they are going to last. pab it is the real thing. >> and amy schumer and her boyfriend. >> they did not meet on that match --
10:18 am
schumer and ben hanish who is 29 years old a chicago furniture designer had met on a dating app called bumble, which is similar to tinder, but the woman makes the first move. and she says, i like that everybody is saying this, but let me b on that app. and it is a nice app, but we did not meet on that app. >> and so they are happy, and thdt is all that matters. >> very ap happy. all right. an easy way to pump up the workout. >> i wil na with a play list grilled chicken and bush's baked beans. >>mom totally forgot to give us vegetables. i know. it's awesome. >>boo-yah. blow it up. bush's baked beans. slow cooked according to our secret family recipe with a hint of sweetness they're the vegetable kids love. they're totally eating their vegetables. boo-yah. blow it up.
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if you want to kick off 2016 with the fresh start and you t found the motivation why not start today. >> yes, and jenna bush hagar is on a quest to get back to the gym, and we have a little friendly competi going. didn't we? >> yes, we did. sure did. >> and one of sus not over it yet. >> no, i am not. and one of the biggest excuses comes when it comes to workingout is motivation. but everybody knows that music can get you off your rear, right,t, hoda? >> right. >> and so we went to the folks of soul cycle and we battled it out to see whose songs got the adrenaline going best. >> reporter: the dark days of winter when nothing seems worth getting out of bed early forrers especially the gym,m, but it turns out that sometimes in life all you need is a perfe playlist, and just ask our resident "today" show music after fishh
10:22 am
dance partners. >> there are things that can change your mood just like that, booze number one and music. and it is like instantly the minute you hear it, it is a chemical body change. >> and researchers have found that the music we like stim the you lates the part of the brain that likes movement, and it can distract fatigue, and even make us for get how hard we are working. and it all came to fun when julie put it to the test. >> it is so much fun when we can see the whole room moving together, and that is what makes it so powerful. >> and the class director says that it is paramount. >> it is really the folkal alfocal point, because if i am not feeling it,
10:23 am
>> and so that leads us to a hoda and jenna playlist battle. >> okay. let me explain to you i have one strength in my life and it is picking music. that is my game. >> i am going to dominate -- three syllable ss. >> and i h he syllables for you, no, you ai you something, bush hagar, whatever your name is, game time. >> on top of the trash talk throw in 50 of our closest friends and colleagues, and let the battle begin. >> you ready! >> ready! >> i chose "what do you mean" because what do you mean, that song rocks. go biebs. >> "shake ya tailfeather" and a it is a sweaty dance song cause it is like when you at a
10:24 am
your -- that's it. >> i chose "like a prayer" becaus i remember being that little chubby third grader dancing aund my room, using my shoe as a microphone, pretending >> i chose funk" because there is no way on god's green earth that you can sit still with that song on. i'm going to pump you up >> i chose "get lucky" because it has that great beat that everybody wants to sing to. she's up all night to get some see's up a all night to get lucky >> i think that everybody did sing to it. >> when you are the ta end of your rope and you have nothing left in the tank and there is zero going on, that is when you need to hear "fight song. and with that, there is no question who came out on top.
10:25 am
that class going, and it is the winner -- hoda. >> look at that. >> hoda paid somebody off. >> if you want a fun five-minute we never plan on a full house. it just...happens.
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it is funday monday, and if you stayed up late watching the golden globes, you were in good company. >>&yes, and bobbie thomas is here after staying up to do some fashion swaps and tweaks. i loved the fun night. >> and yes, and when i was watch g watching at home, because i am a girl's girl. first up. >> and we have talked about it all morning, but this is what we didn't see. kate hudson and the body is stunning, and out of this world, and i wondered if kate hudson's dress was backwards and you can see how it is a crop here shgs, and it is all cut, but this had a cutout line.
10:30 am
>> you flipped it. >> what to you think? >> i like. >> i kind it kind of continues the lines to stay gorgeous. and this is her fun sunny choker, and i didn't like this break and another break. >> and look at you flipping it backwards. turned it around. and so did angelina jolie, so we are in good company. and e eva longoria and the name, and anything distracting from this face should be tossed. but this dress, i like that she took a risk, but there is a lot of stuff going on here with the necklace and the belt and the embellishment. >> who is the desingner? >> george hawpeka. and this this i took away the belt and then the line went up and drew attention to the face. it is so pretty on her.
