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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  January 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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using our news and weatatr app. good morning. the time is 6::00 on this wednesday, january 13. we're waking up to our third day of our cooloff. >> and we like it for now. ryan phillips, could it stick away? >> we'll see . we'll see the return of the warmer weather next week. still more winter in store for you. i love the cool dry air mass. visibility is just great. the cloud cover helped us there cooling off too much. i thought temperatures would be
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58 oakland park and pompano beach, 59 in ft. lauderdale, 60 in miami and opa-locka. nice start to our ay. shear a high thin canopy of cloud cover. not the producing any rain. we'll be rain free all day long. that will change in the days ahead. first alert weather today, mid to upper 6060 before the lunch hour. today's high at 72. more sunshine and no rain. quite a reward from what we had yesterday so things looking good. how about the morning commute? let's check in with kelly. absolutely, this time yesterday morning roads were an absolute mess. and now you can hang out with us a little longer and enjoy t tat breakfast because we're accident free in broward county. ishis a look outside. northbound and southbound at griffin road, no issues whatsoever. all construction has cleared in broward. miami-dade we had one accident, 826 southbound you see the flashing lights. that was the crash.
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the right shoulder blocked off. you don't need any extra time this morning. no issues northbound or really southbound. let's get you out the door with drive times. turnpike, 9 minutes from karl reach to tamiami trail. traffic moving along at 66 miles per hour around kendall drive. 826, not seeing any delays. 4 minutes from bird to the dolphin expressway. and traffic moving at 61 miles per hour. 826 southbound bigger curve to okeechobee road, only a 5 minute commute with traffic moving at 57 miles per hour. we continue to follow breaking nee out of pembroke pines this morning. that is where we have a major police perimeter happening right now. we have been checking th michael spears live at the scene. you're out of the car because you were told to stay in the car all this morning. what is the latest? >> reporter: yeah, we were in the car for about an hour when we first got on scene if our own
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have moved a block north. this is pembroke pines northwest 14th street, 77th way. you see a bunch of officers here. they're focused around a home anan reportedly this involves the search for a felony suspect reportedly wanted for battery on an officer. have a look at this brand new video. about 4:00 a.m., the call went out, k-9 units on the ground, choppers in the air as the search continued. police not saying too much as far as the circumstances, just reportedlyinvolves a person wanted in connection to battery on an officer. since we've been here, we've seen police coming in and out of a home about a block away from us here. we've seen a couple people out front talking with officers. it's not clear what their role and what their connection is to all ofthis, but that is a question we have out to police. we did it just speak to the sergeant on scene and she tells us that we canxpect an update momentarily.
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near apollo middle school in the pembroke pines near university and taft. it's been going on for about two hours now. back out here live, we've seen even more officers starting to pull up to this home. we'll continue to make calls and get confirmation updates as far as what exactly is going on now, if they have found that suspect, that part is unclear. check back with us at 6:30 for an update. michael spears, nbc 6 news. right now 6:04 and breaking overnight out of pakistan, 14 people killed after a bomb exploded at a polio center i southwest pakistan. 12 of those killed were potice officers. information is constantly being updated, so we're following it it closely here. 25 other people also hurt. the bomb went off just as vaccination teams were scheduled to travel to a bunch of neighborhoods in that part of the country as a three day vaccination campaign was kicking off. dozens of people have been
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the vaccinations and help teams from doing their work in that part of the country. this morning one person fighting for their life following a crash in southwest miami-dade, it happened in the area of leisure city near 296th street. and southwest 150th avenue. a car and motorcycle collided killing two people in the process. police say that one of the victims was just a teenager. no word on the exact cause of that crash yet. shelves of party supplies top toppleing over inside a store. party city says this has never happened and they have 800 stores. the scene startled ctomers and people working next door. >> heard this huge rumble, it was raining out, so we thought it was thunder, but it went on for a really long time. it looked like all rubble just flat rubble. and i said is everybody all right.
