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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  January 11, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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>> from "shades of . right now nbc 6 is everywhere. the music world says good-bye to david bowie. a look the at the touching tributes from all over the world and a glimpse back at the legend who wrote some of the most iconic songs of the 20th century. >> what made a car plunge into a dmal. a tragic car ride that ended in two deaths and a teen in the hospital. >> a helpless cat bound and unable to move. how deputies noticed that in a a arrest for something completely unrelated. >> we're live at robert morgan educational center, bragging abouthis school for all the things it does. all mag net five different
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the story is coming up. live, this is nbc 6 south florida breaking news. and we are following breaking news out of northwest miami-dade. thanks for joining us this midday. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. let's get straight to nbc 6's kelly blanco live at thehe desk with the details. >> eric and sheli, police on the scene of two armed robberies. let's get to it a look from up above chopper 6 at one of the scenes. new information is coming into the newsroom right now. we know that two armed robberies happened blocks away from each other, however we don't know if they are connected. now this is happening in the 900 block of northwest 116sth terrace. we are hearing someone may have been injured from shards of glass. look for updates on the nbc 6 news and weather app. kelly blanco, nbc 6 news. all right. thank. we're following breaking news out of iraq. that is where iraqi officials
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into a mall in baghdad and killed ten people at at least three of them are officers. they also set off a consider bomb at the entrance and made their way in. they have several people being held hostage. we understand that 50 to 75 people are in that mall in baghdad trapped and also that no one has claimed responsibility. but again, ten people killed, including three officers. in a baghdad mall after gunmen stormed in. we'll keep you posted on developments. >> and right now let's take you outside for a live look overdowntown miami, 11:00 on this mqnday morning. you can't see it but you can feel it if you stepped outside. cooler weather kicking off your work and school week. meteorologist ryan phillips tracking all of that. there. >> bring him back. >> this is aool morning for us in south florida considering the fall and so far this wter it's been mild. the first time we've dipped below 60 degrees in miami now
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59 the low in miami. for opa-locka, 57, pompano beach. we have not rallied so far. the cloud deck holding back the sunshine and that means our current readings only into the lower and middle 60s. 65 opa-locka, pembroke pines and currently 63 in miami. it feels great. we would like more sunshine. that will be on the way this afternoon. clouds still plaguing us in eastern broward county extending into miami-dade. we've had springsles across inland miami-dade county. the concentrated rains for now off to our south won't last long because after a nice day today, i will be talking shower chances around the corner. live look into ft. lauderdale, still looking for the cloud deck to break up. thth forecast toward more sunshine this afternoon. still on the cool side of things. afternoon highs 72. refreshing north to northwest winds. a l l of changes all week long to your first alert forecast. all the details in 13 minutes. >> all right. thank you so much. fans of david bowie have been paying their respects at a
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singer's london births place. in l.a. and california, dozens of fans putting candles by his star on the walk of fame and, of course, blaring david bowie's music over the loud smokers for everybody to hear. he died last night of cancer but details are hush hush. julia bagg is heren the studio. maybe a colorful is a good word to use in terms of describing the legacy he had left behind, that's for sure. >> colorful indeed. much more for his music, this was a mab who cut across generations and jen regenres of pop culture. david bowie a rock music icon for more than 40 years. bowie's manager confirmed the singer's passing sunday, two days after his 69th birthday, the same day he released his 47th album "black star."
