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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  January 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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i'm laura rodriguez in costa rica where the first group of migrants is expected to take off shortly to begin their journey north. i'll have the latest ahead. arrested and charged. two middle school student as alleged by brought a gun to a middle school. new video showing a employee being pistol-whipped. who poli are searching for right now. a live look outside as south florida could be feeling the coldest temperatures of the year. there is definitely a chill in the air but a warm up may be just around the corner. i'm jackie nespral. >> and i'm adam kuperstein. jawan has the night off. let's get right over to adam berg with the weather. >> it has been cool. so when you say the coolest night of the year, it might get people's attention. so a couple of ingredients working for us, in our favor, if you are a fan of the cooler temperatures and that is number one, the northh wind out there.
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super, super dry. dew point, the way we measure moisture in the atmosphere, way down. and when you have low dew points, the temperatures tumble toward whatever the dew point is and it is way below 60 right now across much of florida. current temperatures, into the 50s and low 60s as we zoom northbound, we find those north winds all the way through florida. and with those north winds pulling some of the 40s and 50s southbound, you know that 63 in miami is going to be changing, right. 66 right now in key west. and we made it below 60 last night. we could make a serious run at the mid-50s. we're going 56 right now in mimi. that is the coolest teams we've seen since last february. and you know what is weird about this, this is only four degrees below average. it shows you how warm it has been. we talk clouds and rain and the a few minutes. >> thank you, adam. and you could get the forecast
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day, just get the nbc news weather app. we are following breaking news out of iran where two u.s. sailors are detained right now. they seized two navy boats and the americans are in custody. jamie guirola is joining us live from the breaking news desk with the details. >> the president made no mention of this potential crisis in the state of the union, some say they could be released as early as tomorrow afternoon. >> two heavily armed riverine boats with nine men and one woman were headed to bay ran when they head into the iranians. when one of the boats reportedly developed mechanical problems, they both drifted off course and into iranian waters in the persian gulf. the coast guard quickly seized the two boats. iran claims once ashore, the ten americansere turned over to the notorious revolutionary guard.
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far more difficult to resolve when it becomes public. >> the seizure of the sailors and their boat sent shock waves through washington and only hours before the state of the union address. the iranians acknowledged it was an accident and they wod be released back to the u.s. >> the u.s. authorities have been in touch with iranian officials. who have confirmed for us a couple of things. first, they have confirmed that our sailors are safe and they have assured us that our sailers will be able to resume their journey. >> if not, it could cost billions of dollars in sanctions by the end of the week. >> for iran to do anything but return the people and the equipment immediately would be a blatant slap in the american face. >> and the iranians have a long history of reckless encounters with the navy in the persian gulf. two weeks ago they conducted
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the aircraft carrier harry s. truman. jamie grola, nbc 6 news. and now a look at the u.s. capitol where the president delivered his final state of the union address before a count session of congress. he boasted about the nuclear deal with iran but did admit a regret that failed to reduce the gridlock and rancor between democrats and republicans. we report from capitol hill. >> reporter: it looked like the earlier state of the union speeches, but in the last the president admitted no one expects new proposals to pass a congress that has defeated most of his big initiatives. >> protecting our kids from gun violence. >> an empty chair next to the first lady symbolized children killed by guns and republicans blocked action.
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pushed an end to cancer, led by joe e den who lost his son last year. he talked about the economy. 14 million new jobs, unemployment cut in half. he called the nuclear deal with iran an achievement. >> iran has rolled back its nuclear program, shipped out the uranium stockpile and the world has avoided another war. >> reporter: no mention that they are holding ten sailors whose boats strayed in iranian waters. he said he will fight isis but acting like it is world war 3 ignites them. >> they have to be rooted out, hunted down and destroyed. >> reporter: in the gop response, south carolina governor nikki haley said what america needs is a republican president. >> we are facing the most dangerous terrorist threat our nation has seen since september 11th and this president appears unwilling or unable to deal with
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>> reporter: and what they say what america needs is for america to fix our politics. the president confessed he feels he failed to keep his promise and bridge the partisan divide and called it one of his few regrets of his presidency. i'm steve handlesman, nbc news, capitol hill. a new accident claiming the lives of two people and seriously hurting two other people. it happened near 296th and south 150th avenue. one patient died on the way in the helicopter and another pinned under a car. police said one of the victims was just a teenager. miami-dade police say the accident involved a car and a motorcycle. the investigation continues. the school lockdown is over but tonight questions remain over how a weapon made its way to a hollywood middle school campus today. marissa bagg joins us live from apollo middle school with the latest tonight. marissa?
