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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 5pm  NBC  January 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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it was right around 2:00, a school resource officer alerted police and placed the school on lockdown, as well ashollywood park elementary school just on the south side of this campus. students were on what the school district calls a code yellow which is a lockdown that requires students to stay in their classrooms. they were released a few minutes after 4:00 which is when they to usually leave campus. hollywood police say it appears one of the two students being questioned brought the gun to school and showed it to the other student. that gun was hidden under the portable. parents didn't really know what was going on as they arrived to pick up their kids about 4:00. there was confusion. >> i'm just going up and down the gates here just in case they made her come out another gate. then i found her about almost ten minutes later. she was out front. >> reporter: police are questioning two students right now.
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apollo middle school but haven't been told their grades, ages or genders or what punishment they might face. police taking this serious when you consider the frequency of public shootings around the country. students were released without incident 4:00 this afternoon. nobody was hurt. this is a developing story. as we receive information, we will let you know about it on air and on our nbc 6 app. >> marisa, thanks. we are following breaking news out of iran where military forces seized two u.s. navy boats. they are holding ten taylors or farsi island in the middle of the persian gulf. they were on a training mission from kuwait to bahrain when they drifted into territorial waters. secretary of state john kerry officials. we are following breaking news out of hialeah where a
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chopper 6 was over the scene. police took one man into custody. all of this after a chase that led police to the east side of hialeah to the front of the telemundo studios. we'll bring you updates on all these breaking stories with the nbc 6 news app. on 6, party crasher. shelves topple over inside a popular store creating a dangerous domino effect. thi happened just after doors opened at a boca party city. nbc 6 reporter ari odzer live at that store with how that freak accident happened. >> reporter: at this point, we are not sure, nobody is, exactly how this bizarre incident happened inside the party city store behind me on power line road. the analogy to dominos is appropriate. one shelving unit tipped over and caused a chain reaction of other shelves to also fall over. the good thing is that the store
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not very crowded so nobody had serious injuries. this isn't something anyone thinks about. as you can see from these pictures taken byfirefighters, the shelves didn't just collapse, the structures toppled over. >> you hear boom, boom,boom. >> reporter: he was inside when everything tumbled down around him. >> i was hollering saying, get out, get out. >> reporter: people next door were startled, too. >> we heard this huge rumble. it was raining outside. we thought it was thunder, but it went on for a really long time. it looked like all rubble, just flat rubble. i said, is everybody all right? was there anybody underneath in she said i climbed out of it. >> reporter: we are not sure who she is referring to, but the fire department says no one suffered serious injuries. almost immediately after the crash, all employees were accounted for. >> it's still unclear if there was anybody under the rubble. our special operations team came
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and specialized equipment to look through and carefully went through the seven aisles, checked them all. >> reporter: palm beach county fire rescue did all they could to make sure nobody inside was hurt. they searched the whole place. they are confident that that is the case that nobody was seriously hurt or trapped under any rubble or anything like that. party city issued a statement from its corporate headquarters saying that safety of their employees and customers is a huge priority with them and the incident is being investigated. at this point still nobody knows exactly what caused it. live in boca raton, ari odzer, nbc 6 news. new video captures the terrifying moments when two thieves beat and robbed a north miami store employee. this is the robber we told you about yesterday at the cb wireless store at 119th street and northwest 7th avenue.
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the two fight when the second suspect jumps in to hold him down. the victim was pistol whipped repeatedly. he went to the hospital for injuries to his head and was released. more details at 6:00. the so-called remorseful robber accused of demanding money is sitting behind bars tonight. cops say they busted him thanks to a tip from his mom. hall appeared in a courtroom this morning for armed robbery. his mother recognized him on surveillance video and called the cops. now her son is sitting in jail without bond. his charges stem from december 9th when deputies say he was caught on video armed with a semi automatic hand gun robbing a little caesars. witnesses claim he was polite,iaed the word pleased and apologized for the robbery but said his, quote, kids need christmas. he walked away with cash from three registers. cubans stranded in costa rica are one step closer to making it to their final
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soil. laura rodriguez in costa rica tonight. she spoke to some of the people boarding this first flight and has their stories from the city of la cruz. >> reporter: the first group participating in this pilot program was asked to meet here at this park. they will board buses to the airport and begin their journey to the united states. after nearly two months living in a costa reichian shelter, they are counting down the hours to make it to the united states. his final destination miami. "i'm dng things so time can pass quickly. crazy abou getting on that airport already. months of uncertainty and now a glimpse of hope thanks to a deal struck by several central american dealers. the first group participati in the pilot program will fly to el salvador and take a bus to guatemala with mexico. each person has to find their
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a 20-day period. "i'm unsure how i'm going to get through mexico. i'm almost out of money and will need to ask friends for help." some opened their hearts and homes to the cuban people, making tonight's departure bittersweet. "we made a lot of great friends here. i'm grateful for their help." the shelters housing approximately 8,000 cubans are scattered across the country. this school was one of the first to become a temporary safe haven in november when they were not allowed to enter nicaragua. the cubans tried to make the best of the time here playing dominos, basketball, cooking meals and talking about the journey. "i'm so happy the day is finally here. a day i dreamt about for many years to make it to the united states." long journey ahead for this group of cuban migrants. their flight takes off at 10:25
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we will be there. at 6:00, hear reaction from the cuban migrants on the legislation proposed by senator marco rubio. laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news. you can follow laura's coverage from the nbc 67ews app and social media. in just under four hours, president obama will deliver his last state of the union address and he is making it clear this speech will be different. not looking ahead so much, according to the president, but looking where we need to be. nbc steve handelsman is on capitol hill with a preview. >> reporter: good evening. the 2016 campaign, the competition for who the next president will be is ratcheting up our partisan divide. that's why this state of the union address will sound different. keeping loose before a speech that president obama says will actually sum up the state of the nation.