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she said i climbed out of it. >> wow. fire crews used thermal imaging cameras to make sure that no customers or employees were stuck under the rubble. and luckily no one was hurt. 6 past the hour w. and south florida is preparing for cuban migrants on their way to the united states from costa rica. julia bagg live in the studio with us with a closer look at their journey and what our schools are doing ahead of their arrival. and we're talking about quite a few kids coming with mom and dad here. >> we are. and schools are talking about getting some financial he from the feds. more on that in a moment. the first group, a fraction of the nearly 8,000 cuban migrants are beginning this morning in el salvador salvador. they caught a flight late last night. they will next catch a bus to mexico and then have to make their own way up to u.s. territory. they have to pay for this journey themselves. and just how the pilot program
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next for thousands of other cuban migrants still stuc in costa rica. >> translator: i hope this trip is a success so we can follow. >> the refugees are likely to geton a fast track to residency if they reach american soil. many are expected to head here to south florida and that has tt miami-dade school board 34u8ing34u8 ing mulling a proposal. since july 1, miami-dade county public school system has enrolled 3934 cuban students. and you can stay close on the nbc 6 news app and see what school board members decide this afternoon. partners in a south florida construction company in hotot water this morning. deputies arrested gaetan richard and murray rice for charges include racketeering apobtaining property by fraud. who other men also booked in
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but at this point it's not clear if their charges are related to beach. still ahead, the pldresident is leaving washington but lawmakers are weighing in on the state of the union speech. that's in a live report coming next. and today is the day, will a new billionaire be made? and for those hoping to keep news for you. florida is not the state for you. we continue to follow this breaking news that we've been following for the last hour or so out of pembroke pines. chopper 6 up over a very active scene. these are live pictures in pembroke pines. police tell nbc 6 that they are searching for a suspect. michael spears has been at the scene since about 4:00 this morning and he was told for a while to stay in his car for safety reasons. that came directly from police officers on the scene. but you can check out the nbc 6 news and weather app for the
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the latest vid it is 6:12. if it feels hard to get out of that nice warm bed this morning you can very good reason for that. another morning of temperatures in the 50s. close to a year. so make sure you grab your sweater on the your way out, make sure the kids have a hoodie on. ryan phillips will have your first alert full forecast a couple minutes away. this afternoon president obama sits down in the living room of an omaha family to k459chat about the vision he laid out in last night's state o othe union address. tracie potts live for us. republicans obviously have their own thoughts on what obama said yesterday, but they can't wait to tell their side. >> reporter: no question about that. and the president can't wait to tell his side either. directly to the american people. after wrapping it up here hours
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cabinet will be fanning out across america hitting more than two dozen cities to sell his vision. >> anyone claiming that america's economy is in decline is pedaling figuresction. >> reporter: on terror he defended his fight against isaiahisis. >> if you doubt america's commitment or mine, just ask osama bin laden. >> reporter: he's you wering congress to approve the transpacific trade deal, lift the embargo against cuba and act on climate change. he touted the iran nuclear deal as a success but did not mention captured u.s. sailors due to be released today. and he repeatedly slammed donald trump's id of a ban on about muslims, though not by name. >> we need to reject any politics, any politics, that targets people becse of race
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it's just wrong. >> reporter: south carolina governor thicky kynikki haley's republican response admitted her party contributes to washington's dysfunction. >> there more than enough blame to go open. we as republicans need to own that truth. >> reporter: democrats called the speech inspiring, republicans say it fell short. >> i heard the presesent's words, i just wish we would convert toction what the president says. >> god bless the united states of america. >> reporter: today the president leaves washington to spread his optimism to a divided nation. and he is starting in omaha with a speech at the university of nebraska nebraska. and`then headed to bat top rumgon rouge, two cities he has not visised. tracyie potts, nbc news. coming up on the "today" show, matt lauer spends time with paul ryan, they will talk about balancing his role in washington and his family life
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newscast. so let's bring it local, governrn rick scott says that he can sum up the current state of the state here in florida in one word, and that word is growing. he made that comment on the very rst day of the new legislative session. >> we must keep doing what has worked the last five years to help floridians get a job and live their dreams. and keep cutting taxes. >> and he made a big request that is for sure. governor scott asked lawmakers to pass a $1 billion tax cut in an effort to help businesses create more jobs and bring in more companies to the state of florida. he thinks that his pro business policies have helped the state's economy overall, but a lot of democrats say that the governor's tax cut plan does very little for the average resident of florida. after the mess that was tuesdays we're back to some
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forecast. radar pattern has been clear all night long. and live first alert doppler sweeping clear will give the radar a break today, but subpoenas tomorrow, shower chances come back into the forecast. but we have a great morning to enjoy on the cool side things. maeg sure middle to upper 50s, near 60. a lot of sunshine this time around. we'll have a canopy of cloud cover up above, but really nice start to our morning. good to be rain free certainly makes the whole start of the day much better. visibility just fine here. live look out to port miami out to miami beach, all is quiet. skies mostly clear. just a high canopy of cloud cover. our temperatures now at 59 in miramar and pembroke pines, 59 in ft. lauderdale, 60 in miami. i still position thethi the temperatures will dial back a touch. and then we'll spend a few hours there and thener 70s this afternoon.