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now facing gun possession charges, were first questioned here on campus and taken to the hollywood police department. detectives are trying to figure out how these teenagers got ahold of a stolen gun and why that weapon was brought here to campus. hollywood police detectives worked late into the night at apollo middle school on tuesday trying to figure out how a stolen gun got on campus. a seven-hour investigation revealed two students allegedly handled the gun and then stashed it under a back portable building. other students who witnessed the two suspects alerting the school resource officer and campus was immediately put on lockdown. >> we didn't even know there was anything wrong. we just heard we had to stay in the classrooms. and remain quiet. >> reporter: nearby hollywood park elementary was also put o lockdown. officers stormed the campus and found the handgun underneath a portable. this, as parents were showing up to pick up their kids. the lockdown was lifted just after the final bell rang at
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chopper 6 shows students being t out of school. parents wondered what the commotion oas about. >> i'm going up and down the -- the gates here just in case they made her come out of another gate. but then i eventually found her about almost ten minutes later. she was out front. >> reporter: both of the students being questioned attend the middle school and both were arrested and charged with possession of a firearm on scho grounds. police say they will be charged as juveniles. >> in light of what is going on nowadays with security concerns and school shootings recently and that sort of thing, that is something we take seriously. we have strict protocol when it comes to some. >> they are applaud that somebody saw something and said something. >> it is a bad thing that a weapon was at school and every day we come to school we still have to keep our eyes open and look out for anything that seems wrong. >> reporter: investigators are looking into how this gun was stolen and who it belongs to.
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and all of the students were released today without incident. reporting live in hollywood, marissa bagg, nbc 6 news. an in-store emergency in boca raton in party city. firefighters took these photos inside near powerlineend west palmetto. party city this never happened in any of the 800 stores. still the scene startled customers and people working next door. >> ip heard this huge rumble. it was raining outside. we thought it was thunder. but it went on for a really long time. it looked like all rubble. just flat. flat rubble. and i said is everybody all right. was there anyhing underneath. and she said, i climbed out of it. >> fire crews used thermal imaging cameras to make sure no customers or employees were stuck under the rubble. no one was seriously hurt. only on nbc 6, miami-dade police have arrested twmen in
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these three robbers were on the lookout for unlocked cars. they face charges of burglary to a vehicle and grand theft. miami-dade police are investiging whether the suspects could be linked to mar burglaries in th area. if you think you may be the victim of car theft police are asking you to come forward. the first group of cuban migrants is on the way from costa rica to thee united states. laura rodriguez reports from costa rica all n tonight. >> reporter: happiness, cheers, a lot of excitement from the first group making their journey north. the flight will take off shortly. right here from the airport. and many of the cubans tell me they never thought this day would finally co. a cheerful good-bye in this town after the first group of cuban migrants boarded a bus to the airport. most in the crowd are the lucky few who will begin the journey to the united states. they are just present to support fellow cubans who are leading the way.
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best because all eyes are on you. but also a huge responsibility. because depending on how our trip goes, the rest will be able to leave. the first group participating in the pilot program will fly from costa rica to el salvador and then take a bus to the border with mexico. once they reach mexico they have to each find their way to the united states within a 20-day period. >> i'm a woman and i'm scared becaus i don't know what awaits me in mexico. but i'm also a decisive person and brave said this woman traveling alone. the foreign minister travelled there and thanked residents for their generosity and addressed the issue of human rights. it is not only about what you say you stand for said the minister, it is about how you act. as many make their way north, others stay behind hoping they are next in line. >> i hope this trip is a success, said this woman, so we
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it is bittersweet. we've become family. >> reporter: again, this trip was a pilot program. essentially a test. so officials say they will meet and discuss if this trip was a success, make any changes and then discuss next steps. reporting from costa rica, laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news. and our coverage of the migrant crisis continues on the news and weather app. check out our cuban migrantsa cross roads section for the latest out of costa rica. >> up next, new details at a violent attack at a north miami electronics store. the search is on tonight for two men who police are responsible for a armed robbery at this mother miami store. it was caught on camera, incding the pistol whipping that left the victim injured. hear from his brother coming up. new details in a wild crime spree through broward county. who i i b bind bars tonight.
