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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  January 12, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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>> okay.. right now nbc 6 is everywhere. >> we are tracking rain and dropping temperatures at the same time across south florida. ryan's full forecast about one minute away. >> an explosion rocks a popular dor rist destination in turkey. a nurse makes an unthinkable mistake. what she did to a newborn as she was cutting tape from his body. >> president obama set to delivers his final state of t t union address tonight. what the commander in chief is expected to talk about. live this is nbc 6 south florida breaking news. let's get started following breaking news out of north bay village. thanks for being with us. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. kelly blanco is here.
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>> you know how bad the morning ride was, you know you can't get weather and traffic together, because it's a mess and it continued to be all morning long. let's show you the accident scene of 79 street causeway around roughly 8:00 a.m. tweets from viewers saying they were stuck in the mess for about three hours. you know it's baba when people are asking you to send chopper 6 over to help them. a couple cars involved in the accident on 79 street causeway shut down for quite a few hours at pelican harbor drive. i am getting information into the newsroom, good news for you folks out there headed out the door, that they ha just reopened the 79 street causeway. those westbound lanes are reopening. that accident is finally after three hours off to the shoulder. don't forget, back here in the studio, you can definitely foow me on twitter @kelly nbc 6. i post updates all morning long and keep the news app handy for the latest traffic alerts. >> all right. thank you so much.
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a live look at hollywood this midday. one minute past the hour. the cold sticking around for a second straight day. now rain has been added into the mix. tonight could it be true, we could be falling into the 50s. >> meteorologist ryan phillips has been calling it the big chill. >> we're going to have three morning in the inn a rojas with temperatures in the 50s. before we get to the cool weather we have to get through the rain plaguing us all morning long. the impact of the wet roadways on the morning traffic still contending with a balance now of light shower activity in both broward and miami-dade counties. all morning long, maply broward county on the front end of the showers. the good news, things are moving along, keeping ahead off to the atlantic waters with light to moderate rains at times. concentrated along the i-95 corridor into northeastern broward county. heavy showers offshore away from miami-dade key biscayne to virginia key and miami beach with sprinkles and light rain,
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we will contend with shower activity into the afternoon showers. we have the back end in sight which probably won't arrive until after the lunch hour. we may only see a sliver of sunshine late this afternoon. our rainfall amounts so far, have been into the, well, quarter ch to three quarters of an inch range. lows this morning into the upper 50s. even colder than that tonight. we have sunshine around the corner. stick around. the complete forecast in about ten minutes. >> all right. thank you so much. just a quick reminder here always get your news and your weather together using our nbc 6 news and weather app. keep it handy today as we track the rain ryan was talking about and keep you updated on the dropping temperatures too. >> a deadly blast has rocked a popular tourist spot in istanbul. officials say it was a suicide bomber that killed at least ten people. we're learning this midday that most of the victims are tourists. >> nbc 6 reporter michael spears joins us live in the studio. i know you have been monitoring the wires for new information
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seconds, every minute things are getting updated out of istanbul. >> a major update. turkey's prime minister just announced that isis is, in fact, behind this attack. carried out as you mentioned by a suicide bomber officials say is a syrian national. we've been checking the numbers as you watch for developments and they hold steady at at least ten dead, more than a dozen hurt in the terror attack. the blast rocked a busy tourist area in istanbul. ambunces rushing the wounded to the hospital amid the chaos. turkish officials say a suspected suicide bomber was behind the deadly attack that killed at least 10 and sent another 15 people to he hospital. turkish officials say most of the dead were foreign tourists. >> i just was wondering -- >> r rporter: as the community expressed outrage, sadness, the news didn't seem to worry a a visitors. >> economy fromi come from a country that