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fighting a private battle with cancer. put on your red >> reporter: he burst on to the scene with the ball lost space oddity, that set off more than a string of hit albums and songs in the the '70s including fame, changes and young americans. it alsolaunched an array of bowie personas including glam rock sensation ziggy stardust. >> the pan was a jeanman was a genius. whether it was music, cinema or art. this man did it all. >> reporter: added new pop ways to his repertoire and appeared in movies and tv series. little fat man who sold his soul >> reporter: in the wee hours of this morning bowie fans paid their respects on hollywood's walk of fame. lighting up the memory of a legacy herer to stay. what an impact he had. trivia for you, david bowie married twice, had one child
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sheli and eric. >> thank you so much. and as you can imagine the tributes keep pouring in for the singer. politicians, actors, astronauts literally from space sharing memories of the latestar. rapper kanye west tweeting david bowie was one of my most important inspirations, fearless, so creative, he gave us magic for a lifetime. >> rocker billy idol also took to twitter saying he inspired us to go beyond the norm and reach out and dis pel the void of life in the '70s england with our own art form. >>british prime minister david cameron called bowie, quote, a master of reinvention who kept getting it right adding his death is a huge loss. >> tim peek tweeted about his sadness from outer space saying his music was an inspiration to many. this tribute seemed fitting for a unique man often described as a creature from another planet. >> miramar police need your help finding these guys shown in this picture here.
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fedex package which confind five iphones from a victim's home. they were orded from a verizon account opened in the victim's name at the house it was stolen from. you're asked to call 594-493-tips. police trying to figure out what caused a car to plunge into a canal. two are dead and one teen is in the hospital as we talk this midday. nbc 6 reporter michael spears is live at broward health med incle center where the teenager is now. in terms of how the car got there do we have any idea what led up to all of this? >> not at this point. all morning we e-mailed and put out calls to police and still awaiting information. the big question this morning, what caused that car to go into the canal. now as far as the teenager mentioned here, broward health medical center we did get off the phone with lauderhill, the teenager not identified remains in critical condition. >> the first 911 call came in
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a car with four people inside off the road and into a canal on northwest 44th street. >> rushed in and found three victims still in the vehicle. >> reporter: guide crews pulled the three victims out of the fully submerged yellow car. a fourth person who was riding in the car swam to safety according to officials and was found on a nearby embankment. >> all three victims were transported in critical condition to area hospitals. >> reporter: lauderhill fire rescue said two of them were later pronounced dead, a third person remains hospitalized. right now, there's still many unanswered questions. police still piecing together what caused the driver to go into the canal. >> we are asking the community if you were here at that specific time and location, you may have seen something or recorded something on your phone, we're asking you to please contact the police department because you may have the piece we're looking for for this puzzle. >> reporter: earlier we did speak to neighbors where the car went into the canal. some who lived in the area for
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they tells us they've never seen or heard of a car going off the road into a canal in that area. but police again saying if you did see that, if you were in the area around 8:00 p.m. they do want to hear from you. the number for the lauderdale police department, 594-949-4700. live at broward health medical center, michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> thank you for the update. jury selection starts in the trial of a second baltimore police officer charged with second-degree murder in the death of freddie gray. caesar goodson faces the most serious charges of any of the officers involved in this. gray died last year back in april, a week after sus staping pretty bad injuries while in the back of a baltimore police van on his way to the police department. goodson is the second of six officers to go on trial in connection with gray's death. the first group of bans stranded in costa rica is getting ready to leave the
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cubans will be leaving costa rica flying to el salvador. 8,000 cuban migrants have been stuck in costa rica since november 14th when they closed its borders to them. once in el salvador they will be taken by bus to guatemala and mexico and in mexico they will have 20 days to make their way to the final destition the u.s. if all goes well, the second batch of cuban refugees are expected to depart no later than a week after the first. and nbc 6 reporter laura rodriguez will be traveling to migration. look for her live reports on nbc 6 and make sure to follow her facebook and twitter pages. her handle is @laurabc 6. and expanding their duties miami firefighters are not only keeping all of us safe on land but when on the water as well. >> today they christened a new marine operation center meant to help boaters in distress and
