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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  January 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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who pistol-whipped an employee who fought back. i'm jackie nespral. >> i'm adam kuperstein. police wonder if the same two men are responsible for a nearby carjacking. >> reporter: detectives gave us that video. we watched it in its entirety. it's about six minutes long and shows a brutal attack that happened inside this store and a before and after police say led up to the crime. blow after blow police say this pistol whipping came after a successful armed robbery. it happened yesterday morning leaving the victim hurt and his blood on the pavement outside cb wireless. located in north mime on northweses 7th avenue and 119th street. people who work around here per left questioning their own safety. >> 10:00 in the morning, if it happens like that, it can happen
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>> makes me feel insecure. you're here and woing hard. people rob you like nothing. >> reporter: police are looking for the two menu see in the surveillance video. one walked in first. the clerk had just opened. minutes later the second man walk in pointing a gun at the clerk. motive was money. you can see the clerk handed over what looks like cash in the video. at one point you see he tried to fight back. the bad guys clearly overpowered him. that video is a key piece of evidence in this case captured on this store camera. investigators say the s sususpects took off on foot. detectives haven't said how much money the duo got away with. as for the victim, he's recovering at home tonight.
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hospital then released. also yesterday about 15 blocks from here, investigators say a vict was carjacked in his driveway by two men. they are working to find out if those men were the guys who hit up that store. anyone with any information on the crime that happened heree is asked to contact crime stoppers. we are following breaking news out of hollywood where police just lifted a lockdown for hundreds of young students. this lockdown affected apollo middle and hollywood park elementary. hollywood police said they found a hand gun underneath a rtable. they think the student brought the weapon to school to show his friend and stashed it. police are questioning the pair. >> i'm glad we're all safe and nothing really happened.
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a weapon in the school. and every day we come to school we have to keep our eyes open and look out for anything that seems wrong. >> for that reason police are taking this seriously. schools were under a code yellow which require students to stay in classrooms. three men i police custody facing charges after officers say they were responsible for at least two car break-ins in southwest miami-dade. amanda plasencia spoke with one of the victims. >> reporter: cops say these three men were on the lookout for unlocked cars. early this morning they somehow managed to break into two c crs and they almost got away with expensive items, but cops were able to quickly track them down. >> it's an invasion of privacy. >> reporter: around 3:00 this morning, this victim who does not want to be identified heard
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when he ran outside, he made a horrible discovery. >> i noticed the light inside my car on. approached the car. the doors opened, trunk was open. my briefcase was gone. everything was taken out of the glove box. >> reporter: a briefcase and mail including a cckbobo were taken from the victim's trunk. just a few hours later, cops received a call from another victim who had his lap stop stolen from the car. >> units responded and observed a white mercedes with no headlights on and engine running. subject fled. they were able to take him into custody. >> reporter: police say these three men are behind the crimes. they were all arrested and are facing charges of burglary to a vehicle and grand theft. one of the victims was thankful to be reunited with his
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his lesson about leaving his car inside his vehicle. >> lock the car. don't leave anything in the car. don't forget even though you like to live believing huanity's nice, there's people out there that are desperate. >> reporter: miami-dade police are also investigating if these three men could be linked to even more car burglaries in the area. if you believe you've been a victim of this theft, police are urging you to come forward. amanda plasencia, nbc 6 news. new details in the killing of an fau student. policic arrested and charged 23-year-old rodrick woods for first degree murder and robbery with a firearm. he is the second person arrested in connection to the death of nicholas costa. 19 cold acosta was killed in his offcampus apartment. a soccer player who attended fau
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for the crime. an investigation into the phone records led to woods. police believe the fatal shooting happened after a drug deal gone bad. weeks after a deal was released, migrants are in costa rica. >> reporter: t first group was asked to meet at this park. the will board buses to the airport and begin their journey to the united states. after nearly two months living in a costa rican shelter, he counting down the hours to make it to the you'd. his final destination miami. "i'm just doing things so time can pass quickly. crazy about getting on that airplane already." months of uncertainty and a glimpse of hope thanks to a deal
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american leaders. the first group will fly from costa rica to el salvador and take a bus to the guatemala border with mexico. once in mexico, each person has to find their way to the united states within a 20-day period. "i'm unsure how i will get through mexico. i'm almost out of money and will probably need to ask friends for help." some opened their hearts and homes to the cuban people making tonight bittersweet. "we made a lot of great friends here. i'm grateful for their help." the shelters housing approximately 8,000 cubans are scattered across the country. this school was one of the first to become a temporary safe haven in november. the cubans tried to make the best of their time here playing dominos, basketball, cooking meals and talking about the journey ahead.