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welcome back. new video showing a violent attack and robbery at a south florida electronics store. this surveillance video show the bold thieves in the act pistol whipping the owner. we have a closer look at at video tonight with stephanie. >> reporter: that video was given to us by north mmi police and basically it runs about 6 minutes long and shows the reality a clerk at this store faced when his brother tells us he feared for his life. an armed robbery caught by the cameras inside of this cell phone store. it was two-on-one. watch as the gun pointed at this store clerk was later used in the pistol-whipping that left the clerk injured, even after he handed over the cashhe bad guys were looking for. the victim's brother said he is doing well tonight. >> my brother right now is good. and he is in the house and
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somebody to call the police to get these people and put them in jail. >> reporter: as the victim and his family wait for justice, north miami police are looking for the duo, as indicate on video, one man went in and started a conversation with the clerk. police say just as he opened the store. he had his morning coffee with him. shortly after this man came in, pointing a gun. after handing over the cash, the clerk tried to defend himself. he was overpowered, left with a head injury. he he was treated at a nearby hospital and released. >> he has two kids. >> reporter: the victim's brother told us the clerk is grateful to be alive. >> he said i'm okay. thank you, god. >> reporter: the duo was last seen running away from the cb wireless at north went 7th and 119th street. tonight investgators are looking for the pair and hoping you could help. and the victim's brother td us that he fought back because after handing over the money he still was afraid he thought those men would kill him, he said.
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knows anything about this case to call crimestoppers. live in nth miami, stephanie bertini, nbc 6 news. new details in the wild crime spree that led police through broward county. police walked the suspects into the main jail today. the 22-year-old faces charges of burglary and grand theft and so does his 17-year-old co-defendant who deputies booked for the same theft. they think they are the pair using a mess as they tried to run from the law. this began in cooper city when the suspect burglarized a home. they tried to do the same thing in pembroke pines before one fled in a stolen car and crash add long the way. new tonight, partnenes at a south florida construction company are in hot water with the law. deputies arrested the two for charges, including racketeering and obtaining property by fraud. the three alleged co-defendants are also behind bars for similar charges did you david linch
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but it is not clear if the charges are related to the company. deputies also booked two other people. they can't have contact with the other three men until the investigation isiscomplete. >> where there is smoke, there is fie. and firefighters found both. it is not clear what sparked this fire on southwest 5th street and 52nd street. firefighters were able to put out the flames and there were no reports of injuries. the extent of the damage is not clear but it was seris enough that the red cross is assisting the people who live in that house. all right. i don't know about you, but i am loving this type o weather right now. except for the folks visiting south florida, right. we continue to have this conversation every winter. the people that live here, we're kind of tired of the warmth. it has been a long, warm, fall and winter.