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we should be brave about it. >> yes, i feel istanbul, until the end of the week. >> reporter: officials haven't identified the suicide bomber to be a 28-year-old syrian national. officials said tuesday morning the islamic state group was behind the group. many of the victims were german tourists, german chancellor angela merkel said tuesday that the international terrorism is once again showing its cruel and inhumane face. >> i don't know so much. i don't know so much but now you tell me, so that will -- i feel worried. >> reporter: the terror attack is just the latest terror attack here carried out by isis in turkey. officials blame the islamic group on two attacks that killed 130 people. michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> thank you so much. in fact, right now this midday,
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glances that have been strapped in costa rica preparing to take thth next step on their journey here to the united states, this is what's going to be happening over the next 24 hours. 180 my 8 080 migrants part of the program flying to el salvador, taking a bus to the guatemalan border with mexico and once they get there they have 20s days to find their way to the united states. the cost here is per person and $555 per person, not including the mexican portion of that trip. so again, this is going to take a few weeks to complete once they get to the united states. nbc 6's laura rodriguez is in costa rica following the process every step of the way. 180 will be leaving later today. look for her reports throughout the day on air and on line. follow her on facebook and twitter, twitter handle is @laura nbc 6. 13-year-old boy who was shot in cutler ridge last month expected to go home today will have to stay in the hospital a
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eric watson jr. was shot three times back in december while standing outside of his mother's house. grandmother's house. near southwest 136th avenue and 263rd terrace. he was airlifted to nicklaus children's hospital and has been recovering there ever since. the shooter is still out there. >> sleep peacefully. it's hard. >> watson's family has never left his side during his recovery. they say he dreams of becomingng a basketball player or a sports commentator when he grows up. an update on the investigation into a deadly shooting at florida atlantic university. police arrested roger wood for the shooting death of nicolas acosta at the u park apartments on campus. woods from miami gardens. a witness identified him as one of the men captured on surveillance video running from the scene. another man donovan henry was
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both men are also facing robbery charges. new this midday, florida,'s death penalty law is ruled unconstitutional. the u.s. supreme court says florida's system for sentencing people to death is unconstitutional because it gives too much power to judges, n enough to juries. the court ordered a new sentencing hearing for timothy lee hurst, convicted of the 1998 murder of his manager at a restaurant in pensacola. a jury decided in favor of death, but a judge imposed the sentence. up north, a live look at our nation's capital, washington, d.c., ahead of president obama's final state of the union address going to happen tonight. the white house promising it's going to be different than the list of priorities he usually lays out for congress. capitol hill. >> don't expect what you saw last year or the year before. typically the president comes here during the state of the
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congress to do. and while there will likely be some of that tonight, things speech, the white house says, will be much more reflecting on his past accomplishments and looking forward at america's future. >> reporter: dueling videos setting the stage for the final state of the union. >> there is no next thing. this is it. >> reporter: the white house says president obama will reflect on his achievements and look ahead. >> he has a opportunity to lay out for the american people the longer-term challenges that we face, but the longer term opportunities that exist. >> reporter: this preview from house speaker paul ryan focuses ononnovember, the election. for the first time ryan will be seated directly behind the esident. >> i'm not a real poker face guy. i grimace, i wins. >> oh, no. >> the president of the united states.