10:31 am
>> great. what can we do to her? >> and one thing i give her credit to what works best op her, and just for fun, i could not help pu think, what if we borrowed kate bosworth's dress, because this is something that she would never try. and amazing. just for fun, and it is fun to see our favorite celebrities try a different silhouettes, and that is why i picked this and gave her more lip color. >> and the hair pulled to one side is a asymmetrical look. >> yes, and kate winslet did that as well to grab it to tuck it up underneath. and look at this one. bryce dallas howard and i love that she went and got it herself marcus. and that is sorelate to that. one thing that i wanted to point out, what if we tailored it just a that you kcan take advantage of in the department sto go to ask for the tailor's help.
10:32 am
that you may not know between two is that i adjusted the sleeve length. here it is cutting her right a little bit of the higher point. i with girlfriends always look at the sleeve length, even though people look tatat the length, but i look at the girls here. >> the puppies. >> and i lengthened the sleeves and it will elongate her here. and you could take the fabric here to do that or pay attention when you buy the dress in the first place. and t thi one, gorgeous and modern makeup, and when you do a nude lip, be careful not to lose your lip. just a hint of tint makes a a big differencea and you don't have to go with the lip color, but go with the lip pencil, the sameth natural tone, and be careful that the concan sealer, and stuff t lip. >>nd she wears very little makeup. >> stunning.
10:33 am
people are going with the fresh face. i love that she went with the soft lip, but i would have given her a little bit of definition. >> people don't understand how you look out many public and the way it is photographed is huge. >> and whether it is a yellow light or white light. >> and the last thing. >> yes, an there is a big blond trend happening and all of t t ladyies lightened up from jennifer lawrence to lady gaga to jennifer lopez, and i want you to go on facebook and tell us if you prefer the brunette or the blond version of these ladies? >> yes, jennifer lopez' eyes pop. >> and i am so jealous, because she can do any hair color. and she is like a chameleon or something. >> she is stunning. >> and go to vote on and new people getting high
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>> she is starring on a new series called "younger." >> and sutton plays a 40-year-old who poses as a book publisher, and in the new season, she has come clean to the much younger boyfriend. turns out that the real age k it out. >> and lisa lopez and her nickname was -- >> lef. >> left eye. >> and next question, o.j. simpson had a house guest. >> kato kaelin. >> correctmundo. and the next one works was the mastermind behind the smashing of nancy kerrigan -- >> jeff gillooly. >> how is she getting all of these? >> she is 40. >> and it is awesome cast, and i
10:40 am
start back. >> when do you start back? >> the second season wednesda and you are already shoot ging, obviously. >> we wrapped right before the and we just got picked up for season three. >> oh, that is great. >> we want the best for you. >> and it is a little upsetting, and you really do look 26. >> but you did have to a awkward year s years. >> oh, gosh, yes. >> and underscored. >> oh. >> and the graces. not bad. you look like anne frank, the remember "the diary of anne frank." >> oh. >> and the beautiful picture of anne frank. >> and this is a sad storey, because it is the day of the valentine's day dance, and i was not asked to go. and i was made fun of. >> do you remember his name. >> heath. >> and you have been taken now, d heath didn't have a chance,
10:41 am
more than a year. >> yes. >> and congratulations. >> and you are glowing. >> so are doing great. >> yeah, give it time. >> oh. >> and we are going to play a game with you, sweetheart. we are going to be playing this game called "who is younger." and we will look at picture ss and we will all play. >> gwen stefani or reece wit witherspoon. >> i am saying reece. >> i am saying gwen. >> reece. gwen is 46 and reece is 39. that. >> how old are you, sutton? >> 41 in march. >> and how old is blake? >> 30-something. cate blanchett and jouleulieanne
10:42 am
>> kr ccate. >> and julieanne moore is 55. what are they doing? >> they are getting some nice wo done. >> viola davis, and julie louie dreyfuss. >> i am going with julie. >> no, it viola who is 50 and julia is 54. >> i am younger than all of them. >> and who is younger sutton fost foster hair up or sutton foster hair down. sutton foster hair down. hair up is 33 and look at that. no difference. >> are you kidding! >> honestly. tell us what you do, and a quick five seconds on the skin. >> on the life. on my skin? >> when you wake up. >> i just natural. i just natural chill stuff, and i try to keep the skin nice and clean. moi on before you go to bed?
