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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  January 12, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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you do what is best with you. it's a personal choice. >> you sit down and talk with your doctor and make sure you're doing exactly what's right. the nbc6 news at 5:00 starts right now. right now at 5:00 -- a 13-year-old boy waking up to very good news after getting shot two weeks ago in cutler ridge. we're looking at at raid that finally captured el chapo. >> florida hockey fans are hanging their head a little lower this morning. we'll explain exactly why. everybody. it's 5:00. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. chill. >> it's already started. likely to stick around for the next couple of days? >> yeah.
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to accompany the cool readings we've got out there as well. i'll show you the numbers in a bit. i want to show you live first alert doppler. 58 in oakland park. 58, ft. lauderdale. we'll bring the radar back and show some shower activity. we can already see the back end. as this sweeps through this morning, perhaps we can g this shield of showers out by the time we get to the bulk of our commute. mel melrose park up to plantation, davey, pretty decent shower activity moving through. this will get the roads slick this morning. heavier showers on the approach to i-95. keep that in mind. miami-dade county, you've been looking good so far. here's your first alert forecast. temperatures into the upper 50s this morning. showers around. i think they'll last until the midday hours and then we clear out. some sunshine and 71 to end the afternoon. as we talked about, cool weather tonight. more on that in just a bit. >> i'll take the cool weather
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accidents that come with the rain. please drive carefully out there, south florida. as you're making your way out there, we're accident-free in miami-dade county. in broward, i-95, on-ramp to oakland park boulevard. flashing lights off to the right-hand side. that right lane blocked off. you'll still be able to jump onto i-95 from oakland park boulevard. they haven't shut down the entrance ramp completely. you can see your lanes getting by northbound and southbound no issue. if you're headed out the door in miami-dade, we're accident-free. we'll have construction going on just after the turnpike and a couple of your left lanes blocked off on the palmetto expressway. you want to make sure you stick to your right-hand side. the 13-year-old boy who was shot while playing with his friends in southwest miami-dade last month is expected to go home today. he's spent the past two weeks recovering at nicklaus children's hospital and that's
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reporter michael spears. last half hour you drove the point home. other kids are playing and going to school, this kidz kid has been in the hospital, trying to fight for his life. >> it's hard to understand what his family is going through. we spoke to his mother and she tells us she's thankful her boy is alive, thankful he's able to be released from the hospital. 13 years old, eric watson jr., he's been here for two weeks. recovering from three gunshot wounds as other kids were going to school, hanging out with friends. certainly a difficult time for his family. his family describes him as upbeat, athletic. he was shot over winter break at his grandmother's neighborhood in south miami-dade. hanging out with friends when someone drove up and shot half dozen bullets, hitting this
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a day earlier from when he was shot, police say 7-year-old amir cass was shot. the 7-year-old was murdered, pronounced dead. both shootings sparked outrage among neighbors and community leaders about the gun violence, particularly amongst children. we spoke with the superintendent for miami-dade county schools and he says in the last year alone, there have been 60 kids shot in miami-dade county. more than 20 or so have died. in this case, though, this morning, definitely some good news as eric watson jr. expected to leave the hospital. he'll leave in just a few hours but as far as this investigation, the person who shot him, as of this morning police say that person sill remain on the loose. for now, live at nicklaus children's hospital, michael spears, nbc6 news. five minutes past the top of the hour on this tuesday morning. a south orida taxi driver shot on the job is waking up at home
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jose pena bayes is released from jacksonville hospital. in just a little over a week ago he spent his birthday fighting for his life. surveillance video, captured the moments that an armed man robbed him at a gas station. he was shot in the leg that day but he says he still plans to go right back to work. >> i have three kids. i need more for my kids, for my wife, and for me. >> you know you've got to do what you've got to do. his survival story continues. the shooter is still out there. if you can find that person or the getaway driver, you're asked to call police. this morning detectives searching for four people behind beach. cameras are rolling as the group beat up a man outside a clubhouse near 46th and northwest 3rd avenue. deputies say thieves made off with the victim's tablet, backpack and skateboard. they assaulted him when he tried
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what may be a toyota suv. >> miami-dade police department is looking for a pair of women who they say stole two cell phones from a palmetto bay store. you'll recognize the thieves in this crystal clear surveillance video. you can see their faces taken near south dixie highway and 136th street. they're accused of ripping two iphones off the cords, running out of the store right after. police think they left the area in a red pontiac g-6. we're taking a look at dram mick raid video that ended with the capture of joaquin "el chapo" guzman. details onhis last man's efforts. you would think he wants to disappear into the woodwork, but that'sp not like happened. >> he never gives up. the video we're about to show you is violent. it gives you an inside look at the fierce gun battle that ended
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el chapo. a mexican marine wearing the camera captured the dramatic moments you see here as the servicemen swarmed el chapo's hideout in sinaloa, mexico. five of his bodyguards died as they fought to try to keep him free. maines found a supply of weapons including rocket-launchers. they didot arrest him there. he escaped through that tunnel and made his way into the city's storm sewer. investigators say he and his security adviser made it u to the street. this they stole two cars to get away and that's when police stopped them. coming up in the next hour, find out what we know about his secret meeting with hollywood star sean penn just months before his capture. sheli and eric? >> thanks a lot. time 5:07. still a lot more ahead coming up. president obama getting ready to make hisis final state of the union address. we'll find out why this oneery likely will be different from all the arrests. an accused casual crook in
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we get a lo at the woman arrested for a string of robberies and how the fbi zeroed in on the alleged bandit. showers moving in across the effort. broward county on the front end of some moderate rains this morning while miami-dade is quiet and dry. more rain coming through the gulf waters this morning, leading to a gloomy and cool start to our morning.