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downtown miami with how this works. >> reporter: this is about improving response times and better serving this community. this is basically a fire station on water. now the city of miami does have a fire station about a mile away, but depending on the traffic, getting from there to bayside marketplace, could take five minutes or more. but now, crews can stay on this houseboat which is equipped with a kitchen, a bathroom and a place toleep and when they get the call, they can hop off this operation center, head over to fire boat 1, and take off. >> our fire operations runs probably three to four emergencies on a regular routine day and all the holiday weekends that we have, whether it be fourth of july, memorial day, labor day, those numbers go up. >> reporter: now the opening of this operation center means that a four-person crew is on deck ready to go 24 hours a day,
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reporting live in miami, ericka glover, nbc 6 news. >> all right. thank you so much. still ahead for you this midday, a helpless animal rescued from a dangerous situation. how deputies ended up stumbling abused. >> new developments in the ongoing saga of el chapo. what mexican leaders want from sean penn. ugh. i really shouldn't. no, you know what? i should. and i will. i deserve this. i'm a bogo findin', weekly ad flippin',
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welcome back. a break in a story that touched a nerve with dozens across the
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four teenagers have been arrested in the gang rape of an 18-year-old new york city woman. one guy still out there and police say they attacked the victim as she walked through a playground with her father. one man pointed a gun at her father, forcing him to leave. two people in california are in jail. deputies say they tied up a cat's paws with electrical tape. here's a picture of the cat tied up. they approached a suspicious car and found the two with drugs and as they continued searching the car detectives found the cat upside down in a cat carrier and not moving. one of the suspects is bleefbds to be the owner and facing animalalruelty charges. the head of extradition for the mexican attorney general's office says it very likely will take at least a year to extradite joaquin el chapo guzman to the united states but there are new questions surface surfacing as to whether or not sean penn as in the actor sean penn will be facing any charges
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drug lord. a look from mexico at the new twist in the el chapo saga. >> reporter: mexican law enforcement officials tell nbc news that mexican authorities want to speak with sean penn and mexican soap ap pero star kate dell castilla about their trip to meet joaquin el chapo guzman. believed to be his first entire in decade, the article published by rolling stone was guzman only agreed to take the questions after a seven hours face to face meeting days before a failed october aid. according to penn this picture authenticates that meeting. penn quotes el chapo saying i ply more her rojas when, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world. on friday the attorney general said guzman's desire to make a movie about himself and interaction with producers and actors led to his arrest. >> i think the mexican authorities want to identify as
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withp el chapo as they can. >> reporter: trusted source tells nbc news authorities were aware that penn and el castillo were in mexico to meet with enforcement was closing in. a planned arrest sweep was delayed to assure the two would not be harmed. when the raid eventually took place, el chapo and his security team escaped. we reached out to both penn and el castilla. neither has commented. this isn't the first time penn has dabbled in journalism. previously written articles for the nation and the san francisco chronicle. this time "rolling stone" said it agreed to let the subject publication. the magazine says el chapo made no changes. dave gutierrez, nbc news, mexico. abo another south florida school today. we're at robert morgan edcational center magnet academy with plenty to offer and home to the pirates and that is
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are they calling you ar-ry? >> that's a good one. we're calling it robert morgan educational center. i'm surrounded by pirates in the gym. look at the setup. it's like a pep rally over here. the principle, the lead pirate, the captain of the ship, is kimberly davis. talk about what makes this place so special. welcome everyone to robert morgan educational center and technical colle. the premier magnet high school in miami-dade county. we are super pud to offer five amazing academies representded here this morning. we have our engineering department, engineering students. >> the chorus in the background. >> singing this morning. digital pedia technology. also we're celebrating our advanced academics for our advanced placement classes. >> culinary. >> medical assistant and vet. i don't know if you see our bunnies. >> so many things going on.
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let me talk to -- for one second to christina your lead teacher in the magnet program. what's your favorite program here? >> that the students are hands on experience with the opportunity to get industry certification. look at these kids sitting in the cosmetology. i have two children that go to school here. >> girls, help me out. i could use a lot of makeup, lot of lp with how i look. >> as you can see, gyp ness book of world record for culinary, an award-winning restaurant, get a gourmet meal cooked for you. four days a week. >> wow. miss davis, let's talk one second i see the guys trying to work on cpr over here. go to your left over there. what's going on? they're saving a life or learning how to do that. >> we have a fantastic health science program. our students participate in medical assisting, dental assisting and veterinary assisting. >> they also have a kick butt drum line, am i right, guys? ready to hear the drummers? >> oh, yeah. let me tell you one other thing about robert morgan, all magnet school.