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gennally winds overnight less than 10 miles per hour. so that helps to keep th chill off if you will. this would be our first morning in a row across broward county with temperatures dipping into the 50s. here is the cloud cover. they won't produce any rain, but as low pressure develops in the gulf in the da ahead, rain chances race back into your first alert forecast. for today, in and out of high thin clouds. partly sunny skies. we're rain free. but as soon as tonight, moisture creepininup through the straits may impact the keys with isolated showers overnight. and then during the day on thursday, we'll be a touch warmer. skies mostly cloudy. and we're back to toting the umbrellas. we'll do that through the end of the workweek. so enjoy the sunshine today. a cool start to the morning, upper 50s. fair amount of sunshine on the morning driver.. no rain in sight about 72 this afternoon. still below average. tonight's low at about 63, but we turn mostly cloudy y d as soon as tomorrow showers return to our forecast.
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friday. notice the temperature jump, we're up to 82. it will actually be kind of new humid on friday. and then we clear it out. weekend still lookok good. 81 and enjoying the sunshine. and then cooler early next week. back to traffic with kelly. today just like yesterday, traffic and weather together, yesterday kind of a mess, today things looking good for you. check out the drive here on the palmetto expreway, it's busy, but traffic still moving up to speed. and we did have an accident on the palmetto expressway southbound around northwest 58th street, that crash is off to the shoulder, not affecting your morning ride whatsoever. t's take you on over to our map and talk a little bit more about the palmetto. if you're headed out the door northbound bird road to dolphin expressway, 4 minute ride. not seeing any red. traffic moving along at 61 miles per hour. 826 southbound drivers, 5 34i7b9s from the big cover to okeechobee road with traffic
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826 drivers eastbound from the big curve to the golden glades, only a 10 minute ride. and then we did have a broken down car i-75 southbound at griffin rd, that was the only 14u issue in broward county and that is off to the shoulder, no delays. 6:19. south florida family is suing uber after the death of their son. pablo sanchez died when the c he was traveling this driven by an uber driver crashed into another car. the uber car crashed with a toyota corolla that was making a left hand turn in the oncoming traffic. victim's friends were also in the uber car and they say the drive you are was nodding off and look down right before making that turn. police,hough, are still investigating exactly what happened. 6:19 on this wednesday morning. powerball fever taking over the thags. nation. we take a look at how people are reacting. >> get there in time.
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also this morning, we're getting a l lk at the brutal beating of a cellphone store owner, plus his family is now talking about the terrifying moments that he had to go through. and we continue to follow breaking news out of pembroke pines. chopper 6 over a very active scene. police just fwooeted a few
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publix. where shopping is a pleasure. somebody has to win eventually, but you can't if you don't play. >> gas stations and convenience stores will be a very hot spot today with people buying their tickets for of course that record bringing powerball jackpot, $1.5 billion. julia is back with us and we were just talking the man taketra that everybody says, you can't win unless you play. >> right. you have to buy a ticket. you never know. that's what everybody says. if your n nbers come in tonight, you are obligated do this one thing, you'reoing to have to appear at a press conference holding one of those oversized checks.