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staffers, to push new initiatives. mr. obama admitted to nbc's matt lauer congress and the nation are too divided near the end of his presidency. >> you wanted to unite people and they're not united. is it a failure? >> it's a regret. i could not be prouder of what we've accomplished. >> reporter: by his first state of the union in 2010, partisanship had struck. still present obama will say tonight his moves for economic recovery and obamacare are helping the whole nation. >> part of what i want to do in this last address is to remind people, you know what? we've got a lot of good things going for us. >> reporter: after the isis-inspired attack in san bernardino, the cop in philadelphia, paris, americans are afraid say republicans. >> the world is on fire. that foreign policy is getting away from us. we are less safe. >> reporter: near michelle obama tonight will be an empty chair, a symbol of the children killed
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>> i would like to see another empty chair for the 250,000 syrians that have been slaughtered. >> reporter: because, john mccain says, mr. obama will not intervene. in this political year with republican candidates charging america is in crisis, president obama is readying a speech with the opposite message. speaking for the gop and their response tonight, south carolina governor nikki haley will say the best way to fix america is to be electing a republican president. from the capitol, steve handelsman, nbc 6 news. millions of americans are trying to do the math. this means circulating on social media has gone viral. it claims the $1.4 billion powerball jackpot can end poverty splitting the pot among the entire u.s. population. the only problem is it doesn't add up. instead of $4.3 million each it equals 4.33 each. >> oops.
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rose to $1.5 billlln earlier today. >> what can it buy? keith jones live from davie with items up for grabs and a group of co-workers who know what it's like to win. >> reporte we heard people in the past talk about how much good they can do with that money. others talk about the lavish toys they can buy. apparently billboard operators had to go past $999 million that. group has grown. there are 27 and they believe they upped their chances. $2 and a dream could score you the biggest lottery jackpot in history. >> huge. >> gigantic. >> reporter: oh, what $ .5 billion can buy.
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you can buy 352 of these, the most expensive car. >> today is $1.7 million. it's that ferrari f-40 right there. >> reporter: steve has lottery winner experience. >> came here and bought a car us from right away, a new ferrari. >> reporter: you can buy the most expensive house in the state. 65,000 square feet of opulence with a go-cart track, night club and who doesn't need a bowling alley? the playboy mansion, $200 million. in the market for a major league sports team? you can buy the florida panthers for $186 million. let's face it, the odds stink. 1-292 million. your chances of being hit by a meteor are better. for these folks, they are hoping lightning strikes twice. >> approximately three years ago this march we were lucky and as a group won $1 million. >> reporter: the check hangs from her office wall. comparatively it's not significant.
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thth cut a new -worker in on the action who couldn't afford to go in on the pool. >> we did what we believe is the right thing and cut her in and shared. we each won around $83,000 approximately after taxes. >> reporter: the story went viral back then. this group thinks they'll be just as popular again they pooled their money and bought 675 tickets along with a lot of confidence. they think they are actually going to win. gift to like the confidence. they are part of a huge office pool. those are all over the country. at 6:00, the focus of my story. there are legalities that could come into play. nobody wants to think their office ptner will look them. tonight, experts weigh in on how to keep you and the pool safe. keith jones, nbc 6 news. that's important stuff. >> are you in on another pool? >> no. not because i don't trust peop here. i think we would be good about sharing.