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governor nikki haley follows the president tonight, delivering what republicans call an address, not a response. >> the reason i didn't want it to be a response to the president is, i certainly am not one to compete against the president or try to imply that i could be. >> reporter: ted cruz skimg tonight's -- skipng tonight's speech to campaign in new hampshire. marco rubio, rand paul and bernie sanders are expected to attend. and guests of the first lady will include students, business owners, veterans an an empty chair which the white house says will represent victims of gun live from washington, i'm traci pots, nbc 6 news. >> of course stay with nbc 6 for coverage on that address and also, on the politics and turning to decision 201, less than a month from the iowa caucus and donald trump and hillary clinton are still the frontrunners. the latest nbc news poll showing trump ahead of the republican
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ted cruz with 20% and florida senator marco rubio with 11%. on the democratic side, 52% supporting hillary clinton, and bernie sanders has 37%. sergeant bowe bergdahl will be appppring in a north carolina courtroom later today. bergdahl is facing charges that accuse him of abandoning his post at a basein afghanistan in 2009. the taliban held him captive for five years until he was released in may of 2014 as part of a prisoner swap. a book is out today and the author, someone you may not expect, pope francis "the name of god is mercy" talks about homosexuality and divorced catholics in the 150 paige book, pope francis calls for leaders to be compassionate to the community instead of excluding people who don't obey church teachings. he uses the statement, who am i to judge ability homosexuals, saying people should not be
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francis wants the church to show more compassion for homosexuals and catlics who divorced and remarnlgds outside of church. six years since a mag eny today 6.7 earthquake hit haiti, killing as many as 300,000 people. more than 1.5 million people who live there had no place t call home. now after six years, some progress has been made in the country, but it is happening very, very slowly and many haitians are saying much more needs to be done asap. tonight at 5:00 here on nbc 6, we're going to show you how haitians in south florida are reflecting and honoring the lives that were lost on that day. still to come, medical mistake. a newborn is now defigured because of what a nurse did accidentally. also, we've all been there, right. somebody posts a bad picture of you onacebook or twitter and you gripe about it, don't like your picture. coming up next, what one man did
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welcome back. tanks are surrounding the maximum security prison where drug lord el chapo is being held for very good reason.
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from back in the summer, escaped in july. jail workers are reportedly moving him from cell to cell to make it harder for him to break out. so nobody knows where he is. this is video showing the violent raid that ended with joaquin el chapo guzman's arrest. marines burst into the home in mexico guns blazing over the past weekend and detectives want to talk to sean penn. he apparently held a secret interview with el chapo in october and mexican police claims his contact opened leads to where he might be. and a very difficult story to talk about, let alone have to understand, a carasota mom and dad are in jail after an alarming case of child abuse. this what is investigators say was going on inside their home. detectives found little kids malnowisched dehydrated and apparently beaten. one didn't have hair because of the lack of nutrients and couldn'ttalk. a 4-year-old only weighs 22 pounds, which is the normal
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the child protection center in sarasota told them the older-- dad had been beating them with a boat. little devonta has battled a host of complications since he and his twin brother were born pre maturely at 29 weeks last april. he's currently at the university of new mexico hospital in albuquerque. last month a nurse accidentally severed his left pinky toe while cutting tape that was holding an iv in his foot. a surgeon tried to save the toe, but could not. >> it's just not enough. i believe that my baby is so much worse, so much worse. >> the baby's mom said the hospital investigated and apologized. a man in minnesota got national attention after he built a human kidney out of snow. all of it trying to find a
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it worked. he finally got his life-saving transplant. he's doing it all over again with his sights set on something else. take a look. hillside trail in cottage grove, is now home to something new. >> we started at 10:00 last night and we didn't get done until 2:00 this morning. >> reporter: while his neighbors slept jim chiselled away. >> i feel like kevin's found his home and this just kind of symbolizes that. >> reporter: to understand the home behind this kidney snow sculpture you have to go back to the first year we met jim in 2014. >> running on empty now. >> reporter: at that time he was in need of a new kidney to live, so he and his brother created kevin, the snow kidney. next to the sculpture a wanted sign for a donor. as you can imagine jim's message quickly went viral. this picture of jim was taken last march after he got his kidney transplant.