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magnet programs`to enroll your kids, is the 15th. that's this friday. so get busy, parents. you want your kids to go to a school, a magnet program, get them enrolled now. experience. as we say good-bye from robert morgan educational center. here. back to you guys. now, first alert weather with meteorologist ryan phillips, south florida's most accurate forecast. >> good looking afternoon coming our way, despite the presence of all the cloud cover. we're going to thin that out. we haven't had any rain shower activity. start with the clear radar right now, but that will change in the period ahead. we're talking tonight even into morrow, showers quickly coming back into the local forecast. here's the big picture. the owers that we are detecting a lot are not hitting
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just false echos across the southwestern -- excuse me the -- off the southwest coast to the southeastern gulf waters along the straits. cloud cover which has been pesky this morning, slowly thinning out. high pressure is wedging in across at least the central portion of florida. we're going to see that transition and translate to sunshine for us this afternoon. don't let clouds throw you. no rain coming our way this afternoon. only more sunshine along the way. cool weather for much of the week. we have yet to say that this winter season. but we have periodic rains back in your first alert forecast beginning as soon as tomorrow and by the time we get to next weekend it will be a warmer temperature trend. still stuck into the lower and mid 60s, but boy, add a little sunshine to that this afternoon, and quickly our temperatures accelerate. i will call for highs into the lower 70s, even the evening commute temperatures dip down into the upper 60s. lows tonight at about 60 but with more clouds and showers tomorrow, highs only into the upper 60s to near 0 and here's the big, big chill.
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lower to mid 50s, across the area, mostly clear skies a a then get back to sunshine for wednesday. up and down forecast today. clearing things out, more sunshine, highs72. evening commute at 70 and the evenin at about 69 to 68. we drop to 60 tuesday morning. tuesday afternoon, want to take your umbrella. back into shower chances and highs into the lower 70s. the big cool down comes on wednesday as we dip into the mid 50s. back to sunny skies and 72. keep in mind, the periods thisis winter that we've had a cool down, it's only been able to last o o day. we have the whole week trending below average until friday. developing storm system will bring in showers, maybe some thunderstorms, leading into friday afternoon. also warmer day there of 81. then i do think that we clear out leading into next weekend as pighs return to where they should be into the mid 70s. track the temperatures all week long on your smart phone or tablet, downloads the nbc 6 news
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thank you so much. if you watched the golden globes on nbc 6 you know that lady gaga took one home. goes. >> and so could she be coming something? roxanne vargas is here with the details. hello. >> hey, good morning. yeah, lady gaga's little monsters were excited she's music. she broke the news on the red carpet during the gloldsen globe awards that she is, quote, i am putting out an album this year. i won't tell you when, but it is coming out this year. how about that. this will be her first album since 2014 when she collaborated with tony bennett on the album "cheek to cheek." we have you covered with all things golden globes at 11:30. the highs, the lows, on stage, and on the red carpet. yeah, we're going to break down the winners and losers on the red carpet, plus the top trending story in the world of entertainment, the world of nee really, david bowie, untimely
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we'll look back at his life. south florida mega star nba legend miami heat legend alonzo mourning wants to go get you in the groove that benefits our home, our community.
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the mix." if you're disappointed you didn't win the powerball over the weekend don't. you have another chance. the numbers are soaring. the jack pot $1.4 billion. billion with a "b." officials say the jackpot is the biggest i was going to say u.s. history but moree like world history. no one matched all six numbers saturday night's drawing leading tohe astronomical
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wednesday, and while the nbers went up the odds are tiny, 1 in 292 million. >> yeah. well -- mind you $1.3 billion when we got here this morning. >> yeah. >> now 1.4billion. >> still have until wednesday. >> that will do it for us. coming up next, "6 in the mix" hosted by roxanne vargas.
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