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billion, have you seen this? even too big for the billboards. they only have room for three digits. now, if you're dreechlaming about winning, one of the first thinks you should do, invest in a safety deposit box. so just put the ticket in the xwruf compartment, bad idea. you'll probably want a lawyer, too. and if you consider buying a soccer tea maybe the playboy mansion, if do you want to quiche ylur winnings quiet, the closest state to us that will let you do that is south carolina. and it's a day's drive. so if you're interested in keeping it a secret, you were hit the road. but if either of you hit it big tonight, we know how to find you. >> because you'll be at my house for the biggest party ever. >> i heard something about a cruise ship, right? >> yes. >> something like that. we'll make sure we actually have our own cruise line by that point. >> it will be fun. so very likely you're going to remember we talked about there yesterday the fugitive who sent a photo his own photo to
6:21 am
like the one that they were using already for his mug shot. >> and that man is no longer a fugitive beuse his better picture actually helped police catch him right here in florida. of course he was in florida. police arrested donald pugh in north florida. he made national headlines after he sent ohio police a selfie showing him a suit and sunglasses with a caption this is a better photo. the 45-year-old wanted for failing to appear this court on a dui charge and also a person of interest in other cases including arson and vandalism. >> i have a feeling they probably confiscated the sunglasses. he was looking fly, though. 6:25 on this wednesday morning. ten sailors who were detained in iran are set ee this morning. the u.s. just releasing a statement about this. julia bagg reading over that and she'll give us more information on exactly what that said from
6:22 am
and they were a popular gift, but now they have kii being rushed to the hospital. doctors here preparing to send out a warning. and 6:26, still looking for sweater or jacket weather to greet you out and about across the area, but no umbrellas. we are rain free. clouds up above. 59 in ft. lauderdale, 60 in miami. mid-60s through the keys. a rapid warm-up coming, but also a rain shower returning.
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stick around. that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want.
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thank you cyrus. lease a 2016 lincoln mkc for $289 a month only at your lincoln dealer. welcme back. 6:30 on your wednesday morning. we're continue to go follow breaking news out of pembroke pines. police were searching is for a felony suspect since about 4:00 this morning. michael spears is the only reporter on the scene since 4:00 this morning and, michael, ylu
6:25 am
were supposed to stay in your vehicle for a while and then just about a half hour ago, they have caught a suspect? >> reporter: yeah, just moments ago the municipalityanhunt came to an end. they located the suspect. we believe they put him in the back of a fire rescue vehicle that just took off from the scene. this is northwest 14th street, 77th way in pembroke pines. it has been an extremely active scene. we got here around 4:00 a.m. when the cpper was out, k-9 units on the ground actively searching for the felony suspect. police at this time not releasing too much details about the suspect, only telling us that this person was out there and reportedly wanted in connection to battery on an officer. i'll pull up some live pictures from chopper 6 over the scene. again, the manhunt just came to an end here in the area.
6:26 am
from some elementary schools, middle s sools and a lot of neighbors asking us what is going on. they have seen the police and a lot of confusion and uncertainty. again, one person in custody in connection to reportedly battery on an officer. we'll work to get more information from you and i'll have an update for you ahead on the news app and in the big 6. michael spears, nbc 6 news. and you can be the first to know about breaking news all over south florida. also whether it has to do with weather or breaking news situation with what michael was talking about, a felon who was out there somewhere, th were looking for him for about three hours. follow us always on our nbc 6 news and weather app and of course our facebook page and twitter pages, as well. and we want to get a look out your front door starting with a look at downtown miami where we're feeling the cooldown this morning. ryan phillips is back. ryan, it's really a beautiful morning. >> it is absolutely perfect out
6:27 am
the only fly in the ointment being some cloud cover. you can see some breaks in the clouds here. these are high level clouds. no rain out and about across the area. we'll be rain free today and i think we'll get through some of the cloud cover and get you back to some south florida sunshine as the morning begins to progress. 58 now oakland park and pompano, 59 in ft. lauderdale. 60 in miami. the clouds acting as a blanket keeping temperatures from falling rapidly in to the mid fifth 50s overnight. we'll gradually scour off the cloud cover and bring in some sunshine, but the moisture channel coming over south florida, we're back into some rain chances tomorrow. so today, we have a partly sunny day to enjoy. cool start to our morning, upper 50s on the drive in. mid to upper 60s midday and today's first alert forecast high 72. your complete forecast and a look ahead to the weekend coming up.