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50s and 60s. mostly 50s tonight, already close to 50s out there. beautiful evening out there. and mostly -- mostly rain-free for the next day or so. let's go from here now to the radar. and we'reoing to show you exactly how this is going to be playing out for the rest of the evening. and what you are looking at now, none of this is actually rainfall. it is just some false echoes out there so nothing to worry about whatsoever. north winds, that is the big story for us tonight. broward, miami-dade, not a drop in sight. wednesday commute, same thing. just a few clouds out there. crisp, dry roads. we could be talking mid and upper 50s, evev for the morning commute out there. a mix of sun and clouds coinuing through the afternoon. i think we'll get into the low 70s continuing with that dry theme. and look at that. highs maybe just a couple of degrees warmer than what temperatures are going to be at 5:00. average highs this time of the year around 76 degrees. so it has been a while since we've seen temperatures below average at night and below
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so, a couple of things going on here. frontal boundary that brought us the cooldown still down across cuba. north winds behind the front where we are. the only thing that will keep temperatures up a little bit is this high cloud that continues to stream in over florida. clouds, believe it or not, actually generate heat. they radiate heat and that will keep numbers up a bit for the rest of the evening. just a bit. 56 is still the forecast low. without that cloud though, we could be talking low 50s easily, with a north wind out there. and clear skies. but not clear skies tonight. mix of sun and clouds continues over the next couple of days or. so a little bit more moisture rolling in thursday. more moisture still into friday. and look at the temperatures rebounding quickly into the low 80s. from below average to above average like that. and then just down right warm on saturday. then it does look like a front pushes on through. mid-70s behind that front, could be talking about more 50s for lows. let's quickly look at the wednesday forecast, going hour by hour. those north winds continue.
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mix of sun and clouds. that type of regime will continue through the day. t no green. that would be rain on future tracker through the afternoon and early evening hours. so this is how it looks, guys, as we go hour by hour. 73 is the high. average high 76. pleasant if you ask me. over to you. >> all right. thank you, adam. there is something kraurling around in the -- crawling around in the dark in thailand that is cheapy and cool. tourists are flocking to see hermit crabs of all sizes forging for food. they come out during the day but by the thousands at night because of crumbs left by humans and other animals too. >> i don't know if i would want that. >> not a beach vacation. >> not if i'm going to the beach. still ahead, a heartwarming
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>> how an injured bear cub who wandered into a colorado pizza shop and fell asleep after snacking on icing, is back in the wild. he went into the rocky mountains to the cub's new home, far from pizza and humans. wildlife experts sedated each bear and loaded them on sleds and pulled them through the snow
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will hibernate for the winter. and a suspect sent a selfie to police because he didn't like a mug shot. police in ohio posted his mug shot on their facebook page hoping someone would recognize him. he apparently didn't like the photo and sent police a selfie showing him in a suit and sunglasses with the caption, here is a better photo. that one is terrible. the 45-year-old was wanted for failing to appear in court on a dui and also a person of interest in other cases, including arson and vandalism. >> at least he got his good pipiure out there. by this time tomorrow, you could be a billionaire. the jackpot for wednesday night's powerball drawing stands at $1.5 billion. that is a world record. the jackpot is so large, billboards don't have enough digits to display the amount so they remain mixed at $999 million. the odds of winning, 1 in 292 million. they believe 80% of the possible combinations will be purchased before wednesday's drawing. so 80% chance somebody will win it this time.
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i can't wait. it will be us. >> i didn't buy tickets. >> but i did. hey, everybody is talking about the rams' big return to l.a. >> it will affect the dorls.
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spsprts. it looks like the dolphins will play one game and maybe two in l.a. next season.
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tonight nfl owners voting in favor of the st. louis rams relocating to los angeles. the decision also gives san diego the option to move the chargers to l.a as well. dolphins play both teams on the road next seson. the vote, by the way, not even close. 30-2 in favor of the move putting an nfl team in the second biggest city in america for the first time in 21 years. >> the excitemenen that we feel about being able to return the rams to los angeles is a balance with a disappointment that we weren't able to get it done for fans in st. louis, san diego and oakland. >> new dolphins coach adam gase adding to his staff tonight. vance joseph will be the defensive coordinator. he's been the bengals defensive backs coach. this is his first time as a coordinator. a tough couple of days for south florida sports freaks. first it was the panthers
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and the hurricanes losing for the first time since november. taking a streak and miami takes the lead on 13th ranked uva. and here is a stealing dununent and then a three-pointer. miami u by one with 12:00 to go. such a tight game. the coach taking the tie off and means business. but it didn't help stop virginia. the back door alley-oop, the canes had a shot to tie in the final couple of minutes but they miss from way deep. the streh is over 66-58 and miami led with 17 points. and nobody happier about the rams moving west than this random woman who works for go pro. she has the handle at larams, as
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the team.
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