10:43 am
and i had a facial in the 20s and a woman said, do you use the eye cream, and i s said, you should. and i troo i to drin ak a lot of water, and stay healthynd all of the an noig things. >> it works. >> a lot of of the youth comes from the inside, and being happy and having a positive outlook about life and i try to have a positive outlook, and happiness and joy keep you young. >> well, we will tell you what our motto is. >> my joy is nonnegotiable. make sure you catch season two on tv land. >> and this is kate plus five. >> not what you think. the of another floyd doesn't believe he can get his taxes done for nothing. so we brought in dr. michio kaku to explain exactly what we mean by nothing. nothing is the absence of something.
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remember your favorite teach teacher in elementary school,
10:48 am
>> well, the educators played by these six actresses are nothing like that. together they call themselves the katydids because -- >> i'm caitlyn bar low. >>'m catherine renee thomas. >> i'm kate lambert. >> i'm kate freedman. >> i'm katy o'brien. >> and i'm katy collitan. >> and this is not made up. i watched the pilot this morning, morning, and very bad, b funny. >> and can someone without the name kate be in your posse, or did you shut her out? and we totally shut out. >> and caitlyn, you are an actual teacher? >> yes. >> and so then what happens? >> this is what happens. were doing standups at night, and teaching the elementary school during the
10:49 am
>> i loved teaching, and i loved it and missed it, and if nick, i would want my former students to know that miss barlow worked very, very hard and her dams came true, and theirs can do. >> and we were in an improve group called the katydids, and we have been together doing the improve sketches and the web series, and fortunate enough to have tvland to pick us up for a series. >> and it was not picked up at and you were all down and -- >> really bummed out. >> and then what happened? >> well, we all moved to the l.a. over a period of time to shoot the pilot, and kept our fingers crossed, and then it got picked up, and we shot nine more episodes. >> can we show you the pictures of when you were kids. raise your hand kate lambert. >> i want to see kate lambert.
10:50 am
>> wow. >> that is your brother. >> and otherwise, that would is have been a pretty good haircut. i am like him pouting, but i love that picture of my brother, because he is holding a care bears lunchbox, and the juxtaposition just kills me. >> and what is the series like, and what happens? >> w is a comedy about six women who are trying to shape the minds of america's youth while dealing with their own stuff outside of the classroom. >> and their own dysfunction. >> kre. >> and ishsues, and caitlyn has a number of them. >> yes. >> and what happens of how much of the experience in the classroom did you put many this? >> yes, teaching is untapped comedy gold, and there are so
10:51 am
things are from my teaching background background. such as being on t co a so, we will ask you this. raise your hand if you have flunked a class. hmm, two. raise yo you skipped a class for a day. everybody. did you, kath? >> no. >> ra raise your hand if you were the class clown. >> kind of. and if you pulled a a prank that got you in trouble. >> yes. >> ever called your teacher mom or dad by accident? that is just weird. >> and you have other issues. >> well, it is very, very funny show, and congratulations on being picked up, and thank you so much. "teachers" premiers this $% wednesday night on tvland right after "younger."
10:52 am
first this we want to share our
10:53 am
>> this lipstick, and you are to site. i saw it out on a counter and then when i got it home, i cou up or figure it out. and you turn it. watch this, watch this. >> what are you doing? >> and look at that. isn't that the cs so neat. it is called lip 20 moisture therapy and spf lipstick and sheer shine, and $30 in 12 >> i love that. and so here is a little girl that i met at the book signing, and she drew me a card, and her name was autumn. i think it is autud word on it and made my day, and sometimes the best things that you get on the book sipings is a priceless gift from a little girl. thank you for that.
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