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the day is finally here. a day i dreamt about for many years to make it too the united states." long journey ahead for tis group of cuban migrants. their flight takes off 10:25 p.m. we will be there. laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news. of the thousands of cubans stranded in costa rica, many could be aded toward south florida. are we prepared to receive them? steve litz continues our team coverage. reporter: many of the cuban refugees stuck in costa rica are likely coming to miami, so says the mayor who would like some information from the federal government. >> the federal government is just ignoring this crisis. if those people were to come, we just don't know where to place them.
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are not arriving on a boat in the water, they are still expected to enjoy the benefits of the wet foot/dry foot policy. it's part of the cuban adjustment act. after being in aerica one year and a day, refugees would receive legal status, get on a pathway to citizenship and also be eligible for government assistance like food stamps and medicaid. those benefits are not afforded to refugees from any other country. >> i for one personally would wanto see those doors opened more comprehensively for everyone. >> reporter: legislation filed in congress looks to reform the cuban adjustment act because many are taking advantage, enjoying government benefits like medicare and social security and traveling back and forth to cuba, south florida congressman.
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the cuban adjustment act in 1966 still remain. but the abuse, the taxpayer abuse is unacceptable. >> reporter: steve litz, nbc 6 news. ouroverage of the migrant crisis continues on the nbc 6 news app. governor ric scott used one word to comment on the state of the state, growing. >> we must keep doing what's worked the last five years, help floridians get a job and live their dreams and keep cutting taxes. >> governor scott asked law makers to pass $1 billion in tax cuts in an effort to help businesses create more jobs and bring more companies to florida. he thinks his business policies have helped the state's economy. many democrats will argue the governor's tax cut plan does very little for the average resident of florida. a south florida store needed a cleanup for half the store.
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down leaving party city looking like what happens after the party. stuck in the 60s today. with the cloud cer and north wind, made it feel cooler. where the nunls go from here. they are going down fast tonight.
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a south florida family is suing uber after the tragic death of their 23-year-old son. the car he was traveling in collided with another. the uber vehicle crashed with a toyota corolla while making a left hand turn into oncoming traffic. the victim's friends in the vehicle said the driver was nodding off and looking down before making the turn. the impact caused the uber vehicle to roll over, catching fire and exploding with the teenager inside. police are investigating what caused the accident. the opposing party is waiting for uber's level response now. florida representative many will deliver the response in spanish to president obama's speech. he will offer vision for a more confident american home and abroad. he battled the obama administration on imgration and its efforts to normalize
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>> the president will probably speak close to an hour, i'll speak probably ten minutes. it will be short but talk about a different future for america. i don't think we should accept this economy and this world as the best american offer. >> this marks the second year in a row the spanish response to the state of the union has come from a south florida republan. you can watch the president's state of the union address tonight at 9:00 here on nbc 6. we'll be streaming it live ones nbc 6 news and weather app. stay tuned for the nbc 6 news at 11:00 for a full breakdown of the president's message to america. shelves of party spli toppled over like dominos. the company says this has never
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the scene startled customers and people working next door. >> heard a huge rumble. we thought`it was thunder, but it went on for a really long time. it looked like flat rubble. i said is everybody all right? was a aybody underneath? she said, i climbed out of it. >> the fe department says know one was seriously injured. their crews used thermal imaging cameras to make sure no one was stuck under the rubble. it was wet last night. most of the precip was out of here. your evening commute dry for most of us. few lingers showers across the
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this is the south florida view. we are going to zoom through miami-dade and broward. deerfield beach, ft. lauderdale, everybody dry. this band of green, false echos. nothing coming out of this the keys, seeing showers not too long ago. temperatures a big story today. here are your highs for the day. 65 miami. 67 ft. lauderdale. only 69 key west. everybody locked into the 60s. today's high in miaia 65. the coolest since we were 60 back february of 2015. ft. lauderdale, go back to february 20th to find something similar. 65 on that day. almost a year since we've seen numbers like this. temperatures right now pretty much where they were for our