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next on 6, lost and found. after 559 days a family thought they would never see their pet again until a stranger showed up on their door step. how he helped bring their dog home. consumer alert. why several stores are recalling bottles of children's cold medicine. the coolest highs across south florida since last
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or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion, or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. anti-flu? go antiviral
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>> the video causing outrage among animal lovers. the video out of texas shows a child repeatedly beating his neighbor's puppy with a stick. despite the gravity of the situation though, officers and animal services are not filing charges against the child or his parents. under texas law, children under 10 years of age can nobt charged with animal cruelty and the parents claim they were unaware of the son's bad behavior. >> i was shocked because that's not just a behavior that pops out from anywhere. that's either a learned behavior or behavior from somebody extremely disturbed. >> officials say the dog has been examined and appears to be in good condition. meanwhile a dog named murphy is reunited with his owners over 1 1/2 years after he went missing.
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to help bring him back home. >> you missed him. kirs tefrn n has ber dog back. she was in a bad car crash in stowe and her scared pet ran away and wouldn't come when called this weekend, 559 days later, the happy reunion. >> it is a pretty improbable story. >> reporter: wilson was one of dozens of people spotting murphy from time to time and took to leaving out food for him. for more than a year, a trail camera on his property captured shots of the elusive dog. >> i thought we would get him in a week or so. >> reporter: the humans were using meat hoping to lure murphy closer and closer. they did catch him one night but he escaped before anyone could
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saturday, more than 1 1/2 years, the plan and new stronger cage worked. >> hallelujah, we caught him. >> these dogs don'n' come home on their own. >> reporter: when dogs are spooked and get lost, they can go into a wilderness survival mode, rejecting help from people. >> they're evasive. they don't want to be caught. they don't know they wa to be caught. >> reporter: murphy is obviously glad he was found. he still needs a vet check but his owners say he seems okay. from here on out, you can bet it's a short leash for mr. murphy. >> we are not taking any chances. nope. >> reporter: in vermont, jack thurston. nine stores are recalling children's liquid cold medicine due to potential overdose risk. it's made by perego company. the recall was issued because
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dosage cups are inaccurate which could lead to overdoses. the recall includes batches of grape liquid and three types sold in four-ounce bottles. a couple of sunny breaks. once we hit the midday hour and dry for this evening commute. that part of the forecast played out pretty well. those clouds sticking around as long as they did with that north wind keeping our numbers down. we never made it out of the 60s. let's talk rain. most of it off the eastern seaboard. it's all way off to our east.
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keys. from here looking dry for the rest of the night and most of the day tomorrow. temperatures the big story. high temperatures today. 65 in miami. 67 in ft. lauderdale. you've got to go back to febary to find anything resembling ghs like this. it was cool. average highs this time of year running about ten degrees above this. we've been on the other side of that coin for most of the fall and winter. temperatures way above average. finally a cool one and cool start this morning with many of us in the upper 50s. temperatures right now locked into the mid 60s. not much of a spread on temperatures. 64 to about 67. that does it across the region. here is the surface map. there are knows north winds continuing. most of the rain out here. you still notice this milky white. that may be the only reason why we don't see temperatures in the low 50s tonight. we are talking mostly mid 50s out there.
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west bringing in those north winds. everyone's got their boots on. with this cloud cover, very low rain chances. it's dry. high cloud up there. temperatures are down to about 60 though once we hit 1:00 a.m. temperatures are going to drop quickly. again, here is your overnight low going 66. staying below average next couple of days, then a quick warm-up and another cold front
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looking to save money on your cell phone bill? >> trina robinson is here with more. >> if one of your new year's resolution is wanting to save money, one thing you might look at is the phone in your hand. if you're paying more than $50 per month per phone line it may be time to rustle up a better deal on your phone. monica's family has four smart phones and she does whatever she can to reduce their bill, which runs around $250 a month. >> i think it's ridiculous. i find it astronomical amount of money for a cell phone. >> reporter: she ditched her two-year contract. all the big phone carriers offer no contract plans and consumer reports says that's the way to go. >> with no contract plans, the access fee is lower and you have
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>> reporter: check other providers' plans to see if you can save a consumer reports survey found almost half those who switch phone service providers in the past year save $20 or more a month. >> pay particular attention to your data. that is hands down the most expensive part of any bill. >> reporter: if you stream a lot of videos, consider t-mobile which allows you to stream from netflix, hbo and hulu and more without using up data. >> if you change carriers, you may have to buy a new phone. no-interest leasing and financing options are available to ease the pain. >> reporter: leasing is generally the cheapest option for people who like the newest phone if you plan on buying the phone, most carriers will let you pay for it in monthly interest-free installments. once you paid it off, you'll enjoy the lower bill. if you use only a moderate amount of data and use wi-fi
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carrier might be your best bet. consumer cellular or t get the top marks. the news at 5:30 continues next. a wild crime spree comes to a screeching halt in broward. the nation's high court rules against florida's death penalty. what that decision means for hundreds already on death row. the sixth anniversary of the
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