6:28 am
kelly blanco. would you believe we're still accident free? >> i do because you say it. >> and also because there is no rain out there affecting our morning commute. but of course we are right in the smack of rush hour. and this is i-95 southbound, busy out there. express lanes under $3 at this time around the area of northwest 75th. we'll give you anotheriew of i-95 to show you traffic is getting by. no lanes are blocked off. we did have a broken down car off to the right lane around the area of northwest 54th street. typical morning tieups. but no accidents or broken town cars. 21 minutes from southwest 137th avenue to coral reef drive. traffic moving at 22 miles per hour. so that is the slowest ride in all of south florida. and then 826 drivers from bird road to the dolphin expressway,
6:29 am
we're hearing that ten american sailors detained by iran have now been freed. julia is at the breaking news desk with those developments. and this is a very big deal. >> it is. u.s. central command now confirming that those ten american sailors have left iran, they have been freed, they are safely back in u.s. custody. there is no sign they were harmed. one female and nine male sailors originally on two command boats when they lost contact with the u.s. navy. the that he have is going to investigate just how those sale sailors wound up in iran. also for you on this wednesday morning, a lockdown at a south florida middle school is over, but this morning there are still a whole lot of questions over how a gun made its way inside that school. two students at apollo middle
6:30 am
other students saw them looking at a gun and hiding it under a back portable building on campus. the students called school police and the campus was immediately put on lockdown. again, this is a middle school near hollywood park elementary school. they were on lockdown, as well. officers stormed the scamcampus and found the handgun. the gun was stolen, and they are looking into exactly how the kids ended up with it. only on 6 this morning, miami-dade police have arrested three men in connection to at least two car break-ins in southwest miami-dade. cons say that these three robbers were on the lookout for some unlocked cars. they're now facing charges of burglary to a vehicle and grand theft. but miami-dade police investigating whether or not these suspects were linked to even more car burglaries in the area because they were reported. if you think you might have been a victim cf car thefts and you think they might be responsible, police are asking you to please can forward with any information you might have.
6:31 am
southwest miami-dade are getting together to step up efforts against crime in their neighborhood. 's in the area of southwest 226th street and 110th avenue. they plan on patrolling the neighborhood and using surveillance cameras to find out about any suspicious activities and to alert neighbors through text messages. a pair of crooks caught on camera, police need your help finding this duo. surveillance video showing a violent attack and robbery at a south florida electronics store on northwest 7th avenue and 119th street. the dramatic video shows the thieves doing it, pistol whipping the store owner even after he gave them the cash. >> my brother right now is good and is in the house and relaxed. waiting for somebody can call the police to get these people to put in jail. >> the clerk says he is grateful to be alive. he and his family now waiting for justice. we continue to follow breaking news out of pembroke
6:32 am
police say that they have arrested a suspect they were looking for all morning long. again, the searchasted about three hours. it started about 3:00 this morning. micha spears has been on scene since 4:00. he was told to stay in his car for safety reasons for at least an hour. but we'll have a full update coming up in the big 6, the six stories you need to know before you hd outead out the door. and why a popular holiday different is responsible for the increase in the number of ergency room visits. cool and dry is the theme of our morning forecast. a beautul wednesday for you. we're parked in the upper 50s in broward county, 60 in miami. after some sunshine today, more changes to your first alert forecast as we head off into the weekend. i see your cool and dry and raise you to accide flee in broward county. we'vbeen extentaccident free all morning. pines fwlofd palmetto, 8