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a look at the radar where we're seeing a few showers over the area. ryan is tracking the forecast couple of minutes. tuesday morning. delivering his final state of the union address. the focus likely will be to generate support for big-time issues. we're talking about climate change, tightening gun control and immigration reform, just to name three of them. nbc's tracie potts gives us a quick preview from washington, d.c. >> reporter: dueling videos are setting the stage for tonight's final state of the union. >> there is no next time. this is it. >> reporter: the white house says president obama will reflect on his achievements and look ahead. >> he's got an opportunity to lay out for the american people the longer-term challenges we cace and also the longer-term opportunities that exist. >> reporter: this preview from house speaker paul ryan focuses on november, the election. for the first time ryan will be seated directly behind the
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>> i'm not a real poker face guy. i grimace, i wince. >> the president of the united states! >> reporter: south carolina governor nikki ley follows the president tonight. she's delivering what republicans call an address, n a response. >> the reason i didn't want it to be a response to the president is i certainly am not one to compete against the president or try to implyly that i could be. >> reporter: ted cruz is skipping tonight's speech to campaign in new hampshire, where he's third. marco rubio, rand paul and bernie sanders are expected to attend. the first lady's guest tonight will include students, business owners, veterans and an empty chair representing victims of gun violence. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. and the entire "today" show anchor team is at the white house this morning, as we speak, preparing for some very big interviews.
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president obama ahead of the speech, and savannah guthrie will be interviewing vice president joe biden. tune into "oday" on nbc6 for the "today" show. nbc special new coverage from washington, d.c., on the state of the union address begins at 9:00, right here on nbc6. in a few hours governor rick scott will deliver the state of the state before a joint session of the legislature in tallahassee. scott released part of his speech, which focuses on job creation. the governor will call for incentives and tax cuts. he says that will make florida number one in the nation when it comes to job growth. right now florida is second only to texas. the clock is certainly ticking for medical marijuana supporters to get the amendment on the november ballot. united for care has less than three weeks to get the 157 signatures it is missing for the constitutional amendment that would legalize medical marijuana to, in turn, put the option on
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the group has submitted more than 526,000 signatures to the state. they have until february 1st to submit those remaining names. people in cape coral are still picking up the pieces left behind by a tornado. it is the strongest to hit southwest florida in more than 50 years. all roads are now open as crews continue to clean up the trail of destruction. damage to homes and businesses are estimated to be at more than $6 million. the twister packing winds of more th 110 miles per hour touched down on saturday. 5:14 the time now. a wet start to our morning. we need to prepare you with two things. two things. two things. an umbrella and a sweatshirt or a sweater. one way or the other, you know, just let me get through the digits there.
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two. we end up with i a very wet pattern this morning. broward county on the front end of the moisture. live first alert doppler. download our free mobile app and you can see what i see here. live first alert doppler with the showers streaming through eastern broward county. heavier activity into hollywood, dania beach, extending into at least hallandale beach and west park. east miramar. still the showers continuing across weston and davey, extending down i-75 to pembroke pines and county line heading into miami-dade county where you're finally getting into action in miami lakes and open look ka and hialeah. the showers have been ongoing. we've had passing waves. this is the second wave which became better established at 4:00. the good news is i can see a clearing trend, at least with this shield of shower activity that should catch up with
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right now, we are dry in miami-dade county. i'll show you an interesting perspective momentarily. let's take you deep into the everglades. ouou everglades/hollywood camera. moderate rains continuing across the interior locations along u.s. 27. look at low clouds building in across miami-dade. wedon't have any precipitation fouling but cloud deck falling here. in tandem with that, very cool temperatures. again, the showers will continue to bleed off to the east. not overly heavy but nuisance showers, which i think is likely to put the squeeze on the morning drive. you'll be running your windshield wipers throughout the morning commute. i think we'll thin the clouds out once we get past the lunch hour. back on a cool and gloomy start to our morning. here's future radar with the showers coming in. i believe, miami-dade county, you'll get your chance to see wet weather. things drastically imploouf.