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the cloud cover keeping temps up a little bit. with that north wind and a few clear breaks, we are expecting tonight the numbers are going to be dropping yet again. there is the rain moving on out. you see north winds through here. clearing once you get through central and northern florida. i think for the balance of the evening we'll see high clouds sticking around. the forecast through 1:00 a.m. showing some of that high clouds. very low rain chances. we are just touching the 50s on the other side of about 1:00 a.m. 56 is going to be the low. it's back to the 60s before you know it. daytime highs remaining below average. average high 76 through thursday. things warm up in a hurry. above average, back to the 80s. another front knocking us back to the mid 70s. nothing wrong wit mid 70s. my favorite highs. there are still some clouds
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morning hours. north winds keeping 70s for highs. we'll see some sunshine working in late morning through midday and maybe looking at clouds working back into the forecast for the evening. up to 73. if we hit 56 tonight, that will be the coolest lows we've seen since february. it's been a while. >> feels like it. maybe itt happening in your office. co-workers are joining force cessary powerball pools all over the place for a better chance of striking it rich. >> before you throw in catch, some stuff you need (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom,
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the powerball continues to climb to brand-new totals and break records. the jackpot jumping to $1.5 billion. it could grow again if ticket sales keep up the brisk pace. the jackpot is so large billboards don't have enough digits to display the actual amount. they remain fixed at $999 million. >> what should you do if you hit those winning numbers? head over to the nbc 6 news and weather app and check out mark
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next billionaire needs to do. as those ticket sales continue to climb, many people are jumping into the office pool. >> while it may improve your odds of winning, there are pitfalls to watch out for. >> reporter: these office pools and group ticket purchases are all over the country. nobody wants to think about one of their co-workers looking them. the legal experts and financial experts say it's time to protect yourself and the group. tickets gush from lottery machines in 44 states at the rate of $145,000 in sales every minute. each of those states it's guaranteed office pools and groups of people congregate cash to buy tickets to up their chances. if you are part of a pool, beware of ugliness, disputes or being looked. someone claims the winning ticket wasn't the offce pool or someone who doesn't pitch in ththks they should be included.
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offer advice. appoint a leader to be in charge of the pool and buying the tickets. craft a contract. detail every player and how you'll take the winnings. make sure everyone signs this. distribute copies of the lottery tickets and contract to every player. laurie and her office pool hit the powerball three years ago. >> i'm the lottery leader. i collect the money, i buy the tickets. first thing i do immediately is make copies of every ticket. many of us play on our own. 10% comes off the top and goes straight to keller williams. after that everyone signs w-2 or w-9 and get their share. >> reporter: three yearsgo the share $83,000 per player including one girl who couldn't afford to pitch in for the purchase. so far they purchased 675 tickets. laurie thinks the contact is unnecessary but does follow some
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if you boo i your tickets at publix, a lot of them have ticket kiosk. keith jones, nbc 6 news. tonight we are covering the developing news out of the persian gulf. ten american sailors, two u.s. navy boats taken into custody by iranian authorities. we are in washington, d.c. for the president's final state of the union address. we'll tell you why this may be different than those you heard in the past. more of el chapo in his own
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fascinating interview. finally a look a a today's top stories. police hope new surveillance video can help find two violent robbers who beat and robbed a north miami store employee. police say two black pen pistol
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the scene. investigators are checking to see if the same two people were responsible for a nearby carjacking. the two suspects fled with an undisclosed amount of cash. >> shelves of party supplies toppled over like dominos. firefighters took these photos inside the party city. the company says this has never happened in any of their 800 stores ever. the rescue team used thermal imaging cameras to make sure no one was stuck under the rubble here. you have to understand i am from here, born and raised in miami. for me, this is winter so i'm wearing a turtleneck. >> right. it's cold. >> no boots. >> you see that? everyone s wearing boots today. >> i was talk inging to shauna here and any time the temperature gets in the 60s, the boots come out. with 56 tonight we would need a thick jacket icon. >> a parka?
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just for south florida.
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