6:33 am
44 # 1. welcome back. 6:41. just a quick heads up for you. you height wantmight want to wear a hoodie or jacket this morning because it's cool, but you can leave your umbrella behind. in terms of the trend, will it continue for the next couple of days as we inch closer to the weekend? ryan phillips will have your full forecast two minutes away. but that said, after you do drop the kids off to the bus stop, you know right around the corner there is a gas station or convenience store where you can stop and pick up a powerball ticket because we're at $1.5 billion. >> t(at's why the lines are very long. millions of americans are hoping six little numbers are change their lives forever. for nbc 6, jay gray is live
6:34 am
jay, we hear you just bought up all the tickets, but we have some here. >> reporter: i come to you with a public service announcement. don't go tohe lotto shop after you've dropp off the kid. the winning number has been sold. i'm totally kidding. you stop, you get a coffee, a snack, and, yeah, millions around the country will also buying a chance at more than a billion llars. there has never been this much power in powerball. >> this is $1.5 billion. >> reporter: the largest jackpot ever. >> this is historical, this is something you can't wrap your brain around. >> reporter: but lines do wrap around gas stations, shops and markets across the country right now. >> crazy. everybody wanting that winning ticket. >> reporter: some even crossing the border in the six states that don't plpl the game. >> we had a phone call that someone would be bringing us three charter buses full of people to buy lottery tickets. >> reporter: and hlans about what to do with the winnings.
6:35 am
open up another business. >> reporter: are as plentiful as the number of people scrambling to get a ticket. >> i have seven kids, so college number one. >> i think i could buy my whole family houses. >> it's one of those things where you can buy an nfl team, again, the fantasies of what you can do with it. >> reporter: fantasies fueled by whatever it might take to win. >> hopefully once i get my numbers. >> i click my heels together three times. >> i've been havingngreams about stuff like this. >> reporter: dreams shared by millions, hoping they have the six numbers that will make them all come true. we've seen people coming through in waves early this morning. real early. a little later in the morning, we expect this place to be full. it has been over the past several days and that willlwill continue into the evening until the cut theoff.
6:36 am
this and buy one because if you don't, you can't win, right? >> and i'll tell you this, if you do win and youisappear from the air over the next couple of days, we'll know why. but we would miss you greatly because we think you're the greatest. >> reporter: yeah, i think you're just buttering me up for when i do win so i'll maybe slide a little your way. >> actually, jay that's exactly what is happening. sorry. >> reporter: smart man. >> see you, jay. thank you very much. that is a lot of cash. we're talking $1.5 billion. hard to even -- >> someone has to win. >> you would think. but it keeps rolling over. yesterday when i picked up the tickets, the line was so long. and you need cash fyi for those who never played. >> which you didn't have. >> nope. >> can't take a credit card for this, ma'am. sorry. >> good luck to everybody in the drawing. it's at 11:00 tonight or something.
6:37 am
beautiful day for us today. no rain in ght. this is finally a spectacular start to our morning. and i think we'll reflect the weather into the traffic pattern, not any big problems out there. we've been rain free all night. but don't put the umbrellas away just yet. you'll need them as soon as tomorrow. let's take in you to ft. lauderdale. a live look outside. looks like we have a vessel coming out here. love this camera, you can see what is going on in port everglades. a high canopy of cloud cover. but we will not have a full blue sky type day. here is another perspective looking off to atthe atlantic waters. sun coming up in didnin about 25 minutes or so. in and out of sunshine ththughout the afternoon, but a dry forecast for today. more changes lined up for us. if you're looking for warmer temperatures, they're just around the corner, as well. weekend looks good. warmer, mainly dry. way.