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later this afternoon. i think it will happen faster than 5:00 and we'll end with a little sunshine. without the rain and the north wind, we wongt move these readings. right now into the upper 50s. 58, 59 and exceptionally cold weather up the road. tonight will be the coolest night we've had since last spring. first alert weather, umbrellas this morning. a very slow climb of temperatures. we're talk 58 for morning compute. 57 midday. 71, still well below average. tonight, lows at 55 and sunny skies and 72 tomorrow. still looking dry for the weekend. >> are you wearing your onesie? >> yeah. i have it on right now. >> he's ready. good morning to you, south florida. thank you for joining us this morning. taking a look at your drdre, we are accident-free in broward county. but we have a broken down car at
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you can see the tractor/trailer. cars are getting by off to the left-hand side. just the rate line to the entrance ramp. you notice the roads, as ryan mentioned broward county getting soaked. another camera view of first alert cameras at i-95, northbound and southbound roads at cypress creek. give yourself plenty of time. miami-dade, accident-free. that's good news for all the commuters heading out the door. ramp to 874 xlet xlooetly shut down until 5:30 a.m. your time right now, 5:18. the wumoman dubbed as diamond diva is stayi behind bars, at least for now. during her first court appearance, the judge set a thursday hearing for abigail kemp. you might remember some of the surveillance videos showcasing her crime spree across five different states. police say she held up employees atat gunpoint, tied them off and
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the fbi says the 4-year-old hit six different stores and never wore a mask in any of them. if convicted, she could face up to 20 years in prison. bill cosby having another honorary degrees revoked. in the wake of the sex assault scandal, george washington university is pulling the comedians degree, th say out of respect for those who have survived sexual assault. last year they declined to take the degree away, but in light of the cases, they changed their mind. cosby is now facing several lawsuits. the music world is mourning legend david bowie. we talked about this yesterday. social media very much alive over the news of bowie's death. came as a surprise to a whole lot of people. his facebook page announcing he died after an 18-month battle with cancer. not sure what kind of cancer right now. the 69-year-old made his mark
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everywhere, through what he wore, his performance, his lyric lyrics lyrics, everything, across the board. his rise to fame started with "stardust," cat putting him to a whole different level of stardom. >> he was an icon. a gift. >> his influence as an artist has been amazing. >> bowie's final albumas released not very long ago called "blackstar" released last week. he recorded it while he was sick. he was married twice, leaves behind two kids and a whole lot of loyal fans. 5:20. still much more ahead. coming up, a man in portland, oregon, makes off with a snake from a rare pet store. you'll neverruess how he managed to get it out of the store. it will nice while it over 3 million people have silky smooth feet that you can't help but touch. the new amopefoot file with diamond crystals
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did you know there's a cough liquid that lasts for twelve hours? try delsym twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced formula releases powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours. try delsym . welcome back. clemson's perfect season came to an end last night as alabama rolled orr over the team taking college football national champions. second college football playoff
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crimson tide being 45-40. this this is coach saban's fifth national title. both clemson and alabama finished with seven wins and one loss. florida was looking to continue their winning streak in vancouver. last night they took on the canucks in canada but were beaten in overtime. canucks, 3, panthers, 2. panthers are currently the hottest team in the nhl. >> all good things must come to an end. 5:24 on this tuesday morning. before they have even broken ground, there's already a change of plans for miami world center. officials for the project say they will develop a new open air high street instead of traditional closed mall. it will be similar to lincoln road style area. a lot of the retailers that have been there have been making the suggestion to move to open air style. ground breaking for that project
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take place later this year. a bold burglar managed to slip away from an oregon pet store after putting a snake in his pants. >> you should never steal a snake but -- this is just funny. he shoved it in his pant. what is he thinking. it was caught on camera. this guy literally shoved it down the front of his pants. the video from the a to z pet store takes this guy takes a ball python out of his cage. i'm going to shove this right in my pants. this happened last week on friday. the store owner says the snake is about 2 feet long. shoved it in his pants. the snake normally sells for about 200 bucks. she says the snake breed isn't aggressive, thankfully for this guy. apparently the thief didn't show up on feeding day, which was a good thing. >> i know when i go back there on a saturday or sunday even,
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glass, looking for food. and they're ready to eat by saturday, so, you know -- he made it in the knick of time. >> yeah, he got in there right in the nick of time because if you're going to put a snake in your pants, you want to make sure it's had lunch. way to think things through. police say they're trying to track down this serpent suspect, but as of this tuesday, this happened last friday, they still have not found the guy with that python in his pants. time now 5:30. there's so much ahead in our next half hour of news. police are on the hunt for a pay of crooks who attacked a store owner and the possible crime quekz. three people are dead after a car plunges into a canal. this morning investigators are trying to figure out exactly why the car turned and they ended up in thahawater. we have been rain high-free this morning but live showers pushing in across the turnpike,
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eventually more miami-dade county engulfed in shower activity. the cool weather not going anywhere.
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