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stopped his mission to save people who are in need of the exact same thing. >> i'm kind ofof hoping that by doing this, there are those people that come through who don't know me and they see this and they at least think about it or they think twice about it. >> we live down the street and we've been wondering what this guy has been doing this whole time. >> having the word donate next to it, i feel like it is -- it ties the two together. >> you have to name your snow kidney, kevin the snow kidney. he is a spokesman for the national kidney foundation and for obvious reasons, said he is concerned about the number of people living with kidney disease. any attention he can draw to it he says is better. to find out if your kidneys are working healthy ask your doctor for a urine or blood test. >> now, first alert weather, with meteorologist ryan phillips, south florida's most
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we've been watching the radar all morning long, waves of showers bleeding through the area, all the while if you haven't had the rain you've had the low clouds. it's been a gloomy, cool morning in south florida. we don't see many of these each year. if you're here on vacation, i'm sorry, we'll make up for it tomorrow. light rain across miami-dade county, catching a little bit of a break into with broward. see how fast the shower coverage changes. they are moving and not hanging around for one extensive period of time. the heavy rain offshore, but still nuisance showers into miami beach, downtown miami, on out to key biscayne, coral gables, back to miami springs and hialeah. we are seeing improvements into opa-locka and miami lakes. one more batch off to our west here moving onshore through the gulf waters. a lot of the activity we've seen this morning has been fairly light, but a beneficial third of an inch maybe half an inch in some loations. here's the big picture, though. the clouds and the showers in tandem. and the lack of sunshine really
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it's been a very cool morning. some optimism though as we can see the clearing line now and the radar and satellite over the last six hours slowly transitioning down into the southwest coast, right into lee and collier county, fort meyers an naples seeing improvement. its will take several hours to get the clouds and showers out of here but maybe late day a hint of sunshine before the sun goes down and set ourselves up for a cool night. future radar hinting at isolated activity continuing into the afternoon hours. i think that our evening commute after 5:00, i think will be dry. just mostly cloudy. we'll be dry tonight and stting the stage for what will be a chilly night. coolest one we've had since last year. all right. cloudy skies, just low cloud deck in place no matter where we look. it's just pretty gloomy out and about across south florida. the winds light from the north and northwest, drawing in the cooler, drier air, near the rface. again the cloud showers and lack of sunshine holding steady. our temperatures still at 61.
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afternoon in the 60s. may touch 68 or so. evening hours before midnight, some locations out in western broward and western miami-dade may be into the upper 50s.. lows tomorrow dip into the mid 50s across the area. firststlert weather for today, keeping the clouds and showers around. tomorrow full sunshine, a beautiful pattern and nice reward for going through the gloomy conditions. 55 in the morning, 72 afternoon, rains thursday into friday, weekend ahead looks warmer and brighter as well, guys. >> thank you so much. mtv australia apparently in hot water after a controversial tweet aimed at eva longoria and america ferreira. >> here with the details is "6 in the mix" roxanne vargas. >> good morning, guys. live tweeting with many of us watching the golden globes on sunday one tweet aimed at nbc's new queens of comedy was notot taken well by a lot of people. america ferreira and eva
11:23 am
stereotypes but mtv australia says where is the american subtitles. we have no idea what they're saying. fans fired back, as you might imagine mtv australia deleted the tweet and issued an apology. 11:30 on "6 in the mix," pizza, i'm pregnant, did i say pizza, rousseau's co fired italian kitchen revamped their menu. we don't care about what they revamped they're bringing pizza. plus now what -- now that we have celebrated the top movie of the year at the golden globes, films that could be in contention next year, movies your kids will want to watch, coming up.
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this story, a man in ohio was not happy with his mugshot so what does he do? he sent police a better one to use while he's still on the run. police in ohio say there's a warrant out for donald pugh's arrest. posted one of his old mugshots on the facebook page, hoping someone recognizes him. pugh doesn't like the photo and sent police a new one showing nim a suit, sunglasses in a car with the caption, literally saying here is a better photo. that one is terrible. >> looking good, mr. pugh. good work. >still wanted. >> still wanted. still a person of interest in an arson and a vandalism case. >> yeah. >> but hey. >> sometimes the important thing is you're looking good. >> right.
11:27 am
sure the photo is right. >> that's right. he got exactly what he wanted. >> he's able to win the powerball, aren't we all, $1.4 billion. >> it's getting disgusting. $1.5 billion. reay? >> yeah. you can buy the weather for that, couldn't you? >> you could. i better play@first. >> bye, everyone.
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