6:38 am
we don't necessarily have to let go of it just yet. 60 opa-locka, miami, hialeah springs. 58 in west kendall. i still think temperatures come down another degree when we update the readings at the top of the hour and then we start our climb. but again the cloud cover will be in the way all the way through. and so with the enhanced sky coverage here, kind of holds back our warming process. maybe about 70 to 71, 72 for highs today. not as cool tonight leading in to our thursday morning, lows only dip into the lower 60s. tomorrow 70s again, but that will come with more cloud cover and then rain shower chances returning thursday into friday. enjoy the sunshine today. partly sunny skies, cool start to our morning. warming up even before the lunch hour, still in the middle to upper 60s. highs today at 72. by the way, normal@high at this point in january 76. so still in that below average trend.
6:39 am
could be a sprinkle in the keys, but by thursday afternoon, rain returning. 74 for the high. i think friday is the wet day. we could even see a few thunderstorms brew up in the afternoon hours. so by friday evening, we clear out. nice days saturday and sunday, 81. but the next front cools us back down for next monday. lows in the 50s and highs in the 70s. kelly, let's make this work. dry conditions, cool, how are we doing? >> we're all going to win the lottery. we'll still be here on monday, promise. >> sure. no. >> sheli, will you be here with me? >> i will be here. >> eric and ryan, i don't know. but what is not looking too bad right now is your commute. of course you have your typical morning tieups because of rush hour, but we are septemberrare accident free. this is i-95 at griffin road. only thing we have in broward county is a broken down car. that broken down car is 00on i-75 north approaching 595. that ramp.
6:40 am
lauderdale, you will find the off-ramp partially blocked off. but nothing affecting your morning ride. let's take you on over to miami-dade, this is i-95 around the area of northst 135th street, express lanes under $4 at this time. no issues making your way northbound. we had a broken down car at northwest 79th street. that's now off to the shoulder. wild crime spree leading police through broward county. 22-year-old brian lindo is facing charges for burglary and fland theft, grand theft, so is his 17year-old accomplice plus grand theft auto. police think theair is responsible for causing a big mess as they tried to run from the law. it started in cooler city where they alledgedly burglarized a home. deputies say they tried to do do exact same thing in pembroke pines before one of them fled in a stolen car. but they ended up crashing that stolen car along the way.
6:41 am
death row are waiting to see what a new supreme court ruling will mean for them. the ruling says florida's death penal penal tty process is unconstitutional because it gives too much power to judges and not the jury. the decision doesn't mean the execution will be spared, but legal experts say it's a waiting game to see how leaders will actually address and respond to the new opinion. this morning we know more about the florida woman found dead this italy, the autopsy report has revealed that the jacksonville woman was strangled maybe with a rope. we told but 35-year-old ashley olsen earlier this week. she had lived in florence for about three years. her boyfriendnd found her nude with bruises and scratches on her neck. on monday, olsen's father visited the apartment where she lied to lay flowers. police have made a second arrest in the death of an fau student. police have arrested and charged 23-year-old roderick woods with first-degree murder and robbery. woods is from miami and the
6:42 am
connection with the death of nicholas acosta. he made his first appearance in court yesterday. and that is where a judge denied him any bond moving forward here. so a little bit of background on this case. 19-year-old acosta was killed st month at his off campus apartment. a soccer player who also attended fau was the first suspect to be arrested. that happened just days after. an investigation into that young man's phone records led them to woods. police think that that fatal shooting happened afafer a drug deal went bad. a deadly suicide attack in istanbul yesterday killing ten and injuring 15 others. the bomb going off in the heart of istanbul's historic district filled with tourists. nearly all victims are were from a single german tour group and turkish officials say the suicide bomber was a syrian nags national and entered turkey as a refugee. the u.s. has condemned the attack. a new bill could block
6:43 am
florida all together. the bill isn't specific in terms of which countries. instead it singles out immigrants who have been in close proximity to, quote, invaders or prospective invade ares who train for violent acts of war. this comes after governor scott closee pod closing florida's borders to refugees from syria. we have done so many stories on hoverboards be and no urprise injuries are on the rise. >> and nicholas childrens hospital has scheduled a express conference to talk about the danger. >> that hospital has treated more than 50 patients with injuries related to hoverboards. many doctors had never treated these related injuries until this holiday season. injuries have increased so rapidly that the consumer products safety commission has issued a warning to years about fall risks. injuries are more serious because of the height and seed behind speed behind e fall. >> i think they underestimate
6:44 am
don't havehe proper protective equipment and then they fall and when they fal from apple straight an he will elevated platform, the energy is more. >> remember to wear protective equipment and make sure you have something to hold on to until you learn how to use it. good morning. a two hour manhunt in pembroke pines just came to an end with the suspect in custody. have a look at this video from earlier this morning. this is northwest 14th street near 77th way. moments ago, we just spoke to the spect's stepfather who says his stepson was wanted for felony probation violation, actually located by k-9 units in the canal behind the home. at this time police not saying too much as far as why th were after that suspect. we'll continue to stay on top of the story and have updates for you on the nbc 6 news app. michael spears, nbc 6 news. ten u.s. sailors detained in iran have now been freed.
6:45 am
u.s. central command confirming that they are safely back in u.s. custody as we speak. they were being held as an iranian base on the farsi island. the saors were originally headed to bahrain on two command boats when they lost contact with u.s. navy. and south florida now preparing for the rifle ofarrival of cuban my dwraptigrantsmigrants. they caught a flight from costa rica late last night. next they will catch a bus to mexico, and then they will have to make their own way up to the u.s. territory. police are trying to determine how two students got a hold of a gun and took it in the school that was immediately put on lockdown until police found it under a portable class proom the two students facing charges this morning. neighbo in southwest miami-dade are getting teague to step up efforts against crime in their neighborhoods.
6:46 am
using surveillance videos to find out about any suspicious activity. and just in case you're joining us just within the last ten minutes or so, we've been talking about this a lot today is your last chance to buy a ticket for the biggest lottery prize in world history. tonight's power ball drawing is for a record breaking $1.5 billion. so if you are the lucky one, just know in florida you're not going to be able to keep it a secret. >> check out our nbc 6 app for full details on all the stories we're covering as you wake up this morning. good wednesday morning. hope your morning is off to a good start. right now taking a look at your drive, i-95 southbound busy out there. but no accidents or major delays we are technically accident free in all of the major roadways. only one crash on the turnpike, that might affect your morning ride. we'll go to our first alert traffic maps and show you where that crash is.
6:47 am
right at southwest 211th street, only seeing onlooker delays because it is not blocking anything. 18 miles per hour will right now from southwest 137th avenue to coral reef drive. you have about a 17 minute ride ahead of you. and then from karl reachcoral reef drive to tamiami trail, traffic moving at 24 miles per hour. i-95 southbound a broken down car at 79th street that has cleared out of the way. traffic moving at 49 miles per hour. 826 from the big curve to the golden glades, a ten minute commute. now to your chilly first alert forecast with ryan phillips. but it is refreshing. and i'm really glad that there is no rain out there this morning. roads looking a whole lot better because of it. no rain overnight. we've just been working on clearing our skies. do want you to take your sunglasses this morning, but don't be discouraged when you see the canopy of cloud cover. we'll get through that and brighter conditions will be waiting for you when you go home today. temperatures then at around 70.
6:48 am
in temperatures overnight because of the cloud cover didn't cool off quite as much as we thought. but it's still on the cool side of the spectum at 58 in oakland park, 59 pembroke pines and ft. lauderdale. keep in mind the temperatures have been stuck here for a few hours. we're at 60 in opa-locka, 61 in miami. so cloud cover will be in and out of it, but it extends all the way through the gulf waters. so i don't think we'll see that one break today where we finally get full sunshine and blue sky. but we'll take the dry forecast and of course the cooler readings. first alert weather on your wednesday, nice reward for the pain and suffering weed had with the rain and the clouds yesterday up to 72 this afternoon. tonight we're down into the lower 60s. but again changes keep coming. showers by tomorrow afternoon. stormy day on friday. weekend looks great. 81, dry, partly sunny both days. >> nice to see not to see kelly running around sweating. yesterd was a tough day with all the rain. >> that's okay.
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